Return on investment for unified communications

Spearline Testing

Return on Investment: Unified Communications (UC) providers must ensure that their resources are being used efficiently. Importance of Unified Communications: Ofcom, the UK's communication regulator reported a 17% decline in the volume of calls made in recent years.

Is SD-WAN a Better Bet for Unified Communications?

Information Week

As momentum continues to build for managed services with SD-WAN, providers try to make the case to migrate communications to these networks


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The Realities of Rural 5G Deployment in the US

Forrester's Customer Insights

Early last week, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced his approval of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. This will result in a third mega-carrier in the US mobile wireless market, which is a good move for consumers like you and me. I am glad this deal will now […].

Can you anticipate VoIP network issues?

IT Toolbox

As more businesses migrate and make the transition to VoIP, the pressing issues of network performance and reliability continue to rear their sometimes not-so-pretty heads. For example, as a business expands, will its unified communications network, in which VoIP often plays a key role, be able to hold up? One answer to is to introduce active monitoring of the network in order

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How to build a successful digital marketplace

TM Forum

Digital marketplaces are a hot topic as communications service providers (CSPs) seek new revenue opportunities, especially in B2B markets. Operators’ common goal is to offer increasing value to businesses beyond connectivity, phones and network devices.

CRM connectivity to digital phone networks to improve

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The overlap between CRM systems and unified communications networks is about to get a major upgrade via a new partnership. Shift8 Networks, which belongs to Digerati Technologies, the cloud communications services specialist, is teaming up with phone intelligence platform Tenfold to connect customers with over 25 CRM systems and help desk applications.

Vendor management for telecoms networks


Complex networks. Organizations, especially large multinationals and unified communication providers have complex telecommunications networks. For such networks, vendor management is a crucial aspect of maintaining successful operations.

IDG Contributor Network: Why the best work tools play nicely together

ComputerWorld Consumerization IT

The idea of “unified communications” sounds good in theory. I mean, who wouldn't want to have only one vendor to worry about for email, phone, instant messaging, calendar, contacts, office software and storage. However, in practice the suite-style solution doesn't really pan out as planned because it’s difficult for a vendor to be the best solution in all of those areas. This is increasingly the case as we’ve seen innovation in enterprise technology accelerate over the last decade.

How Is UC Connecting to the IoT?

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Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) are beginning to connect to unified communications (UC). The IoT is a constantly growing network of connected devices, assets, products, and more. The main drivers of this connection will be the manufacturing, health care, and transportation industries. Among the more recent companies to move forward with IoT innovation are Avaya and Volvo. Avaya is working

Yamaha subsidiary makes play for UC conference room market

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Yamaha and Revolabs are launching a suite of unified communications products this month, particularly the CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System, designed for huddle rooms. The new system is a networked AVB audio station with wired and wireless microphoneThis represents the first joint effort in the partnership between Revolabs and its corporate parent, Yamaha.

IDG Contributor Network: Implementing secure WANs in the cloud age

Network World

Over the past few years most organizations have significantly increased their reliance on the Internet, primarily due to the outsourcing of utility applications like email, unified communications, ERP, CRM, etc. to SaaS providers. Cloud-based applications provide IT organizations with an agile and cost effective means for expanding the range of services they provide and delivering new productivity tools requested by teams, departments or lines of business.

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Communication Policies in Your UC Solution

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Unified communications solutions can introduce many new features for employee collaboration. For instance, instant messengers and team chat rooms work well for remote conversations and quick questions, helping you cut down on unnecessary phone calls, which will improve productivity and free up prioritized network bandwidth. However, your company policies may not address these forms of communication

Cisco issues 7 “high priority” security advisories; Firepower, IOS and ASA issues among them

Network World

First up this week Cisco said a vulnerability in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) UDP throttling process of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco Unified CM) software could let an unauthenticated, remote attacker cause a denial of service (DoS) attack. More on Network World: Cisco certifications target business professionals eyeing software roles + To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Will cognitive networks enable better conversations in the future?


The increasing complexity of networking environments. Network managers face the challenge of managing increasingly complex networking environments. In parallel, modern enterprise networks have evolved from being mainly hardware-driven to a software-driven fusion of virtual and physical networks. With keen competition in the market, customer experience management is now a vital focus for telecoms and unified communications providers.

Cisco, competitors infiltrate Avaya customer doubts

Network World

It is not surprising that Cisco, Mitel and others are targeting Avaya’s customers as the networking company goes through Chapter 11 bankruptcy but sometimes it is a bit startling in its boldness. You have to figure out who you trust with your unified communications and customer care solutions.

How do CSPs sell more to SMEs?

TM Forum

These include products such as unified communications; blending office applications, cloud storage, security and communications into a converged ICT offer; supporting the. has a nationwide network of 4,000 sales, installation and support partners.

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Hyper-segmentation – How to Avoid Cyber Disasters


While people often think of security as just the tools used to protect the network, it’s not about that any more. Network Segmentation. The idea is that if someone gains access to your network, segmentation creates a dead end. The attacker can see the segment but not the rest of the network. More recently, network admins have begun segmenting more East-West traffic as well. When devices are compromised inside our network, the threat vector is multiplied.

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Do your VoIP services have a case of the 'jitters'?


Since the global adoption of VoIP and video as primary communication solutions, Unified Communications (UC) has never had a more valuable asset. However, because VoIP relies on an internet connection, poor network performance is one of the most common issues affecting it.


Why State & Local Governments Should be Prepared for Cloud

Cloud Musings

This educational webinar is brought to you by RISC Networks , and will be hosted on at 12:00 pm on March 26, 2014. The webinar will present Moving to the Cloud: Expert Insights by Special Guest, GovCloud Network Founder (@GovCloud) Mr.Kevin Jackson. The panel features the founder and Chief Analyst of RISC Networks, Mr. Jeremy Littlejohn. You can learn more about RISC Networks at

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Facilitators Announced For NGA Agile Cloud Brainstorming Event

Cloud Musings

ABOUT TIA: The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is the leading trade association representing the global information and communications technology (ICT) industries through standards development, government affairs, business opportunities, market intelligence, certification and world-wide environmental regulatory compliance.

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How Spearline supports its customers with testing their numbers around the world.


Additionally, organizations such as unified communications and those with a global call center presence rely heavily on multiple carriers to support their infrastructure and ensure an excellent customer experience. ” Global unified communications organization.

Spearline named one of Ireland’s 50 Fastest-Growing Companies


Others came with a fair amount of pressure, namely those who worked in unified communications and collaboration. This is because it recognised that these communications habits would stick around long after COVID-19.

Proactively generate more revenue by answering your customer's needs


Whether it could be similar interests, hobbies, or goals, it always boils down to having strong communication. Communication is key to a successful business, especially when it comes to customers. So what happens when there is a natural breakdown in communication due to lines not routing optimally? A skillfully planned network routing should help to deliver the perfect customer experience, providing a quick and easy resolution to their query. Unified Communications.

New country added to mobile testing, “Dobryj den” Ukraine!


For unified communications. For unified communications. Mobile testing allows you to replicate your customers’ experience regardless of whether they are dialling through a PSTN or mobile network. Furthermore, diversity of coverage is crucial - you need to know that your numbers are being tested against a wide range of mobile networks. Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry. Spearline.

68 countries and counting…. Welcome Nigeria to Spearline Fixed Line Testing!


A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vodacom Group, Vodacom Nigeria is a major provider of connectivity, hosted services, unified communications and IoT solutions. Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry. Our platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. Hello Nigeria!

Understanding The Challenges Telco's Have Faced During COVID-19


’ In the early stages of the pandemic, Hayes shared – telecommunications networks around the world struggled. Spearline provides quality assurance tools for business communication services, allowing you to proactively manage your inbound and outbound voice, SMS and Fax services.

Exciting new developments from Spearline


Test SMS messaging and delivery before it’s sent to your customer, across an international network between your organization and your customers. Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry.

Proactively monitor your numbers across the US and Canada with Voice Assure Interstate


Organizations such as unified communications and those with call centers located across North America rely heavily on multiple carriers to support their infrastructure and ensure an excellent customer experience.

Vote for CEO of the Year: GeekWire Awards finalists find growth opportunities in uncertain times


Gupta is a former technical assistant to Bill Gates who previously led Microsoft’s Unified Communications Group.

Smart Manufacturing Is Cloud Computing

Cloud Musings

Digital Thread is a communication framework that connects traditionally siloed elements in manufacturing processes in order to provide an integrated view of an asset throughout the manufacturing lifecycle. Ubiquitous use of mined information throughout the product value chain including end-to-end value chain visibility for each product line connecting manufacturer to customers and supplier network.

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Thriving in a Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Security World

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Software-defined networking, storage, data centers and security are maturing. Rules, models and code that can dynamically assemble and configure all of the elements needed from the network through the application are needed. "The next generation of technology solutions will transform lives, businesses and economies."

Never receive a false notification with Spearline alerts


" Arnold Chencinski, Senior Voice Network Engineer, Zoom Video Communications. Spearline alerts are usually sent as an email, but we can leave you an automated voice message or send you an SNMP (simple network management protocol) message - the choice is yours. Read how West Unified Communications applied Spearline alerts to pro-actively raise issues with their carriers and resolve them in a timely manner.