Inside Microsoft’s open source program office

Venture Beast

Stormy Peters, director of Microsoft's open source programs office, gives the lowdown on the evolution and role of Microsoft's OSPO. Read More.

BlackSky and Palantir’s pilot program boosts geospatial intelligence


This combination creates an intelligent monitoring system capable of predicting Earth events from space. BlackSky and Palantir have announced the results of their geospatial pilot project.


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Aerospike Expands Partner Program to Meet Demand for its Real-Time Data Platform


Aerospike, the provider of real-time data platforms, has expanded its Accelerate Partner Program for systems integrators, independent software vendors, cloud service providers, value-added resellers, and other hardware and software platform providers.

Persistence, Programming, and Picos

Phil Windley

In it, r0ml argues that Postgres as a programming environment feels like a Smalltalk image (at least that's the part that's germane to this post). Persistent state —Picos have state that programs running in the pico can see and alter. Programming Picos.

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

IBM’s CodeNet dataset aims to train AI to tackle programming challenges

Venture Beast

IBM's Project CodeNet is an effort to spur the development of AI systems that can tackle programming challenges. Read More.

Citrix expands Workspace Security Program to include Zero Trust solutions


Citrix Systems said that is expanding its Workspace Security Program to include Zero Trust solutions from trusted and verified partners. The new move is likely to allow companies to simplify the […]. News Citrix

Microsoft launches Project Bonsai, an AI development platform for industrial systems

Venture Beast

Microsoft's Project Bonsai, which enables companies to develop autonomous control systems using AI, is now generally available. Read More.

System 113

NASA Outlines Final Steps Before Launch of Artemis 1, First in New Lunar Program

GizModo VR

Eventually, the Artemis program aims to put humans on the Moon… Read more. In a press conference Thursday, NASA described the final steps in anticipation of the Artemis 1 uncrewed test flight, which set to occur this spring.

Top 5 programming languages for security admins to learn

Tech Republic Security

SecAdmins working to protect infrastructure, whether in a defensively or offensively, may find these programming languages helpful in safeguarding apps, systems, and hardware from threats

Google Used a Secret Program Called ‘Project Bernanke’ to Benefit Clients Using Its Ad-Buying System

GizModo VR

Google used a secret program called “Project Bernanke” for years to increase its clients’ chances of winning bids for competitive ad space, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing court documents filed in the Texas-led antitrust suit against Google.

The 5 Stages of Account-Based Marketing — and How to Win Them All

Successfully complete the five stages of ABM: define, identify, engage, convert, and connect. We’ll show you how to create a unified system with your sales team to help them land more qualified opportunities and connect with prospects like never before.

Tiny programable gaming system 'Thumby' smashes through its Kickstarter target


Thumby, which comes from TinyCircuits, is a 1.2" X 0.7" device powered by the RP2040 SoC found in the Raspberry Pi Pico. It comes with a 72 x 40 Monochrome OLED, Piezo Speaker, 2MB of storage, and a 40mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery that offers around 2 hours of gameplay

Cadence Design Systems launches Cerebrus machine learning for chip design

Venture Beast

Cadence Design Systems is using machine learning in its Cerebrus Intelligent Chip Explorer tool for designing complex chips. Read More.

How to Create Online Training Programs for Bank Employees


These training programs can help employers make their workforce future-proof and benefit significantly in terms of increased productivity for years to come. In fact, every dollar invested in online training programs offers a return on investment (ROI) of $30.

Tips on How to Understand Programming in Matlab


Information Technology Blog - - Tips on How to Understand Programming in Matlab - Information Technology Blog. Matlab is a programing language that uses numerical computing, developed by MathWorks and works with interactive sessions. You can quickly write and modify the program.

These old programming languages are still critical to big companies. But nobody wants to learn them

Tech Republic Data Center

Large organizations still rely on ageing IT systems and programming languages to run their mainframes. But as traditional developers reach retirement age, new hires are reluctant to pick up old skills

Sony opens PS5 beta program ahead of next major system update

The Verge

The PS5 has received a few feature updates since it launched in late 2020, but Sony shared today that it’s prepping to roll out a major system update later this year — and it wants you to test it first. Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge.

Financial services CRM's program to modernize Siebel systems

IT Toolbox

A provider of enterprise customer management solutions to the financial services and insurance industries is helping firms in those sectors to modernize their legacy Siebel CRM systems. NexJ's Siebel Replacement Program provides its customers with a safe alternative to traditional "Big Bang" or "rip and replace" system upgrades, which many firms hesitate to undertake due to the risk of service disruptions

How to launch a federated learning program

Venture Beast

A walk-through of the process: From building a test case to getting buy-in from data owners to building out your system. Read More.

Nvidia’s enterprise AI development LaunchPad program goes global

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Data Enterprise Software technology VB Home Page AI LaunchPad category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Science edge infrastructure Fall 2021 GTC Launchpad NVidia Nvidia DGX systems software

Researchers propose AI system that reverse-engineers black box apps

Venture Beast

In a preprint paper, researchers propose an AI technique that reverse-engineers programs without any privileged knowledge. AI Big Data Dev ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics/Programming category-/Science/Computer Science machine learning

Lyft launches health care transportation program

The Verge

Lyft launched a program that will let health care organizations send patients prepaid passes that they can use for rides to doctor’s appointments. “We’ve Uber has a similar medical transportation program. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Intel researchers create AI system that rates similarity of 2 pieces of code

Venture Beast

Intel partnered with MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology to create an AI system that can determine whether code performs the same function.

Intel 99

Vulnerability in Linux program enables local privilege escalation, researchers report

Venture Beast

Dev Security Software category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems linux Qualys vulnerabilities

Linux 58

Cybersecurity Mentorship Program Pairs CISOs and Students

SecureWorld News

And this match came up with $300,000 to get things started in a brand new pilot program. Georgia State University cybersecurity mentorship program. How does the cybersecurity mentorship program work? And the program includes a matchmaking system.

DeepMind claims its new code-generating system is competitive with human programmers

Venture Beast

DeepMind has created a code-generating AI system, AlphaCode, that the Alphabet-backed lab claims is competitive with human programmers. Read More.

You didn’t get into the University of Washington’s acclaimed computer science program. Now what?


University of Washington Tacoma students in a computer engineering and systems course working with assistant teaching professor Thillainathan Logenthiran. (UW But, they counter, their programs offer benefits that UW Seattle often cannot.

DHS Launches Program to Hire 'World-Class Cybertalent'

SecureWorld News

In an effort to get more cybersecurity professionals into government roles, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced its Cybersecurity Talent Management System (CTMS), which will allow DHS to recruit top cybersecurity talent—and pay them much more.

Thinking About “Data Program Governance”


One phrase in regular rotation in my elevator pitch is “data program governance." Program means an organized set of activities designed to accomplish a defined set of objectives. Governance means the program is planned and managed in an organized and sustainable way. Creating a data program governance strategy is not unlike creating other types of enterprise business strategies. Managing Data-Intensive Programs and Projects: Selected Articles. Dennis D.

Decentralized System in a Box

Phil Windley

They are a fascinating example of a natural, decentralized system. The queen is the secret to creating legitimacy for the hive (see Legitimacy and Decentralized Systems for more on legitimacy). All the bees have similar genetic programming (algorithmic governance).

Apple’s Xcode Cloud CI/CD system helps developers build and test apps

Venture Beast

Cloud Dev Enterprise Mobile VB Home Page Apple Apple WWDC 2021 category-/Computers & Electronics/Programming category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems category-/Science/Computer Science continuous integration WWDC Xcode Xcode Cloud

Continuous verification company Verica raises $12M to make systems more resilient

Venture Beast

Verica promises to improve the availability and security of companies' systems through "continuous verification." Read More.

TurboTax parent company Intuit is exiting the IRS Free File Program

The Verge

TurboTax parent company Intuit has opted out of the IRS Free File Program. Intuit, the parent company of tax filing software TurboTax, is exiting an IRS program that allows many Americans to file their taxes for free.

Water Vapor Potentially Detected in the Atmosphere of Ganymede, Biggest Moon in the Solar System

GizModo VR

water vapor ganymede space telescope imaging spectrograph icy moon lorenz roth jupiter planetary science europa io solar system exploration program technology internet hubble science space science applied sciences

The hidden ones who are running the system: Data stewards


Data Science 101 BI & Analytics Data Science Featured Data Steward Data stewardship Data stewardship programs what is a data stewardDo you need a data steward, or do you want to become one? First of all, you have data, which is undoubtedly a blessing.

Windows "HiveNightmare" bug could expose system files to non-admin users

Tech Republic Security

An attacker who exploits this flaw could use system privileges to install programs, view or delete data, and create accounts with full user rights

The role of servers in traditional programming architecture 


Depending on the situation, a server program may operate on either a physical computer or a virtual machine. Data Science Data Science 101 Featured Technology & IT Data hypervisor physical server rackmount systems server server computer virtual server

Twitter introduces aliases for contributors to its Birdwatch moderation program

The Verge

Twitter has introduced aliases for contributors in its Birdwatch moderation program | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. But the company said contributors in the pilot Birdwatch program “overwhelmingly voiced a preference for contributing under aliases.

Facebook is shutting down its Face Recognition tagging program

The Verge

As part of the change, Facebook’s automated alt-text system for blind users will no longer name people when it’s analyzing and summarizing media, and it will no longer suggest people to tag in photographs or automatically notify users when they appear in photos and videos posted by others.

‘I wouldn’t be an engineer without it’: UW program supports underserved STEM students


A University of Washington program to support STEM students from low-income and underserved backgrounds is now nine years old. The Washington State Academic RedShirt program (STARS) takes a cue from college sports, where “redshirting” enables an extra year of eligibility for athletes.

Amazon announces Alexa program for hospitals and senior care

The Verge

Amazon has two new programs that integrate Alexa into hospitals and senior living communities, the company announced today. They’re run through Alexa Smart Properties, which allows organizations to control a centralized Alexa system. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Could ‘expiration dates’ for AI systems help prevent bias?

Venture Beast

Could AI models programmed to expire help to mitigate bias? Some experts believe so, but the technical barriers are significant. Read More. AI apps Big Data Business Cloud Data Dev Enterprise Security Software technology category-/News expiration mechanism