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Europe: NCTA CloudMASTER® Hotspot

Cloud Musings

The ongoing digital transformation continues to generate a steady demand for workers with increasingly sophisticated digital skills.

Quick Look On Report of the President’s Commission on Cybersecurity


Bob Gourley. The report of the President's Commission on Enhancing Cybersecurity has just been posted to the White House Website. You can download the report here ). My quick thoughts: If you are a technologist or a security expert or have been tracking security issues, you can skip the first 10 pages. You know the state of things. So can Congress.

Smart Manufacturing Is Cloud Computing

Cloud Musings

As cloud computing simultaneously transforms multiple industries many have wondered about how this trend will affect manufacturing.

B2B 121

The Case For Pessimism -- And Optimism -- In The IT Labor Market

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Such is the life of a geek. How is their world changing? It's relevant because change is in the air. Cloud, baby. The Case For Pessimism. Mixed Bag?

Amazon AWS’ Presence in Italy May Look Strangely Nuclear

Data Center Knowledge

Amazon Green Data Centers Site Selection AWS re:Invent 2016 Enel Fabio Veronese italy nuclear power plant repurposing

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DCK Exclusive: Infomart President John Sheputis Talks Strategy

Data Center Knowledge

Read More. Colocation Dallas

New products of the week 11.28.16

Network World

New products of the week Image by CA Our roundup of intriguing new products.

Transforming Development with AWS

All Things Distributed

In my keynote at AWS re:Invent today, I announced 13 new features and services (in addition to the 15 we announced yesterday). Transformation in Data.

Step-by-Step: Manage all your servers from anywhere, on any browser, for free


And now, there is a way to start managing ALL your servers wherever they are, using any device with a browser.  Nice!! hope this was helpful. Cheers!

Tech Forecast 2017: IT sharpens its focus

ComputerWorld IT Management

Tech executives are optimistic as they head into 2017. One of the biggest reasons for the hopeful outlook is the fact that business and IT are finally on the same page, with planned technology projects and overall strategic business goals closely aligned for the upcoming year.


Azure Stack in 6 Months, Says HPE Exec

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Hewlett-Packard Microsoft Antonio Neri HPE Discover London 2016 hybrid cloud Microsoft Azure Stack Scott Guthrie Spencer Shepler

IDG Contributor Network: How to architect the network so IoT devices are secure

Network World

Just as the internet changed everything, a new revolution known as the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to produce even greater disruption. Primarily because IoT sensors will be utilized everywhere—in hospitals to monitor medical devices, in factories to supervise operations, in buildings for controlling temperature and lighting, etc.

Cybersecurity in President Trump's America: The first 100 days

Tech Republic Security

It could take months to know what the Trump administration's cybersecurity policy will be. Cyber-defense experts weigh in with advice and best practices for securing your company today

Security Jobs In IT: Reasons why very few people are willing to fill it


Cybersecurity, the protection of online systems and documents is well on its way to having a crisis.  Improving the process. Cyber talent.

IDG Contributor Network: 25 tech certifications earning the highest cash premiums right now

ComputerWorld IT Management

[Author's Note: This is the second in a series highlighting the highest paying and fastest growing certified and noncertified tech skills at 3,000 U.S. and Canadian employers.] Why would an employer pay its tech workers extra cash for a skill or certification if they're already getting a salary and annual bonus?

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HPE Dumps OpenStack, Cloud Foundry Assets Onto SUSE

Data Center Knowledge

HPE has agreed to hand over its interest in both the OpenStack hybrid cloud platform and Cloud Foundry cloud-native apps platform. Read More. Deals Hewlett-Packard Bill Hilf cloud foundry helion Michael Miller (SUSE) Micro Focus openstack suse

Cloud 33
Cloud 33

IBM warns of rising VoIP cyber-attacks

Network World

Cyber-attacks using the VoIP protocol Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) have been growing this year accounting for over 51% of the security event activity analyzed in the last 12 months, according to a report from IBM’s Security Intelligence group this week. Persistent, invalid messages are known to cause vulnerable servers and equipment to fail.


The big news at AWS Re:Invent isn't what you think

David Linthicum

The news coming out of Amazon’s AWS Re:Invent show this week included the keynote of Andy Jassy, where he announced more than 10 new services. It was like an Apple keynote but for the cloud. InfoWorld did a great job of covering the event, so you can get a good recap here on the InfoWorld site. InfoWorld’s AWS Re:Invent coverage. Alexa?

Do you have what it takes to be a great CIO?

Computer Weekly

CIOs have the potential to become business leaders – it’s a matter of nurturing the right skills, talent and relationships, according to Deloitte


Why Smart Manufacturing is a Dumb Idea


Steven Blue. Someone asked me recently my thoughts on Smart Manufacturing. The so-called IT revolution in the factory. They couldn’t believe that I didn’t see Smart Manufacturing as the salvation of American manufacturing. Don’t misunderstand me. Smart Manufacturing has a place in reviving American manufacturing. have a smart factory. Big mistake.

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Amazon VP: The Network Gear Economy Is Becoming Commoditized

Data Center Knowledge

Amazon Networking ASIC AWS re:Invent 2016 broadcom custom routers James Hamilton (AWS

Security products are among the most vulnerability-riddled software products

Network World

Why do you spend the big bucks for security products? For protection, right? But many of the top security vendors utilize open-source or third-party components and libraries which are seemingly packed with vulnerabilities. While this is something you already know, a new report found that security products are some of the most vulnerable software.

Another Agency Gets Gobbled Up: Accenture Announces The Acquisition Of Karmarama

Forrester IT

Over the past few years, we've seen a flurry of consultancies acquiring agencies. Acquity, BGT Partners, Lunar, and Cynergy are just some of the agencies that have been scooped up. The agencies and consultancy convergence has radically altered the conversation for marketers looking to purchase marketing services. Application Development

Who's on your IT security dream team?

ComputerWorld IT Management

(Insider Story

Future of the server operating system

Computer Weekly

We look at the evolution of the server operating system, and how the next generation is moving into the cloud

FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump

Data Center Knowledge

The FBI, National Security Agency and CIA are likely to gain expanded surveillance powers under President-elect Donald Trump Read More. Regulation Security

Goodbye SIEM, Hello SOAPA

Network World

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems have been around for a dozen years or so.  During that timeframe, SIEMs evolved from perimeter security event correlation tools, to GRC platforms, to security analytics systems.  Of course, there is a community of innovative upstarts that believe that SIEM is a legacy technology. 

Why Now Is the Ideal Time for the CIO to Work with Graphs


Emil Eifrem. Commercial corporations in the Internet Age face endlessly growing data asset management – but traditional business technology isn’t the way to help, argues Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem. Digital consumers are generating data at an exponential rate, via social networking, emails, blogs and smartphones. But that 2.5 variety of use cases.

Amazon goes all-in on AI and big data at AWS re:Invent 2016

Tech Republic Big Data

At the 2016 AWS re:Invent conference, CEO Andy Jassy unveiled new updates to compute, analytics, and artificial intelligence tools

Finnair digitises core business processes via Apple and IBM

Computer Weekly

Finnair is working with IBM to bring user-friendly apps to its internal workforce

Apple 28
Apple IBM 28

The Mission Critical Cloud: Designing an Enterprise Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

As more organizations adopt enterprise cloud, it's become even more important to support the critical apps sitting on top. Now, find out the key considerations when designing your mission-critical enterprise cloud. Read More. Cloud Computing Featured cloud enterprise cloud

Google security expert says antivirus apps don’t work

Network World

Please no more magic," he said, according to The Register. "We need to stop investing in those things we have shown do not work."  To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Why firewalls are not recommended for securing SCADA systems

Tech Republic Security

SCADA systems need to be secure, yet according to one expert, firewalls are not up to the task, and should be replaced with Unidirectional Security Gateways. Learn what to look for in a USG

Why choosing a free platform can be a good way for your company to start analyzing data

Tech Republic Big Data

Free online tools for understanding data abound, each promising to help your business make sense of its data troves. But how to choose one? Here are the factors to consider

Tools 17