DISH Wireless: Next-Generation Telco

DISH Wireless: Next-Generation Telco

DISH Wireless’ 5G broadband services narrowly met the June 14 deadline set by US regulator, the FCC, to cover 20% of the US population.

It has now made services on its cloud-native 5G Open RAN network available in more than 120 US cities. But it faces a sizeable task in establishing itself alongside AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, which together dominate the US mobile market. In TM Forum’s report on DISH, Mark Newman, chief analyst, TM Forum, explores:

  • How DISH is likely to fare in the mobile consumer market based on the experience of market entrants in other countries
  • Its vision for partnering with a vendor ecosystem and driving joint R&D
  • The reality of deploying a cloud-native network
  • DISH’s architectural approach across network and IT domains and its pursuit of openness and componentization
  • The services, capabilities, and experiences that DISH plans to bring to the business market.

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