Social Media Q4 Earnings Roundup: Holiday Ads + Mystery User Numbers

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social marketing social media earnings social advertising social networksAd Revenue “It’s every bit as certain as death and taxes.” Meet Joe Black, 1998). And I’d add “holiday advertising.”

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Social Networking @ Work: Are You Ready?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Do CIOs need to introduce social networking into the workplace? So there’s no question that this whole social networking thing has become very, very popular. What Social Networking Would Do For Your Workplace.

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Health and Social Care Network connects first customer

Computer Weekly

Digital dictation and clinical records management systems firm Crescendo Systems has become the first customer to officially connect to NHS Digital’s Health and Social Care Network

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How social networks helped me

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Previously I ranted on about how social networking sites were contributing to reducing the family bonds and weakening personal relationships. However, social networking sites are not all doom and gloom. They have, in my case, provided a means of bringing me personally back into the family loop. This is because it is impossible for me to sit down and have a family meal with

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‘Tis The Season For Consumers To Still Not Buy On Social Media

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Despite news of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Allbirds, and SeatGeek successfully selling on social networks, social media is still not a place that consumers buy products and services. Holiday 2018 social marketing digital retail retail social media

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Microsoft’s Acquisition Of LinkedIn Will Not Translate Into A Revolution Of Enterprise Social Networking

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There are some additional aspects that I also consider important when discussing the implications of the tie-up: Read more Categories: Enterprise Social Networking. CIO Enterprise Social Networking Innovation LinkedIn Microsoft management innovation

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Does Your Company Need An Internal Social Network?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Having an internal social network sounds like a good idea, but is it? The Allure Of An Internal Social Network. This is where the idea of an internal social network comes into play. The Harsh Reality Of Internal Social Networks.

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Listen Up: Here Is Forrester’s Overview Of 31 Social Listening Platforms 

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53% of business and technology decision-makers and influencers tell us they want to better leverage social listening technologies to understand customer requirements and achieve their firm’s goal of addressing rising customer expectations. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; social listening platforms offer a unique window into customers’ lives, opinions, and preferences.

HSBC launches global social network for businesses

Computer Weekly

HSBC Bank is helping its business customers connect with potential partners through a digital hub

CIOs Need To Know: Is There Such A Thing As Safe Social Networking?

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You can never be too cautious when it comes to social networking Image Credit. One area that is going to require a great deal of study on your part is the complex world of social networking : what is permitted and what is going too far? The Problem With Social Media.

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NHS Digital hopes for orderly transition to new Health and Social Care Network

Computer Weekly

NHS Digital’s Health and Social Care Network is gearing up to connect its first customers in the next month, in the first stage of a staggered transition process

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What CIOs Need To Know About (Social) Networking

The Accidental Successful CIO

Networking is all about meeting new people Image Credit: Freelancers Union. As CIO you know that despite the importance of information technology, networking is so much more than just connecting servers with cables. Networking 101. Networking Warning Signs.

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7 safety rules in social networks


Now, in the era of the Internet, it’s hard to imagine a person who does not use at least one of the social networks. Social networks are used by everyone – both young and old. Treat social networks with the utmost care. Security Social Networkin

Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it)


Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it). The advance of digital media – social channels especially – has dramatically altered the ways prime prospects expect to be approached. Yet marketers can struggle to understand social.

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IIX Brings Simplicity of SaaS and Social Networks to Global Data Center Connectivity

Data Center Knowledge

Connectivity Featured Networking PeeringLaunches automated interconnection platform Console to make manual interconnect configuration a thing of the past Read More.

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The Virtues of (Personal) Networking


But I’m back with a career and social observation that applies to everyone. But taken as a whole, it dawned on me that everyone, no matter what their level or level of discussion, should go out of their way to expand their network and “pay it forward” by sharing experiences, knowledge, and connections. The LinkedIn era This is a new career era where potential employment is as much about using your network and knowing someone, as it is about being discovered via blogs, LinkedIn, etc.

Leveraging Social Media to Expand Business Data Globally


Social media has become an integral part of society, and having a presence on these platforms is a must for businesses in the present world. Barely a decade ago, only a small proportion of the globe were exposed to social media. A few years later, the list of social media networks has continued to grow […]. CTO Cyber Threats News

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Analysis: US, Australia social network usage flat, New Zealand now the world’s biggest user of social networks?

Trends in the Living Networks

On February 13 I will speak at Air New Zealand’s Social Media Breakfast in Auckland, together with Teddy Goff, Obama’s Digital Director , with an expected audience of close to 1,000. It augurs well for the country’s social and economic prosperity in years to come.

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Spyware targets North Korean dissidents via social links, says McAfee

Computer Weekly

Researchers at security firm McAfee have confirmed that social networks are being used to target North Korean dissidents with spyware

ERP Gets Social

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Social Media Integration Boosts Productivity. An increasing number of global business venues are mining the power of social networks and integrating real-time consumer data from platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. These social networks help companies connect with their customers and vendors, as well as enhance brand identity

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Is Social Media Right For Your Small Business?

Cloud Musings

Everyone from pre-teens to granddads, does social media today. companies with 100 or more employees that were surveyed are using social media for marketing purposes. Do these numbers represent a business “social media gap”?

In Controversial Study, Facebook Investigates Networks of Emotions


Facebook recently conducted a somewhat similar study, Experimental Evidence of Massive-Scale Emotional Contagion through Social Networks , to investigate whether changes in social news feeds can influence individuals’ moods and behaviors. By Shannon Perry.

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5 Ways for Students to use LinkedIn as a Networking tool

Doctor Chaos

Today’s generation is such a blessed generation to have social media sites to leverage their prospects in both career and personal lives. Networking social mediaImagine the trauma when you want to reach out to someone with your pitch without knowing what the person is interested in. I pretty well understand how difficult lives of students is today. […].

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Social networks and engineering serendipity in the workplace

Trends in the Living Networks

and Google are doing in the space, the article continues: As Yahoo and Google see it, serendipity is largely a byproduct of social networks. As brought out in the New York Times article, this relates strongly to the domain of social networks, which I have been studying since the 1990s.

About WayIn: A Social Media Intelligence Company


This social intelligence company integrates content into new experiences for consumers and also provides enterprises with new ways to deliver value from social media. WayIn provides an ability to aggregate, curate, integrate and measure social content and data in real-time. From their website: Wayin is a social intelligence company that integrates social content into new experiences for consumers and delivers greater value and control for brands.

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The changes in social media

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Even before the Arpanet allowed people to communicate with each other across the network there has been a social media. People for some reason just love to communicate with each other. Whether it is by the office water cooler talking about what Johnboy did to Maryjane or over the wire sharing questionable photo's and movies. In the beginning there were things called bulletin

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Get to Know Your Social Media Followers- Presenting a NEW Wi-Fi, Networking Blogroll

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If you are “professionally active” on social media, it’s easy to follow and to be followed while falling into the trap of not really getting to know those folks who just became a small part of your life. Social media brings people with like interests together, but it can’t make people slow down and take a look at the other person once the connection has been made.

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Detailed stats: Social networks dominate Internet usage, Australia still #1

Trends in the Living Networks

Research company Nielsen has just released detailed statistics on online activity , focusing on social networks and blogging, which at 22.5% Facebook completely dominates the social networking and blogging space, with over 70 times the next most prominent social networking site.

Facebook Breaks the Network Switch Up Into Modules

Data Center Knowledge

Social networking superstar’s custom-designed top-of-rack switch is disaggregated and acts like a server Read More. Facebook Featured Networking Open Compute

See The Forest For The Trees In Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Problem

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal has exposed the social network’s egregious misstep. social marketing social media ad targeting advertising data data breach facebook privacy social advertising social networks user dataShame on Facebook. Here at Forrester, we are furiously fielding inquiries about what this failure to protect user data means. Most questions are immediate and tactical in nature.

Reality check: intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis since the 1990s

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Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. I fail to understand why this is big news, since US intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis (SNA) for domestic purposes since the 1990s, and likely even before that.

The Facebook And Twitter Q2 Earnings Story: Quality Over Quantity

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Facebook continues to diversify by augmenting its core Facebook social network with ancillary products (Instagram, […]. social marketing social media b2c marketing earnings facebook social networks twitterWhat you’ll hear from the press this week: Facebook missed its earnings for the first time since 2015. But in our world, 43% YOY increase in revenue and 11% YOY increase in DAUs and MAUs is still a solid performance.

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Is Social Media Leadership Critical for a CIO?

CIO Dashboard

Do CIOs need to engage and evangelize public social media networks to effectively lead their organizations in social media initiatives? Who is most responsible for cultivating a social corporate culture? All of you know that I’m an avid user of social media.

Social Collaboration vs. Quiet Contemplation

CIO Dashboard

Social collaboration is catching on like wildfire across companies and sectors. In short, a lot of brainstorming is happening in offices and on social networks. If you liked this, you might also like: Social Collaboration: Four Steps to Success.

Facebook Outage Affects Sites That Used Social Network’s Log-In System

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Company denies hacker group''s claim it was responsible, says outage caused by configuration change Read More. Downtime Facebook

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