Learn From Telcos And Network Infrastructure Vendors About Innovations For Networked Solutions

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The report “Connected Solutions Are A Catalyst For Tech-Driven Innovation” highlights how technology-driven innovation by telcos and network equipment vendors can help CIOs from outside the telecoms sector with their innovation initiatives.

Nonpublic 5G Networks Will Be A Critical Building Block Of Your Enterprise Network Strategy

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Nonpublic 5G networks promise better privacy, data security, compliance, and cellular network performance; they also offer safer and more private features for dedicated user groups.

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Why R2? Software Defined Networking with Hyper-V Network Virtualization

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Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) is part of our Software Defined Networking (SDN) portfolio that is included inbox with Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) – Virtualizing the Network Layer.

Widespread Adoption of VMware NSX Network Virtualization

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VMware''s new NSX network virtualization platform has hit the ground running, with a a lot of partners announcing support for the new operational model. Networking Virtualization VMware Brocade cumulus networks juniper networks

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Microsegmentation – Secure Your Internal Network


The problem I have with these statements is that every network engineer I know segments their network more than just at the subnet level and their segmentation is not limited to just north-south traffic. This is something you can’t do with static network ACLs at layer 2.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Network Virtualization in Your Business


Proper implementation of network […]. CTO Cyber Security News information technology Network Security Technology LeadershipEvery business has goals. One of the most important goals for a firm is to keep its current customers happy while at the same time reaching out to attract new customers. In doing all this, the business hopes to improve its market position and cut down on its cost of operations.

Big Switch Unifies Physical and Virtual Networks for OpenStack

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provides single pane of glass for network management Read More. Cloud Computing Networking Technology VirtualizationBig Cloud Fabric 3.0

PlumGrid, Cisco, Others Launch Open Network Virtualization Project

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Networking Technology VirtualizationHost of major SDN, NFV firms absent from Linux Foundation-led IO Visor Project Read More.

One-Third of AT&T’s Network is Now Virtualized

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Telco exec reports progress on network virtualization project in its third year Read More. Networking

Astute Networks Announces Adaptive Networked Flash Solution For Both NFS And iSCSI Physical And Virtual Environments


February 25, 2014 – Astute Networks ™ ,Inc., the leading provider of Networked Flash ™ appliances, today announced the release of ViSX OS v5, the latest software release for the ViSX family of Performance Storage Appliances. The latest OS release adds Network File System (NFS) v2, v3, and v4 to its existing iSCSI support. It delivers outstanding all-flash performance while co-existing with installed storage for both physical and virtual environments.

VMware Unveils Virtual Network Functions Delivered as Cloud Services

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Rolls out 30 virtual network services for telcos on its vCloud platform Read More. Cloud Computing Networking VMware

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VMware or Microsoft? Evaluating Hyper-V Network Virtualization as an alternative to VMware NSX

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Network Virtualization, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) at-large, have been getting a lot of attention recently. Based on this, it makes sense that the networking industry is moving towards bringing layer-3+ networking capabilities directly into the hypervisor.

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VMware or Microsoft? Evaluating Hyper-V Network Virtualization as an alternative to VMware NSX

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UPDATE: New Test Lab Guide Released: Deploying Windows Server 2012 R2 Network Virtualization with System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager. Network Virtualization, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) at-large, have been getting a lot of attention recently.

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Diagnose Azure Virtual Network VPN connectivity issues with PowerShell

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Azure Virtual Network Gateways provide a great solution for quickly building secure cross-premises network connectivity for a Hybrid Cloud via IPsec site-to-site VPN tunnels. When the VPN tunnel isn't able to connect between Azure and your on-premises gateway device due to configuration or networking issues, you'll see a broken connection displayed in the Azure Management Portal for that Virtual Network Gateway. CloudLab Network Microsoft Azure

Oracle Debuts New Ethernet Switches, Virtual Network Services

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Networking Oracle Switches are optimized for Oracle''s engineered systems, built for massive scalability Read More.

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On Network Virtualization and SDN

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Is there a difference between network virtualization and Software-Defined Networking (SDN)? So, in a similar fashion to my post on network overlays vs. network virtualization , I thought I’d weigh in with some thoughts. My purpose, as John put it when he invited me, was to “gently introduce” the community to the idea of network virtualization, which is where I now spend most of my time since joining VMware in early February.

Three Ways to Stay Connected in the Age of Virtual Conferences

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We are challenged to reimagine what the virtual conferences experience could look like for employees, partners, and customers. Transitioning to virtual conferences doesn’t have to mean all is lost. Cloud Digital Transformation cloud Conferences digital transformation Google networking

Guided Hands-on Lab: Virtual Networking 101 with System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

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System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) offers a ton of flexibility when centrally defining and managing Private Cloud network fabrics across multiple sites, subnets, VLANs and virtualized network address spaces.

Configure Datacenter Network Fabric and Network Virtualization.

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Tommy Patterson - Virtually Cloud 9. MVP Virtual Machine. Virtual. Virtualization. Configure Datacenter Network Fabric and Network Virtualization using System Center 2012 SP1 VMM - Build Your Private Cloud. Configure Datacenter Network Fabric and Network Virtualization using System Center 2012 SP1 VMM - Build Your Private Cloud. Configure Network Fabric in System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager. Sign in.

Broadcom’s New Switches to Supercharge Virtual Data Center Networks

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Design NetworksStrataXGS Trident line of chip-based switches gets first big update in two years Read More.

Quick Tip: List all Static IPs on an Azure Virtual Network using PowerShell

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We can assign static internal IP addresses for Azure Virtual Machines on a Virtual Network using either PowerShell or the new Azure Preview Portal. CloudLab Powershell Azure Networking

5 things you need to know about virtual private networks

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A virtual private network is a secure tunnel between two or more computers on the internet, allowing them to access each other as if on a local network. In the past, VPNs were mainly used by companies to securely link remote branches together or connect roaming employees to the office network, but today they're an important service for consumers too, protecting them from attacks when they connect to public wireless networks.

Procera Launches Virtualized PacketLogic Solutions

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Internet Intelligence company Procera Networksannounced the launch of Virtualized PacketLogic solutions based on the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Network Functions Virtualization standards. Networking Virtualization NFV procera networks sdn ETSI

Virgin Mobile extends virtual network deal with EE

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Virgin Mobile will offer its customers enhanced mobile networking services under the terms of an extended deal signed with EE

Quick Tip: Listing all IaaS VMs or PaaS Roles on an Azure Virtual Network via PowerShell

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When managing Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks via the Azure Management Portal , we can easily see a list of IaaS Virtual Machines and/or PaaS web/worker roles that are connected to a particular virtual network, as shown below.

Step-By-Step: Azure Virtual Network Peering


However, the engineering team has been doing a tremendous job at enhancing the capabilities of virtual networking in Azure. VNet peering is a way to connects two virtual networks in the same region (that is key) through the Azure backbone network.

Network Virtualization isn’t Vaporware

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After writing a post on SearchNetworking asking the question if Network Virtualization was Vaporware, I got a lot of feedback. I know full well network virtualization in itself isn’t vaporware. In addition, it’s impractical to virtualize some workloads.

Broadcom Controllers Offload Virtual Switch Traffic from Servers

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Vendor unveils data center network controllers for the shift to 25/50G Ethernet Read More. Networking Technology Virtualization

TechNet Radio: (Part 6) Building Your Hybrid Cloud - Networking in System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

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Continuing our “Building a Hybrid Cloud” series, Keith Mayer and Brian Lewis showcase the new networking features in System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). Cloud HyperV Networking System Center 2012 Private Cloud Hyper-V System Center Virtual Machine Manager

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Red Hat Virtualization Revamp Takes On Hyperconvergence

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Previous editions made it “easy” to create multiple network tiers, but, as Red Hat found, that's not what customers want Read More. Cloud Computing Featured Virtualization data center virtualization hyperconvergence Open vSwitch red hat RHEV RHV Scott Herrod software defined infrastructure

Brocade Certifies Virtual Network Tool for Mirantis OpenStack

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Cloud Computing Networking Brocade wants to make sure its offerings play nice with OpenStack and its major distributions Read More.

Six Aspects To Palo Alto’s Acquisition of CloudGenix

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On March 31st, Palo Alto Networks announced the intent to acquire CloudGenix, a software defined WAN appliance vendor. This was another announcement in a long list from the security and networking industries about merging together SD-WAN and security. infrastructure & operations network security networking Zero Trust Model IoT press-release SDN SDWAN security software-defined virtualization Zero Trust

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Ciena Intros On-Demand Network Function Virtualization for Service Providers

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Networking Agility Matrix is a marketplace of NFV features service providers can offer their customers as they sell them, without upfront commitments Read More.

In the future of work our avatars will collaborate in virtual worlds

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Whlie virtual reality is currently solidly in the trough of disillusionment , it has always been evident that in the long term entertainment and interaction in virtual worlds will become commonplace. Virtual worlds for work. Moving to a world of virtual collaboration.

Network Virtualization vs. SDN

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Scott Lowe was a guest on the latest episode of VMware Community Podcast and was discussing Network Virtualization. He has deep experience with both Networking and Server Virtualization. He was a guest on the podcast to discuss Network Virtualization. I posed the question in the live chat on the difference between SDN and what VMware is defining as “Network Virtualization.” You have VXLAN, VLAN’s and network overlays.

How Enterprise Cloud and Virtual Networking are Changing the Telco Market

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Cloud Computing Connectivity Enterprise Featured Networking TechnologyNew technologies and growing cloud market present new opportunities and new problems for service providers Read More.

How Open Source is Changing Data Center Networking

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As telcos race to virtualize networks, open source communities are where networks of the future are forged Read More. Connectivity Equinix Facebook Featured Infrastructure Networking Virtualization

5 Hot network-automation startups to watch

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With the combined challenges of tight IT budgets and scarcer technical talent, it’s becoming imperative for enterprise network pros to embrace automation of processes and the way infrastructure responds to changing network traffic.

Palo Alto Networks: Proactively Averting Cyber Attacks


Products from Palo Alto Networks can give you that platform approach. Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet and Check Point Software: 3 Security Stocks to Watch in 2015 (thestreet.com). Coolpad has a backdoor in Android devices, says Palo Alto Networks (androidcommunity.com).

Cisco Expands Virtualization Offerings for Service Providers

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Highlighting its Open Network Environment (ONE) strategy, Cisco announced the expansion of its virtualization offerings for service providers with the introduction of the Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP). Cisco Networking Virtualization ONE ESP

Virtual RANs Simplify Administration and Increase Flexibility


Virtual radio access networks (vRANs) represent the next stage of network virtualization and present a new use case for edge datacentres in mobile infrastructures. Implementations based on open source are currently being introduced, primarily in 4G LTE networks.

Resources for Networking and Network Virtualization

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Good friend (and now colleague ) John Troyer asked me via e-mail if I had a “reading list” for networking and network virtualization. ” So, here it is—a list of resources for networking and network virtualization. Network Heresy is a great site. In the spirit of transparency, note that Network Heresy is maintained by folks from VMware/Nicira, such as Dr. Bruce Davie, Martin Casado, and others.

Tips for Easy Virtualization


Virtualization is popular these days for businesses for several reasons, but primarily to reduce hardware and infrastructure costs, performance, backups and redundancy, while being able to scale infrastructure and provide resources on demand. . What is Virtualization?