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Ransomware Exponentially Increasing as IoT Provides Physical Targeting Opportunities


Crystal Lister. This article increases awareness for organizations seeking to enhance their digital risk posture against the increasing threat of ransomware (a type of malware) deployed by threat actors to prevent or limit users from accessing their system until a ransom is paid. million in 2015 to 638 million in 2016.

Clearing Specific Print Queues

Mick's IT Blog

In a recent deployment, we ran into an issue where there had been print jobs stuck in the print que on some machines. We thought we had it fixed by running the following cmdlet: Get-WmiObject Win32_Printer | where-object { $_.Name Name -like "*Workshare*" } | foreach-object { $_.CancelAllJobs() We did not want to delete print jobs to other printers.


5 Cybersecurity Need-to-Knows When Preventing Expensive Data Breaches


Carol M. Evenson. Security breaches can happen to any organization. Companies do a brisk business online. Small businesses also need to be concerned.

What Exactly The Heck Are Prescriptive Analytics?

Forrester IT

Prescriptive analytics is about using data and analytics to improve decisions and therefore the effectiveness of actions. Prescriptive Analytics.

Event 51 Drive Failure Reporting Tool

Mick's IT Blog

Last year, we had a high level executive that started having slowness and extended drive usage. You can read more about event 51 here.

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New products of the week 2.20.17

Network World

New products of the week Image by Riverbed Our roundup of intriguing new products.

 Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Using AI, Google was able to reduce its total data center power consumption by 15 percent, which will save the company hundreds of millions of dollars over the next several years. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Thought Leaders In Direct Contact With Adversaries Provide Insights Into New Cyber Attack Techniques


Bob Gourley. One of the greatest things about the annual RSA Conference is the open sharing of lessons learned between cybersecurity practitioners.

Did you want a side of SLBS (server less BS) with your software or hardware FUD?

Storage IO Blog

It turns out, serverless BS (SLBS) and hardware less are still trendy, and while some might view the cloud or software-defined data center (SDDC) virtualization, or IoT folks as the culprits, it is more widespread with plenty of bandwagon riders. To me what’s ironic is that many purveyors of of SLBS also like to talk about hardware.

Top European Cities for IT Professionals in 2017

IT Toolbox

In Europe there are many new funds being established to support the IT start-ups accompanied by dozens of IT networking events scheduled to happen this year

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12 steps to small business security

Network World

Swimming upstream? Because malware, accidents and disasters are all waiting in the wings to pop out and make your life hell and cost you lots of money.

Interxion to Build £30 London Data Center Despite Brexit Concerns

Data Center Knowledge

Investment in London shows confidence despite Brexit, but commitments more bullish elsewhere in Europe Read More. Colocation Interxion

Yahoo takes $350m cut on deal with Verizon after security breaches

Computer Weekly

Ending months of speculation, Verizon has announced a revised deal for acquiring Yahoo’s core business that is $350m less than the original due to revelations of two major data breaches

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Azure’s rise instills doubts in AWS shops

David Linthicum

RightScale’s “State of the Cloud” report is out now and has been well covered by InfoWorld , so I won't give you the rundown here. But But there were key findings I want to point out in terms of impact to the enterprise. According to the report: . Google grew from 10 to 15 percent to maintain third position.

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Five Keys for Easier ERP Deployments

IT Toolbox

Don’t panic. That might be the famous advice from the Douglas Adams series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy , but it also is words of wisdom for those entrusted with deploying a new ERP system for their business. “ERP implementations have been perceived as difficult for as long as we’ve had ERPs,” admits Eva

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8 steps to regaining control over shadow IT

Network World

Gartner predicts that by 2020, one-third of security breaches will come in through shadow IT services.

Trump Team Sounding Out Tech Firms Ahead of Delayed Cyber Order

Data Center Knowledge

Companies stress public-private partnership Read More. Government Security

Sweden uses Minecraft for urban planning

Computer Weekly

Swedish National Land survey has put its maps on Minecraft to promote its work

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Five ways to align digital transformation with data-driven practices

Social, Agile and Transformation

Let's examine a couple of ways you can align two transformation programs to achieve complementary and reinforcing results. Your digital transformation program has a number of initiatives that enable new markets, develop new products, and should be targeting an overall improvement in customer experiences.

IBM launches $200m centre to double down on Watson and IoT

Tech Republic Data Center

The new centre in Munich will see IBM collaborate with BMW and others on how to use cognitive computing to extract useful insights from IoT data

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IDG Contributor Network: What is OWASP, and why it matters for AppSec

Network World

Modern software development is firmly focused on speed. The race to be first in the market is extremely competitive. To innovate, companies develop at breakneck pace, quickly establishing feedback loops that allow them to hone their software. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Court Throws Out Facebook’s Motion to Dismiss Data Center Design Lawsuit

Data Center Knowledge

Judge concludes BladeRoom has made good-enough argument to continue litigation Read More. BladeRoom Data Center Design Facebook Modular Data Centers

All RBS and NatWest branches to have a technology expert

Computer Weekly

RBS Group is putting a digital expert in every NatWest and RBS branch in 2017

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Transition for One of The Nation’s Greatest Enterprise CTOs: Dave Mihelcic Retires From DISA


Bob Gourley. Editor's note: Dave Mihelcic has been a leader, mentor and friend to thousands, including me.  I wish him the very best in his transition from government service.  It was great to see how DISA honored him with with a farewell release on their site. Find and follow Dave on LinkedIn here. -bg. The following is from: DISA CTO Retirement .

Six (or more) data center and software defined management dashboards

Storage IO Blog

Recently I found in my inbox a link to a piece 6 Dashboards for Managing Every Modern Data Center that caught my attention. I was hoping to see who the six different dashboard solutions were instead of finding list of dashboard considerations for modern data centers and data infrastructures. their product).

IDG Contributor Network: Breaking through the cybersecurity bubble

Network World

For many in the cybersecurity space, the world revolves around the attack vector. Many security vendors narrowly focus on their version of the prevent, defend and respond paradigm—focusing on their purported supremacy and on making their case to get a piece of the enterprise security budget pie. Don't draw lines that separate different fields.

Google Launches Bare-Metal Cloud GPUs for Machine Learning

Data Center Knowledge

All three cloud giants now offer GPU infrastructure as a service Read More. Cloud Computing Google

Multi-cloud management: Making it work for the enterprise

Computer Weekly

As the hype surrounding multi-cloud infrastructure continues to grow, what do enterprises need to do to make the model work for them

How ERP Supports Your Business Growth Strategy

IT Toolbox

As a business grows and expands, so do challenges to its continued success. Companies look to various business growth strategies to aid them as they move forward. In addition, companies will turn to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to support the business growth strategy that’s best for their needs.

CIOs Want To Know: How Can I Get My Best Workers To Stay?

The Accidental Successful CIO

In order to keep your best workers, you need to know what they are thinking Image Credit: Nicolas Raymond. Discovering How IT Workers Feel. What to do?

We finally know how much a data breach can cost

Network World

Everyone knows corporate data breaches can be expensive, but does anyone really know exactly how expensive? Recent estimates for the average cost have landed all over the map, ranging from $4 million to $7 million. But when it comes to the top end of the scale, those appraisals turn out to be laughably small.

Diamanti Launches Hyperconverged Infrastructure Appliance, Raises $18M

Data Center Knowledge

Appliance designed to make deployment of containerized applications easier for IT Read More. Blades Convergence

High Court rules for SAP, against Diageo in indirect licensing case

Computer Weekly

Judge rejects Diageo’s submission that SAP PI is a “gatekeeper” licence for gaining access to the SAP suite of applications and database

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Cern: 'We generate 1PB each second. Here's what that's taught us about big data'

Tech Republic Big Data

The big data pioneer on how to use machine learning to mine gold from your company's data stores