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Seeking Magic Moments – Why It’s Time to Tune Up Your Digital Experience Stack

Forrester IT

The legendary R&B singer and songwriter Ben E. King got it so right in the Drifters 1960 recording of “This Magic Moment.” The song is timeless because it tells a classic tale of a first kiss. And also captures a moment in time in words and song that reminds us of the power of storytelling, […].

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Could Budget Sweeps Fix Your Cybersecurity Problem?

Cloud Musings

A recent roundtable discussion in Washington, DC with Federal IT and Cyber leaders focused on the business drivers, challenges and evolving strategies around cybersecurity in government.

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C³ Webinar: Awareness Briefings on Russian Activity Against Critical Infrastructure


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Stakeholder Engagement and Cyber Infrastructure Resilience (SECIR) division and the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) are joining forces to conduct a series of unclassified, virtual awareness briefings on Russian government cyber activity against critical infrastructure. We believe this webinar will be of interest to technical teams operating [.]. CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News

Accessing MDT and SCCM Task Sequence Variables

Mick's IT Blog

While rewriting a PowerShell automation script to move machines in Active Directory, I had been trying to pass the MachineObjectOU task sequence variable to the PowerShell script within the command line task sequence. It constantly failed.


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Smart Cities Cybersecurity Challenge


Smart Cities will become a full-scale cyber war battleground unless Congress mandates cybersecurity. The biggest danger in Smart Cities is the assumption that IoT sensors communicating over a 5G fabric to Machine Learning and Blockchain systems will be safe from cyberattacks. To the contrary Smart Cities suffer from all the cyber vulnerabilities we have today [.]. Big Data and Analytics Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Cyber War Government Cyberwar smart city

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Why high-performance computing has moved to the cloud

David Linthicum

Two leading analysts’ reports , from Intersect360 Research and Hyperion Research, show the high-performance computing market has reached an inflection point. The cloud segment includes Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google. Intersect360 says high-performance cloud spending by high-performance computing customers grew by 44 percent from 2016 to 2017, to about $1.1

Moving Computers to Designated OU during Build Process

Mick's IT Blog

It has been four years since I published the last version of the PowerShell script to move systems from one OU to another during a build process. In that version, it required making a task sequence for each OU, which if there are a lot of OUs, that would be a very daunting process.

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Not All Innovation Is Created Equally

Forrester IT

I talk to clients about their plans to innovate with technology all the time; especially technologies that are emerging, like the ones I blogged about here from our report the Top Emerging Technologies to Watch 2018.

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How Can CIOs Help Their Company Modify Its Products For Unique Customers?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Some customers require the company to change its products Image Credit: 10ch. A CIOs focus is more often than not on the internal workings of the company. We spend our time using the importance of information technology to try to figure out how more things within the company can be automated or how we can keep the bad guys out. However, in this day and age in which we are living, there is a new role that is being thrust upon the person with the CIO job.

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Inform Your Cybersecurity Strategy With Lessons From July 1861


When I was the Director of Intelligence for DoD's first joint cyber defense organization (JTF-CND) our Commander (At the time, Army Major General Dave Bryan) and our J5 (Marine LTC Mike Davis) organized a visit for the senior staff to the Manassas Battlefield Park of Virginia. The purpose was not just team building, but to [.]. CTO Cyber Security Cyber War Internet of Things News smart city

No blank checks: The value of cloud cost governance

David Linthicum

How much does you’re public cloud cost month to month? If you don’t know, you’re hardly alone. Most people in IT don’t have a good understand of what a public cloud service costs per month. Most wait to find out what the bill says rather than proactively monitor cloud consumption, much less have cloud cost governance in place. Even if your financial budgeting model can handle uncertain costs, not knowing what you’re spending has a downside.

The most important unanswered questions of 2018 in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)


Here is what a recent whitepaper by Dataiku reveals about Artificial intelligence and machine learning emphasising on the role of data scientists. Let’s find out. This is the first part of an article series based on a whitepaper by Dataiku) The year 2018 was supposed to be the one.

Content Marketing in 3 pictures

Forrester IT

We’ve officially retired our ‘Content Marketing Playbook’ We’re still doing research on content and content strategy, but – as we said about two years ago – the utility of talking about ‘content marketing’ just isn’t there anymore.

Cluttering the User Experience with too Much Code

Social, Agile and Transformation

I have a friend, a colleague. Let's call him Joe. Joe wants the best for his customers and his organization. He knows customer experience is critical and he recognized his organization hasn't been the best at it. People come to their site because they have to get something done. And customers loathe having to but must as part of running their own business. So they've put up with the. customer experience innovation product management site performance software development

Chasing the Elusive Machine Learning Platform


If you have been following the breathless hype of AI and ML over these past few years, you might have noticed the increasing pace at which vendors are scrambling to roll out “platforms” that service the data science and ML communities. The “Data Science Platform” and “Machine Learning Platform” are at the front lines of [.]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data and Analytics data science Machine learning ml platform

The Five Pairs of Key Elements in Organizational Quality Management

Future of CIO

Quality is doing the right thing right, the first time. Quality management ensures that an organization, product or service is consistent.

Five Ways Data Is Assisting the Construction & Civil Engineering Industry


If you think Big Data only relates to business intelligence or online analytics, you really need to read this article. Data is absolutely taking over almost every sector, even the ones that you may not immediately relate data to. For instance, construction management and civil engineering.

Not All Innovation Is Created Equally

Forrester IT

I talk to clients about their innovation plans and technology all the time, especially their plans with technologies that are emerging, like the ones I blogged about here from our report, “The Top Emerging Technologies To Watch 2018.”

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3 Tools for Crafting Your Salesforce Lightning Migration Strategy

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Still on Salesforce Classic? It’s OK. We understand. According to Salesforce, Lightning is “a quantum leap forward in functionality, usability, and speed for every user including admins, developers, and executives.”

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Apple iCloud data now stored on Chinese government servers, Data breach at LabCorp, SIM hijacking, Aircraft cybersecurity, half of US retailers suffer data breach in 2018


The following are some of the cyber security and cyber war related stories we are tracking: Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator If you are an Apple iPhone or Mac user and are communicating with someone in China, you should be extra careful because as per the [.]. CTO Cyber Security News

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The Popular “Digital Thinking” Quotes of “Digital Master” Book Series

Future of CIO

Learning is the way to keep your mind flowing, and hence your life flowing.

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The Top Seven Blockchain Careers You Should Know About


Blockchain is a growing industry and people skilled in it are in high demand.The UpWork report states that jobs related to blockchain technology saw a growth of 2000% for three consecutive quarters.

Digital Risk Protection In 2018: New Vendors, New Leaders, New Wave

Forrester IT

Digital Risk Protection In 2018: New Vendors, New Leaders, New Wave Our “The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Risk Protection, Q3 2018” report is out! Take a look at how 14 DRP vendors stack up in this emerging market.

Organizational DevOps – an Enterprise Contradiction

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Does your business structure help or hurt your DevOps move? “Organizational DevOps” is the enterprise level action for a DevOps strategy and tactics. There is a natural struggle when moving towards DevOps, but therein is the value. First some context … Process or Project .

Amazon gets close to 50 percent of US ecommerce market share, PC sales up, cyber security critical in Internet of Things, Blockchain causes disruption


The following are some of the tech topics we are tracking: Amazon’s share of the US e-commerce market is now 49 %, or 5% of all retail spend Though Amazon has been at odds with the current political dispensation in the United States, it is keeping on growing. While President Trump's tweets against Amazon did affect [.]. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things News Amazon

The Monthly “12 CIO Personas” Book Tuning: CIOs as “Chief Insight Officer” July 2018

Future of CIO

Comparing to the other executive positions, the CIO role continues to be shaken up, refined, reinvented and reenergized. The magic “I” of the CIO title sparks many imaginations and modern CIOs need to wear different hats and play multiple roles.

Why Companies Accepting Bitcoin as a Payment Method


Information Technology Blog - - Why Companies Accepting Bitcoin as a Payment Method - Information Technology Blog. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have seen a considerable increase in popularity.

Empower Autonomous Teams To Accelerate Digital Delivery

Forrester IT

The need for speed has never been greater. Empowered customers are fickle. Big tech is disintermediating you. Disruptors lurk in the darkest corners of your markets, ready to rise kraken-like to swallow your floundering ship whole. Your prospects are bleak. A depressing way to end the week? Perhaps not. Speed of execution is more vital […]. business transformation & organizational change management digital business organization organizational structure digital leadership