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Are you ready for state-sponsored zombie malware attacks?


On January 4, 2017 CTO Vision published a blog post titled “Are you ready for a state-sponsored cyber attack?” In hindsight, the blog post should have been titled “Are you ready for state-sponsored zombie malware attacks?” Zombie malware combines the most deadly aspects of malware and zombie computers into one horrible mess. Typically malware gets […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Cyber Threats Internet of Things News Robots Cybersecurity Malware

Make Each Route The Best Path For Buyers

Forrester IT

Is your organization considering how to holistically optimize all of its routes-to-market? Curious how other firms are thinking about their direct and indirect selling channels in 2017 and beyond?

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Survey: On-Prem Data Centers Lowest Investment Priority for IT Shops

Data Center Knowledge

Surprise, surprise: Public cloud sucking money away from in-house enterprise data centers Read More. Business

Azure Managed VM Images – Using Premium Data Disks

IT Pros Rock!

Azure Managed VM Images provide a great way to capture customizations to a base Virtual Machine that can be reused over-and-over as a custom image - and these images can include the Managed Disks for both OS and data disks! However, when saving an image, disks are defaulted to using Standard storage to save on costs. When provisioning a new VM from this image via the portal or PowerShell, we can override this default to use Premium storage for OS disks but not currently for data disks.

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Docker Can Now Containerize Legacy Apps Running on Mainframes

Data Center Knowledge

Latest Enterprise Edition release also beefs up security Read More. DevOps Docker Security

Top UK directors lack training to deal with cyber attacks

Computer Weekly

The UK’s top firms and charities urgently need to do more to protect themselves from online threats, according to a government-backed audit

Docker brings containers to mainframes

Network World

Docker announced the first major update to its flagship Docker Enterprise Edition 17.06, with a clear eye to on-premises data centers and DevOps. Docker rolled out the rebranded Docker EE in March, based on what was previously known as the Docker Commercially Supported and Docker Datacenter products. With that launch, Docker added the ability to port legacy apps to containers without having to modify the code.

Big Data Management: A Few Pointers First-Timers Should Remember


There is no doubt about it, data is becoming vital for small and large companies. One of the major reasons data is becoming more important probably deals with its power to save money and optimize performance. Still, to many, using big data is pretty new, so it might be a good idea to consider the following tips […]. Big Data Cloud Computing CTO News Business Tech/Internet Technology Leadership

Blockchain Fever: The Potential And Challenges Of Blockchain Technology 

Forrester IT

In last week’s episode of Forrester’s What It Means podcast, Principal Analyst Martha Bennett disentangles the hype from the reality of blockchain technology — and provides a passionate perspective on blockchain’s potential as an economic engine. Podcast transcript Victor Milligan: Hi, I’m Victor Milligan. Jennifer Isabella: And I’m Jennifer Isabella. Victor Milligan: Your co-hosts for Forrester’s podcast, What It Means, where we explore the […].

This is Europe’s Hottest Emerging Data Center Market

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud and content giants look south, as new submarine cables come online and demand for digital content spikes in Africa, Middle East, and Asia Read More. Colocation Europe Featured Interxion

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Munich Re puts data analytics into services for a ‘riskier world’

Computer Weekly

Re-insurer combines a Hadoop data lake, SAS analytics and SAP Hana to create new cyber and other insurance services

Announcing Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book by Greg Schulz

Storage IO Blog

Software-defined data infrastructures are where hardware, software, server, storage, I/O networking and related services converge inside data centers or clouds to protect, preserve, secure and serve applications and data. Both readers who are new to data infrastructures and seasoned pros will find this indispensable for gaining and expanding their knowledge. The post Announcing Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book by Greg Schulz appeared first on StorageIOblog.


Leveraging Social Media to Expand Business Data Globally


Social media has become an integral part of society, and having a presence on these platforms is a must for businesses in the present world. Barely a decade ago, only a small proportion of the globe were exposed to social media. A few years later, the list of social media networks has continued to grow […]. CTO Cyber Threats News

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The Ways And Means Of B2B Buyer Journey Maps: We’re Going Deep at Forrester’s B2B Forum

Forrester IT

A very, very long time ago, a sales training instructor told me, “It’s the job of the sales person to teach the buyer how to buy.” And that was essentially true for a very, very long time — until the emergence of the digitally empowered buyer.

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DCK Investor Edge: Why CoreSite is REIT Royalty

Data Center Knowledge

A new research report crowns CoreSite Realty the top REIT for total returns for the past three and five-year periods. Read More. Business Colocation CoreSite Investing

Connected cars have an ‘indefensible’ security vulnerability

Network World

One of the most attractive promises of IoT-powered connected cars is enhanced safety. Connected cars use the Internet of Things (IoT) to help avoid accidents and control a wide array of safety technologies, from anti-lock brakes to airbags.

What is DeOS?

IT Toolbox

In these days of organized cyber attacks, you need security companies to be thinking one step ahead of the hackers, and now Cisco has come out with a new acronym to keep us awake at nights. No longer is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) our only worry, Cisco suggests that we need to think about Destruction Of Service (DeOS) attacks

The cloud could drive open source out of the enterprise

David Linthicum

For a decade, there’s a question that just won’t go away: Is the cloud killing open source? It still strikes up some emotions. Open source software has been the backbone of enterprise platforms for a long time—remember the LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl? But consuming open source software via the cloud could change open source’s enterprise footprint. [ Are you ready for the container invasion? Learn how to get started with Kubernetes.

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You Deserve What You Tolerate…

Forrester IT

After reading through some other blogs and strategy papers over the weekend, (Don’t judge me. To some of us, this activity constitutes a good time…Yes, lame…I know.) I saw what appeared to be an underlying theme across the narratives I’d read: Security tolerates failure. It’s understandable that it happens, but I think, if we are […]. information security network security security & risk security architecture security operations & program governance Security & Risk

Iron Mountain Hires ByteGrid’s Infrastructure VP Mike Clemson

Data Center Knowledge

Long-time data center facilities management pro named VP of critical infrastructure at info management giant Read More. Business Colocation Iron Mountain

Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing to lower barriers to HPC using cloud

Computer Weekly

Microsoft hits cloud acquisition trail to make high-performance computing accessible to a wider pool of enterprises

Want to improve cybersecurity? Try phishing your own employees

Tech Republic Security

Employees are a company's weakest security link. Here's why running internal phishing attacks can strengthen your cybersecurity posture

Cloud computing reversal: From ‘go away’ to ‘I can’t miss out’

David Linthicum

Isaac Asimov once said, “I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.” That quote has stuck with me to this day. There’s no doubt that computers and computing have changed our lives. Without them, we would be slaves to processes and paper. I was reminded of Asimov’s quote when I saw the results of a recent poll done by Comvault of 100 IT leaders. More than two thirds said that they were worried about keeping up to date with the latest products and iterations across the major cloud providers.

The Data Digest: Understand Emotion To Drive Technology Engagement

Forrester IT

Thanks to the rise of empowered consumers, products and experiences that once seemed improbable, such as (literally) instant delivery, are now integral to our lives.

Uptime in Space and Under the Sea

Data Center Knowledge

How computers deployed in space and on the ocean floor may end up improving your bank's server farm. Read More. Design Featured Hardware Hewlett Packard Enterprise Microsoft Power and Cooling

IDG Contributor Network: Can the U.S. Senate secure the Internet of Things?

Network World

As a free and open internet continues to come under assault by the FCC’s proposal to effectively end net neutrality, investors, programmers, and internet users of all stripes have vociferously voiced their support of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the open web that enables it. It appears those voices have been heard, as the U.S. Senate may be taking steps to secure the IoT's future. So, what exactly is the U.S. Senate up to, and how might its actions impact the health of the IoT?

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First set of Capgemini degree apprentices graduate

Computer Weekly

The first graduates of Capgemini's degree apprentice programme tell Computer Weekly about their experiences


A Few More Ubiquiti Discoveries

IT Toolbox

Maybe discovery is actually realization in this case, but no matter- this week a learned several interesting things about Ubiquiti as a company and as a networking solution. If you look at past IT Toolbox and blogs, you’ll find I’ve given Ubiquiti a fair amount of coverage. The company and their products are interesting to write about, and