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Net Neutrality Is Dead – Long Live Common Sense

Forrester IT

My fellow Americans, the FCC has finally acted on its promise to repeal the regulations known at Net Neutrality. This move has been a magnet for political debate by those on both extremes. Ignore those people. They are only wasting your time. If you become spellbound by the media circus, your competitors will be busy […]. internet of things (IoT) media networking service-level agreements (SLAs) telecommunications services


DevOps in the public sector: Assessing the challenges and the benefits

Computer Weekly

Public sector IT leaders trying to transform the way their organisation works using DevOps talk about the challenges they face


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20-Year Predictions

Forrester IT

At a client dinner last week in Amsterdam we turned from talking digital transformation and customer experience to a more future-oriented topic: What’s going to happen in the next 20 years?

Recognizing Relevant Big Data and How to Use It


Big Data is everywhere you look, and we have seen how useful it can be. Among billions of terabytes of data gathered, there is a treasure of marketing data that businesses need to understand in order to know what is relevant and how to use it to get better business results. Businesses waste 40 percent […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security big data marketing

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TV Industry: It’s Time For A Round of “Stop, Keep, Change”

Forrester IT

I’m obsessed with the future of television. A couple years ago, I pursued it largely as a research exercise. Today, I’m up in arms based on my own experience as a TV consumer. The rumors are true: empowered consumers are real and I am one. And of late, my ad experience with my chosen form […].

How Technology Has Transformed Education in the 21st Century


Almost every aspect of life has been influenced by technology in the last decade. The impact of technology on education since the advent of the World Wide Web has grown tremendously. Technology has created a new method of learning in graduate schools and colleges through online programs and research. The number of students under the […]. CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things Mobile News Training and Education

Data integration is one thing the cloud makes worse

David Linthicum

One, enterprises have too many decisions to make. Two, it’s difficult to find success with complex data integration. Those are the two main excuses I hear these days, as enterprises move to the cloud. Whatever the justification, the lack of attention to data integration is beginning to cause some real damage. So, what went wrong? Enterprises have so much coming at them that they don’t think about every approach and technology that they need to think about.


Expanding the AWS Cloud: Introducing the AWS China (Ningxia) Region

All Things Distributed

Today, I am happy to announce the general availability of AWS China (Ningxia) Region, operated by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co. NWCD). This is our 17th Region globally, and the second in China.

Adobe 30

Hackers steal nearly $80m in bitcoin

Computer Weekly

Hackers have stolen nearly $80m worth of bitcoin from a bitcoin mining service as the cryptocurrency’s value continues to skyrocket


A Digital Strategy Is A Prerequisite To Maximize The Return On Digital Investments

Forrester IT

At the core of all ROI calculations are costs and benefits. However, there is no single catchall equation that allows your organization to calculate the ROI from digital investments. Benefits from digital investments need to be aligned with the business requirements for a specific value chain stage.

Heimdal PRO Review

Doctor Chaos

Heimdal PRO – the security solution for everyone The Internet is not a safe place to navigate without a security software product installed on your computer. And you need more than an antivirus or a good firewall solution to keep your data safe from all kind of cyber attacks.

Bangalore IT Pro User Group Event for SCCM Intune Professional


We are arranging an in-person event in Bangalore. This is a full day event for SCCM and Intune professionals. Bangalore IT Pro event is scheduled for 16th Dec 2017. There are a couple of Azure AD, Azure with Terraform sessions.

Strata Data Conference March 5-8 2017 In San Jose: Make data a competitive advantage


Strata Data Conference is where thousands of innovators, leaders, and practitioners gather to develop new skills, share best practices, and discover how tools and technologies are evolving to meet new challenges. O'Reilly and Cloudera jointly bring us this global event series. The place to interact with the businesses and tech providers moving data analytics forward […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Events News

Startups and corporations mingle at Finland’s Slush tech event

Computer Weekly

Startup events are becoming rich hunting grounds for large enterprises looking for the platforms of the future

5 enterprise web application development trends to watch in 2018

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Summary: As digital technologies transform the business landscape, web development becomes increasingly important. In the near future, those who keep up with changing development trends will have an advantage over those who don’t.

Same Title, Different Role: Commercial vs. Industrial Data Scientists


Data science is a critical component of business operations today. According to Forrester, organizations that are driven by data science research and insights are twice as likely to be market leaders within their industries.

The American Way of War Is Based On Tech: Don’t Let It Be Our Downfall!


If you have not read it yet, I would like to bring your attention to the incredibly prescient science fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke titled "Superiority" (available in the collection: The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke). Written in 1951, this is such a great read because it captures some key, apparently enduring qualities […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things News

What Chief Customer Officers Talk About Over Dinner

Forrester IT

For a CX transformation effort to go beyond the small and tactical, organizations need an executive in charge of leading the effort. Although these senior leaders go by various titles, the most common is still Chief Customer Officer (CCO). That’s why I was immediately interested when Dell’s CCO Karen Quintos, and her Dell Technologies colleague, […

Dell 33

Three Change Dilemmas

Future of CIO

The digital business dynamic allows the organization to morph as the business conditions and organizational capacities change to allow a better fit. Change is inevitable, and the pace of change is increasing.

IDG Contributor Network: Leveraging reconfigurable computing for smarter cybersecurity

Network World

The reality for security teams today is that they are facing challenges on multiple fronts. The number of security breaches is increasing, which means the number of security alerts to be examined each day is increasing. The attacks are becoming more sophisticated and multi-dimensional. The number of cybersecurity solutions available continues to grow, which requires time and effort to understand.


Could blockchains rattle ECM?


Blockchains first entered public consciousness as a means of managing crypto-currency, but as the use cases broaden what might be the impact on enterprise content management? SER’s Alexandra Lilienthal suggests that discounting the model’s potential in ECM may be shortsighted There may still be some significant challenges to overcome, but blockchains – used originally to […]. CTO News

Paul Coby to step down as John Lewis CIO

Computer Weekly

CIO of retailer John Lewis, Paul Coby, has announced he will be stepping down from his role in 2018, after almost seven years

Our New Differentiate With Digital Research Is Coming

Forrester IT

I’ve been quiet on here for a while because I’ve had my head down in a major refresh of our digital research. I can’t take all the credit. Far from it.


CIOs as “Chief Inclusiveness Officer”: How to surge forward in Creating Success Stories?

Future of CIO

Contemporary CIOs have to wear different hats and play multiple roles for practicing situational leadership. Innovation is the light all forward-looking organizations are pursuing, but people are still the weakest link for transforming IT from a support center to an innovation hub of the business.

What is the cyber kill chain?

Network World

Concerned about your network defense? Watch this short video to learn the 7 stages of the cyber kill chain, a framework created by Lockheed Martin to outline the phases of a targeted cyberattack

USAF A2 Industry Symposium On The Way Ahead for Air Force ISR 2 Feb 2018


If you have a clearance and work issues of operational military intelligence I would like to bring your attention to the 2 Feb 2018 Air Force A2 Industry Symposium on the USAF ISR Way Ahead. Speakers include subject matter experts, thought leaders and general officers (not meaning to imply that those three terms are mutually […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Events News

Code First Girls aims to teach 20,000 girls to code by 2020

Computer Weekly

Social enterprise Code First: Girls has launched a campaign with the aim of teaching 20,000 young women to code by 2020

Join Our 2017 Search And Digital Marketing Survey

Forrester IT

I am pleased to announce that Forrester and SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) are partnering to field a Search And Digital Marketing Survey to understand search marketing and other digital marketing initiatives. Search marketing has become more complex than ever before, and 2017 was no different. This survey will look into the challenges, tasks, […