Linux Foundation creates research division to study open source impact

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation is creating a new research unit to provide greater insight into open source technology and the people creating it. Read More.

Spotify open-sources Klio, a framework for AI audio research

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Klio, a platform open-sourced by Spotify, enables media file processing for the purposes of AI and machine learning research. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Media Mobile ai artificial intelligence audio processing developer machine learning music Open source spotify


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DeepMind open-sources Lab2D, a grid-based environment for reinforcement learning research

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DeepMind has open-sourced Lab2D, a grid-based software environment optimized for reinforcement learning research. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev 2D ai artificial intelligence category-/Science/Computer Science DeepMind grid world Lab2D machine learning Open source

Allen Institute open-sources AllenAct, a framework for research in embodied AI

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The Allen Institute for AI's new open source framework -- AllenAct -- aims to promote reproducible research in embodied AI with a focus on modularity.

AI Weekly: The challenges of creating open source AI training datasets

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Creating open source AI training datasets is a process that must be undertaken thoughtfully, according to experts. AI Big Data Dev VB Home Page AI Weekly category-/Science/Computer Science computer vision datasets newsletter Open source research training dataset

Red Hat open-sources TrustyAI, an auditing tool for AI decision systems

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Red Hat open-sourced TrustyAI, a toolkit for auditing AI decision-making systems, particularly in enterprise environments. Read More.

Microsoft open sources tool to use AI in simulated attacks

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Microsoft released CyberBattleSim, an open-source toolkit to let researchers create attack simulations and use AI to develop network defenses.

Uber open-sources Neuropod to unify AI frameworks and turn models into products

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Uber open-sourced Neuropod, an abstraction layer designed to unify disparate AI frameworks like Google's TensorFlow and Facebook's PyTorch. AI Big Data Dev ai artificial intelligence machine learning machine learning frameworks Open source PyTorch research TensorFlow Uber

Microsoft open-sources Lumos, a Python library for automatically monitoring web app metrics

Venture Beast

Microsoft's Lumos, which is available in open source, is used to monitor quality metrics within the Skype and Teams engineering departments. Read More.

NSA Releases A New Technology to Open Source Community


Here is their press release : NSA Releases First in Series of Software Products to Open Source Community. The software is “open source,” which means its code is available to the public – in this case, through the Apache Software Foundation. Posting the code to open source forums allows the private sector and others to examine the agency’s research up close, and potentially benefit from it through additional enhancements and applications.

Open-sourced Technology Levels the Playing Field Between Tech Giants and Startups


The contest between proprietary technology and open source has been ongoing for a decade.Today, some of the most premium technology is open-sourced and free. Even Google's highly prized Borg software is becoming open-sourced. After Google bowed to the pressure to make Borg an open source technology it’s safe to say open source is winning the tussle. Government push for open source software.

Salesforce open-sources the AI Economist, a research environment for exploring tax policies

Venture Beast

Salesforce today open-sourced the AI Economist, a research environment that leverages AI to arrive at optimal tax policies. Read More.

Uber open-sources Plato for developing and testing conversational AI


It’s called Plato Research Dialog System, and it was released […]. Designing conversational AI isn’t as Sysiphean as it sounds. Tools like Google’s Dialogflow, Microsoft’s Bot Framework, and Amazon’s Lex make it easier than it used to be, and the folks at Uber hope to eliminate any remaining barriers with a development platform all their own.

Baidu open-sources Paddle Quantum toolkit for AI quantum computing research

Venture Beast

Tech giant Baidu has released Paddle Quantum, a toolkit for AI quantum computing research that's available in open source on GitHub. Read More.

Open source Intel manual helps turn your smartphone into a little robot on wheels

Mashable VR

Intel has decided to open source the manual as a way of providing new opportunities for education and research. More about Smartphone , Intel , Robot , Open Source , and 3d Print. Smartphone Intel Robot Open Source 3d Print

AI Weekly: Meet the people trying to replicate and open-source OpenAI’s GPT-3

Venture Beast

A grassroots group of researchers is attempting to create an open source language model as powerful as OpenAI's GPT-3. Read More.

DeepMind open-sources the FermiNet, a neural network that simulates electron behaviors

Venture Beast

Researchers at DeepMind have open-sourced the FermiNet, a neural network that simulates the positions and arrangements of electrons. Read More. AI Big Data Business Dev ai artificial intelligence category-/Science/Computer Science DeepMind FermiNet machine learning

Google open-sources AI that can distinguish between voices with 92% accuracy


Google is going open-source with it’s best-kept secret to users – AI technology. According to sources, Google is releasing open-source AI algorithms that its researchers say can distinguish between voices with 92% accuracy. — The Google patented tool called Diarization — the process of partitioning out a speech sample into distinctive, homogeneous segments according to who said what, […].

Uber open-sources automated design framework for experiments

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Uber open-sourced an AI framework for automating experimental design. AI Big Data Dev ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics/Programming category-/Science/Computer Science experimental design machine learning Pyro research Uber

Google open-sources framework that reduces AI training costs by up to 80%


Google researchers recently published a paper describing a framework — SEED RL — that scales AI model training to thousands of machines. They say that it could facilitate training at millions of frames per second on a machine while reducing costs by up to 80%, potentially leveling the playing field for startups that couldn’t previously […].

Emerging Threats: Provider of Open Source Threat Intelligence


Emerging Threats - now part of Proofpoint - is a world-leading provider of open source and commercial threat and malware intelligence. Founded in 2003 as a cyber security research community, Emerging Threats has become a de facto standard in network-based malware threat detection. The post Emerging Threats: Provider of Open Source Threat Intelligence appeared first on

Google open-sources LIT, a toolset for evaluating natural language models

Venture Beast

Google-affiliated researchers developed an open source framework -- Language Interpretability Tool (LIT) -- designed to explore and audit language models.

Tech-savvy dad launches open-source platform to save children with rare diseases – including his son


As his son is now approaching his third birthday, Ramesh is working with researchers in pursuit of a gene therapy to correct Raghav’s rare condition, and he is spearheading a first-of-its-kind effort to help others do the same. Sanath Kumar Ramesh with his son, Raghav.

Al-Qaeda Innovations Correlated To Unauthorized Disclosures By Snowden: Independent Verification Through Open Source Intelligence


Research released today by Recorded Future does just that. As a reminder, Recorded Future brings insights from the global grid of the Internet into the hands of analysts and researchers. Analysts can use Recorded Future to visualize information in multiple intuitive ways that can help draw out insights from an incredible array of sources. It is instructive to see how they can present this latest research into ways Al-Qaeda innovated after Snowden’s revelations.

WattScale is an open source AI tool that identifies energy-wasting homes

Venture Beast

Researchers developed an AI tool -- WattScale -- that can identify energy-inefficient homes anywhere in a region with sufficient data. Read More. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise ai artificial intelligence energy usage greenhouse gas emissions machine learning WattScale

IBM’s CodeNet dataset aims to train AI to tackle programming challenges

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Dev Enterprise VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics/Programming category-/Science/Computer Science dataset machine learning Open source programming research

Research: OpenStack user satisfaction ratings drop, as adoption of the open source cloud rises

Computer Weekly

Use of OpenStack-powered clouds continues to grow across companies of all sizes, but customer satisfaction levels appear to have dropped, research shows

New framework can train a robotic arm on 6 grasping tasks in less than an hour

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise ai artificial intelligence category-/Science/Engineering & Technology/Robotics framework machine learning Open source research robotics

Facebook and Carnegie Mellon launch project to discover better ways to store renewable energy

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev ai artificial intelligence Carnegie Mellon category-/Business & Industrial/Energy & Utilities category-/Science energy Facebook Facebook AI Research FAIR Open Catalyst Project Open source renewable energy research

Energy 107

DuckieNet lets developers test autonomous vehicle systems using toy cars

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DuckieNet is an open source platform for developing, testing, and evaluating autonomous navigation and perception algorithms with miniature car models.

New AR app helps engineers visualize data to improve robot design

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Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed a companion app for ROS that helps visualize data from lidar and other sensors.

OpenStack revenue to hit $6bn by 2021 as user confidence in open source cloud grows

Computer Weekly

Reports by 451 Research and the OpenStack Foundation suggest enterprise use of the open cloud platform is on the rise, as issues around installation and upgrades are addressed by the developer community

Uncovering Vulnerabilities In Open Source Libraries (CVE-2019-13499)


In recent articles, ForAllSecure has discussed how we were able to use our next-generation fuzzing solution, Mayhem, to discover previously unknown vulnerabilities in several open source projects, including Netflix DIAL reference , Das U-Boot , and more. Introduction.



In recent articles, ForAllSecure has discussed how we were able to use our next-generation fuzzing solution, Mayhem, to discover previously unknown vulnerabilities in several open source projects, including Netflix DIAL reference , Das U-Boot , and more. Introduction.

What Open Source’s Collision With PaaS Means For Drupal And WordPress Services: FORR in 3 Video

Forrester's Customer Insights

In this episode, Amanda LeClair and I discuss my recent research on the trends shaping the open source and CMS landscape, especially what it means for organizations investing in Drupal and WordPress […]. age of the customer open source Drupal DX Stack DXP web cms WordPressPlease check out our second FORR in 3 episode. FORR in 3 is a new video blog series on commerce, content, and services.

Where’s The Value In Open Source?

Forrester's Customer Insights

In a brand-new stream of research, VP and principal analyst James Staten and I will be taking a close look at open source software (OSS) as a strategy for modern businesses. We are seeking your help on answering a few burning questions related to our initial upcoming report, “The Case For An Open Source Strategy,” […].

OpenHaystack is a new open-source tool that lets you create DIY AirTags on Apple’s Find My network

The Verge

Apple has promised to open up its Find My app to third-party accessory makers. It also released the source code for its firmware , which other developers could use to adapt OpenHaystack to other BLE devices. Image: OpenHaystack.

LexisNexis Is ICE's Latest Doxing Tool: Report

GizModo VR

LexisNexis—the data-harvesting company that you might know as a key tool for researchers and reporters across a cavalcade of industries —has signed a $16.8

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Facebook’s Digit is a low-cost tactile sensor for robotic hands

Venture Beast

Facebook researchers propose Digit, a low-cost, high-resolution tactile sensor designed for in-hand robotic grasping tasks. AI Big Data Business Dev ai artificial intelligence category-/Science/Engineering & Technology/Robotics Digit Facebook machine learning Open source research robotic

New White Paper, “The Public Sector Improves Security and Efficiency with Hadoop”, Available in Research Library


A white paper has been added to the CTOVision Research Library which showcases several use cases for improving security and efficiency for government agencies using Hadoop. With its efficient use of commodity hardware and its ability to scale linearly, open-source Apache Hadoop is an ideal platform upon which to offload many data processing workloads. By Charles Hall. Interested in using Hadoop in the federal space?

Alluxio: Open Source Tech Making Baidu’s Data Centers Faster

Data Center Knowledge

Technology born at a UC Berkeley research lab is revolutionizing the way hyperscale storage works Read More. Asia-Pacific Big Data Blades Cloud Computing Featured Silicon Valley Storage

Alluxio: A virtual distributed storage system orders of magnitude faster than others


Research Team. Open source software is critical to the modern enterprise software landscape. Alluxio is open source under the Apache license, and we are committed to maintaining this model. Alluxio is one of the fastest growing open source projects in the Big Data ecosystem. With three years of open source history, Alluxio has attracted more than 250 contributors from over 100 companies.

Open source algorithm helps spot social media shams

Network World

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University say they have developed an open source algorithm that can help spot social media frauds trying to sway valuable community influence. Detecting and neutralizing these actions is important for companies and consumers alike,” the researchers wrote in a paper outlining their algorithm known as FRAUDAR.