Fad? No, containers are here to stay

David Linthicum

Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld's beginner's guide to Docker. At a high level, they provide lightweight platform abstraction, without using virtualization. They're also much more efficient for creating workload bundles that are transportable from cloud to cloud. In many cases, virtualization is too cumbersome for workload migration.

Want to fix Seattle traffic? Redditor makes game that allows players to tweak city streets and more


Dustin Carlino released the alpha version of A/B Street on Monday, complete with a trailer on YouTube (above), writing in a post on Reddit that he has spent the past two years working on the open source computer game. That sparked an enduring interest in transportation infrastructure.

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Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017


Driverless taxis will provide the last-mile transportation from rapid transit. Their Mesos framework is built on open source tools: Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, R, and Docker. AirBnB has released the platform to the entire travel industry as open source.

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Learning NVP, Part 1: High-Level Architecture

Scott Lowe

This blog post kicks off a new series of posts describing my journey to become more knowledgeable about the Nicira Network Virtualization Platform (NVP). Southbound communications protocols: NVP uses two open communications protocols to communicate southbound to OVS.

IDS/IPS – Intrusion detection system, Intrusion prevention system Tools


Source: Wikipedia. An IPS can also correct Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors, unfragment packet streams, prevent TCP sequencing issues, and clean up unwanted transport and network layer options. Source: Wikipedia. Layer 2, Peer-to-peer VPN (Virtual Private Networks).

Technology Short Take #80

Scott Lowe

As opposed to just encrypting data at the transport level (although Acra does that between components of its architecture) or just encrypting data at the storage level (using an encrypted file system or similar), Acra targets encrypting data at the table/row/column level within a database. Acra is open source and available via GitHub. Here’s a post outlining some of VMware’s more prominent open source projects in the “cloud-native” space. Virtualization.

Technology News and Hot Topics


The New Mexico Department of Transportation is hoping that could be the case. How Technology Is Creating New Sources Of Power. Would you work better with a virtual whiteboard? Pentaho’s the successful Data Integration & Business Analytics software vendor we’ve partnered with for nine years – almost since they cut their teeth with open … Read more on Information Management (blog).

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Learning NVP, Part 4: Adding Hypervisors to NVP

Scott Lowe

To get a version of libvirt that supports Open vSwitch (OVS) , you’ll want to enable the Ubuntu Cloud Archive. Create a Transport Zone. Before you can actually add the hypervisor to NVP, you first need to ensure that you have a transport zone defined.

Technology Short Take #37

Scott Lowe

A fan of network virtualization might also say that decomposing today’s complex physical networks into multiple simple logical networks on top of a simpler physical transport network—similar to Mike’s suggestion of converging on a smaller set of reference architectures—might also help. (Of Of course, I am a fan of network virtualization, since I work with/on VMware NSX.). Here’s a good source. Virtualization.

December Tech Trends Report and 2016 Enterprise Tech Projections


Use cases are expected to include enhancements to education, training, safety, security, healthcare, transportation and optimized manufacturing. For example, an entire new domain of virtual reality and augmented reality which depends on the seven key technologies above is now poised to transform multiple industries and our home lives. Open up new methods for criminals to steal information. Welcome to December's Technology Trends report.

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Technology Short Take #44

Scott Lowe

To help resolve this issue, Cumulus Networks (and possibly Metacloud, I’m not sure of their involvement yet) has release an open source project called vxfld. One ongoing discussion in the network industry these days—or so it seems—is the discussion about the interaction between network overlays and the underlying transport network. SDN Central has a nice write-up on the need for open efforts in the policy space, which includes the Congress project.

Is Cloud Interoperability a Myth?

Cloud Musings

Knowing this, the Openstack Interop Challenge looks toward cultivating success by leveraging the open source cloud technology as a common integration layer.

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Technology Short Take #36

Scott Lowe

with the Floodlight open source controller. It’s not at all unreasonable to think that you might have a fabric controller that is responsible for managing/optimizing traffic flows across the physical transport network/fabric, and an overlay controller—like VMware NSX—that integrates tightly with the hypervisor(s) and workloads running on those hypervisors to create and manage logical connectivity and logical network services. Virtualization.

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Technology Short Take 116

Scott Lowe

It provides the basics behind X.509v3 digital certificates, how they help enable asymmetric (public/private key) encryption, and the connection to Transport Layer Security (TLS). As would be expected with any maturing open source project that is starting to see increased adoption, Kubernetes has seen its share of security vulnerabilities over the last couple of months. Virtualization. Welcome to Technology Short Take #116!

How to build customer feedback loops for exceptional service and high-value innovation

Trends in the Living Networks

In a world of digital connections, customers take for granted virtually immediate responses to their problems and desires. Chat and discussion forums are the new agoras—public, open spaces in which everyone can hear what others are saying and join in with their own thoughts.

Managing Open vSwitch with Puppet

Scott Lowe

In this post, I’m going to show you how to manage Open vSwitch (OVS) using the popular open source configuration management tool Puppet. You could then assign the newly-created tep0 interface an IP address on your transport network like this: l23network::l3::ifconfig {''tep0'': ipaddr => ''''}. (In Visit the site for more information on virtualization, servers, storage, and other enterprise technologies. Managing Open vSwitch with Puppet.

Free Courses at Linux Academy — August 2019

Linux Academy

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Fundamental s – The backbone of securing network communications through encryption are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS). Here we’ll explain the history of Linux, the open-source movement, and when to use Linux.

Free Courses at Linux Academy — August 2019

Linux Academy

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Fundamental s – The backbone of securing network communications through encryption are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS). Here we’ll explain the history of Linux, the open-source movement, and when to use Linux.