The Three Ways Companies Value Customer Success Programs

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In the three years since publishing our first report on the customer success discipline’s relationship to customer experience management, I’ve had many conversations with Forrester clients about bringing customer success management into a business.

SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization Program Challenges

Perficient - Digital Transformation

In a new guide, we discuss the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions. The snippet below talks about the challenges you can expect when developing a response program. Data Governance: Data dictionary, lineage, and stewardship processes must be established for required data elements used in the new reports, as well as demonstrated to the SEC, if required.

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Mapping Threat Intelligence to Your Security Program Goals


The FBI says 1,493 ransomware attacks were reported nationwide […]. Read how you can map threat intelligence to fulfill your cybersecurity parameters on Recorded Future : In mid-August, ransomware took down the IT systems of 23 local governments in Texas. Before that, the city of Riviera Beach, Florida paid $600,000 in Bitcoin to cover attacker demands.

Take-Two delays Kerbal Space Program 2 to 2021, doesn’t expect other delays

Venture Beast

As part of its earnings report for its latest financial quarter, Take-Two talked about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the company.

Thinking About “Data Program Governance”


One phrase in regular rotation in my elevator pitch is “data program governance." Program means an organized set of activities designed to accomplish a defined set of objectives. Governance means the program is planned and managed in an organized and sustainable way. Creating a data program governance strategy is not unlike creating other types of enterprise business strategies. Interim Report on the Generalizability of the NOAA Big Data Project’s Management Model.

Texas Instruments angers hobbyists with limits to calculator programming support

The Verge

Texas Instruments has removed the ability for some of its most popular calculators to run programs written in assembly or C, Cemetech reports. In addition to being used as educational tools, TI calculators are also relatively simple and cheap programming devices.

How to Make Interactive Training Program for Retail Employees


And what about training program for retail employees? And that is why one needs interactive training programs. In this blog we will focus on ways to make interactive training programs for retail employees. Track and understand progress through instant reports.

Programs are spies and they like us.

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I just recently read a news article on how HP sneakily slipped in a spyware program onto recent HP computers under the guise of an update. However, it wasn't an update at all but a new program altogether and it sent information back to HP on a daily basis. People have given reportsIt seems that the bigger you are the more incentive you have to spy on people for fun and profit.

How to Build a Mobile-Ready Training Program for Pharmaceutical Industry


It is the result of well-designed training programs that employees working in the pharmaceutical industry have knowledge of all the products and we get medicines that fit our needs. On the other hand, creating a mobile-ready training program for pharmaceutical company and employees will give them access to training materials at any time, via any device and multiple number of times. A mobile-based training program can help provide just-in-time information whenever there is a need.

James Madison University Seeks Professor – Intelligence Analysis Program


Please look it over and share it with others that may have an interest: Assistant / Associate Professor - Intelligence Analysis Program. General Info: James Madison University (JMU) seeks applicants for a faculty position focused on cyber intelligence and cyber analysis that will help prepare students as analysts in both private and public sectors, as well as government agencies, through its Bachelor's Degree Program in Intelligence Analysis (IA). Bob Gourley.

Google denies its diversity programs are shuttering to appease conservatives


Yesterday, NBC reported that a number of Google workers, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said they believed the reason the company was cutting its diversity programs was to protect it from criticism from conservatives

Application List Report

Mick's IT Blog

The problem with that is it is a blanket report. It shows everything and all we were wanting is a report of the additional apps installed after a build. I wrote this PowerShell script that can be executed as a package in SCCM against machines to generate an application report. They can be filtered out by populating the add/remove programs exclusions file ($ARPExclusionsFile).

Building a Realistic and Effective Data Program Governance Strategy


Making such distinctions is a major reason why it's important to distinguish between data management and data program governance, as I discussed in Thinking About “Data Program Governance.”. An effective data program governance strategy must address the data-based services you intend to provide to your users. Others require recurring reports. Dennis D. McDonald.

[Guide] SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization

Perficient - Digital Transformation

In an effort to increase transparency, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted new rules and amendments, called Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules , which require registered investment companies to modernize their reporting and disclosures. Our new guide discusses the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions, including: Why the SEC established new rules.

SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization Foundational Work

Perficient - Digital Transformation

In a new guide , we discuss the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions. By now, you should have a program in place that covers the following work streams: Engage Report Filing Provider: Initiate a project with the selected service provider to collect and process data, and file the required forms. If you have a program in place, did you do it correctly?

FDIC Part 370 Program Management

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A bank’s response to Part 370 will require a multi-year, multi-functional program that could encompass dozens of individual projects. An attempt to decentralize the management of this program to individual functions will invite a disorganized response and will likely lead to missed deadlines and incomplete requirements. We can implement a standalone program management office for Part 370 that will: Create or adapt a program charter to guide response activities.

6 essential elements of modern enterprise reporting software

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Summary: What do you look for in a reporting tool? Obviously, the requirements vary by company, but I believe that certain elements are essential in a good reporting tool. In this article, we explore 6 essential elements you should look for in any good reporting solution.

ACC Foundation Releases Extensive State of Cybersecurity Report


The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Foundation has released the largest study of its kind on corporate cybersecurity, the result of the study is: The State of Cyber Security Report. The report highlights cybersecurity issues for more than 1,000 corporate lawyers at 887 organizations worldwide. The State of Cyber Security Report addresses: One-third of in-house counsel have experienced a data breach. PPL forms program for nonprofit groups (

Report 161

Three Critical Metrics You Should Expect From A Vulnerability Risk Management Solution

Forrester IT

Many vulnerability risk management (VRM) solutions are limited and fail to provide meaningful metrics about the health of your VRM program. age of the customer cybersecurity security & risk vulnerability & threat management Reporting SLA Adherence vulnerability management

Report 318

2016 State of Bug Bounty report: Bigger bounties, more industries offering programs

Network World

The rise in global cyberattacks and the “critical deficit of security talent” helped bug bounty programs grow in the last year and to diversify from those offered by “tech giants” to more traditional industries. One trend over the last year has been for payouts to increase, according to the 2016 State of Bug Bounty report ( pdf ).

Pew Reports on American Digital Habits Post-Snowden


A recent report from the Pew Research Center provides an interesting look into Americans’ online habits following Edward Snowden’s revelations about surveillance practices in the United States. By Shannon Perry.

Report 305

Join Architects, Planners, Program Managers, Data Scientists at 4th Annual Cloudera Federal Forum in DC 25 Feb


Track sessions will focus on: Enabling Business Results with Big Data — How to enable agency programs that will yield enormous value through big data to deliver actionable information and measureable results. Evaluating Commercial Cloud Services for Government – A Progress Report.

10 programs to help you break into a cybersecurity career

Tech Republic Security

Eighty-two percent of IT professionals report a shortage of cybersecurity skills at their company. Here are 10 programs spanning all education levels to help you get your start in the field

Despite hype, ransomware accounted for only 1% of malicious programs in 2016, according to report

Tech Republic Security

A new report from AV-Test showed that ransomware attacks on Windows in 2016 were low. Still, attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya caused a significant amount of damage

Why you need a bug bounty program

Network World

Every business needs to have a process in place for handling security vulnerability reports , but some organizations take a much more proactive approach to dealing with security researchers. An increasing number of hardware and software vendors have formal bug bounty programs. Google, for example, runs its own vulnerability rewards program , and Microsoft has multiple bug bounties covering Office 365, Azure,NET and Edge as general programs covering exploits and defenses.

Local Administrators Automated Reporting Tool

Mick's IT Blog

Back in November 2016, I posted the blog entry on reporting local administrators on machines. That script is deployed to machines via an SCCM package that reports the local administrators back to SCCM to be able to be queried into a report.

Tools 136

7 Highly Effective Guidelines to Create an e-Report for Associations


Like inability to move to digital alternaties like e-reports. Take annual reports, for example, a lot of associations are still publishing printed copies of annual reports for their members. All you need is a tool to help you create and distribute your e-Report.

Pending Reboot Reporting with Orchestrator

Mick's IT Blog

It reports systems that are waiting for a reboot to a non-compliance collection. I wanted to take this to the next level with automated reporting via email. Next, you link a Run Program activity to run the PowerShell script.

Report 120

Trump reportedly wants to restrict visa programs for skilled workers


Some Republicans are pressuring the president to suspend the programs for a year. If Trump moves forward with that plan, it would disrupt the job search for immigrant workers who rely on these programs and who, for the most part, have no other avenue of pursuing a career in the US.

5 ways to improve employee development programs for your organization

Hacker Earth

Workshops, training sessions, and other programs in one or the other form are vital for a growing organization. Benefits of having an employee development programs in an organization. Learning and development programs are especially important for a new recruit.

How to block or remove Chrome Software Reporter tool


The browser uses a software reporting tool that runs in the background and checks your system for harmful files. It is a subset of the cleanup tools and not an anti-virus program. Chrome is a web browser developed the company, Google, and was launched in 2008.

Explaining discrepancies in different security assessment reports

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Steady and predictable progress is key to building a solid information security program and minimizing the risk of incidents and breaches. In my work performing independent information security assessments , I love seeing when my clients’ network environments become more secure over time. One thing that comes up every now and then

Report 100

PowerShell: Installed Applications Report

Mick's IT Blog

The purpose of this report is so the build team has a concise list of optional applications they need to install during a replacement build for a user. It will query a list of all installed apps from the add/remove programs entries within the registry. This file contains a list of the applications you do not want to be included in the report. The application in the file need to be exactly how they appear in the report.

Building A Executive Digital Literacy Program - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Building A Executive Digital Literacy Program. Understanding Social We are genetically programmed to be social animals. But for a program office approach to be effective, it needs to interface with like-minded functions.  Chucks Blog.

Stand By For Reporting From the Intelligence and National Security Summit 18-19 Sep 2014 #Intelligence2014


I can’t wait to hit the expo floor and learn the latest and will be reporting more here for our CTOvision Pro readers. Deputy Director for Intelligence for Strategic Programs. Deputy Program Manager. Office of the Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment. Assistant Director for Intelligence Programs and National Security Systems. Program Manager, Office of Smart Collection. Senior Manager, CERT Program. Program Manager.

Report 275

Security training programs don't do enough to mitigate insider risk

Network World

Last month, security research firm Ponemon Institute , sponsored by Experian Data Breach Resolution , surveyed 601 individuals at companies with a data protection and privacy training program on the issue of negligent and malicious employee behaviors for the Managing Insider Risk through Training & Culture report.

Report: Overlap with internal Amazon initiatives is complicating its Haven health care joint venture


The report by STAT’s Erin Brodwin and Casey Ross describes “a frustrating two years” for the Boston-based joint venture leading up to the news last week that respected surgeon and health policy leader Dr. Atul Gawande would step down as Haven CEO while staying on as chairman.

Application Build Reporting for MDT and SCCM

Mick's IT Blog

This new script I have written is designed to query the programs and features registry entries to verify if an application is installed and to write that verification to a.CSV file. It was going to grab the name of the application that was exactly how it was listed in programs and features.

Yahoo calls report of secret email scanning 'misleading'

Network World

Yahoo has called a Reuters article about a secret email scanning program "misleading," and said no such system exists. On Tuesday, the Reuters article claimed that Yahoo had created the custom software program after receiving a classified U.S. That software program is reportedly capable of scanning all incoming emails from Yahoo customers for information provided by U.S. However, on Wednesday Yahoo disputed the report. “We

Local Administrator Report

Mick's IT Blog

In order to keep track of all systems all of the time, I wrote the following two PowerShell scripts to report systems in which a user is part of the administrators group. As you setup the deployment types, under the Programs tab, you will need to use the following command line: psexec.exe %COMPUTERNAME% -u -p -h cmd.exe /c "echo. You will need to create a file called EmailAddresses.txt, which will have a list of email addresses that you want to be emailed a report.

7 Highly Effective Guidelines to Create an e-Report for Associations


Take annual reports for example, a lot of associations are still publishing printed copies of annual reports for their members. Therefore, when it comes to creating and publishing your annual report, you must use a digital publishing solution. Using such a software, one can create and distribute eBooks, brochures, reports and all such documents online. All you need is a tool to help you create and distribute your e-Report.

Uber accused of using 'Hell' software program for industrial espionage against Lyft

Tech Republic Security

Uber has been quietly tracking the locations of Lyft drivers, how many Lyft drivers work for Uber, and more, according to a report by The Information

SCCM Inactive Systems Report

Mick's IT Blog

I have wanted a PowerShell script that would generate an excel report listing all of the inactive systems, if they are in active directory, and the last time someone logged onto the system if it is in AD. I chose to use SCCM as the definitive report because it pulls it's initial listing of systems from AD.