Symantec Finally Agrees With Everyone Else In The Security Community: Says Antivirus Software Is Dead


As a technologist I have long respected Symantec and their many capabilities (they do far more than antivirus, see the list here). But the hottest firms in cyber security, those growing because they make real, measurable, virtuous differences in enterprise security, are growing because they realized that Symantec''s core antivirus features just are not sufficient. The reality is that antivirus software that uses old fashioned methods of signature analysi.

Symantec Government Symposium 11 March 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel Washington DC


All those factors together make the Symantec Government Symposium of 11 March 2014 one to pay attention to. The Symantec Government Symposium features 10 sessions where attendees will: Explore how agencies can develop a process for incident response prioritization and use actionable intelligence throughout the entire threat lifecycle. I also really look forward to learning everything I can about Symantec’s views and their technology roadmap.


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Big Data News: Symantec Picks Splunk for Enterprise Security Tool

Data Center Knowledge

Looker Datafold Engine empowers analysts with more meaningful insights through its in-database architecture, Symantec uses Splunk software to boost its security intelligence operations, and CommVault''s Simpana 10 software has achieved certified integration with the SAP HANA platform. Big Data commvault looker sap splunk Symantec

Symantec Vows to Become ‘New Force’ in Cybersecurity

Data Center Knowledge

Less than three months after its major acquisition of Blue Coat, the software vendor also reiterated its commitment to the channel during Symantec Partner Engage 2016 in Los Angeles. Read More. Shared

Symantec to Buy Security Software Firm Blue Coat for $4.65B

Data Center Knowledge

Blue Coat product suite can strengthen Symantec in areas of cloud data protection, digital forensics, management of encrypted network traffic Read More. Deals Security

Symantec Adds AWS Hybrid Storage Support to Backup Software

Data Center Knowledge

Latest update includes support for AWS Storage Gateway, latest vSphere Read More. Storage

Symantec Joins OpenStack Foundation as Gold Member

Data Center Knowledge

Security software firm has already been important contributor to open source cloud project Read More. Cloud Computing Security

Symantec and Kaspersky Labs Banned from China as Government Obliged to Choose Domestic Security Software

Data Center Knowledge

Government procurement agency excludes two firms from security software supplier list. Read More. Shared

We Are Living In The Age of the Mega-Breach


Every year for 19 Years Symantec has produced an Internet Security Threat Report, capturing insights which can inform defenses. Symantec is known for their Global Intelligence Network , a monitoring capability made up of more than 41 million attack sensors. Here is how they describe this network: Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network is made up of more than 41.5 Symantec also found that the length of these campaigns was three times longer than campaigns in 2012.

Wormable flaws in Symantec products expose millions of computers to hacking

Network World

A Google security researcher has found high severity vulnerabilities in enterprise and consumer products from antivirus vendor Symantec that could be easily be exploited by hackers to take control of computers. Symantec released patches for the affected products, but while some products were updated automatically, some affected enterprise products could require manual intervention.

Bidding Open on DHS’ $6B Security Hub, House report stresses sharing


” “The suppliers will provide a centralized way for government agencies to procure hardware, software and consulting services for continuous monitoring and real-time threat detection.” Google Play store inundated with scam apps, Symantec says – “A steady stream of questionable applications is flowing daily into Google’s Play store for Android devices, according to security vendor Symantec.”

Understanding the Security Risks of New Cloud Software


Cloud computing provides businesses with quality solutions for their IT needs, as well as substantial cost savings over purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software. Although software like hypervisors can create and manage separate virtual environments, it's important that cloud providers ensure some level of compartmentalization so user data or applications aren't compromised by malicious software. Carol M. Evenson.

Experts Tackle Enterprise Mobility at Latest B2B IT Forum

The Investing Edge

App development and distribution: Building apps for the enterprise is not easy, Verivo Software CEO Steve Levy said. Advice Events Mobility & Communications 451 research android appdev apperian apps B2BIT Forum bernd leger BYOD chris hazelton cim buser Enterprise ios ken daniels localytics mobility NERD Center prat vermana Staples steve levy swarna podila symantec verivo software Despite the monumental traffic on Tuesday night (where did that come from?!?),

B2B 101

6 of the best antivirus software options for securing your online world

Mashable VR

Antivirus software is an essential part of any PC owner's arsenal. Staying safe from viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing threats is just the beginning when it comes to what a good antivirus software package can protect you from. Free antivirus software is an option but, typically, free solutions have fewer options and features than paid software. More about Tech , Software , Antivirus , Tech , and Consumer Tech. Symantec Norton 360.

Mobile App Development in the Enterprise: What’s Next?

The Investing Edge

Not only has there been a significant shift in how enterprises develop and deploy software (enterprises now deploy more apps for employee internal use (22%) than consumers (12%) , but smartphones have become the dominant interaction point for employees, as they have with customers and consumers. Events Mobility & Communications 451 research apperian apps B2B IT Forum BYOD chris hazelton consumerization events localytics mobile mobility samsung Staples symantec verivo

The best malware protection software to guard you from online threats

Mashable VR

Luckily, there are all kinds of viable software options to detect, prevent, and deter these threats from impacting you. However, selecting the right software to keep your information safe can quickly get complicated. SEE ALSO: 8 of the best antivirus software options. More about Tech , Software , Antivirus , Tech , and Consumer Tech. Symantec Norton 360 Premium. Tech Software Antivirus Consumer Tech

Suspected CIA spying tools linked to hacks in 16 countries

Network World

The suspected CIA spying tools exposed by WikiLeaks have been linked to hacking attempts on at least 40 targets in 16 countries, according to security firm Symantec. The tools share “close similarities” with the tactics from an espionage team called Longhorn, Symantec said in a Monday post. Longhorn has been active since at least 2011, using Trojan programs and previously unknown software vulnerabilities to hack targets.

Does Next-Generation Anti-Virus Solve the Fatal Flaws of Anti-Virus?


Many of us in the community, myself included, have long said that anti-virus is dead and even a senior VP at Symantec has now admitted such. Analysis Architecture CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC FedTech anti-virus Antivirus software cio CISO endpoint SensorThe chorus of voices declaring the end of anti-virus has reached a deafening pitch.

PcTechmate: Automating repair of malware ridden systems


Problem: Everyone is in agreement that today’s antivirus software alone is no longer a viable solution by itself. The most recent reports from Symantec and McAfee have publicly said “Do not rely solely on our products to protect your computer.” Signature based solutions are being bypassed by malware every day. Face it, the bad guys are winning. The pervasiveness and sophistication of modern malware is damaging computers to a point where expert int. To read more please log in.

Building the Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

That search has led many companies to research and implement Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) as a way to replace or augment their existing data center infrastructure. With SDDC, it is possible for companies to replace their data center’s infrastructure with a virtualized environment and then deliver services and software as a service. There’s some obvious benefits found with a software defined approach to the data center.

Agile 171

Cybersecurity alliance promoting intel-sharing seeks to expand

Network World

Hackers have probably had a harder time slipping past your security software, thanks to an alliance between some of the top vendors in the industry. Rivals including Fortinet, Intel Security, Palo Alto Networks and Symantec originally entered into the alliance over two years ago, even as doubts arose over whether it’d last.

Microsoft disrupted Trickbot, a ‘prolific’ ransomware distributor and election security threat


” Microsoft said it used a new legal approach for the first time that includes copyright claims “against Trickbot’s malicious use of our software code.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. GeekWire File Photo).

Security and cloud vets raise $20M for incident response automation startup StackPulse


As companies rely more heavily on cloud-based services, software outages can be much more painful and detrimental. The trio previously co-founded Luminate Security, which was acquired by Symantec in 2019. StackPulse CEO Ofer Smadari. StackPulse Photo).

Forget signatures for malware detection. SparkCognition says AI is 99% effective  

Network World

Kaspersky Lab says it finds 323,000 files daily, AV-TEST claims to discover more than 390,000 new malicious programs every day, and Symantec says it uncovers almost a million new threats per day. No matter how you count it, that’s a lot of malicious software being unleased into the wild day after day. This column is available in a weekly newsletter called IT Best Practices. Click here to subscribe.

Portland startup DeepSurface Security raises $1M to help companies assess vulnerabilities


Led by security industry veterans, the 3-year-old startup sells software that assesses potential risk and lays out a “hacker roadmap.” DeepSurface Security co-founders Tim Morgan, CTO, and James Dirksen, CEO. DeepSurface Photos). Portland, Ore.-based

The Right Services in the Right Way

Eric D. Brown

I recently watched a talk by Symantec’s Jeff Hausman and Drew Meyer that described the agile data center a bit better than my original definition. In addition to the definition itself, the above slide provides some excellent insight into the use of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) technologies, Platform-As-A-Service (or Software-As-A-Service), agile / elastic infrastructure and ‘metadata’ to help organizations make this new definition a reality.

Technology News and Hot Topics


Facial recognition software that can identify suspects, databases that can be tapped to track suspects’ movements and locations, automatic license plate … Read more on Los Angeles Times. Regin, new computer spyware, discovered by Symantec. A leading computer security company says it has discovered one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software ever seen. A software problem in … Read more on New York Times. By Bob Gourley.

Raindrop Malware Discovered in SolarWinds Breach

SecureWorld News

Symantec was able to do some digging into SolarWinds and had some interesting findings. This computer happen to be running computer access and management software, which resulted in the attackers being able to access any computer in the organization.

The Data Center of Tomorrow

Eric D. Brown

With the introduction of virtualization, automation, Software Defined Data Center (SDCC) technologies, converged platforms, cloud systems and other technology platforms and systems, companies can now build out a data center that can deliver any type of functionality and feature the company needs today, tomorrow or in the future. This post is brought to you by Symantec and The Transition To The Agile Data Center.

Everything As A Service

Eric D. Brown

We have an abundance of Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS), Communications-As-A-Service (CaaS), Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) and many other X-aaS systems/platforms. This post is brought to you by Symantec and The Transition To The Agile Data Center. It seems like every article you read about technology today includes a service delivered in an ‘-As-A-Service’ approach.

Agile 156

Intel spinout: McAfee is back

Network World

Since then Intel has incorporated technology in some chips that power features of its security software, and Intel Security’ endpoint protection technology is well thought of, consistently ranking among the leaders in Gartner’s analysis of that category. It is ranked number two in market share behind Symantec and in front of Trend Micro.

Intel 60

The Sidelined CIO

Eric D. Brown

These CIO’s are seeing themselves sidelined today because they are still waiting to be asked to ‘help’ when, in fact, most parts of the business can turn up new systems and services at the push of a button with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers. This post is brought to you by Symantec and The Transition To The Agile Data Center. The 2014 CIO State of the CIO Survey has some interesting data related to the role of the CIO.

The Month of July: Monthly Update 7-1-2019

Linux Academy

The first is the launch of a new study group called the Symantec Threat Report Run Down ! The study group goes over what Symantec saw as the biggest threat vulnerabilities in 2018. Plus what really happens on a 64-bit Linux box when you run 32-bit software, some very handy picks, our reaction to the new Raspberry Pi 4 and more.

Tech Moves: Smartsheet, Qumulo, Zipwhip add board directors; Bardy hires a new president; Maven co-founder steps down; and more


Fink previously served as chief marketing officer at Tableau Software for 11 years. He is currently the CEO of contact center software provider Five9. Trollope spent more than two decades at Symantec and was an SVP at Cisco Systems as part of the collaboration technology group.

Are next-generation firewalls legacy technology?

Network World

Software is eating the world. Remember Marc Andreessen’s famous essay about the rise of software ? Ironically, his publication doesn’t dedicate a single word to cybersecurity, but make no mistake, software is eating the cybersecurity world as well. Rather than deploy physical network devices, data center firewalling of east-west traffic is rapidly moving toward software-based micro-segmentation tools (i.e.

The Sony Hack in Context


Indeed, penetrations of corporate information systems are so widespread, persistent and severe that government agencies and cyber security firms such as Symantec independently estimate America is losing “hundreds of billions” of dollars in intellectual property per year. Implementation of end point security software alone, such as that produced by US companies such as Invincea and Bromium, could by itself stop the most common hacking techniques in use today (e.g. By Chris Mellon.

Fountainhead: What Is Meant by a "Cloud-Ready" Application?


than one version of their software. I also wanted to share a brief thought here: What would a "cloud-ready" software suite look like? We all know that large software and platform vendors (think: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix, CA, IBM, HP etc.) offer tons of what they call end-to-end software. Traditionally, ISVs (and their customers) have had focus on code, on APIs, on performance tools, and on management/monitoring software.

Free Cloud Courses at Linux Academy — July 2019

Linux Academy

Principal Systems Engineer from Symantec Corporation and Ell Marquez for a Threat Report Rundown. Linux Academy Study Group July 2019: Symantec Threat Report Rundown. Learn how the Linux kernel interoperates with glibc (and the rest of the binary toolchain), and how various software packages rely on the kernel and glibc to provide interfaces and services, as well as the “why” behind many of the features and idiosyncrasies of the Kernel and glibc.

How to Report Spam Email


Download free software only from sites that you know of and trust. Protect your computer with antivirus, firewall, spam filter, and anti-spyware software. Symantec: Report Phishing Page. Spam has become part of our everyday lives, and can be quite annoying. It wastes time and resources. There are steps you can take to limit spam, similar to the way you would treat an annoying or uninvited telemarketing sales call. How to Reduce Spam. Use an Email Filter.

Here are some of the best wireless routers you can buy


Best Wireless Router with Free Backup Software. The backup software availability makes the router ideal for those who want their files to be safeguarded automatically. Symantec Norton Core Secure Wireless Router.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Hacking Healthcare


Ahmadi: Billy provided me the images from various pieces of medical device software and in them we found literally over 1000 known vulnerabilities. Using older software within your own software always carries risk.

Help! I have a Virus!

Sean Daniel

Let’s quickly talk about what a “virus” is: A virus is actually software that is harmful to you or others running on your computer. Spyware is software that tends to steal from you, capture credit card information, your password etc, also bad, and again Windows Defender will capture most of these, but not all Bloatware is software that that is trying to help you do something, but something you probably don’t need. I get this question a lot.

Lost In Translation? - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Is your R&D only updating current hardware and software? Hardware is ( becoming a ) commodity, and I think we have to separate the hardware discussion from the software discussion. Several competitors are doing better than EMC in backup software (CommVault, Symantec, Veeam, etc.) Not as a backup software market. Let's take Data Domain: is that software or hardware? software defined storage. Chucks Blog.