Level AI, which provides call center automation software, raises $20M

Venture Beast

Level AI, a company providing call center automation software, has raised $20 million in funding from venture capital investors. Read More.

PlantLife Is the Purest Social Platform I've Ever Tried

GizModo VR

I’m not a fan of most major social platforms. So when I first heard about PlantLife —a plant-centric social platform that rolled… Read more.


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Discord launches noise suppression for its mobile app

Venture Beast

Social media platform Discord is launching noise suppression for mobile audio calls. That means no one will notice if you're taking a walk in a windy park. Read More.

OSS Enterprise: Open source perspectives and securing the software supply chain

Venture Beast

OSS Enterprise is a newsletter from VentureBeat that shines a light on the world of open source software. This is the first edition. Read More.

Revolution Software’s Beyond a Steel Sky brings new adventure to Apple Arcade

Venture Beast

Revolution Software is debuting Beyond a Steel Sky, the long-awaited sequel to its 1990s cyberpunk adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. Business Games Mobile Apple Arcade Beyond a Steel Sky Charles Cecil Dave Gibbons DeanBeat Mobile and Social Mobile gaming Noirin Carmody

Apple 96

Now Anyone Can Add Links to Instagram Stories

GizModo VR

But now, the social media platform will allow anyone to post links in their Stories. instagram social software mobile software software social media misinformation mobile applications qanon articles video software internet celebrity tiktok

Google spells out consequences of Apple’s privacy push and IDFA changes

Venture Beast

GamesBeat Mobile VB Home Page Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Apps & Add-Ons Christophe Combette DeanBeat Mobile and Social Eric Seufert Facebook Google Identifier for Advertisers IDFA

Apple 112

Meta’s social VR platform Horizon hits 300,000 users

The Verge

Facebook has bet its future on virtual reality and the metaverse, rebranding to Meta and spending billions a year to build hardware and software that extends beyond traditional social media. A clubby experience in Horizon Worlds. Image: Meta.

Five Takeaways from Mobile Enterprise Boston

Social, Agile and Transformation

Last week I attended M|Enterprise Boston, a conference that brought together technologists ahead of the curve in mobile application development, IT executives looking for best practices on mobile device management in large enterprises, and leaders looking to help their business gain a competitive edge by developing differentiating mobile capabilities. agile software development innovation product management

Social 166

Instagram Is Bringing Back the Chronological Feed

GizModo VR

instagram feed mobile software software tiktok mobile applications richard blumenthal adam mosseri like button us senate social software video software social networking services

Zynga reports Q4 bookings of $727M, up 4%

Venture Beast

Zynga reported fourth-quarter earnings that showed it continues to grow its mobile social game business. GamesBeat Mobile Social category-/Games/Computer & Video Games Frank Gibeau Take-Two Interactive Software Zynga

Loop app from Microsoft keeps projects in sync across Microsoft 365

Venture Beast

Loop, a new tap from Microsoft announced at Ignite 2021, offers collaborative components that sync across Microsoft 365 services. Read More.

Grammarly raises $200M to expand its AI-powered writing suggestions platform

Venture Beast

Grammarly, a startup developing an AI-powered writing aid, has raised $200 million in venture capital, valuing it at $13 billion. Read More.

Leaked TikTok Doc Reveals Its Obvious Secret to an Addictive Feed

GizModo VR

Among the ongoing cavalcade of lawmakers and laypeople concerned about whether social media algorithms might be rotting their user’s brains, TikTok’s faced a fair amount of scrutiny, and for good reason.

TikTok May Owe You a Chunk of Its $92 Million Data Breach Settlement

GizModo VR

tiktok software google facebook mobile applications bytedance computing technology internet biometric information privacy act musically social media biometrics video software application software

Shield raises $15M to monitor financial industry employee communications

Venture Beast

Shield, a startup developing software to monitor communications of employees at financial institutions, has raised $15 million in capital. Read More.

Online Troll Convinced Instagram That Its Top Executive Was Dead

GizModo VR

instagram mobile software world wide web software internet troll facebook adam mosseri operating systems technology internet video software social networks social media

Cocos adds 3D to its open source 2D game engine with Cocos Creator 3.0

Venture Beast

Cocos has had great success with PC and mobile games with its 2D game engine. GamesBeat Mobile category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/Games/Computer & Video Games Cocos Cocos 3.0 Cocos Creator Cocos2d-X DeanBeat Mobile and Social

U.S. Schools on High Alert for Violence Over TikTok Meme That Might Not Even Exist

GizModo VR

tiktok fads and trends culture mobile applications music software internet meme mike masnick education software donald trumptiktok controversy social media video software application software social networking servicesEducators across the U.S.

Instagram Just Throwing Cash at Reels Creators at This Point

GizModo VR

instagram mobile software entertainment culture tiktok video hosting facebook mobile applications maddy corbin computing operating systems technology internet mark zuckerberg software social media snapchat video software“Why would I ever use Instagram Reels

Leaked Facebook Docs Depict Kids as 'Untapped' Wealth

GizModo VR

facebook mobile software social media antigone davis richard blumenthal computing instagram operating systems technology internet video software mark zuckerberg software nick clegg

New tools unveiled for collaboration across Teams and Microsoft 365

Venture Beast

Microsoft has updated Teams with new features including improved admin capabilities, alongside other Microsoft 365 upgrades. Read More.

Report: 58M Americans were victims of fraud in the past year

Venture Beast

Beyond identity fraud, Americans also distrust companies collecting personal data and lack confidence in their ability to protect it. Read More.

Smartling lands $160M to help companies translate their content automatically

Venture Beast

Smartling, a company providing a mix of AI- and human-powered translation services, has raised $160 million in venture capital. Read More.

Epic Games files antitrust suit against Apple in European Union

Venture Beast

GamesBeat Mobile VB Home Page Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless DeanBeat Mobile and Social Epic Games

Apple 89

Now You Can Pay Money to Use Instagram

GizModo VR

instagram mobile software software social media meta facebook adam mosseri computing operating systems twitter blue subscription business model video software

Mega-Popular Muslim Prayer Apps Were Secretly Harvesting Phone Numbers

GizModo VR

appcensus wall street journal serge egelman software mobile linux google play google android mobile app x mode social computing joel reardon technology internet software development kit technology smartphones

Power Apps sees updates from Microsoft, including tight Teams integration

Venture Beast

Microsoft has introduced updates throughout its Power Apps platform, including new Power Apps mobile apps for iOS and Android. Read More.

8 Top interactive learning software for online education


With the rise in digital access, there has been increasing demand for delivering online courses and interactive learning software. This software offers several cutting-edge features and tools to make learning self-paced, immersive, fun, and entertaining.

Apple launches the post-IDFA world to the dismay of advertisers

Venture Beast

Apple has launched its new iOS14 software, and that means that the long-feared IDFA change is here for mobile games. Read More.

Instagram Is Rolling Out a Sensitive Content Control Option

GizModo VR

instagram blog hosting services world wide web software social media privacy concerns with social networking services news feed facebook operating systems technology internet video software privacy concerns with facebook mobile software

Prezi introduces dynamic video teaching tools as education moves online

Venture Beast

Business Cloud Enterprise Media Mobile Social category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Business & Productivity Software category-/Jobs & Education/Education Prezi Prezi Video zoom

Clubhouse Is Creating an Accelerator Program for Influencers

GizModo VR

Because what social media app can be without influencers? clubhouse software social media internet culture freeware mobile applications instagram internet celebrity tiktok video software social networking services

Instagram Finally Lets You Post From Your Desktop

GizModo VR

The social network is finally allowing folks to post photos and videos through a browser rather than relying on the phone app. Instagram users everywhere, rejoice (I know I am).

Slack files EU antitrust complaint against Microsoft for bundling Teams with Office

Venture Beast

Business Cloud Enterprise Mobile Social category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/Internet & Telecom Microsoft Microsoft Teams Office Slack teams

Microsoft launches new Teams, LinkedIn features focused on hybrid work

Venture Beast

AI apps Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Media Mobile Social VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Software hybrid work LinkedIn machine learning Microsoft Microsoft 365

Good Job, Everyone! Facebook Turned a $9 Billion Profit in Q3

GizModo VR

facebook zuckerberg whatsapp social media blackberry limited facebook applications frances haugen computing apple inc metaverse technology jeremi gorman mobile software business finance mark zucerberg software instagram graham mudd technology internet the facebook

Apple cuts commissions: Industry reacts, regulators watch

Venture Beast

Business Games Mobile antitrust Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/Science DeanBeat Mobile and Social Epic Games IDFA Paul Swanson Tim Cook Tim Sweeney

9 States Investigating Meta Over What Mark Zuckerberg Is Doing to Your Kids

GizModo VR

mark zuckerberg meta mobile software social media facebook computing instagram doug peterson video software software frances haugen operating systems meta platforms

Facebook introduces dataset and benchmarks to make AI more ‘egocentric’

Venture Beast

AI apps AR/VR Big Data Data Dev Media Mobile Social Software technology VB Home Page wearable AR augmented reality benchmarks category-/Science/Biological Sciences/Neuroscience dataset Ego4D egocentric embodied AI Facebook first person Metaverse research study virtual reality VR

Microsoft launches Viva, an AI-powered information hub for enterprises

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Media Mobile Social VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Microsoft Microsoft Viva Viva Viva Connections Viva Insights Viva Learning Viva Topics

Here's How TikTok's Parent Company Reportedly Wants To Take On Amazon

GizModo VR

China’s ByteDance has already seen wild success with TikTok, its social media subsidiary that’s turned into a massive thorn in Facebook’s side. Now, it looks like the company is stepping into Amazon’s turf, too.

Media 91

WhatsApp Moderators Can Read Your Messages

GizModo VR

Facebook planted its privacy flag on WhatsApp, the end-to-end encrypted messaging service which Facebook can’t spy on. In a 2018 Senate hearing, Mark Zuckerberg stated unequivocally that “we don’t see any of the content in WhatsApp, it’s fully encrypted.”