Boundless: Commercial open source geospatial software


Boundless’ global customer base uses the OpenGeo Suite, a complete open source geospatial web services stack, to deploy solutions for web mapping, transportation, telecommunications, open government, and a diverse range of other solutions. The post Boundless: Commercial open source geospatial software appeared first on Company Infrastructure Companies Boundless Open Source Open source software

Amazon Web Services continues open-source push with code behind SageMaker Neo


Amazon Web Services has decided to release the code behind one of its key machine-learning services as an open-source project, as it continues to push back against critics who find its relationship with open-source software out of balance.

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NGA Continues To Engage With Open Source Community Via GitHub


They are: geoevents: The GeoEvents project is a dynamic and customizable open source web presence that provides a common operational picture to consolidate activities, manage content, and provides a single point of discovery. Geoevents-chef-installer: A set of Chef recipes (think of them as macros to automatically build a running Virtual Machine) that will work to set the geoevents app up on either a local Virtualbox VM or onto an Amazon Web Service VM.

Walmart's cloud is open source for the wrong reasons

David Linthicum

Last week, Walmart announced it will open-source the cloud technology it has built up following its acquisition of OneOp about two years ago. Walmart says it will upload the source code to GitHub by 2016. Now Walmart is moving the battle to the cloud, with Walmart basically declaring that Amazon Web Services means cloud lock-in that enterprises can avoid if they use the open source Walmart technology instead.

Happy birthday, OpenStack -- but don't get too comfortable

David Linthicum

The open source cloud computing software project OpenStack turned three years old last week, and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Cloud Computing Data Center Open Source Software OpenStack Amazon Web Services Open Source Software Cloud computing Data Center OpenStack has come a long way since its launch, with contributions from Rackspace, NASA, Intel, and other groups. It now counts more than 1,000 contributors and 1.28

NFL reveals new ‘Expected Rush Yards’ stat, with help from Amazon Web Services


Football fans wondering whether the next handoff to a running back could be another Beast Quake have another stat to track thanks to Next Gen Stats , the platform powered by Amazon Web Services. (BigStock Photo).

Open source algorithm helps spot social media shams

Network World

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University say they have developed an open source algorithm that can help spot social media frauds trying to sway valuable community influence. More on Network World: Star Trek turns 50! + “Given the rise in popularity of social networks and other web services in recent years, fraudsters have strong incentives to manipulate these services.

- Microsoft vs Open Source

Chief Seattle Greek Blog

In this environment, it sure is tempting to chuck Microsoft’s Office and web products and their complicated Enterprise and Select Agreements in favor of open source equivalents. But I’m somewhat baffled that any CIO of a large government would seriously consider using open source software for our mission critical systems and services. And the software for open source is on the web and freely available for such hackers to view!

Pentaho 5.3 Continues To Deliver On Big Data Analytics With Scale Including AWS Redshift and Impala


of their open data platform including new features which will be of high interest to any enterprise with data (all enterprises!). From their press release: Pentaho to Deliver On Demand Big Data Analytics at Scale on Amazon Web Services and Cloudera. Opens Data Refinery to Amazon Redshift and Cloudera Impala; Pushes the Limits of Analytics Through Blended, Governed Data Delivery On Demand. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Acquires Open Data Leader Pentaho (

Free Cloud Courses at Linux Academy — July 2019

Linux Academy

We’ll provide a simple introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Platform, and it’s core services. Using the microservice application we created, we will work through the various components and features of Kubernetes- like service discovery and autoscaling. We introduce you to AWS, provide an overview of the core AWS services, and walk you through the process of setting up your AWS account.

December Tech Trends Report and 2016 Enterprise Tech Projections


In 2016 expect every user of a smart phone to have a growing respect for the utility of AI with capabilities delivering useful services on every smartphone device. Web applications based on AI, like x.ia, will grow slow but steady followings and move more into the mainstream. In 2016 we expect to see serious political discourse on what to do about the coming job displacement expected because of robotic manufacturing and services work.

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AWS Careers: On the Road to All 9 AWS Certifications

Linux Academy

Basically, using the tools within AWS, we create service profiles within the accounts and restrict what services they can and can’t use. I was one of the leaders bringing in open source Linux back when everybody was buying half a million dollar proprietary risk Unix servers. Web-based training seemed to be the fit for our team because we’re able to go at our own pace.

Here's Google's open secret to cloud competition

Tech Republic Cloud

Google is getting real (and real smart) about open source as a strategic weapon in the cloud, which could give it an edge against Amazon Web Services

The Business Case Justification for PaaS

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Within the cloud delivery models Platform as a Service (PaaS), the model providing the facilities for full life cycle application development, has a smaller overall market share than IaaS or SaaS. PaaS service offerings have matured and many of the latest platform announcements by the large cloud vendors have shifted from IaaS to PaaS. Application scalability and availability – auto-scaling, elastic infrastructure, operational services.

Competition for the Cloud Heats Up :


For years cloud computing has been synonymous with Amazon whose Amazon Web Services really created and defined the space. Rackspace has always been about service as their competitive advantage. t compete with the lead amazon has, they turned the tables by open sourcing their technology and defining standards along with a group of other cloud providers to form OpenServer. Microsoft is in the ring with Azure, their Windows Platform as a service offering.

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Three Patterns to Avoid When Selecting Cloud Native Platforms

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Specifically the conversations have been focused on adopting cloud native application platforms (this encompasses a rapidly developing set of technologies including platform-as-a-service and container-as-a-service). In some cases, well-meaning but inexperienced guides will suggest “saving money” and going with the upstream open source project to build their own application platform. Patterns resonate with me.

Developing a PaaS Migration Strategy

Perficient Data & Analytics

Optimizing applications for PaaS often includes changes to improve horizontal scalability, a move from commercial to open-source software, and leveraging application services like database, caching and logging. PaaS Service Offerings.

Using Vault to generate dynamic IAM users in AWS with Cloud Playground

Linux Academy

Here you’re going to learn about an open source tool called Vault , which was developed by HashiCorp. This will open an in-browser terminal for you to access to the server. Go back to the Cloud Playground window and open another terminal by clicking the green “Terminal” button again. With the other terminal window opened, type these commands, replacing it with your token ID. Amazon Web Services Cloud Playground DevOps Linux Linux Academy Security

Building Data Streaming APIs

Perficient Financial Servies

More so, it has been a vital source of subjective and predictive analysis. Moreover, leveraging cloud based managed services or cloud IAAS helps with scaling and global outreach. Data Streaming Networks (DSN) – DSN are fully managed streaming services that stream real time data globally. Websocket server can tbe configured to connect to a streaming source. These are time tested solutions with a strong open source community support. Internet produces 2.5

How to Choose a Container Management Platform


Open source container platforms. Kubernetes is a rapidly moving open source project that can be downloaded, installed, and run on-premises or on cloud infrastructure. Leveraging the pure open source project comes with some obvious risks, including: Supporting and maintaining it. Configuring additional services like networking, storage, registries, logging, metrics, etc. Examples of open source container platforms include: Kubernetes.

Focusing on the cheapest cloud price could cost you more

David Linthicum

Amazon Web Services really leads the way in determining market price for cloud services, and the second-, third-, and lower-tier cloud providers try to price their cloud services below that of AWS to steal its business. Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld’s beginner’s guide to Docker. ].

Expanding the Cloud ? Introducing Amazon CloudSearch - All.

All Things Distributed

Today Amazon Web Services is introducing Amazon CloudSearch , a new web service that brings the power of the Amazon.comâ??s And like most AWS services, Amazon CloudSearch scales automatically as your data and traffic grow, making it an easy choice for applications small to large. Search is a much broader technology than just the indexing of large collections of web pages. All Things Distributed.

Oracle is pricing itself out of Amazon’s cloud

David Linthicum

Oracle is raising prices again, this time on enterprises that choose to run Oracle software on Amazon Web Services. Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld's beginner's guide to Docker. ]. Guess what? Oracle’s previous licensing agreement recognized that an AWS virtual CPU is a single thread of a core that runs two threads. Therefore, each virtual CPU was counted as half a core. [ To the cloud! Real-world container migrations. |

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ChefConf 2019 – Are you ready for it?


Chef as an Open Source Company & the Enterprise Automation Stack(s): ICYMI, Chef announced its move to a full open source model at the start of April as well as some significant updates to their product naming and bundling. The move to full open source gives additional opportunities for innovation on the Chef platform. ChefConf 2019 kicks off in Chef’s (and my) hometown of Seattle in less than two weeks on May 20th.

Cloud-Enabled Robots Scamper From Amazon to SoftLayer

Data Center Knowledge

When the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) ran into trouble with the speed of its server communication, it left Amazon Web Services for SoftLayer''s bare metal cloud. Making virtual robots race around the cloud is harder than you might think. Cloud Computing IBM OSRF

AWS re:Invent 2019: Day Four Recap

Linux Academy

AWS Nitro has also enabled other powerful AWS services including AWS Outposts (AWS Infrastructure and service brought to your data center) and FireCracker (Virtualization Technology and Open Source Project for Running lightweight Multi-Tenant Container Workloads).

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How to keep multicloud complexity under control

David Linthicum

“Multicloud” means that you use multiple public cloud providers, such as Google and Amazon Web Services, AWS and Microsoft, or all three—you get the idea. Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld’s beginner’s guide to Docker. ]. For example, one client confused security systems and thus inadvertently left portions of its database open to attack. It’s like locking the back door of your house but leaving the front door wide open.

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3 steps to boost your career in the cloud

David Linthicum

Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld's beginner's guide to Docker. ]. There are Amazon Web Services meetups, cloud security meetups, and so on. It’s not easy to get ahead in large enterprises. Companies of that size are typically awash in policies and procedures that affect how far and how fast you can go as an employee.

BrandPost: NGINX + CIS Hardened Images Provide Security at Maximum Efficiency

Network World

Just over 50% of the Internet’s busiest websites – including Dropbox, Netflix, and – are served or proxied on NGNIX (Source: W3Techs ). But how can organizations secure this popular open-source web server? That’s why we’re excited about the CIS Hardened Images for NGINX on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Heathkits but better: Get started with IoT

David Linthicum

Seeedstudio has the Intel Edison and Grove iOT Starter Kit that uses Amazon Web Services for the data and processing engine. The Intel Edison module provides an open source hardware and software development environment that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Remember the Heathkit you got when you were a kid? These science kits included all the stuff you needed to make solar-powered radios, sound meters, and alarms.

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Too late, PaaS, you missed your shot in the cloud

David Linthicum

Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld’s beginner’s guide to Docker. ]. Strong tools from IaaS providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, seem to be getting enterprises’ main attention and investment. PaaS simply isn’t used as much by enterprises as initially predicted. Although PaaS offerings vary greatly, most provide facilities for application design, deployment, testing, and self-provisioned hosting.

Devops 199

Powering Your Infrastructure With Openshift on AWS

Perficient - Digital Transformation

The following is the first in a series of blogs about how deploying Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services cloud platform can transform your business. The biggest challenge with open source tools are the nuances that developers might face.

Expanding the Cloud ? Introducing AWS Marketplace - All Things.

All Things Distributed

Today Amazon Web Services launched AWS Marketplace , an online store that makes it easy for you to find, buy, and immediately start using software and services that run on the AWS Cloud. Marketplace has software listings from well-known vendors including 10gen, CA, Canonical, Couchbase, Check Point Software, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Zend, and others, as well as many widely used open source offerings including Wordpress, Drupal, and MediaWiki. All Things Distributed.

AWS re:Invent 2019: Day Three Recap

Linux Academy

Day 3 of re:Invent 2019 was another super exciting day in terms of major AWS product and service announcements! MAP for Windows provides prescriptive guidance, specialist consulting support, tooling, training, and services credits to help reduce the risk and cost of migrating to the cloud while providing pathways to modernize your Windows Server workloads on cloud-native and open-source technologies. Amazon Web Services

Set Up a Budget-Friendly Application Security Program


Especially when existing software is being repurposed or exposed as web services, a structured assessment of the risks and scenarios where an application can be attacked offers the opportunity to create test cases. In scenarios where budget constraints are a big hurdle to security testing, CISOs can benefit from affordable and open-source options. Use security testing services to jump-start your application security program.

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Truly Useful Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use Today


This part of the market is very likely going to take off, since open source platforms and open cloud API's and services like Google Now : Available within Google Search mobile app for Android and iOS as well as the Google Chrome web browser on other devices. Delegates requests to web services powered by Google. The real smarts come from Amazon Web Services.

Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017


Their Mesos framework is built on open source tools: Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, R, and Docker. AirBnB has released the platform to the entire travel industry as open source. The five essential characteristic of cloud computing are: on-demand self-service; rapid elasticity; broad network access; resource pooling; and measured service (SP 800-145). They first introduced Amazon Web Services in 2005 with just three services.

Trends 245

FBI Warns of ‘More Destructive’ DDoS Attacks

SecureWorld News

In February 2020, UK security researchers discovered a vulnerability in free, open source, automation servers that would allow cybercriminals to amplify a Distributed Denial of Service attack by 100. In May and August 2019, cyber actors exploited the Web Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-DD) protocol to launch more than 130 DDoS attacks, with some reaching sizes of more than 350 Gigabits per second (Gbps), in two separate waves of attack.

25 Feb Cloudera Federal Forum in Tysons Corner: Amazing agenda filled with lessons learned and best practices


Implementing an Enterprise Data Hub — Technical perspectives for implementing enterprise data hub architectures, converged analytics for workflow optimization, and the essential role of open standards and frameworks to ensure continuous innovation. Opening Keynote. Evaluating Commercial Cloud Services for Government – A Progress Report. Prior to Cloudera Mike was CEO of Sleepycat Software, makers of Berkeley DB, the open source embedded database engine.

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Free Courses at Linux Academy – November 2019

Linux Academy

This course is designed for those who want to learn about Google Cloud: what cloud computing is, the overall advantages Google Cloud offers, and a detailed explanation of all major services – what they are, their use cases, and how to use them. We provide an overview of the core services and walk you through setting up your AWS account. We’ll give a simple introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, and its core services.

Global Hack-for-Hire Service Caught Phishing Hundreds of Organizations

SecureWorld News

The Citizen Lab says this hacker-for-hire case reveals intrusion services "at a scale not previously detected.". Citizen Lab researchers say the company at the center of the "Dark Basin" attacks is BellTroX InfoTech Services, an IT and IT security firm based in Delhi, India. and the site lists a litany of cybersecurity services including pentesting, vulnerability assessments, and cybercrime investigation.

WiBotic raises $5.7M to boost wireless systems for charging up robots and drones


” Waters said WiBotic’s system is designed to play well with open-source platforms such as Robot Operating System , or ROS, which has won support from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. “NVIDIA has a big plan for this space , too, so we’re working to make technical documentation and software source code available for customers to easily integrate our system,” he said.

Join Architects, Planners, Program Managers, Data Scientists at 4th Annual Cloudera Federal Forum in DC 25 Feb


Implementing an Enterprise Data Hub — Technical perspectives for implementing enterprise data hub architectures, converged analytics for workflow optimization, and the essential role of open standards and frameworks to ensure continuous innovation. Opening Keynote. Evaluating Commercial Cloud Services for Government – A Progress Report. Prior to Cloudera Mike was CEO of Sleepycat Software, makers of Berkeley DB, the open source embedded database engine.