Unified communications underpins master agent deal for VoIP supplier

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VoIP Supply has entered into a master agent agreement with California-based PanTerra for the distribution of PanTerra’s unified cloud services. VoIP Supply has secured master agent authority to distribute PanTerra products through its CloudSpan marketplace. It has also been granted permission to authorize sub-agents for the re-sale of PanTerra unified cloud services. VoIP Supply

Context warns of VoIP wars at Black Hat USA

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A lack of understanding of modern VoIP and unified communications security opens many service providers and businesses to cyber attack, a Context IS researcher warns at Black Hat USA

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VoIP hardware provider pursues certification

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As demands for VoIP phones increases, platforms that offer customers device-neutral adoption and integration are working to support as wide a choice of hardware as possible. Yealink, a leading global unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, and Phonism a cloud solution for VoIP device provisioning and management, this week certified all Yealink desktop IP phones

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VoIP vs. UCaaS: Understanding the Differences

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Cloud technology has led to just about everything being offered up as a service , and unified communications (UC) hasn’t been left out. With some vendors offering hosted voice over IP (VoIP) communications, there has been some confusion over whether UC or UCaaS is the better solution. The result is UC as a Service (UCaaS).

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Can you anticipate VoIP network issues?

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As more businesses migrate and make the transition to VoIP, the pressing issues of network performance and reliability continue to rear their sometimes not-so-pretty heads. For example, as a business expands, will its unified communications network, in which VoIP often plays a key role, be able to hold up?

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Why SMBs need to be Thinking about Hosted VoIP

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There is a lot for decision-makers to understand about VoIP itself, just as there is for the hosted services model. Building on that, there is a lot to learn about the hosted VoIP opportunity, and from there, the bigger picture around Unified Communications and collaboration. I write regularly about all variations of this topic, as ongoing research keeps showing new things.

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VoIP vulnerable to hackers, security consultant warns

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IT and security testing teams are struggling to keep pace with the risk VoIP systems face from hacking and the growing number of other known threats, according to Fatih Ozavci, a managing consultant at Context Information Security. Speaking at the Black Hat USA security conference in Las Vegas, Ozavci warned that a lack of understanding of modern VoIP and unified communications security

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UC companies prowling for the next hot VoIP acquisition

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The growth of unified communications (UC) throughout North America’s business infrastructure is leading some larger firms to take to the acquisitions trail in an effort to broaden their offering. VoIP is an important piece in the overall UC puzzle, and VoIP companies are becoming increasingly tempting acquisition targets for fast-growing players in the UC space.

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5 Reasons Why VoIP Disaster Recovery Is Critical for Your Business

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This article focuses on BC/DR for your voice over IP (VoIP)/unified communications (UC) business phone system. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural and man-made disasters create situations that demand a solid business continuity (BC)/disaster recovery (DR) plan in case of serious interruptions to your organization’s business. The year 2017 has been a busy year for hurricanes

3 Ways Cloud-Based VoIP/UC Changes the Reseller Business Model

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The voice over IP (VoIP)/unified communications (UC) market has dozens of types of resellers. Progressive resellers started to sell hosted VoIP and UC about 10 years ago, which in itself requires a mindset change to recurring revenues fromTraditional interconnects and on-premises private branch exchange resellers have been around for years and continue to exist, but their profit model is changing.

With CRM developer, VoIP firm boosts customer experience

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Broadvoice has acquired XBP with the aim of bringing XBP’s communications development software into its own suite of hosted and unified communications offerings. With its strong position in the market for both VoIP and contact centers, the deal will enable Broadvoice to distribute XBP’s software to a far wider audience.

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Novus and China's Yealink forge VoIP US distribution agreement

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Leading North American VoIP distributor Novus has established a sales partnership with Yealink, a Chinese-headquartered specialist in unified communications (UC) voice solutions for re-sellers and businesses. Novus will now offer Yealink’s full portfolio of voice terminals to US-based resellers, service providers and business customers. Yealink’s products include conference

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Cloudli Communications Delivers the Future of Work

Tech Republic Cloud

Cloudli helps businesses of all sizes communicate internally and with their customers – how, where and when they want – without compromising security, reliability, and efficiency. Our solutions include work-from-anywhere unified communications apps, VoIP connectivity solutions optimized for any size business, and digital fax solutions that leverage new technologies without disrupting trusted. Who is Cloudli?


What the "C-Suite" Needs to Hear for a VoIP Buy-in

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You know the power of "VoIP," or voice-over-Internet protocol that allows for online phone calls, and "UC," or unified-communications solutions like integrated business communications including instant messaging. These tools would transform the way your organization does business, but you need the decision makers at the top to get on board with the procurement process. You face several challenges

What Does Cloud VoIP-UC Consolidation Mean to Your Phone System?

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Regardless of whether you’re an end user or a reseller, you may be affected by the continuous consolidation taking place in the voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) market. Industry experts say that consolidation is growing at a rapid pace, from approximately $35 billion in 2015 to approximately $95 billion by 2023. To achieve these lofty projections, there will be a significant

Do your VoIP services have a case of the 'jitters'?


Since the global adoption of VoIP and video as primary communication solutions, Unified Communications (UC) has never had a more valuable asset. However, because VoIP relies on an internet connection, poor network performance is one of the most common issues affecting it.


Give yourself a leading-edge in the IT industry by becoming Cisco-certified

Venture Beast

IT jobs including cloud architect, cloud engineer, unified communications engineer, and VoIP engineer are now among some of the most s… Read More. Did you miss a session from the Future of Work Summit? Head over to our Future of Work Summit on-demand library to stream.


Dialing with Your Voice Assistant

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It could be an interesting wrinkle to the already-evolving voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) market. Recent news headlines point to the next version of Amazon Alexa being able to make phone calls and act as an intercom. A quick check of the Amazon Echo store shows only

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What Makes Some IP Phones Better Than Others?

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As time passes and cloud-based voice over IP (VoIP)/unified communications (UC) services continue to grow, IP phones have become easier to use, more application friendly, and more cost-effective. All IP phones aren’t created equal. Vendors and resellers that sell IP phones may overuse this cliché, but it’s still a true statement.

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How Innovation Drives Collaboration

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During this series , I’m exploring five distinct drivers for collaboration, and by extension Unified Communications. Whether your business is currently using VoIP or legacy telephony, it’s largely a standalone application, but today voice can be so much more. When the discussion shifts to

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NetSuite Embraces Cloud Communications

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A recent market research report placed the value of the global VoIP services market in 2015 at some $86 billion, with the prediction that it will hit almost $200 billion by 2024. The unified communications market is forecast to reach $96 billion by 2023. Whatever the final numbers turn out to be, the transition to IP communicationsFacebook Messenger Adds Group Calling.

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Essential Technologies That Your Start-Up Needs


For better communication. The larger the business, the more moving pieces there are, and it becomes essential to ensure that communication is easily managed at every level. There are two ways to make certain that you are using the best communication strategies, and whether you opt for Unified Communication technology or the more popular VoIP option, you will take control of your connectivity.


Understanding The Challenges Telco's Have Faced During COVID-19


’ Outbound testing increased, as did reliance and on and the usage of VoIP technologies, according to Hayes. Spearline provides quality assurance tools for business communication services, allowing you to proactively manage your inbound and outbound voice, SMS and Fax services.

Hyper-segmentation – How to Avoid Cyber Disasters


After spinning off from Lucent Technologies and AT&T, Avaya became the experts in SIP, Internet telephony, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and all thing VOIP. Nathaniel Crocker. There is a new kind of disaster that is currently striking all our agencies—cyber disaster. Unlike natural disasters, man-made disasters are avoidable. Like other man-made disasters, we need to find a way to prevent cyber disasters.

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Talk to me: UC, UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS


Like many things linked to technology, the communications landscape is constantly evolving. Once upon a time, the major modes of communication were generally bundled into a state institution providing postal, telegraph, and telephone services. Communications service options available to businesses are more flexible and feature-rich than ever, but selecting services can be a challenge. Communicating - it is about talking.


Will cognitive networks enable better conversations in the future?


The telecoms industry has undergone a fundamental transformation with the decline of traditional landlines and the rapid evolution of technologies such as smart devices, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and cloud computing. With keen competition in the market, customer experience management is now a vital focus for telecoms and unified communications providers. The increasing complexity of networking environments.