2018 Mobile And New Technology Priorities For Marketers

Forrester IT

Forrester just released a new report on mobile and new technology priorities for marketers, based on our latest global mobile executive survey. We found out that marketers: Fail to deliver on foundational mobile experiences.

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Top 10 Use Cases of Mobile Training Solutions


With mobile devices, people have instant access to a sea of information. This has necessitated organizations to adopt mobile technology in accordance with their learners’ expectations, bringing training solutions in the picture. Here are the top 10 use cases of mobile training.

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Mobile World Congress 2017: Observations Regarding The Main Enterprise Themes

Forrester IT

Recently, the largest annual get together of the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress (MWC) took place in Barcelona. These themes underline how mobility is becoming part of the broader digital transformation initiative. I discuss this shift in this separate blog and report.

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Enterprises dangerously complacent about mobile threats, says report

Computer Weekly

Businesses must ensure mobile security controls are deployed and enforced on every device used to access corporate data and apps, according to MobileIron’s latest mobile security and risk review

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How USAA Differentiates In Mobile Banking

Forrester IT

Take another not-so-random walk with me, this time as my colleague Peter Wannemacher and I explore what makes USAA a standout performer in our Mobile Banking Benchmark assessment. As we did before when exploring The Home Depot’s success in our “The Forrester Retail Wave: US Mobile Web, Q4 2017” report, we invited executives from USAA […]. age of the customer banking mobile apps mobile marketing

Mobilize The Internet Of Things

Forrester IT

The mobile mind shift requires businesses to proactively support these IoT benefits for nonstationary connected objects that exist as part of IoT solutions. In particular, the IoT forces businesses to acquaint themselves with the implications of mobility in the IoT context for connectivity, security, compliance with privacy and other regulations, and data management for mobility. This means that: Mobile technologies are central to most IoT solutions. Mobility.

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Real World Mobility – Filling the Gaps

Eric D. Brown

I just finished reading through the Dimension Data Secure Enterprise Mobility Report.The report is a nice report on how modern organizations are thinking about and approaching strategic planning with mobility, BYOD and security in mind. Sponsored by Dimension Data.

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Using Mobility to Boost CRM

IT Toolbox

The world is going mobile and that includes CRM. In the case of CRM, mobility is more than just a fad. According to a study by Nucleus Research mobile CRM applications boosted productivity on an average of 15 percent. Thirty percent of the respondents reported productivity boosts of 20 percent or more. In another survey, 81 percent of CEOs believe mobile technology is strategically

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Artificial intelligence to drive mobile innovation, says GSMA

Computer Weekly

The GSMA’s inaugural Global Mobile Trends report predicts that artificial intelligence will soon emerge as a catalyst for development of mobile technology

Mobile connectivity still costing businesses billions

Computer Weekly

Despite efforts to bring down the cost of mobile connectivity for business users, a report from iPass shows business travellers are incurring hundreds of pounds of charges every month

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Technology Context From the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)


For a decade now the cyber security community has been treated to important strategic context coordinated by Verizon in their Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). Background: - The point of this report is to support evidence-based risk management. By Bob Gourley.

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Norwegian bakery chain gets the taste of mobile reporting

Computer Weekly

Baker Brun, a bakery company in Norway, is modernising its business processes through the latest technologies

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How to Deliver Workplace Safety Training on Mobile Devices


In such a situation, where the training is compulsory, but you can’t ensure 100% uptake, you can deliver it on mobile devices. Most industries have now started using mobile devices for delivery of induction training, product training and other skill development modules.

The Battle for Mobile Operating System Supremacy

The Investing Edge

Yet another report suggests that Apple may lose its crown as the world’s most popular app platform within the next few months. It’s the Mobility Battle, Stupid. Fast forward two decades, and the battle for mobile supremacy became the defining technology issue of the day.

The Cloud – Gateway to Enterprise Mobility

Eric D. Brown

The world of mobile ten years ago was one that was mobile, but wasn’t. There was rarely thought given to other mobile devices other mobile access and very rarely the capability for employees to bring their own devices into the corporate environment and network.

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Mobile payments get Isaca’s security approval

Computer Weekly

Mobile contactless payments enable three key security controls that make them more secure than physical and e-commerce payments, according to a report by Isaca

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Deloitte predicts major advances in mobile technology in 2017

Computer Weekly

Deloitte’s 16th TMT Predictions report highlights advances in mobile networking and device technology

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Application List Report

Mick's IT Blog

The problem with that is it is a blanket report. It shows everything and all we were wanting is a report of the additional apps installed after a build. I wrote this PowerShell script that can be executed as a package in SCCM against machines to generate an application report. We have started the Windows 10 upgrades and part of this process is installing applications for users that are not included in the standard build.

Mobile users’ expectations are sky high, says Gemalto

Computer Weekly

Consumers have extremely high expectations for rapid mobile development in the coming years, according to a Gemalto report

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MobileIron: Corporate IT policy and mobile device security are mismatched

Computer Weekly

MobileIron report identifies a gap between security policy and the actual deployment of that policy on mobile devices

How to Stop Cyber-Bullying With Mobile Parental Control App

Doctor Chaos

The widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has dramatically increased the cyber-bullying occurrence. Around 75% of teens in the United States have access to mobile phone and internet and half of them have reported experiencing cyber-bullying. Among the online threats, cyberbullying is the most common and probably the most dangerous one. The online-bullying […]. Wireless cyber bullying wireless

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Mobile operators must act soon as 5G business models emerge

Computer Weekly

Full deployment of a commercial 5G mobile network is still at least two years away, but new business models are already beginning to crystallise around the technology, and operators would be wise to start preparations soon, a new report claims

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Ookla: As 5G dawns, U.S. mobile download speeds jump, uploads stay slow


cellular carriers begin their transition from 4G to 5G technologies, there’s good and bad news for users of mobile devices: Download speeds are beginning to climb sharply, but upload speeds remain terrible, leaving the country even further behind global rivals. As all four major U.S.

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How Can Associations Distribute e-Reports Effectively?


Non-profit organizations and associations have to create quarterly or annual reports that tells the members about all the work that they have undertaken, the expenses incurred the funds as well received. Why e-reports? The benefits of creating an online report or an e-report are many.

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2016


Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker delivers her annual internet trends report in the video below. (We We recommend downloading the entire report here ). Big Data CTO Mobile News Video Mary MeekerMichael Johnson.

Mobilize Every Function in the Organization for Digitalization


49% of CIOs report business model change is already underway. In most organizations, the CIO remains accountable for cybersecurity, but information and technology (I&T) top performers are more likely to report that their boards are ultimately accountable for cybersecurity. The post Mobilize Every Function in the Organization for Digitalization appeared first on Smarter With Gartner.

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Mobile Highly Relevant to B2B Customers

Perficient - Digital Transformation

We commonly think that B2B customers don’t really need mobile. Recently, however, we see more and more evidence that B2B customers are equally likely to be mobile users. They show that 50% of B2B searches originate on mobile devices and they expect that to grow to 70% by 2020.

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How to Build a Mobile-Ready Training Program for Pharmaceutical Industry


Why Should Pharmaceutical Companies Leverage a Mobile-Based Training Model? On the other hand, creating a mobile-ready training program for pharmaceutical company and employees will give them access to training materials at any time, via any device and multiple number of times. Here is How to Empower Frontline Employees with Mobile Training. In this blog, we will take a look at how pharmaceutical companies can make mobile-ready training programs for their employees.

Mobile networks accused of overcharging loyal customers

Computer Weekly

EE, Three and Vodafone are continuing to charge customers for their smartphones after the devices have been paid off, according to a new report

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UK top for mobile broadband speed, says Akamai

Computer Weekly

Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report says the average mobile broadband user in the UK can expect to get a service speed close to 30Mbps

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Global enterprise in midst of major network refresh, says report

Computer Weekly

Businesses are upgrading their networks to embrace workplace mobility, IoT and SDN strategies, but are neglecting security, says Dimension Data

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McAfee report reveals five challenges to cyber threat intelligence

Computer Weekly

McAfee Labs’ latest report details the challenges facing threat intelligence sharing efforts and reveals growing trends in malware, ransomware, mobile malware and other threats

Mobile malware increasingly being used for espionage by state-sponsored groups

Tech Republic Security

State-sponsored groups take advantage of the lack of effective mobile malware solutions to target mobile users, according to a new report from BlackBerry

Report: 2016 saw 8.5 million mobile malware attacks, ransomware and IoT threats on the rise

Tech Republic Security

Mobile malware attacks increased more than three times between 2015 and 2016, according to a new report from Kaspersky Lab. Here's what you need to know

Google Announces Links within Mobile Apps


Because we increasingly access online content through apps on our mobile devices, traditional advertising models that rely on using search engines and surfing the web may be on the way out. New ads on Google to boost mobile-app makers (cnet.com). Google upgrades AdWords: automated billing, bulk actions, advanced reporting (venturebeat.com). What Makes a Great Mobile (Banking) App (thefinancialbrand.com). By ShannonPerry.

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