Dell Launches New Storage and Networking Products

Data Center Knowledge

At its annual Dell World event this week in Austin, Dell launched next generation storage and networking solutions, aimed at modernizing campus networks and redefining data center economics. Dell Networking Storage

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Cisco Unveils Modular, High-Capacity S-Series Storage for UCS

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Making the case that public cloud-based storage loses its cost effectiveness after so long a period of time or so great a capacity of data, Cisco announced Tuesday the availability, beginning next week, of a new series of modular storage appliances geared for high-bandwidth applications, such as.

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Object storage in the cloud: Is backup needed?


Curtis Preston explain why block storage in the cloud that is not properly backed up can result in lost data, and while object storage in the cloud is more resilient on Network World : The failure to back up data that is stored in a cloud block-storage service can be lost forever if […]. Read W.

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Cumulus Networks and Hewlett Packard team up to offer open networking storage for data centers

Tech Republic Data Center

A new deal between Cumulus and Hewlett Packard is designed to tackle the increased network and storage demands of new tech such as AI, 5G, and IoT devices

Brocade Storage Networking Built for XtremIO All-Flash Arrays

Data Center Knowledge

EMC to use Fibre Channel and IP-based storage networking technologies in customer solutions based on new XtremIO arrays Read More. Storage Brocade EMC

Azure Storage Account Networking: When to Use Firewalls and Service Endpoints

Linux Academy

Recently, when building content for one of my upcoming courses, Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies – Exam AZ-300 , I found the Microsoft documentation wasn’t immediately clear on the exclusivity of Storage Account Firewalls, and Service Endpoints. Storage Account Firewalls.

Puppet Labs Certifies Network and Storage Vendors That Gel With its DevOps Tools

Data Center Knowledge

Management Networking Storage First certified vendors include Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Cumulus, Dell, EMC, F5, Huawei, NetApp Read More.

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Storage performance 101: Server, array and fabric/network basics

Computer Weekly

We look at the key performance attributes of storage media in use today, and the choices and basic tuning steps you can take to get the most from your storage

Cloud Technology: Beyond Data Storage


Information Technology Blog - - Cloud Technology: Beyond Data Storage - Information Technology Blog. Main usage of the cloud which has bought cloud into limelight was its data storage and pay-for-use facilities. But today cloud is much more than data storage. Cloud Storage

When Networking Met Storage -- Again

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Of all the "software-defined" categories, software-defined networking is now garnering the lion''s share of industry attention.    It seems that everyone wanted to go learn about the new capabilities -- even though VMworld is not a network event.

Storage Deflation?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While it’s true that I now work for VMware, I came from the storage hardware business.     And I think I could construct a plausible argument that we are in a sustained deflationary period for storage capacity: disks and arrays.  Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS): What It Is and Why You May Want It


If you have multiple computers, chances are you've wanted to get a file from one system to another at some point. Maybe you have some files on your phone that you want on your laptop, or media on a PC that you want to stream to a smart TV. Maybe

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Docker 1.9 Offers Improved Networking, Storage Features

Data Center Knowledge

Latest release aims for more complete toolset for stateful and stateless distributed apps at scale Read More. Shared

Brocade Updates SAN Management for EMC Storage

Data Center Knowledge

Brocade fabric technology aimed at simplifying setup and ongoing operation of the new EMC storage and data protection systems Read More. Networking Storage

Panzura Raises $32M to Make Cloud Storage Feel Like On-Prem NAS

Data Center Knowledge

Company’s technology combines hyperscale cloud storage services with in-house storage networks Read More. Storage

Cavium Links ARM Servers With Storage via 25GbE Links

Data Center Knowledge

Partners with QLogic in effort to disaggregate compute and storage in data center Read More. Blades Networking Storage

International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC14) Recap #HPCMatters


16-21 Nov 2014 the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC14) was hosted in New Orleans and once again it did not disappoint! Each year SC14 brings together a large number of folks from the High Performance Computing (HPC) community, basically thousands of scientists and engineers that are doing really awesome things in the HPC and computational analytics space. With that in mind I thought I would tak. To read more please log in.

Astute Networks Launches Adaptive Networked Flash Solution

Data Center Knowledge

Astute Networks released version 5 of its ViSX OS for performance storage appliances, and Violin Memory signs with European distributor ADN and is selected for improving performance for healthcare applications at Shannon Medical Center in Texas. Storage astute networks flash storage violin memroy

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Computer Network


Information Technology Blog - - Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Computer Network - Information Technology Blog. A computer network, normally referred to as a network, consists of a group of computers and other computing devices like printers, modems, scanners, etc.

From Storage Admin To Storage Service Manager

Chuck's Blog - EMC

I''ve been talking to storage people in IT for about 20 years now.    Sure, the new technology is always interesting -- but what storage folks are always interested in is how does this change things?  Software Defined Storage Is More Than Marketing.

Are Servers The New Storage?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

At one time, almost all storage was directly attached to servers.    Whether that was through disk drives in the server enclosure itself, or external racks directly connected, there was a clear 1:1 mapping between server, application and dedicated storage resources.

Barefoot Networks: Transforming the Networking Industry with P4 and PISA


Barefoot exists to hand the keys of the network to the owner of the network. It provides a ubiquitous programmable network platform. Imagine a cambrian explosion in networking capabilities. Our goal is to make programming your network as simple as programming your CPU.

DataDirect Networks Adds Object Storage Appliance and Updates Web Object Scaler

Data Center Knowledge

Data Direct Networks innovates for Web Objects Storage in web scale and big data applications, SanDisk incorporates Intel''s newest Atom processor into its iNAND Extreme flash drive, and LSI collaborates with VMware to scale application performance on Horizon View. Big Data Intel Storage VMware data direct networks LSI sandisk

PCIe Server Storage I/O Network Fundamentals #blogtober

Storage IO Blog

PCIe Server Storage I/O Network Fundamentals #blogtober Peripheral Computer Interconnect Express aka PCIe is a Server, Storage, I/O networking fundamental component.

How to Manage a Storage Array


Information Technology Blog - - How to Manage a Storage Array - Information Technology Blog. Storage arrays that you have bought for your business are very easy to manage, but you need to be certain that you have looked into the details. Futureproofing Storage Capacity.

Smart Watches: Stylish Data Storage or Big Security Risk?


New devices are coming to market every day, offering storage or computing power in a wearable format. It's possible for these devices to carry viruses into your network, allow others to remotely spy on you or your business, and even allow the theft of large amounts of data.

Data Infrastructure server storage I/O network Recommended Reading #blogtober

Storage IO Blog

Data Infrastructure Recommended Reading List and Book Shelf Updated 10/30/17 The following is an evolving recommended reading list of data infrastructure topics including, server, storage I/O, networking, cloud, virtual, container, data protection and related topics that includes books, blogs, podcast’s, events and industry links among other resources.

Adaptive Storage: Rethinking How Hadoop Clusters Are Optimized

Data Center Knowledge

anuary''s Open Compute Summit led to the creation of a new concept known as Adaptive Storage, in which compute and storage resources would be loosely coupled over a network and scale independently to optimize big data platforms. Open Compute Storage

The New Storage Buyer

Chuck's Blog - EMC

    When it comes to storage, it’s been the same way for as long as I can remember: the storage team makes the recommendation.  But what if a relatively new storage buyer is emerging?  The New Storage Buyer. Servers As Storage: Interest Is Strong.

The Data Storage Explosion

Cloud Musings

Cloud growth is also driving a rapid rise in the storage market, exacerbating the enterprise challenge around storage cost and complexity. In meeting this storage challenge , enterprises are increasing their use of hybrid IT solution models.

Data Infrastructure Server Storage I/O Network Software Defined Cloud and Virtual Recommended Reading List

IT Toolbox

The following is an evolving recommended reading list of data infrastructure topics including, server, storage I/O, networking, cloud, virtual, container, data protection (backup, security, HA, BC, DR). The evolving list includes books, blogs, podcast?s, s, events and industry links among other resources and related data infrastructure topics, tools, techniques as well as trends

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Storage Boost for iPhone or iPad


Many of us have had this problem: we've run out of storage on our iPhone or iPad, and don't want to upgrade to a model with higher capacity, or, worst, there is no model with enough capacity to satisfy our need. You're probably already familiar with one option, which is to use cloud storage. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes gives the rundown on these and other devices in his article, " Give your iPhone or iPad a storage boost ". Gve your iPhone or iPad a storage boost (

Storage Caching 201

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Three years ago, I wrote a popular post entitled " Storage Caching 101 ".  Using a memory technology for storage caching is different than using it for persistent storage , although that''s becoming popular as well.  Storage VMware

Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars

Storage IO Blog

Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Join me in a series of in-person seminars driving ROI with cloud storage consolidation for unstructured file data. The post Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Considering The Next Wave Of Storage Automation

Chuck's Blog - EMC

a nice chunk of new technology has been introduced to help automate perhaps the most difficult part of the data center – storage. It''s worth digging into these new storage automation features: why they are needed, how they work, and why they should be seriously considered.

Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?

Storage IO Blog

Data storage regardless of if hardware, legacy, new, emerging, cloud service or various software defined storage (SDS) approaches are all fundamental resource components of data infrastructures along with compute server, I/O networking as well as management tools, techniques, processes and procedures. The post Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?

Nutanix puts software-defined networking in hyper-converged boxes

Computer Weekly

Hyper-converged appliance pioneer Nutanix puts software-defined networking features in its combined server/storage products to give better networking manageability

DDN Advances Object Storage with Major Platform Updates

Data Center Knowledge

Data Direct Networks (DDN) answers the unstructured data challenge with major updates to its advanced WOS Object Storage Platform, and announces that it is joining the Active Archive Alliance. Storage data direct networks ddn DDN

How EMC IT Does Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

You might be used to getting storage advice from a storage vendor, but the better source might be to speak to someone in their IT group. Srini starts with creating a perspective of the "storage journeys" EMC IT has been on over the years. Storage

Gaining Server Storage I/O Insight into Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Storage IO Blog

The post Gaining Server Storage I/O Insight into Microsoft Windows Server 2016 appeared first on StorageIOblog. While Microsoft Windows Server recently celebrated its 20th birthday (or anniversary), a lot has changed as well as evolved.

My Obsolete Storage Knowledge

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As I reflect back on various chapters in my personal Storage Encyclopedia, I’m realizing that there are vast tranches that are candidates for leaving behind. I thought I’d share with you my personal list of “once cool, now not so much” storage topics that I’m faced with.

The Future Of Storage Data Services

Chuck's Blog - EMC

It might seem that we in the storage business are intentionally complicating things.    Up to this point, we''ve mostly thought of physical storage arrays as providing both: persisting data as well as providing important data services.  The New Storage Buyer.

PCI Compliance and Network Segmentation


Information Technology Blog - - PCI Compliance and Network Segmentation - Information Technology Blog. The first step to determining the scope of your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is segmenting your data networks. Networking