Cloud Security Risks Rise During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Survey


As several organizations are forced to shift to work from home to curb the spread of COVID-19, IT and cloud security professionals are concerned about the security of their cloud environments, according to the “State of Cloud Securitysurvey conducted by Fugue.

Survey 240

Windows 10 1809 Security Enhancements and Security Survey


You will see an overview of Windows 10 1809 security enhancements in this post. Also, you would be able to learn more details about security survey and also need for automation efforts in security operations world. Last week Microsoft released Windows 10 1809( and paused).

Survey 114

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How Employees Feel About Coronavirus: Early Results From Forrester’s PandemicEX Survey

Forrester IT

age of the customer employee experience risk management security & risk promoted special reportOur #pandemicEX research project aimed to understand how employees are experiencing the spread of COVID-19. Read results here.

Survey 370

Developers lack skills needed for secure DevOps, survey shows

Computer Weekly

The growing demand for developers with security skills is outpacing supply, but a survey reveals that a lack of formal security education and training by employers is contributing to the growing skills gap

Survey 167

WannaCry has changed attitudes to cyber security, surveys show

Computer Weekly

Attitudes to cyber security have changed in the boardroom and among staff in the wake of the recent WannaCry attack, two surveys have revealed

Survey 162

UK workers interested in cyber security, survey shows

Computer Weekly

Many UK workers are interested in cyber security and would consider a career in the field, a survey has revealed, which could help close the skills gap

Survey 157

Cybersecurity: SMBs are keeping up with big companies, according to Cisco survey

Tech Republic Security

Cisco survey finds security experts at mid-sized companies have strong incident response plans and prioritize proactive threat hunting

Survey 165

Cyber security improves business opportunities and customer loyalty, survey shows

Computer Weekly

Businesses view cyber security as a way to provide new opportunities and improve customer loyalty, according to a Vodafone report

Survey 187

Business confidence in managing digital threats low, survey shows

Computer Weekly

Business digital transformation and cyber threats have outpaced enterprise security capacity, a survey has revealed

Survey 170

Survey On DoD Cybersecurity Rules: And book on The Cyber Threat for all organizations taking the survey


If you are in one of these companies and can provide your firm's views on these topics we would really appreciate you taking this survey. We have designed the survey to be easy and fast to take: Find it here. For more on the DoD regulations and to take the survey visit: CTOvision Survey : DoD Contracting and Cybersecurity Regulations. Big Data CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Cyber Threat

Survey 280

Survey: Data Breaches Driving Customers Away

CIO Dashboard

According to our new Global State of Information Security Survey 2013 , data breaches are driving customers away from businesses around the world. 52% of executives confessed they have lost customers as a result of inadequate information security. The Era of Security Breaches.

Survey 105

Survey: Teams supported by mature DevOps practices more likely to integrate automated security

Tech Republic Security

Adding security into DevOps hasn't been as easy as automating all the things. Sonatype's survey shows the state of the industry—and what you might want to work on next

Survey 111

Survey: Most Data Center Managers Rely on Outdated Security Practices

Information Week

While experts aren't surprised, they recommend adding the latest tools to your security strategy now

IT security hindering productivity and innovation, survey shows

Computer Weekly

IT security is hindering productivity and innovation across enterprises, research has revealed

Survey 154

Survey: 37% of workers unaware of ransomware, putting businesses at risk

Tech Republic Security

Almost 40% of employees surveyed admitted to not knowing what ransomware is, and many of them have already been victims, according to security provider Kaspersky

Survey 125

Security pros split on government access to cloud data, survey shows

Computer Weekly

Despite rapid cloud services adoption, security and compliance concerns revolving around inappropriate use or access of sensitive cloud data continue to loom large, a survey has revealed

Survey 142

UK firms struggling to manage cyber threats, survey shows

Computer Weekly

Businesses want security suppliers to offer more complementary products and collaborate more effectively as they struggle to manage data protection in the light of new laws, a survey shows

Survey 158

2018 Salary Survey: IT Pros Want to Learn about Security

Information Week

High demand (along with correspondingly high salaries) for cybersecurity professionals is boosting interest in security training

Survey: Customers want integration and strategic support from security vendors

Tech Republic Security

Vendors get low marks for customer support and committing to benchmarks

2015 National Chief Information Security Officer Survey

Cloud Musings

Recent cases have highlighted identity theft, the loss of personal financial data, and the disclosure of sensitive national security information. The executive in the hot seat for preventing these failures is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

RSAC17: Geopolitical changes driving encryption usage, survey shows

Computer Weekly

More organisations are planning to deploy encryption in response to geopolitical changes, but confidence in organisations’ ability to secure and protect encryption is low, a survey shows

Survey 120

Survey: Enterprise IT Employees are Biggest Threat to Security

Data Center Knowledge

One third of IT staff admit to having "overshared" Read More. Shared

Survey 208

GitLab survey suggests DevOps is becoming real, while DevSecOps has work to do

Tech Republic Security

Commentary: Developers are finally taking on more of an operational role, but they still aren't getting involved enough in security

Survey 131

Survey: Cloud Security Still a Concern Heading into 2016

Data Center Knowledge

Enterprises still have security concerns about moving from on-premise to cloud-computing environments, according to a recent survey by Netwrix Read More. Shared

Survey 111

COVID-19 has spurred businesses to migrate security operations to the cloud

Tech Republic Security

Companies have increased their reliance on cloud-based security platforms to protect sensitive data as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey

Survey 145

Salary survey: Experienced security managers make more than $250,000 a year

Tech Republic Security

Security pros in banking and finance make the most money but bonuses were common across all roles and industries

How to excel at secured cloud migrations through shared responsibility: A guide


The survey is based on a survey of over 700 […].

Survey 212

Infrastructure cyberattacks biggest concern for global IT security leaders


For all the worries and heartburn that critical IT networks cause for IT security leaders, the security concerns can be even greater for operational technology (OT) networks used in industry, according to a new study conducted of 1,000 IT security pros. In an interesting finding, some 74% of the survey’s global respondents reported they are […].

Survey 184

IT leaders say productivity went up during lockdown despite delaying projects and security work

Tech Republic Security

Survey finds that IT leaders plan to increase security measures when offices reopen

Survey 125

Embrace Gender Diversity in Security and Risk Management Roles


For every 100 security and risk management (SRM) executives, only about a quarter of them are women. The Gartner Gender Diversity in Security and Risk Management Survey explored how gender diversity impacts the ability of an organization to manage its security and risk management objectives. Early exposure to security and risk management disciplines develops more qualified candidates and provides professional support for gender parity.

Cloud environments are making the security alert overload problem worse

Tech Republic Security

Companies say that automation helps ease the burden but most have a long way to go to reach full implementation, according to new survey

Survey 129

Phishing attacks are a worse security nightmare than ransomware or hacking


Read why Steve Ranger says that phishing attacks are more disruptive than ransomware, malware or hacking on ZDNet : Phishing and fake emails are the biggest security headache for business and among the hardest to tackle. According to the 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey published by the UK government, the most common type of cyber […]. Cyber Security News

Survey: Wider Docker Adoption Hinges on Security, Tooling

Data Center Knowledge

Adoption has been down-up, pushed by developers, rather than top-down, driven by the C suite, but that doesn''t mean the C suite is not interested Read More. Virtualization

Survey 167

Survey: Are mobile devices a security risk at your company?

Tech Republic Security

Mobile devices offer powerful productivity, but there is also the risk of security breaches. Tech Pro Research's survey looks at the best practices for securing these devices

5 Security Questions Your Board Will Definitely Ask


How secure are we? Why do we need more money for security, when we just approved X last year? Chances are, most security and risk leaders have heard these questions, possibly multiple times, from their boards of directors. Are we 100% secure? Boards today are more informed about security risk, with just 15% of directors reporting their boards have very little to no knowledge of cyberrisk, down from 22% in 2015. What it sounds like: Are we 100% secure?

Developers agree: Application security processes have a negative impact on productivity

Tech Republic Security

86% of developers polled in a recent survey said every single aspect of appsec hinders their ability to push code

Survey 135

Developer Survey Shows Public Clouds are Seldom Used for Development

Data Center Knowledge

Developers somewhat apprehensive about security, resilience of public cloud as primary development platform Read More. Shared

Survey 173

The IT and Security Teams: Buddies or Rivals?

Information Week

InformationWeek, Dark Reading, and Interop have partnered to explore the evolving relationship between the general IT team and the security team. We invite you to take our survey

Insider Threat Gets Its Own National Awareness Month

Forrester IT

The US National Counterintelligence and Security Center has deemed September to be National Insider Threat Awareness Month to increase awareness about insider threats. In 2018, Forrester survey respondents […]. security & risk cybersecurity insider threat Security & Risk

Survey 355

Security teams want new tools but lack the budget to experiment

Tech Republic Security

A survey of 100 security professionals found that traditional defenses are prone to failure

Survey 109

Who is the weak link in mobile security? This study suggests it's the C-suite

Tech Republic Security

A survey of IT pros and top execs found that IT is worried about the lax attitude their bosses have toward security

Survey 133

IT pros agree: Security is better in the cloud

David Linthicum

About 42 percent of IT decision-makers and security managers say they are running security applications in the cloud, according to a survey of about 300 IT security pros from Schneider Electric. Almost half of those surveyed said they are likely or extremely likely to move their security operations to the cloud in a few years. In the survey, 57 percent of respondents believe the cloud is secure.

Survey 241

UK firms neglecting cyber security, say 74% of IT managers

Computer Weekly

Most UK firms lack the time and resources to ensure adequate cyber security and data protection, according to a survey of IT managers

Survey 215