Micromobility : What does it mean for the future of transportation?


How will micromobility co-exist with the traditional models of transportation? What is the importance of network effects in micromobility? The post Micromobility : What does it mean for the future of transportation?

TuSimple plans autonomous truck network backed by UPS

Venture Beast

TuSimple announced the launch of a nationwide -- and eventually global -- autonomous freight network that might someday transport goods in 48 U.S.

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What is Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

Network World

Despite the goal of keeping Web communications private, flaws in the design and implementation of Transport Layer Security have led to breaches, but the latest version – TLS 1.3 – is an overhaul that strengthens and streamlines the crypto protocol. TLS is a cryptographic protocol that provides end-to-end communications security over networks and is widely used for internet communications and online transactions.

5G’s Release 16 is complete, but COVID-19 may push Release 17 to 2022

Venture Beast

Business Mobile Transportation 3GPP 5G 5G networks 5g standards category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless Release 16 Release 17

TechNet Augusta 2016: US Army Expeditionary Networks


Expeditionary Networks. Army’s plan to modernize their expeditionary networks comes after years of fighting on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. Capability Set Fielding: mission command/network fielding. ChrisScott.

Smart Transportation nanodegrees from Udacity

Course Index: IT

Projects include Lane Line Detection, Traffic Sign Classification, Behavioural Cloning (architecting and training a deep neural network to drive a car in a simulator based on a student’s own driving behaviour on a test track), Advanced Lane Detection, Vehicle Tracking and Pedestrian Tracking.

Lyft crowdsources driver data to train its autonomous vehicle systems

Venture Beast

Lyft says it has begun collecting data from ride-hailing drivers in its network to better train its autonomous vehicle systems. Read More.

How to migrate to HTTPS using App Transport Security when developing iOS apps

Tech Republic Security

January 1, 2017 is Apple's deadline for developers to adopt the secure network calls promoted by App Transport Security. But don't wait--start using ATS in iOS and macOS development today

Network News: MRV, LSI, Cyan

Data Center Knowledge

MRV helps operators migrate to a 100G optical transport platform with OptiDriver, LSI Axxia network processors add big endian support for Wind River Linux, and Cyan partners with Intel, Red Hat and Conectem to demonstrate end-to-end vEPC and NFV at Mobile World Congress. Networking connectem cyan Intel LSI MRV Communications red hat wind river

EV users want a charger emoji since 'gas pump + lightning bolt' doesn't cut it

Mashable Tech

Charging network Electrify America (EA) is leading the charge with a new design idea for an EV charger emoji. More about Emoji , Electric Vehicles , Tech , and Transportation. Emoji Electric Vehicles Tech Transportation

Building Identity Systems on the Sovrin Network

Phil Windley

Summary: An identity metasystem like the Sovrin Network provides the foundation for creating tens of millions of interoperable identity systems for every conceivable context and use. I've spoken about the Sovrin Network as an identity metasystem before.

At OFC, Applied Micro Launches Optical Networking Devices

Data Center Knowledge

At the OFC 2014 Optical Networking conference in San Francisco this week Applied Micro launched a 240Gbps Optical Transport Network smart PHY family of devices, Broadcom introduced 802.3bj compliant physical layer devices, and Acacia Communications rolled out its Coherent 100G CFP module. Networking acacia communications applied micro broadcom

TuSimple is laying the groundwork for a coast-to-coast autonomous trucking network

The Verge

The company announced it will be working with UPS, Xpress Enterprises, Penske Trucking, and Berkshire Hathaway-owned grocery and food-service distributor McLane to lay the foundation for a coast-to-coast autonomous trucking network. coast-to-coast autonomous trucking network.

Drive an EV across the country using ultra-fast chargers

Mashable Tech

But on Wednesday, charging network Electrify America finished its first cross-country route with fast-charging available all along the way. More about Electric Vehicles , Charging Stations , Tech , and Transportation. Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Tech Transportation

Seamless Sharing of Information Amongst Enclaves


The Intelligence Community is part of the IC-wide enclave, which uses the IC-approved sharing infrastructure called ITS (Information Transport System). One Syndeo gateway sits on each network and corresponds with sharing hubs to match protocols and allow data to flow.

Securing risky network ports

Network World

Data packets travel to and from numbered network ports associated with particular IP addresses and endpoints, using the TCP or UDP transport layer protocols. All ports are potentially at risk of attack. No port is natively secure. Each port and underlying service has its risks. The risk comes from the version of the service, whether someone has configured it correctly, and, if there are passwords for the service, whether these are strong?

Can Auto CIOs Transform Their Companies Into Software Companies?

The Accidental Successful CIO

One way for them to go about doing this would be for a car manufacture to offer transportation as a service through a network of connected cars. What they want to do is to sell transportation as a service.

Network Virtualization isn’t Vaporware

Virtualized Greek

After writing a post on SearchNetworking asking the question if Network Virtualization was Vaporware, I got a lot of feedback. I know full well network virtualization in itself isn’t vaporware. Network Virtualization as I Understand It. Flying Cars! Where’s my Flying Car?

IDG Contributor Network: SSL or IPsec: Which is best for IoT network security?

Network World

Transport. Although all three are critical for systemwide security, this post will address only transport security. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are soon expected to outnumber end-user devices by as much as four to one. These applications can be found everywhere—from manufacturing floors and building management to video surveillance and lighting systems.

Network Virtualization vs. SDN

Virtualized Greek

Scott Lowe was a guest on the latest episode of VMware Community Podcast and was discussing Network Virtualization. He has deep experience with both Networking and Server Virtualization. He was a guest on the podcast to discuss Network Virtualization. I posed the question in the live chat on the difference between SDN and what VMware is defining as “Network Virtualization.” The claim is that virtualization already exists in network technologies.

5G coronavirus conspiracy theorists are endangering the workers who keep networks running

The Verge

Schools, hospitals, and businesses all relied on this invisible network, and with the pandemic forcing people to work from home, there was more strain on the system than ever before. They’re the human point of access in an otherwise inscrutable network, and so become a target for your anger.

When Networking Met Storage -- Again

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Of all the "software-defined" categories, software-defined networking is now garnering the lion''s share of industry attention.    It seems that everyone wanted to go learn about the new capabilities -- even though VMworld is not a network event.

Uber shuts down in Denmark after less than three years

Computer Weekly

Changes in Denmark’s taxi legislation force transportation network company to cease its operations in the country

Networking the Cloud for IoT – Pt 3 Cloud Network Systems Engineering

Cloud Musings

Dwight Bues & Kevin Jackson (This is Part 3 of a three part series that addresses the need for a systems engineering approach to IoT and cloud network design. Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 1: IoT and the Government , Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt.

How drones could build real-world networks to transform delivery of food, medicine, mail, and more

Trends in the Living Networks

Matternet , spawned from a Singularity University program, envisages creating a network of drones to address developing world problems. Over a billion people are geographically isolated and are often not able to access regular transport and the goods that can travel to them.

DigniFi, a tech platform for financing auto repairs, raises $14M to keep American drivers rolling


Our network of auto service centers has grown by 500 locations over the last 90 days, spurred by this rising demand,” Richard Counihan, CEO of DigniFi, said in a statement. Tech auto tech DigniFi financing Funding Transportation(DigniFi Photo). DigniFi , the Kirkland, Wash.-based

Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 2 Stressing the Cloud

Cloud Musings

Dwight Bu e s & Kevin Jackson This is Part 2 of a three part series that addresses the need for a systems engineering approach to IoT and cloud network design. Part 1 is Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. Figure 1: Defect Detection Next Part 3: Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt.


TfL figures reveal massive contactless adoption

Computer Weekly

Transport for London figures for the use of contactless payments on its network add weight to its plans to sell its expertise to other cities

TfL likely to tender for 4G on the tube

Computer Weekly

Transport for London is planning to undertake preliminary work on installing 4G mobile networking services on the London Underground in the near future

IDG Contributor Network: Can SD-WANs meet standards requirements?

Network World

MPLS being the de facto transport. Any innovative technology faces a battle of doubt. When Amazon first rolled out AWS, few could imagine servers running in the cloud. Before Salesforce, many thought CRM to be too critical to run as SaaS. I find SD-WANs to be facing a similar battle. It’s inconceivable to many that an SD-WAN could replace MPLS. This is particularly true for security teams. At one recent client, a chemical company, the team was looking to transition from MPLS to SD-WAN.

WAN 76

Liveblog: Docker Networking

Scott Lowe

This is a liveblog of the Docker Networking breakout session. Madhu starts out the session with an overview of why networking (in particular Docker networking) is so important. Networking is vast and complex, and networking is an inherent part of distributed applications. Therefore, it’s important to make networking developer-friendly and application-driven. He shares a vision: “We’ll do for networking what Docker did for compute”. Network.

Liveblog: Docker Networking

Scott Lowe

This is a liveblog of the Docker Networking breakout session. Madhu starts out the session with an overview of why networking (in particular Docker networking) is so important. Networking is vast and complex, and networking is an inherent part of distributed applications. Therefore, it’s important to make networking developer-friendly and application-driven. He shares a vision: “We’ll do for networking what Docker did for compute”. Network.

IDG Contributor Network: IoT security: Intel EPID simplifies authentication of IoT devices

Network World

Or that the Transport Security Administration (TSA) screens over 2 million people daily? Did you know that over 75 million tourists visit the United States every year? The TSA processes 150 passengers per security lane. Imagine the public outrage if it took 20 minutes to screen a passenger and the process publicly disclosed personal information. That’s the average time and result of installing an IoT device today.

Autopoiesis and how hyper-connectivity is literally bringing the networks to life

Trends in the Living Networks

When I started writing my book Living Networks in early 2002 I thought that it was important to demonstrate that the concept of 'living networks' was not just a metaphor, but a reality: we, together with the networks that connect us, are literally a new life form. This morning when someone mentioned living networks to me I remembered that this was a literal phrase that I had never explained, so here is the introduction, seen for the first time. LIFE AND NETWORKS.

Introduction to Networking: Part 1, The Basics

Scott Lowe

This is the kick-off to a series of posts introducing networking concepts to VMware administrators. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten in speaking to VMware admins, networking is an area in which a lot of VMware-focused folks aren’t particularly comfortable. So, I thought it might be helpful to put up a few blog posts on networking concepts for VMware administrators. (If In this first article, I’ll cover some important networking basics. Networking

Organizational networks: The variety of external networks - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

About Ross Dawson Keynote Speaking/Strategy AHT Group Future Exploration Network The Insight Exchange Repyoot Recent Media Appearances « The state of Enterprise 2.0: Networks are at the foundation of all of these outcomes.

Learning NVP, Part 5: Creating a Logical Network

Scott Lowe

I’m back with more NVP goodness; this time, I’ll be walking you through the process of creating a logical network and attaching VMs to that logical network. Revisiting Transport Zones. But what is a transport zone? Networking Virtualization Nicira NVP OVS

How the DOT discovered its network was compromised by shadow IT

Network World

When Richard McKinney set out to migrate the Department of Transportation (DOT) to Microsoft Office 365, he got a valuable lesson in shadow IT, one that could serve as a cautionary tale for other government leaders as they look to upgrade and consolidate their systems.

IDG Contributor Network: Thales Data Threat Report: Security spending up, but so are breaches

Network World

It is a systems integrator, equipment supplier and service provider in the aerospace, transport, defense and security markets. It’s interesting seeing how much money technology vendors spend on surveys that (at least most often) justify their own existence. It would be easy to be cynical about them, but beyond the self-serving aspects of it all, the data these surveys generate is interesting as a general “state of the nation” assessment.

What is IoT? The internet of things explained

Network World

For consumers, this means interacting with the global information network without the intermediary of a keyboard and screen; many of their everyday objects and appliances can take instructions from that network with minimal human intervention.

- A Public-Private Radio Network?

Chief Seattle Greek Blog

Police and Fire radio networks. When every other wireless network is dead. That’s the way cities, counties, regions, states and local governments have ALWAYS built our radio networks for police, firefighters, emergency medical response, utilities, transportation, public works.

5 Industries To Be Dramatically Impacted By 5G Technology


Development history of the mobile network is interesting and challenging, as just 30 years ago 1G network gave us an opportunity to make calls and now we are aware of a new generation of the network: 5G. 5G is the fifth generation of the mobile network. Transport.

IDG Contributor Network: Don’t make risk and compliance the enemy of financial services innovation and reinvention

Network World

On the one hand, it is at the heart of everything from economic health and growth to the daily reality of how consumers pay for housing, transportation or even a coffee on the go to start their day. That’s the good part of the mixed blessing: the opportunity to improve and reinvent. + Also on Network World: Financial services firm adopts agile for digital development +. The financial services industry lives with a mixed blessing.