Threema, the Seriously Secure Messaging Application: Check It Out!


If you’ve ever been worried that the messages you are sending your friends and co-workers via the normal texting applications were not secure enough and you felt unsafe giving out personal information, then Threema might be the application for you to use. By May Gourley.

Mesosphere: Organizing the machines in your datacenter as if they are one large computer


The Mesosphere datacenter operating system helps you organize the machines in your datacenter as if they are one big computer. Mesosphere provides a new kind of operating system. Events Debian KDE Linux Linux distribution Open Source operating system

Update On The Megatrend of the Internet of Things


Use cases are expected to include enhancements to education, training, safety, security, healthcare, transportation and optimized manufacturing. Open questions decision-makers should track include: Do you believe this will be any more secure than our current systems? Bob Gourley.

Getting started with Tails, the encrypted, leave-no-trace operating system

Tech Republic Security

A step-by-step guide on how to download, install, and start using Tails, the world's most secure platform

The CTOvision Mobile App: Track tech topics anywhere anytime on iOS and Android


Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things Mobile News Android (operating system) App Store (iOS) Google Google Play iOS ipad IPhone Mobile appBob Gourley.

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Even Windows XP Got a Patch


Reacting to the vulnerability, the Department of Homeland Security recommended that individuals avoid using the web browser, and the pressure was on for Microsoft to quickly conduct an investigation to develop a patch. Regarding Windows XP, Microsoft’s report states that an update for the operating system is available today. Cyber Security Internet Explorer microsoft Microsoft Windows operating system Patch (computing) vulnerability Windows Windows XP

6 uncertainties that will shape the future of mobile operating systems

Trends in the Living Networks

I began by looking at the mobile operating system landscape, showing the forecasts recently made by Gartner, as below. I would not make the same forecasts for a number of reasons, however Gartner’s figures are a reasonable stab at what mobile operating system shares might be.

Mac malware continuing to escalate, warn security researchers

Computer Weekly

Malware targeting the Mac operating system has seen a significant growth in the first half of this hear, according to security firm Malwarebytes

CIOs Are Discovering That Containers Might Be The Right Way To Ship Code

The Accidental Successful CIO

In order for the software to operate correctly, the supporting software in the environment has to be identical to the software that was present when the software was developed. The network topology might be different, or the security policies and storage might be different.

WonderCube: Phone Storage and Charger all in One


The Greatest Threat to Smartphone Security: Your 6-Year-Old? Gadgets News Android (operating system) Apple Inc. By Katie Kennedy. WonderCube is a 1-inch keyring with multiple functions for your iOS or Android smartphone. This product is currently part of a crowdfunding campaign and promises to function as an emergency charger, a storage solution, an LED light, a stand and more.

Mozilla is joining the Mobile OS game


Mozilla is pitching their Firefox OS to their nearly 450 million desktop users, in hopes of securing a solid base for the mobile OS users. CTO Mobile Firefox OS Mozilla operating system By Kimberly Kelly. Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS is up and running!

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The Internet of (Secure) Things – Embedding Security in the IoT


Homes/Offices : Companies and utilities are building sensors into major appliances and HVAC systems. Security alarm systems have communicated with operations centers and police for a long time, but now allow monitoring and control from your smartphone. By George Romas.

Boeing Black Smartphone: Security, modularity and productivity


Security, modularity and productivity delivered – all in one trusted mobile device. defense and security communities demand trusted access to data to accomplish their missions. Key Features: Android™ Operating System : Convenient smartphone for Android usage.

Many OS vendors left systems open to attack

IT Manager Daily

Most major OS vendors are releasing security patches after a misunderstanding left their systems open to attack. Apple, Microsoft and SUSE Linux were just some of the systems open to attack, but all of the affected vendors have released security patches to fix the bug. The post Many OS vendors left systems open to attack appeared first on IT Manager Daily. In this week's e-newsletter Operating Systems IT Security

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Cognitio and ThreatBrief in People Magazine: Security tips for the general public


We help enterprises build action plans to mitigate risks and improve their security posture. Every person with a computer or phone has information at risk and should take personal responsibility for improving their security posture. CTO Cyber Security NewsBob Gourley.

CIOs Need To Know Why Antivirus Software Can Create False Security

The Accidental Successful CIO

All this leads to CIOs who are going through each day with a false sense of security. companies that have at least 500 employees rely on some form of security products in order to protect their networks.

What to Know About ERP Security

IT Toolbox

Security for your ERP system starts with the system itself and needs to extend down through the operating system to the bare iron. While, it’s not top-of-mind, security is critical – as a couple of cases making the evening news demonstrate. Security is a job, but it doesn’t have to be a major time sink. The biggest part of day-to-day security on an ERP system

Naturally Better Security: Leveraging the power of nature to enhance Internet security


Nature is now providing engineers with the missing link that can help with the most vexing challenge of our age: enabling both security and functionality in our interconnected IT systems. Attacks can even impact the safety of our cars, as hackers have shown they can successfully take over systems embedded in vehicles, and entire airports have been shut down by assaults against the aviation industry. CTO Cyber Security NewsBob Gourley.

Enterprise IoT threatens to undermine cloud and IT security

David Linthicum

Yet most of the Global 2000 companies are unaware of the risks that they are bringing to IT and cloud security with their IoT adoption. Well, for example, as thermostats and sensor fail in buildings’ HVAC systems, they are often replaced with smart devices, which can process information at the device. These new IoT sensor devices often are computers unto themselves; many have their own operating systems and maintain internal data storage.

Employee Spotlight – Bob Salmans, Security Training Architect

Linux Academy

Hear from one of our Security Training Architects, Bob Salmans, below and see why he loves working at Linux Academy. Security Training Architect. I create training courses related to information security. Prior to coming to Linux Academy, I was a security engineer at an MSP/MSSP.

Good Technology Acquires Fixmo Security Business


They have a great portfolio of technologies needed by enterprises today and are helping make mobile workforces more secure, agile and productive. Good Technology Acquires Fixmo Security Business. Developed under a Co-operative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S.

Authenticity and the November 2013 Security Updates

IT Pros Rock!

The first is Security Advisory 286725 , which disables the use of the RC4 stream cipher. and Internet Explorer 11, and now we''re providing an update to disable its use in other operating systems as well.

Hospitals targeted using camouflaged old malware

Computer Weekly

Specialised devices running older versions of operating systems are becoming critical points of cyber attack vulnerability, warns TrapX Security

Patch Management | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

Linux Academy

When we think of patching, we most often think of patching our servers and workstations operating systems, but we can’t stop there. However, in my opinion, it’s best to spend the money for a true patch management system that will report on failed patch installations and provide reports so you can identify what is out of date on each endpoint. Bonus: You may need to get management’s buy-in to purchase security solutions, such as a patch management product.

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Security and Windows 10 Will Cross Paths for Enterprises


Last year, Enterprise IT was dramatically shaped by the influx of security breaches, data leaks and a new wave of hackers. This year, two of 2014’s biggest stories will intersect as security and Windows 10 prepare to re-shape the Enterprise. Security Spending. Security breaches impacted some of the most well-known corporations in 2014, which is one reason IT executives list security as the No. Cyber Security DoD and IC Trends By Deepak Kumar.

Vulnerability Scanning – Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

Linux Academy

As we continue down the path to successfully securing our infrastructure, we come to vulnerability scanning. A vulnerability scan simply scans for security flaws in systems and devices known as vulnerabilities and reports them. Keep in mind, vulnerabilities are not only within server operating systems and applications, but on network devices, IoT devices, workstations, printers, and every other computing device you have.

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Dear IT Operations: It’s Time To Get Serious About Security

Forrester IT

Okay, I'll apologize right away to the IT ops teams that are already security-savvy. But I suspect there are still a few that leave security to the CISO's team. On Friday, May 12, 2017, evil forces launched a ransomware pandemic, like a defibrillator blasting security into the heart of IT operations. What protected some systems? IT operations'. IT operations'. IT operations. cyber security.

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Enhance Your Security Posture: Doing Four Things Can Reduce Unauthorized Penetrations by 85%


By Bob Gourley We often highlight the importance of applying security controls to your enterprise. As a review, they are: 20 Critical Security Controls – Version 4.1. Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations, and Servers. href="[link] Control 3: Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations, and Servers. Application Software Security. Secure Network Engineering.

Fixmo Announces Expanded Collaboration with Samsung, Enhanced Support for Samsung KNOX Secure Mobile Platform


Fixmo Announces Expanded Collaboration with Samsung, Enhanced Support for Samsung KNOX Secure Mobile Platform. Fixmo SafeZone for Knox is the first cross-platform secure workspace solution to be fully managed by Samsung’s new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system. “We

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SafeWatch Mobile Security Solution by @Fixmo Now in General Availability for Android and iOS


–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fixmo, a leader in mobile security and data protection solutions, today announced the general availability of Fixmo SafeWatch, an innovative mobile privacy and security solution for consumers and business professionals using Android and iOS smartphones.

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Six Pre-Requisites for the New Wave of Enterprise IT Security Solutions

The Investing Edge

Given that IT security is a $60 billion market , you might think that we have robust solutions for keeping enterprise networks and data protected. Today’s security solutions have not kept the pace. Clearly, new solutions are needed, as well as a fresh approach to IT security.

Secure Pico Channels with DIDs

Phil Windley

Summary: Decentralized identifiers are a perfect complement to the event channels in picos and provide the means of performing secure messaging between picos with little effort on the developer's part. Wrangler, the pico operating system, supports creating and using subscriptions.

Enterprise IT in 2014 – Under-the-Radar Challenges with WAN Bandwidth, BYOD, and XP Security


Securing these devices is nearly impossible because they are not corporate controlled. XP Will Cause Significant Security Issues. The end of support for Windows XP, slated for April 8, 2014, is a dangerous security issue. According to the latest statistics on worldwide operating system use, 29 percent are still using the expiring operating system. CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Mobile

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Clarification on Security Advisory 2896666 and the ANS for the November 2013 Security Bulletin Release

IT Pros Rock!

While this release won’t include an update for the issue first described in Security Advisory 2896666 , we’d like to tell you a bit more about it. We’re working to develop a security update and we’ll release it when ready. In the meantime, the advisory includes a Fix it which prevents the attacks from succeeding and we recommend customers apply it to help protect their systems. In those attacks, Windows XP was the operating system seen in use.

Security News: @Invincea Raises $16 Million in C-Series Funding Led by Aeris Capital and Dell Ventures


The acquisition and this new round of funding support Invincea’s rapid growth across the globe, expansion into the small business sector, and further solidifies its position as the market leader in this game changing cyber-security segment.

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