Tips on How to Present Your Visual Data Effectively


For any in the business world, presentation, especially visual data presentation, is key. You can have great facts and data to back up your proposals and ideas, but if the presentation goes bad or is not understood, they will have much less of an impact, if any at all. Big Data CTO News Training and Education Business data Management presentation


{Infographic} Going Beyond the Presents for the Christmas Season

David Linthicum

The post {Infographic} Going Beyond the Presents for the Christmas Season appeared first on Joseph Michelli. __. Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and chief experience officer at The Michelli Experience.


Presenting Tech To Decision Makers: Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone….


This admonishment always refers to the presenter. Presentations should be no different. Quad Charts , developed by NASA, are a great presentation tool. You must first earn the business before making such a presentation. Nathaniel Crocker.


Big Data Security Presents Big Challenges

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Big data means big responsibilities, and anyone worried about protecting and preserving big data needs to accept those responsibilities


Career Craft: Presenting Sides

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This post is the fourth installment in Chapter 2 of the Career Craft serial. To read the entire series, click here. By the time James got to his office the next morning, he felt like he had just left. His head was sore. His neck ached fiercely like a knot of


Hybrid Cloud-The Past, Present, and Future

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This post looks at the hybrid cloud in detail


Apple's iconic presentations :


Apple's iconic presentations. Recently a book came out The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience. Jobs has mastered the art of presenting. I thought it would be interesting to look at his presentations over the years.


Executive Presentations: Presenting Status vs. Strategy

Social, Agile and Transformation

Executive Presentations: Presenting Status vs. Strategy. This post follows up with some basic guidelines on creating presentations for CIOs and other senior executives. Now there are many posts providing general presentation advice, for examples, these 7 tips include KISS (keep it simple) and know the audience and these 5 tips include selling a vision and story telling. Heres a good post for Business Analysts on presenting project status.


Video Presentation on Abusing Software Defined Networks


See the video at this link and embedded below: Im a huge fan of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and so many other related applications of advanced enterprise tech. But watching this video is giving me pause.


Giving the most viewed presentation on slideshare ever at OSCON.


Giving the most viewed presentation on slideshare ever at OSCON. At OSCON 2012 in Portland I gave a presentation on building your first MongoDB application. How was this presentation so successful that it amassed more views in itâ??s presentation. giving a presentation.


BITPro User Group Meeting Presentation Decks and Useful Links


In this post, I will share BITPro User Group Meeting Presentation Decks […]. The post BITPro User Group Meeting Presentation Decks and Useful Links appeared first on Anoops. We had another successful Bangalore IT Pro user group meeting at Microsoft office Bangalore.


Reflections On Huawei’s Analyst Summit 2017 — Past, Present, And Future

Forrester IT

In April 2017, Huawei hosted its annual Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, China.


Intel’s Presentation at CES: The Future is Here


By Katie Kennedy. Intel was a keynote at CES 2015. This video gives you a glance into the future. Technology is reaching a point where very little human interaction is needed. No longer will you need to find your keys to get into your house, or physically touch your computer to give it commands.


Garrison Technology CTO will Present on Network Isolation at Cross Domain Forum


Cross Domain Solutions (CDSs) enable secure transfer and receipt of data, information, and intelligence products on separate networks with different security levels. These services leverage capabilities, or solutions, that already exist throughout Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC). There are many CDSs throughout the DoD and IC safely and securely protecting data as it […].


Cluster-as-a-Service an OpenStack Summit Presentation


Katie Kennedy. We thank Piotr Wachowicz of Bright Computing for the content of this post.


Announcing Projects & Presentations :


Announcing Projects & Presentations. Please checkout my Projects and Presentations sections of my website and the Presentations around Ecommerce. by Steve Francia. talks. share. Twitter. Facebook. Google+. LinkedIn. Delicious. Reddit. StumbleUpon.


Now presenting: Your public cloud winners

David Linthicum

I''ve been looking at the emerging research and contemplating the work I do with companies as they move to cloud. I believe it''s time to declare public cloud winners, near-winners, and those that may need to look for other lines of work. This assessment is based on no analysis other than my own experiences, so consider that context as I make my declarations. If your favorite cloud does not get a shout-out here, don''t send me an angry email.


25% off Logitech Professional Presenter R800, Presentation Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer - Deal Alert

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The Logitech Professional Presenter R800 , with a brilliant green laser pointer, puts you in complete control of your presentation and makes it easy to direct your audience's attention to specific information from across the room - even on flat panel displays and in brightly lit rooms. To keep you focused on the crowd and not the clock, the Professional Presenter R800 provides an easy-to-set timer with silent, vibrating alerts.


Friday Funny Caption Contest: Present

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Although Mother Nature seems a bit confused Kip and Gary know it''s winter. Help us spread some holiday cheer with this week''s Friday Funny! Read More. Humor


How I Give A Really Good Customer Presentation

Chuck's Blog - EMC

I have given many thousands of presentations during my career -- and that''s no exaggeration.  Within the confines of my small world, I''m inevitably branded as a really good presenter , perhaps one of the best. 


People present the biggest challenge, say infosec professionals

Computer Weekly

More than 80% of security professionals identify people as the industry’s biggest challenge, but companies are becoming better prepared to deal with cyber breaches, a survey reveals


Robots present a cyber risk

Network World

In fact, experts say the growing use of robots by companies such as manufacturers, retailers, healthcare institutions and other businesses can present a number of cyber risks. The prospect of an army of robots marching in unison to launch an attack on an unsuspecting city belongs in the realm of science fiction—as do most images of menacing autonomous machines wreaking all kinds of havoc on civilization. That’s not to say robotics is free from security and safety threats, however.


Cognitio Corp’s Roger Hockenberry Selected to Present On Innovation Strategies at 2015 DoDIIS Conference


Roger's background in driving innovation and transforming the capabilities in government resulted in the leadership of the Defense Intelligence Agency selecting him to present at the 2015 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference (23-25 August in San Antonio). His presentation, titled "Proven Practices That Speed Technology Time To Mission Impact", will be given at 1600 on Tuesday 25 August 2015.


5 Common Mistakes That Ruin Any PowerPoint Presentation


Preparing a presentation is a useful activity both while you are studying at college or starting your career path. Mistakes which beginner presenters make are typical so your presentations will be more attractive and impressive if you learn to avoid them now.


Giving the most viewed presentation on slideshare ever at OSCON


At OSCON 2012 in Portland I gave a presentation on building your first MongoDB application. How was this presentation so successful that it amassed more views in it’s first week than any other presentation had accumulated over 12 years? Steve Francia at OSCON.


AFCEA and NIP and the USN Present Navy Information Dominance Day 11 June 2015


n June 11, 2015, AFCEA Intelligence and the Naval Intelligence Professionals, in collaboration with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance, will present a classified forum examining the state of Information Dominance in the U.S. The post AFCEA and NIP and the USN Present Navy Information Dominance Day 11 June 2015 appeared first on


The Past, Present and Future of Canonical and Ubuntu Linux

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Changing times at the open source power house, but is it going back to the future? Read More. Blades Shared


Presentation On Achieving Content Agility in a Web 2.0 Environment.

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Presentation On Achieving Content Agility in a Web 2.0 Here is the presentation I gave at Mark Logics Digital Publishing Summit last week: Achieving Content Agility in a Web 2.0 Environment View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. Presentation On Achieving Content Agility in a Web. Social, Agile, and Transformation.


The Linux Migration: Creating Presentations

Scott Lowe

Since migrating to Linux as my primary desktop OS , I’ve also made the transition to doing almost all my presentations in Markdown as well. Here are the details on how I’m using Markdown for creating presentations on Linux. There are a number of tools involved in my workflow for creating Markdown-based presentations on Linux: Sublime Text 3 (with the Markdown Extended and Monokai Extended packages) is used for editing the “source” files for a presentation.


Get to Know Your Social Media Followers- Presenting a NEW Wi-Fi, Networking Blogroll

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If you are “professionally active” on social media, it’s easy to follow and to be followed while falling into the trap of not really getting to know those folks who just became a small part of your life. Social media brings people with like interests together, but it can’t make people slow down and take a look at the other person once the connection has been made. I’m


Does Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn present data privacy risks?

Network World

Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion. Both companies are hyping the angle of combining the “world's leading professional cloud with the world's leading professional network.” Satya Nadella.


Women In Technology Present: The Promise and Peril of Big Data


On 18 Feb 2016, Women In Technology present "The Promise and Peril of Big Data". Bob Gourley. For more and to sign up see: [link]. Big Data has enormous promise for consumers and organizations alike. Big data makes it easier than ever to listen to, interact with, and connect with customers and respond with better products and services. Advances in data aggregation are also expanding capabilities of fraud detection and cyber protection. Big Data also has a dark side.


Video: Applied Micro Presents Server on a Chip

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Data Center Knowledge chats with Applied Micro team, who were at the Open Compute Summit V in San Jose, to show the X-Gene server on a chip. The high performance enterprise class solution was being demonstrated at the Applied Micro booth. Blades Data Center Videos