IoT security market to reach $35.2 bn by 2023: Report


According to a new market research report published by MarketsandMarkets, the global Internet of Things (IoT) Security Market size is expected to grow from USD 8.2 Cyber Security Newsbillion in 2018 to USD 35.2 billion by 2023, at CAGR of 33.7 percent during the forecast period. Major factors driving the growth of the market are the increasing number […].

Report 231

Is a Ransomware Attack a Reportable Data Breach?


Read Mark Rasch take a look at whether a ransomware attack can be classified as a data breach on Security Boulevard : One question that vexes security engineers, incident responders […].

Report 374

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Gartner Top Security Projects for 2020-2021


“Are you trying to ensure security for your remote workforce but don’t want to hinder business productivity?” ” “Are you struggling with identifying risks and gaps in security capabilities?” 1: Securing your remote workforce. Security

DDOS Trends Report 2016


The Verisign Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Trends Report contains the observations and insights derived from mitigations enacted on behalf of, and in cooperation with, customers of Verisign DDoS Protection Services, and the security research of Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services. Download the full report at this link: Download “DDOS Trends Report 2016” Verisign_report-ddos-trends-Q22016.pdf – Downloaded 439 times – 3 MB.

Trends 233

Data Analytics in the Cloud for Developers and Founders

Speaker: Javier Ramírez, Senior AWS Developer Advocate, AWS

You have lots of data, and you are probably thinking of using the cloud to analyze it. But how will you move data into the cloud? In which format? How will you validate and prepare the data? What about streaming data? Can data scientists discover and use the data? Can business people create reports via drag and drop? Can operations monitor what’s going on? Will the data lake scale when you have twice as much data? Is your data secure? In this session, we address common pitfalls of building data lakes and show how AWS can help you manage data and analytics more efficiently.

Report: Shadow IoT Emerging as New Enterprise Security Problem


When it comes to protecting against Internet of Things (IoT)-based threats, many organizations seem have a lot more to deal with than just the officially sanctioned Internet-connected devices on their networks. A new analysis by Zscaler of IoT traffic exiting enterprise networks showed a high volume associated with consumer IoT products, including TV set-top boxes, IP […].

Report 184

Google+ Will Shut Down After Security Hole Exposed User Data to Outside Developers, Report Says


The Google+ security bug gave outside developers access to the private data of hundreds of thousands of the social network’s users between 2015 and March 2018, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Google neglected to report the issue to the […]. CTO Cyber Security NewsGoogle is shutting down Google Plus permanently after a major flaw was made public.

Technology Context From the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)


For a decade now the cyber security community has been treated to important strategic context coordinated by Verizon in their Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The information in the report can help drive strategic planning for enterprise technologists and members of the enterprise cyber security team and it is well worth a read by any CTO, CIO, CISO and most other members of enterprise technology teams. For more see: Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

Report 312

Consumer Reports: Digital Threats and the Cyber Gap


Another prominent research organization, Consumer Reports, has investigated American victims of digital crime and quantified American responses to the growing number of cyber attacks. Its most recent cyber report, Your Secrets Aren’t Safe surveyed thousands of American consumers regarding digital security, vulnerability, and thefts and offers suggestions for limiting one’s risk for future attacks. CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Research Computer security Consumer Reports EBa

Report 256

The CISO Technology Report: Twice A Week Review For Enterprise Security Professionals


Our site is a repository of articles and information of interest to enterprise security professionals. Any reporting we do here at CTOvision that has relevance for the CISO is archived at that site, plus evaluations on cyber security technologies of interest. We also tailor this reporting in a twice weekly CISO Technology Report. This has become one of our most popular lists, with over 2,000 security professionals subscribing to the report.

Half of All Organizations Experienced Cyber Security Incidents During the Remote Working Period


Half of all organizations experienced security incidents associated with remote working during the lockdown period, according to a report by Tessian. The “Securing the Future of Hybrid Working” report also […].

Report 264

Open Web Application Security Project Releases CISO Survey Report


By Bob Gourley The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has just releases the results of a Survey of global CISO s. Their report provides helpful perspectives for two interrelated communities: 1) CISOs who will find the report provides context that can help them better manage application security risks, and 2) Developers, who will find this report underscores the importance of application security. CTO Cyber Security

Survey 228

Report: Network Complexity Creates Security Headaches

Data Center Knowledge

Complexity will hold two out of every five organizations back from making any upgrades to their networks in 2017, and security products are contributing to the problem, according to new research from Cato Networks. The Top Networking and Security Challenges in the Enterprise report, released on. Cloud Computing Infrastructure Security Shared

Report 166

Your Reference To OODA Special Reports


OODA Loop provides actionable intelligence, analysis, and insight on global security, technology, and business issues. Our free newsletter keeps our readers up to date on a daily basis, and our special reports and advisories provide insights for those that need deeper insights into key markets and topics of executive interest.

Report 216

Cybercriminals Favor Targeting Top Executives, Small Businesses, Money: Verizon Data Breach Report


Verizon published last week the 12th edition of its Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) based on real-world data from 41,686 confirmed security incidents and 2,013 data breaches spanning 86 countries worldwide. “Every one of the incidents in this report is either where data has been stolen, or there was a quantified cyber incident,” told me in […]. Cyber Security News

Mugshots from U.S. Customers and Border Protection database leaked onto the dark web, report finds

Venture Beast

An inspector general report found that a data breach last year resulted in at least 19 mugshots of people from a CBP database leaking onto the dark web. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Mobile Security Transportation ai artificial intelligence audit category-/Law & Government facial recognition government machine learning Report U.S.

Over 59,000 data breaches reported in EU since GDPR


New research from DLA Piper has revealed that over 59,000 data breach notifications have been reported across the EU since GDPR went into effect on 25th May 2018. According to the firm’s new GDPR Data Breach survey, the UK is in the top three countries with the highest number of data breaches reported. CTO Cyber Security News

Report 203

Bitlocker Non-Compliance Reporting

Mick's IT Blog

As part of the suite of security tools I am writing, this will query the configuration manager SQL database for a list of machines that are not Bitlocker encrypted. The last hardware scan and last logon time give the admins an idea as to the accuracy of the system being reported.

Report 110

Ask the Experts: How can we help organizations report data breaches?


Read Chris Clark explain how organizations can report data breaches without the fear of regulatory sanctions on Security Boulevard : The Cyberspace Solarium Commission recently published a report with over 80 recommendations for implementing “strategy of layered cyber deterrence” for national security. Section 5.2.2, “Pass a National Cyber Incident Reporting Law,” raises the question of […].

Report 219

Set Up a Budget-Friendly Application Security Program


In May 2020, a smartphone caller identification app reported a security breach in which the personal data of more than 47.5 In contrast to common perception, app security testing doesn’t always have to be a heavy investment. Security

Budget 246

Cisco “Small and Mighty” Report Highlights SME Vulnerability


Nearly half of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) experience a day of downtime resulting from a breach or cyber-security incident – and are much more likely to pay out following a ransomware attack. This is according to a new report from Cisco that questioned 1,816 SMBs in 26 countries. Cyber Security News

Report 210

The Growing Importance Of Cyber Security Skills


As data breaches have become the order of the day, Adi Gaskell explains the growing importance of having cyber security talent in your company on Forbes : Cybercrime costs the UK several billion pounds per year. Indeed, a recent government report showed that 46% of all businesses identified at least one cyber attack in the last […]. CTO Cyber Security News Training and Education

Report: Working from home jeopardizes network security

Tech Republic Security

Here's how employees in the US, UK, France and Germany are putting systems at risk, according to CyberArk

Report 108

Report: Two new encryption standards will soon sweep away security controls

Tech Republic Security

Security professionals must act before TLS 1.3 and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) are implemented or they won't be able to analyze network traffic and detect cyberthreats, warns Forrester Research

5 Strategic Cost Optimization Action Items for Security Leaders


Eighty-two percent of security and risk leaders do not adjust their budgets based on environmental or business impact, which means they operate in a silo and are not aligned with the business. Read more: Gartner Top 10 Security Projects for 2020-2021. Security

Aircraft Cybersecurity: New Report About the FAA

SecureWorld News

You can't just consider the initial load of software, or load or launch of the product, but you have to incorporate methods of security that provide that long term support, secure support and flexibility along that lifecycle.". New GAO aviation cybersecurity report.

Cyber security breaches reported to ICO double in a year

Computer Weekly

An increase in cyber security incidents reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office is further evidence of the need to shift to automated, artificial intelligence-led defences, says Huntsman Security

Crest report outlines ways to address cyber security gender gap

Computer Weekly

Report on the causes and potential remedies for addressing the gender gap in cyber security is aimed at stimulating debate and co-operation in the industry

Report 148

ACC Foundation Releases Extensive State of Cybersecurity Report


The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Foundation has released the largest study of its kind on corporate cybersecurity, the result of the study is: The State of Cyber Security Report. The report highlights cybersecurity issues for more than 1,000 corporate lawyers at 887 organizations worldwide. The State of Cyber Security Report addresses: One-third of in-house counsel have experienced a data breach. Katie Kennedy.

Report 163

Stand By For Reporting From the Intelligence and National Security Summit 18-19 Sep 2014 #Intelligence2014


For the next two days in DC over 1000 key leaders from the national security community will be converging in a dynamic examination of intelligence and national security issues at the Intelligence and National Security Summit. Will the National Security Community be capable of offering security protection, including security advice, for massive commercially or privately owned networks of sensors and remotely controllable devices? National Security Agency.

Report 279

Automation For The Better Good - Security

Forrester IT

What these tasks have in common (in addition to relying on automation): a critical dependence on security. In a world where infrastructure-as-code scales quickly and massively scales, it is crucial to bake in security at every level of the stack. In a new report , Joseph Blankenship and I dig into the particulars of this endeavor, as well as the organizational implications. Information Security. Security Operations & Program Governance. application security.

Report urges government tax breaks for cyber security investment

Computer Weekly

A report on improving cyber security in the financial industry makes several recommendations – including targeted tax breaks to stimulate investment

Gartner Top 10 Security Projects for 2019


When George took over as the CISO of a retail company, IT security was relatively simple. But as the organization has grown — adding online ordering, more employees and a host of cloud-based platforms and technology to support digital business across the organization — so have the security vulnerabilities. Plus, increased attacks and phishing attempts make it difficult to know what security projects to focus on and where to get the most ROI. Project 9: Container security.

Cyber Security in Aviation


With the public inundated with reports of an alarming number of computer hacks, the question in everyone’s mind is “what is next?” Whether or not Roberts’ claims were true or whether or not his intentions were malicious, he brought to light the significant need to readdress aviation cyber security. During the 2015 Global Connected Aircraft Summit , a session was dedicated to the topic of aviation cyber security: “Cyber Security: How Can a Connected Aircraft Manage This Threat?”

Insider Threats Rise by 47% in Two Years: Report


Several industry experts stressed that insider threats are the primary concern for every security leader, as many organizations fail to address the insiders within their own company. As a result, […].

Report 184

Report: Most companies unaware of third-party IoT security measures

Tech Republic Security

Only 37% of "high performer" organizations monitor the risk of IoT devices used by third parties, and current IoT risk-management programs can't keep pace, study said

Study 125

The Report The Cybersecurity Commission Should Have Sent To the President and President Elect


On 1 December The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity issued their key deliverable, the report on Securing and Growing The Digital Economy. That is a good report. But in my opinion it is not a report that should be sent to the President or President Elect. In its current form the President Elect and other executives have little choice but to speed-read the report and hope to glean a general gist. Bob Gourley.

Report 320

Bidding Open on DHS’ $6B Security Hub, House report stresses sharing


The fact that more key sensors in ICS systems are found to be vulnerable is evidence of the inherent weaknesses in these systems and the need to secure them. Bidding is Open for the DHS’ $6 billion Security Hub – “The US Department of Homeland Security is putting into motion its plans to create a $6 billion repository for continuous monitoring security tools to be used by federal, state and local agencies.” Via Net Security, more here.

Research Report: How Data Breaches Affect the Enterprise


This report, one of three to come out of Dark Reading’s annual Strategic Security Survey, […]. Despite the escalation of cybersecurity staffing and technology, enterprises continue to suffer data breaches and compromises at an alarming rate. How do these breaches occur? How are enterprises responding, and what is the impact of these compromises on the business?

Quick Look On Report of the President’s Commission on Cybersecurity


The report of the President's Commission on Enhancing Cybersecurity has just been posted to the White House Website. You can download the report here ). My quick thoughts: If you are a technologist or a security expert or have been tracking security issues, you can skip the first 10 pages. The recommendations of the report are well thought out and worth you slowing down and reading carefully. But still, call me a supporter of the report and its recommendations.

Report 298

What I Took Away From The Operation Cleaver (#OpCleaver) report


If you track cyber security you have no doubt heard of the recently published report by Cylance titled Operation Cleaver. The report was so good and so well documented it resulted in the FBI taking the action of publishing special alerts warning infrastructure providers of possible Iranian cyber attacks. This was a very important report. Our report unveils the tactics, techniques and procedures used in what is still an ongoing campaign. By Bob Gourley.

Report 300

10 takeaways from Mimecast's 2020 email security report

Tech Republic Security

Here are the email security risks, and what you can do about them, in 2020 Phishing is on the rise, ransomware continues to be a threat, and email exploits are more popular than ever.

Explaining discrepancies in different security assessment reports

IT Toolbox

In my work performing independent information security assessments , I love seeing when my clients’ network environments become more secure over time. Steady and predictable progress is key to building a solid information security program and minimizing the risk of incidents and breaches. One thing that comes up every now and then

Report 100