Google wants you to help build its Fuchsia operating system

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Google today announced that Fuchsia, its open-source operating system is welcoming contributions from the public. Business Dev Enterprise Mobile Android category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Chrome OS Fuchsia Google

the future of the Operating System - LinuxCon 2015 keynote


The Future of the Operating System. What is an Operating System ? Operating Systems & Apps Over Time. OS in 1960s • IBM OS/360 – First OS that kept track of system resources (program, memory, storage) • CTSS – Introduce scheduling • Univac Exec 8, Burrows MCP, Multics. Linux + Docker 
 is the Future of Operating Systems. Given as a keynote at LinuxCon + CloudOpen Japan 2015.


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The LAN: A History of Network Operating Systems Part 5

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In general, pipes are software developers' tools for easily creating communications routines in software without having to explicitly control and issue commands to the communications hardware

The LAN: A History of Network Operating Systems Part 12

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the network system calls then provided under interrupt 21H gave all suppliers of network software the capability to standardize at least some of the access to LAN hardware. Most manufacturers of LAN software had announced or implemented support of NETBIOS for IBM LANs When DOS was extended in Version 3.1,

YouTube Will Roll Out Picture-in-Picture Support to iOS Users Starting with Premium Subscribers

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ios ipads software entertainment culture apple ipad 2 mobile operating systems alphabet inc technology internet smartphones computing ios 9 operating systems iphone tablet computers youtube premium

Big Data - Extracting and Loading from Operational Systems

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Another theme is the availability of special-purpose hardware and software for storing and analyzing big data. In today’s IT world big data applications are common. We have evolved some standard responses to the needs for these applications. One common reaction is that big data requires a “scaling up”: more CPUs, more memory, more resources. However, big

Windows 11 Leaks Indicate a Dramatic New Look Is Coming Soon

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taskbar microsoft windows computer architecture windows xp microsoft graphical user interfaces mobile operating systems technology internet system software windows 10 screenshot start menu chrome os operating systems baidu

Too Bad, Zuck: Just 4% of U.S. iPhone Users Let Apps Track Them After iOS Update

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ios iphone zuck software facebook identifier for advertisers mobile operating systems technology internet apple inc snapchat apple verizon twitter ios 14 google terms of service operating systems technology smartphones

Windows Users, It’s Time to Prepare for the End of 10

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Both Nvidia and Microsoft are urging users to upgrade to the latest, lest they get left behind in unsupported software land. We still don’t know what’s next for Windows, though we will almost certainly find out at Microsoft’s event on June 24.

iOS 15 Will Reportedly Bring Big Changes to Notifications and the iPad Home Screen

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ios ipad mobile software ipads ipados 14 apple iphone facebook tvos operating systems tablet computers technology internet ipados apple worldwide developers conference ios 14 mobile operating systems mach

Android 12 Preview: A Phone That's Perfectly Customized to You

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android draftrahul mobile linux apple motorola droid google computing samsung operating systems mobile operating systems technology internet lock screen android version history software dashboard smartphones

See Which Apps Are Using Your Camera, Microphone, and Location

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technology_internet operating systems computing software smartphones mach mobile operating systems android iphone macos ios adobe air windows camera

I Hate Windows 10's New Icons

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macos trash software microsoft office macintosh graphical user interfaces operating systems technology internet macintosh operating systems system software icon user interface techniques pictograms

Red Hat touts safety in future Linux OS for cars

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Red Hat is set to launch a new Linux-based operating system for road vehicles, with a focus squarely on safety and certification. Cloud Enterprise Security Transportation VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Exida linux Open source red hat

Linux 83

Don't Download Dark Sky

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app store david smith software apple sky welp ios imessage operating systems mobile operating systems technology internet apple worldwide developers conference apple inc ios 11 itunesWelp, I can kiss that $3.99 goodbye. Read more.

Setting Spotify as a Default Music App in iOS 14.5 Isn't a Feature After All

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ios 14 ios spotify software entertainment culture ios version history technology internet ios 11 computing siri operating systems mobile operating systems apple music apple incWhat appeared to be one of the most exciting features of iOS 14.5

Apple Is Finally Starting to Put the iPad Pro's Power to Good Use With iPadOS 15

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Apple’s iPad software upgrade continues to push the tablets from being just media consumption devices to serviceable laptop replacements with… Read more.

WhatsApp Will Turn Your Account Into a Useless Zombie If You Don't Accept Its New Privacy Policy

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whatsapp social media private message instant messaging clients mobile applications operating systems internet privacy cross platform software software communication software reception and criticism of whatsapp security and privacy features instagram

The Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Has Begun

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password netflix software streaming computing criticism of netflix universal windows platform apps technology internet lendingtree xbox 360 software los gatos california twitter streaming media operating systemsBad news for streamers mooching their Netflix access.

The Best Android 12 Features We've Found So Far

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android android 12 google assistant mobile linux google ios computing operating systems beta technology internet smartphones android version history software mobile operating systems cloud clients

How to Find iOS 14's Hidden Code Scanner App

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ios ios 14 mobile software qr code safari software iphone technology internet smartphones automatic identification and data capture operating systems barcodes mobile operating systemsThe iOS app screen shows all the apps installed on your iPhone—or does it?

Apple Fixes 'Asian' Adult Content Filter, but We Need More

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apple mobile software ios 14 vicha ratanapakdee ios computing steven shen operating systems mobile operating systems killing of vicha ratanapakdee apple inc smartphones vicha

Apple 91

Apple Security Fixes Mean it's Time to Update Your iPhones, iPads, Macs and Watches

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apple ipads watchos ipad software iphone ios computing ios version history technology internet apple designed processors apple inc issues relating to the ios operating system macos safari operating systems

Apple 82

Clubhouse Announces That Its App Will Be Available on Android Worldwide by Friday

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android clubhouse mobile software social media tesla facebook applications facebook mobile applications computing operating systems elon musk technology internet spotify ios mark zuckerberg software linkedin instagram universal windows platform apps

It Looks Like Apple's Find My App Will Soon Let You Track More Than Just Apple Devices

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apple find my mobile software ipad ipads tile iphone ios 14 ios samsung mobile operating systems technology internet apple inc airtags operating systems smartphones

Apple 87

Dangerous Android App Pretends to Be a System Update to Steal Your Data

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android social media google play instant messaging clients computing operating systems technology internet shridhar mittal cross platform software communication software software zimperium mobile app your phone

PSA: Spotify Will Now Let You Share Podcast Timestamps

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spotify podcast software snapchat criticism of spotify technology internet technology operating systemsSpotify is rolling out a handful of new social features. Read more.

Adaptiva: OneSite – Advanced IT Systems Management Software


It provides system administrators with the ability to run SCCM from a single site with no DPs for distribution, and no impact to business WAN traffic. OneSite solves the complexities of large-scale systems management by extending the functionality of Microsoft System Center Con. Communications Companies Company GreenIT Companies Adaptiva microsoft OneSite operating system System Center Configuration Manager WAN Wide area network Windows XP

System 226

Slack Is About to Become a Nightmare

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slack business finance task management software computer architecture operating systems collaborative software project management software groupware software

Apple’s Intel-ARM pivot could be a huge Mac moment or blown opportunity

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Business Marketing Mobile a-series chips Apple Apple silicon Arm category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Intel mac

Intel 114

Apple blamed IBM and Intel for Mac chip delays, but TSMC won’t be next

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Business Mobile 3nm 5-nanometer 5nm Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems category-/News chip fabrication IBM Intel M1 Chip TSMC

IBM 113

An Android App That Promised Free Netflix Shockingly Just Highly Annoying Malware

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malware whatsapp aviran hazum instant messaging clients mobile applications computing operating systems technology internet cross platform software software communication software security breaches google computer virus

28-Year-Old Woman Infiltrates High School to Beef Up Her Instagram and Seriously, WTF?

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instagram mobile software xxxtentacion audrey francisquini operating systems steve buscemi education never been kissed video software drew barrymore software miami wsvn carnival cruise lines david arquette

44 Attorneys General Beg Facebook to Leave the Kids Alone

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facebook mobile software social media adam mosseri computing operating systems qanon national center for missing exploited children buzzfeed mark zuckerberg software bobby instagram video software

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 October 2020 Update with Chromium Edge

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Microsoft today started rolling out the Windows 10 October 2020 Update, the tenth free update for its desktop operating system. Read More.

1Password expands into secrets management to help enterprises secure their infrastructure

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Cloud Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page 1Password category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems secrets secrets automation secrets management

Linux Foundation creates research division to study open source impact

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Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems category-/Science Linux Foundation Open sourceThe Linux Foundation is creating a new research unit to provide greater insight into open source technology and the people creating it.

Apple announces November 10 One More Thing event for ARM-based Macs

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Business Mobile Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems category-/News category-/Science/Engineering & Technology event fall 2020 mac One More Thing

Intel 110

Apple debuts M1, the first in a family of Mac-specific ARM processors

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Business 5-nanometer a-series chips Apple Arm category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems chipset M1 mac

Apple 108

Microsoft is bringing Edge to Linux developers in October

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Business Dev Enterprise Media Mobile Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems chrome Chromium Edge Google Microsoft Microsoft Edge Microsoft Ignite 2020

Linux 114

When Clubhouse Runs Out of Money

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At just over a year old, the exclusive, invite-only app still doesn’t have a proper website or even an app on more than a single operating system. Clubhouse is prodigious.

Apple reveals iOS 14 for iPhones, adding Widgets and App Library

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The operating system for iPhone and iPod touch is getting long-awaited home screen improvements and a variety of tweaks to core apps. Read More.

Apple 112

macOS Big Sur supports Apple M1 and Intel Macs, runs iOS apps and games

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Business Dev Mobile Apple Apple silicon Arm category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Intel M1 macOS 11 macOS Big SurFive months after the first developer betas, Apple is finally releasing macOS 11 -- also known as Big Sur -- in final form to the public.

Intel 106