5 Ways Scrum Leaders Drive Astoundingly Successful Collaboration

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Product owners, tech leads, and scrum masters are three common roles you find on scrum teams. I've written about their key responsibilities such as product owners prioritizing backlogs, tech leads overseeing estimating, and scrum masters ensuring team collaboration and cohesion.


What is the Modernized Role of Scrum Masters

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The 15th episode of 5 Minutes with @NYIke focuses on the modernized role of the scrum master. . Ten years ago, scrum masters were the experts on agile methodologies and charged to coach teams through the process.


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5 Recommendations on How Much To Invest in Agile and Scrum Courses

Social, Agile and Transformation

Are you considering getting formally trained or certified in agile methodologies or scrum? Are you looking to become a certified scrum master, or maybe get trained in an agile framework such as SAFe or LeSS, or specialize in agile transformation with classes like StarCIO Agile Planning?


Scrum Transition Journal: Grooming Woes Part 2

IT Toolbox

As my organization transitions farther into the process of adopting agile scrum for our software development, I'm learning more and more about what keeps a Product Owner busy! Yesterday I wrote about grooming the backlog and prioritizing all the stories. But there's a big piece that I missed. Stories tend to multiply. So at any given


Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

As a senior software leader, you spend much of your time trying to optimize your team's performance – from increasing delivery rate and velocity to reducing defect rates and waste. However, as software leaders, we often find that as we go to implement these approaches, we feel stuck.

Adopting Agile Scrum - is change & hard work

IT Toolbox

In my work week, this has meant a change to Agile Scrum as a development methodology. We used some principles of Agile software developmentWith a change of leadership comes many other changes. And along with that comes a number of learnings that are worth repeating here on my blog. Agile isn't entirely new. Our approach before this had been semi-agile.


The Scrum Guide 2020 Aims For Focus And Inclusivity But Might Scare Designers Away

Forrester's Customer Insights

I attended the 2020 Scrum guide update event that also celebrated its 25th anniversary.


Meeting notes for your agile and scrum meetings? Here's why they are important and some options to implement

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My question for the agile scrum masters, coaches, and team leads today is whether or not you are documenting meeting notes after planning sessions, standups, and other common scrum meetings? offshore development organizational change software developmentYou might be tempted to do away with meeting notes as a relic of the past. In fact, if you have a small collocated team that has a long tenure working together, then I agree that it might be overkill to.


The Downside Of digital Labs For Financial Innovation

Forrester IT

Quite simply, it is software that makes any financial business truly digital. Organizations are therefore in a rush to become great at rapidly innovating, developing, and delivering new software products to win new clients and retain and serve existing ones. Scrum. agile software development. The race to digital is heating up in financial services (FS) organizations; increasingly, the engine making this happen is Agile.

No Scrum Master? No Problem - Social, Agile, and Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

No Scrum Master? How should Enterprises fill the Scrum Master Role? I field this question very often and especially from members of technology organizations where agile and scrum in particular is being introduced top down from Management. Ive blogged a bit on Product Owners in the Enterprise and Why Project Managers are still needed , but what about Scrum Masters? Note: Scrum of scrums really works for this scenario!). agile software development. (56).


Top Ten Thoughts for SCRUM Newbies - Social, Agile, and.

Social, Agile and Transformation

Top Ten Thoughts for SCRUM Newbies. My colleagues and I from BusinessWeek gave a presentation last week covering our agile planning and development process and ended with an intro to SCRUM by @silviogalea. Roughly the same time, @jurgenappelo posted an excellent, easy to follow slideshare on The Zen of SCRUM 1.0. Ideally the product owner or the Scrum Master. Labels: agile software development , it management , project management. agile software development. (56).


Hype Cycle for 3 Phases of an Agile Backlog Groom

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Grooming is the process for an agile scrum team to absorb new work and add details. agnostic and if you are a water-scrum-fall champion, this applies to you too. The groom session goal is for the scrum team to move from initial introduction to common understanding. This common understanding of the scope is a cornerstone of agile scrum and further, Mike Willis explains the cone of uncertainty.

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The Scrum Master - A role or responsibility?

Social, Agile and Transformation

agile software development project management software developmentAt a recent industry event for publishers, I sat at a table with a number of agile development leaders and we discussed the ScrumMaster role. Do you have a dedicated ScrumMaster? For the most part, the answer came back as a ‘no’ for a number of philosophical and funding reasons. Agile practitioners love to talk about roles and responsibilities. You need a product owner, largely responsible for.


Five Reasons Your Agile Practices Fail to Deliver Results

Social, Agile and Transformation

We can call many processes "agile," and teams can claim that they are practicing scrum. agile planning agile software development cio innovation leadership organizational changeLet's call a spade a spade.

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Agile Mindsets: Don't try to get a perfect architecture; Plan to get it wrong

Social, Agile and Transformation

I still find teams that have adopted scrum and other agile practices, but still strive for perfection when trying to conceive architectures and implementation plans. agile planning agile software development cloud computing data management DevOps innovation it management software development software qaSome will also try to think through every edge case to ensure that designs are fully future-proofed. This is an unrealistic proposition for most teams and people.

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Benchmarks for Healthy Agile Planning that gets User Stories Written and Estimated

Social, Agile and Transformation

Agile practices, and scrum in particular are really strong at prescribing steps to go from sprint start to end. Teams practicing scrum will usually have a commitment meeting at the start of the sprint to decide the scope of work they aim to complete and daily standups during the sprint to discuss status and blocks. agile planning agile software development DevOps


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) May Not Be Maximum Value

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In software development, the Minimum Viable Product ( MVP ) is the quickest time to release for something useful. Design Development Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization agile Backlog Groom minimum viable product MVP scrum software devleopmentMinimum Viable Product by Henrik Kniberg. All these words are loaded: “quickest,” “release,” and “useful.”


Should You Say Yes to #NoEstimates?

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The #NoEstimates debate has struck a nerve with the software development community. It’s all about exploring alternatives to estimates (including cost, time, and effort) for making decisions in the software development life cycle. The traditional approach of software development estimating focuses on: Taking the highest priority planned work. Allows scrum team to focus on researching a viable solution by taking away timeline-driven approach.

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When to Say “No” to #NoEstimates – A Case Study

CIO Dashboard

In the complex world of enterprise software development, we say no. Without estimation in enterprise software development, we have no data points other than intangible feelings to make critical business decisions. Software developers crave the opportunity to explore a solution without the guided “red tape” of sprint timelines, estimation sessions, and user story updates. There is a place for #NoEstimates, but not in the arena of complex enterprise software development.

What Agile Teams Can Learn From 1st Graders

Social, Agile and Transformation

When I saw this hanging in my daughter''s classroom I knew it needed to be shared with Scrum Masters and other agile team members. agile planning agile software development it management organizational change project management software development So much what makes agile teams successful is dependent on their collaboration - establishing a shared understanding of priorities, solving problems, developing solutions, resolving blocks, and improving practices.

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What Drives Agile Teams to Become Agile Organizations

Social, Agile and Transformation

Organizations looking to transform need to go beyond scrum practices and improving IT project execution. CIOs and other IT leaders are looking to agile practices to transform operations, develop new products, about me agile planning agile software development cio digital transformation executive presentations future of work innovation it management organizational change software development

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New Agile Teams - Common Questions, Simple Answers

Social, Agile and Transformation

Today, less than one hundred days into this position, we have Scrum running in three programs and Kanban. about me agile planning agile software development cio innovation it management leadership offshore development organizational change software development Many readers of Social, Agile, and Transformation know that I''ve recently started a new position as Global CIO of Greenwich Associates.

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Scaling Agile for the Enterprise

CIO Dashboard

With the ever-evolving software development landscape, large enterprises are increasingly “going Agile.” Agile is applicable to many scenarios; for example, Extreme Programming (XP) zeroes in on software engineering while wrapping in novel approaches to boost quality, and Scrum is the most widely adopted agile method. By building on XP and Scrum, SAFe can effectively scale Agile throughout the enterprise by introducing Lean and portfolio management principles.

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Balancing Speed in Agile

IT Toolbox

Recently I discussed the difference between SCRUM and Kanban based agile software development. I’m guessing that some out there think that one of these methods might be better than the other. I can imagine that someone might think that whichever produces the fastest release rate or hits some target cycle. Hang on just a minute. That’s a false value. Faster is not

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How to Measure Software Quality?

Future of CIO

Software can be measured in the 'hard' way accordingly. Software eats the world, all forward-looking organizations declare they are at information businesses, and strive for software Quality, but most of them may not know how to define Quality. As quality, especially software quality is contextual and relative, but still, there can be set of guidelines which can help the team to follow the best practices to measure software quality accordingly.

Agile Process Improvement Using. Agile! - Social, Agile, and.

Social, Agile and Transformation

When I talk to leaders and teams about agile and scrum, they get the basics right away - sprint length, stand ups, commitments, getting to done, and basic backlog management. Who should be the scrum master? If you are using a coach, Id recommend using them as a Scrum Master on this team. Labels: agile software development , cio , project management , site performance. agile software development. (56). software development. (51). software qa. (8).

Agile 100

Playbook for stockpiling AI talent: Buy, borrow, build


Finding enough software engineers, Scrum masters, DevOps leaders and other potential change agents remains a […]. Read Clint Boulton explain how you can go about building your artificial intelligence infrastructure on CIO : Many IT leaders will tell you hiring tech talent is right up there with culture change as a chief hurdle to business transformation.


Enterprise Agile Development - Why you still need Project Managers.

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Ive been asked lately about the role of project managers on agile or SCRUM teams. Some specifics: Scrum and agile are very team and inward facing. Labels: agile software development , project management. agile software development. (56). software development. (51). software qa. (8). Social, Agile, and Transformation.

Top 7 Ingredients to Establishing an Agile Development Practice.

Social, Agile and Transformation

More and more teams and companies are considering agile processes, SCRUM, Extreme, or hybrids to either pilot new initiatives or to establish the practice. Bring in agile coaches, but manage them well - The agile manifesto is one page in length and while there are many books on agile and SCRUM, tailoring the process to your organizational needs requires time and experience. Labels: agile software development , project management , software development , web development.

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IT Project Management: What Makes Digital Projects Different


” However, PMO and project management processes are considered potential sources of delays by more than 80% of software development teams using Agile processes. They can flex to take on Scrum Master or even Product Owner roles, or step up into a program manager role to coordinate the work of multiple Agile teams. More than two-thirds of executives believe their company must become significantly more digitized to maintain competitiveness.

IT Applications: Four Roles for Business Analysts to Play on Agile Projects


IT applications teams, whose job it is to develop software for a company in-house, employ business analysts to do a range of tasks that involve talking to IT’s internal customers (anyone else in the company) and help turn customers’ requests into a salient request for either an upgrade or a new piece of software. an HR team that will use a new HRIS system , or a regional sales team that will trial a new piece of sales software).

5 Steps to Master Continuous Delivery


Ariane then realizes she needs to develop continuous delivery (CD), a software engineering approach where teams constantly produce valuable software in short cycles while ensuring the software can be reliably released at any time. Scrum, Kanban and scrumban are not enough to implement agile processes and practices. They are management frameworks, each with different goals, that provide no guidance for how to deliver working, consumable software.

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Give your career (and bank account) a boost with this project management bundle

Mashable VR

Across 11 courses and 29 hours of content, this training will give you a comprehensive understanding of the standard software for project managers, including JIRA, Agile, and Scrum. You won't just be reading about these core pieces of software, either.

Enterprise Agile: One Size Does Not Fit All

CIO Dashboard

It’s no surprise that agile development software methods are quickly claiming ground over waterfall methods. Integrating enterprise architecture perspective into any software development lifecycle helps organizations realize and sustain business value. Enterprise architecture thinking is particularly relevant for new software implementations, e.g. non-functional requirements (NFRs), as well as for existing, complex applications undergoing significant change.

Agile 82

Federal Government Signals Interest In Several Key Leading Edge Technologies


Agile Software Development. Today’s top trend with software development leaders is continuous development. Cloud infrastructure and mobile applications are still major aspects within the field using project management and technical approaches like SCRUM which employs real-time decision-making processes based on actual events and information. By Bob Gourley.

Four Phases of Maturing Enterprise Agile Development

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Are you a technology executive looking to adopt or migrate to an agile software development practice? In this post, Id like to share some concepts on maturing the agile software development lifecycle. Your coach will probably have a program, but heres one on How to Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps. Also, see my Top Ten Thoughts for SCRUM Newbies. Agile Software Development with Scrum Reply Delete InnomaxMediaLLP 4:52 AM Hey friend! software development.

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Getting Enterprise Executives to buy in to an Agile Development.

Social, Agile and Transformation

People have asked me, "how do you get executive buy in on moving a department or team to an agile development software lifecycle "? Agile practices (SCRUM, XP , etc.) Can you imagine a Startup CTO telling investors that they would spend two months on documentation and three months on development work before demoing a first version of software? We didnt spend a lot of time discussing SCRUM or other approaches internally or with executives. agile software development. (56).

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Old Problem – New Context – Business to IT Translation

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If they had been following a basic project management or software development life cycle it could have been avoided. It is easy to get caught up in the daily scrums and “Agile” everything driving toward instant results. In today’s world of “Cloud Everything” using “Hyper Everything” we still see an old problem creating challenges. Most IT organizations are still struggling to translate business requirements into technology requirements.


Larger Scale Agile Development - Social, Agile, and Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

Back in January, we had one team at BusinessWeek practicing agile software development. I then saw this post Agile Project Management: Lessons Learned at Google that I found on the Agile Software Development topic at Business Exchange that gave me some new ideas on scaling agile. It covers agile release planning, scrum of scrums, and a number of other advanced topics. Labels: about me , agile software development , project management , software development.

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Agile in 2008 to Twitter, Cloud Computing and Publishing in 2009.

Social, Agile and Transformation

Looking back to 2008, I shifted this blog from covering startups and issues for CTOs (re: Startup CTO ) and covered a lot about the agile software development life cycle. I also covered some practical matters on when to use (and not use) pair programming , a bit on the Scrum Master role , and on story writing vs requirements docs. Labels: agile software development , content agility , media and publishing. agile software development. (56). software development. (51).

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A Tale of 3 Cloud Strategies - Part III


In Part II (later in 2013) I added a 3 rd player to the scrum, when Microsoft introduced the concept of the Azure Pack to their Server stack, a strategy to reach down from the Cloud into the enterprise and bridging the two with a common set of APIs. Microsoft in essence took the Azure API set, and embedded it into their on-premises server software.

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Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 2 Stressing the Cloud

Cloud Musings

Securing the IoT Programming Research , in their white paper, “ How IoT isMaking Security Imperative for all Embedded Software ,” recommended that software developers should take a more careful approach to releasing new IoT products, “Security problems often stem from the need to accelerate development and bring new products to market ahead of the competition. Dwight is a Certified Scrum Master and teaches courses in Architecture, Requirements, and IVV&T.


5 Steps to Monetize Your APIs

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Also, new software development approaches are often needed to treat software as products and manage a rapid product release cycle. APIs should be developed using techniques such as Scrum with product ownership, Agile portfolio management and API product ownership to manage your APIs as products. Build vs. buy decisions and software selection as needed. API management software is a critical component to API monetization architecture.