Angry about Oracle licensing? The cloud lets you change the game

David Linthicum

So says the Campaign for Clear Licensing , a Belgian nonprofit advocacy group that conducted a survey showing that enterprises consider their relationship with Oracle to be " hostile." Can enterprises trust Oracle to avoid vendor lock-in for its cloud offerings? Fears that it will lock in and abuse customers via burdensome licensing arrangements, as it is often accused of doing for its enterprise software, could lock Oracle out of the growing cloud computing market.

ACC Foundation Releases Extensive State of Cybersecurity Report


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Why IT Leads the Pack in Corporate Social Responsibility

Geneva Technical Services

So when a survey finds that more than 90% of business students would willingly sacrifice a percentage of their future salary to work for a company with a sense of social responsibility, tech companies listen. Industry innovators are like oil prospectors, surveying remote tracts of the talent landscape in the hopes of finding candidates bursting with new ideas. Nonprofits like i.c.stars nudge talented potential in the right direction.