Linux Foundation launches open source agriculture infrastructure project

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has launched AgStack, a new open source digital infrastructure project aimed at the agriculture industry. Read More.

Linux Foundation unveils new permissive license for open data collaboration

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has announced a new permissive license designed to help foster collaboration around open data for AI projects. Read More.


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Open source API gateway KrakenD lands at the Linux Foundation

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has added open source API gateway KrakenD to its arsenal of projects, where it will now be known as the Lura Project. Read More.

Google invests in open source security by funding Linux kernel developers

Venture Beast

Google announced today that it will underwrite the salaries for two developers to focus on Linux's fundamental security. Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Google linux Linux Foundation Linux Kernal Open source

Zero Trust Software: Polymorphing for Linux White Paper 2021


The goal of zero trust designs is to stop attacks before they occur. Here is a favored approach by a team of experienced professionals we know and trust, LP3. Behind every major hack—OPM, Equifax, BlueCross, WannaCry, Target, Home Depot, Sony, WhatsApp, you name it—is a bug the hackers exploited.

Linux 240

Red Hat touts safety in future Linux OS for cars

Venture Beast

Red Hat is set to launch a new Linux-based operating system for road vehicles, with a focus squarely on safety and certification. Cloud Enterprise Security Transportation VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Exida linux Open source red hat

Linux 83

How to visualize complex data on Linux with Kibana


Read Simon Quain explain how to visualize complex data with Timelion, a plugin for Elasticsearch on Tech Radar : You’ve probably heard of Elasticsearch – the search engine that enables […]. News Elastic Elasticsearch

Linux 240

What’s New at Linux Academy?

Linux Academy

If you’ve been a Linux Academy learner for a while, you have probably seen our monthly updates. While we have enjoyed creating these Youtube videos, we have made the official move to give you a single source of truth, in text form, of all things new at Linux Academy.

Linux 111

How Linux Conquered the Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

Linux’s ubiquity in the data center wasn’t by design. Blades Featured Microsoft Oracle composable infrastructure Dirk Hohndel Erin Chapple Git history Linus Torvalds linux linux foundation Mark Hinkle open sourceIt was the effect of a powerful and unpredictable undercurrent. Read More.

Linux 199

Linux 101: How to give users sudo privileges on Ubuntu and Red Hat-based Linux distributions

Tech Republic Security

New Linux admins need to know how to give and take sudo privileges from users. Jack Wallen shows you how on both Ubuntu- and Red Hat-based Linux distributions

Linux 130

Linux versus Unix hot patching

Computer Weekly

We examine the current state of play in the ongoing competition between the Linux and Unix server operating systems

Linux 178

Linux: How to install 1Password

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen installed 1Password on Linux and found it to be a fantastic solution for password management. Follow his tutorial on how to get this proprietary solution installed on your open source OS

Linux 78

Shells makes using Linux in the cloud incredibly easy

Tech Republic Cloud

If you're looking for a virtual Linux desktop or server host, Shells delivers simplicity and performance for just about any type of user

Linux 155

How to enforce password complexity on Linux

Network World

Deploying password-quality checking on your Debian-based Linux servers can help ensure that your users assign reasonably secure passwords to their accounts, but the settings themselves can be a bit misleading.

Linux 139

How to integrate Linux Malware Detection and ClamAV for automated malware detection on Linux servers

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen walks you through the steps of installing both Linux Malware Detection and ClamAV for a reliable one-two punch of malware and virus prevention

Best Linux web hosting services


Linux is an open-source operating system. Many who tap onto the Linux operating system want to create their websites. In this article, we have listed the best Linux web hosting services to help creators build their website. Best Linux web hosting services.

Linux 79

Microsoft launches Windows Terminal 1.0, unveils GPU support and Linux GUI apps in WSL

Venture Beast

and announced WSL 2 is getting support for GPUs, Linux GUI apps, and a simplified install experience. At Build 2020, Microsoft released Windows Terminal 1.0 Read More.

Linux 103

1Password targets enterprise DevOps with Linux desktop app

Venture Beast

1Password has launched a desktop app for Linux. Cloud Consumer Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page 1Password category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems linux Open source password management

Linux 64

Linux and open source: The biggest issue in 2020

Tech Republic Security

This year was rough for all involved--even Linux and open source didn't come through unscathed. See what Jack Wallen considers to be the biggest issue for Linux in 2020

How Linux makes data recovery easy

Tech Republic Data Center

But when the occasion arises, you'll be glad Linux is around to give you a hand Recovering data isn't something any IT pro wants to face.

Linux 161

Linux 101: The different types of sudo and su

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen demystifies these two Linux admin tools Knowing which sudo or su command to run is important.

Linux 136

Microsoft Linux is not what you thought (or hoped) it would be

Tech Republic Data Center

Microsoft Linux has arrived, but it's not what you imagined. Jack Wallen shares his take on this new arrival called CBL-Mariner and even shows you how to build it

Linux 123

How to properly secure sysctl on Linux

Tech Republic Security

Protecting your Linux servers against SYN attacks and IP spoofing isn't nearly as hard you think. Jack Wallen shows you how

Linux 165

How Linux has influenced modern IT

Computer Weekly

On 25 August 1991, Linus Torvalds released the Linux kernel. We look at how the open source operating system has evolved in the last quarter of a century

Linux 218

How to repair the GRUB2 boot loader on Linux

Tech Republic Data Center

Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to repair the GRUB2 boot loader in Linux

Linux 147

How to check for and stop DDoS attacks on Linux

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen walks you through some of the steps you can take to check for and mitigate distributed denial of service attacks on a Linux server

Linux 159

Microsoft gives Linux a security boost with these new attack detection tools

Tech Republic Security

Linux endpoint detection and response will help Microsoft Defender customers secure Linux servers and networks against security nasties

Linux 162

How to install Linux kernel 5.9

Tech Republic Data Center

Linux kernel 5.9 has arrived with plenty of performance boosting to intrigue data center admins. Jack Wallen highlights the improvements and shows how to install the mainline kernel

Linux 124

Many VMware Products Affected by SACK Linux Vulnerabilities


Over 30 VMware products are affected by SACK Panic and SACK Slowness, two recently disclosed Linux kernel vulnerabilities that can be exploited remotely without authentication for denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. The security holes, discovered by a researcher working for Netflix, are related to how the kernel handles TCP Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) packets with a low minimum segment […]. News vmware

Vmware 211

How to install Rust on Linux

Tech Republic Data Center

Find out how to install Rust on Linux in a few quick steps Rust is an incredibly important programming language for creating both system and backend software.

Linux 154

Linux: How to repair the GRUB2 boot loader

Tech Republic Data Center

Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to repair the GRUB2 boot loader in Linux

Linux 124

Touch Screen Linux Applications

IT Toolbox

Today I would like to talk about a few of the applications that allow me to get the most out of the touch screen on my Linux computer

Linux 109

First step to becoming a hacker: Linux!

Network World

If you're contemplating a career in cybersecurity and haven't come up to speed on Linux, now's the time to get ramped up and here's one easy way to do it. Authored by OccupyTheWeb , the force behind Hackers-Arise , Linux Basics for Hackers provides everything from basic Linux command line skills through to scripting, manipulating logging, network scanning, using and abusing system services, and remaining stealthy in the process. Why Linux?

Linux 132

Why I'm not concerned about the rise in Linux attacks

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen explains why he's not worried that the rise in popularity of the Linux operating system will mean your open source platforms will be vulnerable to attacks

Linux 156

Customizing macOS for Linux Administration (or Development): 6 Tasks You Should Perform

Association of Information Technology Professional

While macOS doesn’t boast the same power-user productivity features that a Linux or Windows 10 desktop has, you can perform these six tasks to customize it to suit your needs for Linux administration or development.

Linux 207

The Linux Foundation takes control of open source Magma wireless ecosystem

Venture Beast

Linux Foundation takes control of open source Magma project from Facebook to advance adoption of 5G wireless networks. Big Data Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise Mobile VB Home Page 5G category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Facebook Linux Foundation Magma wireless networks

Linux: How to find details about user logins

Tech Republic Security

If you need to gather information on user logins for your Linux servers, Jack Wallen has just the tool for you

Linux 99

Linux Unix SCCM Support is Almost Dead


In this post, I wanted to share surprise information (but expected) about Linux and Unix support of SCCM CB. Do you have more questions about Linux UNIX […]. The post Linux Unix SCCM Support is Almost Dead appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. SCCM featured Linux UNIX SCCM support Linux UNIX SCCM support DeadMicrosoft SCCM team released the new production version of SCCM 1802.

Linux 126

Texas Linux Fest 2019

Linux Academy

Calling all Southern Linux & Open Software users, Texas Linux Fest is almost here and this time it is located in Irving, Texas. The Linux Academy & Jupiter Broadcasting crew will be leaving the headquarters for the day to see you at the fest! Stop by our space in the expo to grab some official Linux Academy swag, and meet our team. Courses to prepare for Texas Linux Festival: LPI Linux Essentials (Available for free on the Community Edition !).

Linux 60

What Linux needs to make it a better mobile desktop

Tech Republic Cloud

Jack Wallen has a few suggestions that could help make Linux on the laptop a much-improved experience

Linux 142

Linux vs Unix Hot Patching – Have We Reached The Tipping Point?

Forrester IT

The Background - Linux as a Fast Follower and the Need for Hot Patching. No doubt about it, Linux has made impressive strides in the last 15 years, gaining many features previously associated with high-end proprietary Unix as it made the transition from small system plaything to core enterprise processing resource and the engine of the extended web as we know it. Linux.

Linux 235

What is Linux?

IT Toolbox

Most of you think of Linux as an operating system. These Linux distributions and there are hundreds of them are what people think of when they hear Linux. However, Linux isYou have probably heard names such as Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, Mint, Gentoo, Arch and many others.

Linux 100

Is Oracle Linux a valid replacement for CentOS?

Tech Republic Data Center

Jack Wallen took on the task of kicking the tires of Oracle Linux to see if it's a worthy replacement for CentOS. The end result might surprise you

Linux 135