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Improve Deployment Speed and Reduce Overhead with Containers in Windows Server 2016

IT Pros Rock!

Workload candidates and security options are also discussed to help you understand how containers may best fit in your server environment.

Defense in Depth: Protecting the Organization’s Data


Marty Meehan. The stakes get higher every day. External security threats grow more sophisticated and unpredictable. Each has significant drawbacks.

Make Omnichannel A Cornerstone Of Your Digital Transformation – The Telco Angle

Forrester IT

We live in the age of the customer, and today's telco customer has expectations that far exceed the traditional standard of telco customer service.

Does How You Look Really Matter?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Studies show that what you wear to work may impact how effective you are Image Credit: Matthew Kenwrick. When you go into the office, how do you dress?

Study 41

Deep Learning Driving Up Data Center Power Density

Data Center Knowledge

Hosting AI hardware is an engineering puzzle all its own. Read More. Data Center Design Featured

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading: Deep learning in neural networks

All Things Distributed

Even though this is a recent development, Deep Learning has deep historical roots, tracing back all the way to the sixties, or maybe even earlier.

Digital Bridge Buys Vantage, Silicon Valley’s Largest Wholesale Data Center Firm

Data Center Knowledge

Santa Clara company becomes new US data center market consolidator's wholesale platform Read More. Colocation Databank Deals Vantage Data Centers

Cloud4Good: Building an Inclusive Chat Bot for Athletes with Disabilities


But beyond these use cases, what else can bots do? Building the Bot. The core bot functionality was built leveraging the Bot Framework SDK in C#.

The Disruptive Force of Disruption

Forrester IT

Digital disruption is a fairly well understood dynamic: new entrant uses technology in new ways to upend existing business models and disrupt markets. In other words, digital disruption is a distinct force with a distinct life span that is mostly external to traditional markets and businesses. But what if it is more than that? hyperadoption.


What Big Data and Public Speaking Have in Common


Brigg Patten. Public speaking is about turning even boring subjects into an inspiring experience. However, some speakers can make audiences cheer, while others put them to sleep. Genuine passion for the subject and good articulation can help, but successful public speaking engagements take something more. Modern Learning. Inform and Entertain.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

Tech Republic Security

Instagram recently made two-factor authentication available to all of its users. Here's how you can use it to add an extra layer of security to your account

Hundreds of Cisco Switch Models Vulnerable to CIA Hack Leaked by Wikileaks

Data Center Knowledge

There are no fixed releases yet; Cisco recommends disabling Telnet protocol. Read More. Cisco Featured Networking Security

IT Salary Survey 2017: Tech pay holds tight (for now)

ComputerWorld IT Management

If you had asked Samuel Vivian about the long-term prospects for his IT career at this time last year, he would have said, “It’s kind of iffy.” At the time, many other businesses in the region were opting for contract workers instead of full-time employees. Find your 2017 salary info and our detailed report at IT Salary Watch ]. again.

Fortinet CISO on securing critical infrastructure: ‘We can no longer bring a knife to a gunfight’

Network World

Earlier this year Fortinet hired its first chief information security officer (CISO). The timing makes sense, as the company has grown into a leading security vendor with an integrated, security fabric vision that few competitors can match. Before that, he was chief operating officer of the Information Assurance Directorate at the NSA.

5 Ways to Combat VoIP Eavesdropping

IT Toolbox

Phone eavesdropping is back in the headlines, making it a good time to review options for guarding your voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. There’s a rich history to VoIP eavesdropping, including such attacks as Vomit, SIPtap, and Peskyspy. That history is only going to


Chances to Speak at O’Reilly Media’s Upcoming Conferences


Bob Gourley. O'Reilly Media is looking for speakers to share lessons learned at several of their upcoming conferences. Presentations could be a success story, cautionary tale, hard-won lesson, or perhaps even a worthy failure. Here are some of the upcoming events to consider speaking at: O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco.

NTT Plans Global Data Center Network for Connected Cars

Data Center Knowledge

Partners with Toyota to design backend data infrastructure for the future of driving Read More. Internet of Things

Experian CIO embraces APIs and microservices to improve data transfer

ComputerWorld IT Management

Data is the lifeblood of Experian , a global business that handles staggeringly large volumes of financial and consumer information. But when Barry Libenson arrived as CIO in June 2015, he found that the company didn’t distribute data between its divisions and to its customers as fast or as efficiently as it should.

10 greatest inside security risks

Network World

Prime suspects are employees and contractors with privileged user access, says Sam Elliott, director of security product management at Bomgar.

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Six Ways to Improve Private Cloud Security

IT Toolbox

While Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicts that 80 percent of corporate data centers will disappear by 2025 , there still are plenty of private cloud deployments among businesses large and small. Securing these private cloud deployments is a pressing issue. That’s

Preparing For World Backup Day 2017 Are You Prepared

Storage IO Blog

Preparing For World Backup Day 2017 Are You Prepared In case you have forgotten, or were not aware, this coming Friday March 31 is World Backup (and recovery day). The annual day is a to remember to make sure you are protecting your applications, data, information, configuration settings as well as data infrastructures.

The End of Backup

Data Center Knowledge

As many IT professionals have discovered too late, backups are also unreliable, a situation made even worse by the fact that bad backups typically aren’t discovered until there’s a need to restore. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Solar power-related jobs in U.S. grew 25% in 2016

ComputerWorld IT Management

The industry added 51,218 new jobs in 2016, a growth rate about 17 times faster than that of the overall U.S. economy, which grew by 1.45%.

Cisco announces cornucopia of product updates at Enterprise Connect

Network World

The industry’s largest collaboration show, Enterprise Connect , gets underway this week in Orlando, Florida. The show has become the place for vendors to show off the latest and greatest, and the week started off with Cisco announcing some new products and updates to existing ones.

AirCheckers of the World- Unite!

IT Toolbox

If you are a WLAN-er and happen to have either the Fluke Networks AirCheck (the old but beloved yellow one) or the new and spiffy green NetScout AirCheck G2, you can be part of something really fantastic that will take just a few minutes of your time. We all see the WLAN world through our own eyes and with our own frames of reference.

Network 23

Here are the top 6 ways websites get hacked, according to Google

Tech Republic Security

Google recently noted that it had seen a 32% rise in hacked website. Here are the most common tactics it found

Google 22

Google Invests in Avere, a Data Center Storage Supercharger

Data Center Knowledge

Startup’s technology “hides latency” to and from enterprise storage clusters Read More. Featured Google Storage

Apple TV just became an enterprise hub for connected things

ComputerWorld IT Management

Hotels, colleges, enterprises and educators now have a really simple way to deploy Apple TVs across their business: new iOS management software from Jamf , which will introduce zero-day support for Apple’s upcoming iOS 10.3, macOS 10.12.4 and tvOS 10.2 releases. Why this should interest you.

Experts: US needs a federal CISO

Network World

Last week, the Trump administration announced the appointment of a White House cybersecurity coordinator. That's a good first step, security experts say, but the government also needs to have a federal CISO. It's a big leadership vacancy," said Sanjay Beri, CEO and co-founder at cloud security vendor Netskope.

Cape Networks WLAN Sensors- The Test Drive Begins

IT Toolbox

I’m currently getting started with evaluating WLAN performance monitoring sensors from Cape Networks. As I wrote about prior in my wirednot blog , I was fortunate to meet two of Cape’s founders at the 2017 WLAN Professionals

How Google is riding the multi-cloud wave to win over the enterprise

Computer Weekly

The Google Cloud Next conference saw the internet giant share details about how enterprise appetite for multi-cloud deployments are working in its favour

Mashape, Creator of Top Open Source API Management Tool Kong, Raises $18M

Data Center Knowledge

Andreessen Horowitz leads round, spearheaded by Nicira co-founder Martin Casado Read More. Cloud Computing Featured

H-1B: A good system gone bad

ComputerWorld IT Management

No one knows what the Trump administration will do about the H-1B visa program. Certainly it is in need of reform. Just as certainly, though, it needs to be retained. Visa holders admitted to the U.S. under an H-1B visa program with the right controls very much represent the type of immigration the U.S. should be encouraging.

IDG Contributor Network: 7 best practices for securing your cloud service

Network World

As enterprises move their applications and data to the cloud, executives increasingly face the task of balancing the benefits of productivity gains against significant concerns about compliance and security. Security in the cloud is not the same as security in the corporate data center.