Mark Your Calendars for the Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit!


The Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit, April 18-20, Washington, DC is an immersive event where nonprofit and association leaders discuss concepts and ideas for advancing their missions through their people. Immerse yourself in current trends in social sector talent and culture.

David Bray of FCC @FCC_CIO Discusses Public Service and Data Analytics at 2014 Analyst Forum 


In his experience serving the public, Mr. Bray has observed the increasing blurring of the lines differentiating the public sector, the private sector, academia, and nonprofits. Big Data CTO Education Technology Government Open Source The Future Trends analytics David Bray FCC Federal Communications Commission Internet service provider By Shannon Perry.


A CIO's Voice

Understands and keeps up-to-date on local, national, and international policies and trends that affect the organization and shape stakeholders’ views; is aware of the organization’s impact on the external environment.

Events of Interest To The Enterprise Technologist


We maintain this calendar as reference for our readers and keep it up to date with events we believe to be of high value to technologists seeking to track emerging trends, learn what peers are doing and find new ways of doing things. Amazon Web Services will host our complimentary seventh annual Public Sector Summit for government, education and nonprofit organizations on June 20-21, 2016 in Washington, DC. Bob Gourley.

Why IT Leads the Pack in Corporate Social Responsibility

Geneva Technical Services

They Monitor What’s Trending on Social and Swiftly Take Action. Much of Airbnb’s strategy revolves around what’s trending in their feeds. How companies align their corporate social responsibility with trending events depends on the intersection of their brand persona, company values, and buyer segments. Nonprofits like i.c.stars nudge talented potential in the right direction.

5 Awesome Tips For Getting More Instagram Followers


Use websites such as Top-Hashtags to find trending hashtags and join in on the conversations taking place on Instagram. Each time a person shared a picture of their outdoor adventures along with the #MeetTheMoment hashtag, CLIF Bar donated a dollar to one of its nonprofit partners.