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GitHub previews upcoming ‘Copilot Workspace,’ catering to AI-hungry software developers


GitHub says Copilot Workspace will debut in 2024, using AI to help developers from the outset of a project. Bouyed by the growing wave of software developers adopting artificial intelligence, GitHub is previewing a system called Copilot Workspace that uses natural language to help developers plan and implement projects.

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What Is Extreme Programming? Meaning, Working, and Principles

IT Toolbox

Extreme programming optimizes software engineering practices that speed up the software development lifecycle. The post What Is Extreme Programming? Meaning, Working, and Principles appeared first on.


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12 Articles To Boost Your Programming Career

IT Toolbox

Here are 12 articles to help you better your programming knowledge on Programmer’s Day 2023. The post 12 Articles To Boost Your Programming Career appeared first on Spiceworks.

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Embedded software development for IoT applications


Whether you are an end-user wanting access or control over products and services, or a manufacturer wishing to build better technology systems faster than before – one key component remains essential: embedded software development. For up-to-date reference on embedded software development best practices, you can go for N-ix resources.

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The Forrester Wave™: AI/ML Platforms: Vendor Strategy, Market Presence, and Capabilities Overview

As enterprises evolve their AI from pilot programs to an integral part of their tech strategy, the scope of AI expands from core data science teams to business, software development, enterprise architecture, and IT ops teams.

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How AI will reshape software development

Venture Beast

The first area to face a new AI-driven operating paradigm may be the one that created AI in the first place: software development. Read More.

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New Research: Will AI Kill The Low-Code Market? 

Forrester IT

The Impact Of TuringBots TuringBots (AI and generative AI that assist in software development tasks) are a major trend, and tools like GitHub Copilot (a Coder TuringBot for pair programming in common languages such as Java […] Our bet: AI will quickly evolve the low-code toolset and make the market grow faster.

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