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Thinking of hiring a product manager? Read this first.

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Do you currently have someone in your organization who fits this job description? If not, then it’s time you do.


Microsoft launches data security technology for Windows Server, Azure

Network World

Data is at its greatest risk of being compromised when it is being used, when moving from a secure database around the servers or apps in memory. So, Microsoft is launching a new technology for Windows Server and Azure that protects the data while it’s being processed. Microsoft claims the service, called Azure confidential computing, makes it the first public cloud provider to offer encryption of data while in use.

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Want to Learn Big Data? These Courses Can Help


One of the best things about the explosion of different kinds of technology across the world, is the fact that many tech-related courses can be easily accessed. Whether you are looking to build your knowledge about big data or build a skill that could help you in your job, there are lots of ways to […]. Big Data CTO News Online Education technology

Seven Ways ERP Can Improve Risk Mitigation

IT Toolbox

Business is no friend of risk. While fortunes are won and new markets are conquered through calculated risk, firms nonetheless try to avoid it whenever possible. Risk represents lost revenue, disrupted partnerships, idle equipment, brand damage and a host of other effects that aren’t typically advantageous to corporations. So risk mitigation is


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Four Common Password Practices You Might Want To Reconsider


Every few years, the National Institute of Standards and Technology revises its Digital Identity Guidelines, which include password best practices. The revisions are greeted with consternation by some because the guidance can run counter to long-cherished beliefs about what constitutes a good password and a good authentication system. NIST takes into consideration both the theoretical […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Add This Projector to Your Network Toolkit

IT Toolbox

In a realm where the coveted tools of the job include network analyzers and high-price software suites on beefy laptops, it might sound odd to have someone suggest that a projector might be worth having on hand for your daily work. But any doubt about that notion fades pretty quickly once you get your hands on Butterfly Technology’s PIQS

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HMRC confirms Microsoft corporate vice-president Jacky Wright as new CDIO

Computer Weekly

HMRC has tasked Microsoft corporate vice-president Jacky Wright with helping the department achieve its goal of becoming one of the world's most digitally advanced tax authorities

Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum Reinforces The Concept Of “Customer As Compass” (And Covers What To Do About It)

Forrester IT

I hope that nobody in your organization needs convincing that you should join us at the B2B Marketing Forum in Austin, Texas, this year (October 5 and 6, 2017). We have an incredible agenda with a fantastic lineup of inspirational speakers.

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Aruba rolls out security fabric designed for IoT and the digital era

Network World

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, is best known for its outstanding business-grade Wi-Fi products. What’s less well known about Aruba is that it has always had excellent security products. In fact, I’ve often described the company as a security vendor dressed up as a Wi-Fi vendor, as Aruba and security have gone hand in hand like the New England Patriots and winning.

Information Risk: Balancing the Good and Bad of Data Analytics


Managers like to talk about the power of data and analysis, and the opportunity it gives them to launch new products and reach new customers.

Employee Wellness - How Habitat Soundscaping Makes Collaboration Better

IT Toolbox

My initial analysis about Habitat Soundscaping from Plantronics has extended to four posts, not because this particular offering merits special attention, but more so because the underlying problem set remains overlooked. One aspect of that problem set was examined in my last

GDS is ‘sidelined’ and government as a platform ‘is dead’, says Francis Maude

Computer Weekly

Former Cabinet Office minister cites diminishing of Government Digital Service role as he criticises civil service resistance to change

The Allure of Small

Forrester IT

I’ve always been drawn to small. I suspect it’s because I started out small. Not in the “all-babies-start-out-small-duh-forrester-analyst” way, but in the “this-kid-is-undersized-for-his-age-what’s-wrong-with-him” way. A late growth spurt made all that go away, but it left me with a lingering fondness for smallness. Small can be good. But is small, good, in marketing? The activist […


Admit your mistakes if you want to succeed in the cloud

David Linthicum

It’s 8:00 a.m. and I get a call from a client. It sounds like the workloads that the CIO had IT move to public cloud are not performing well. The data, by the way, was left on-premises, so all database calls are being made across the open internet. Can you guess what’s wrong here? Learn all about the cloud at InfoWorld. Start with the basics: What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know now. Then learn what is IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and what is PaaS (platform as a service). ].

Data Quality – The most important data dimension?

Eric D. Brown

In a recent article I wrote over on titled Want to Speed Up Your Digital Transformation Initiatives? Take a Look at Your Data , I discuss the importance of data quality and data management in an organization’s digital transformation efforts.

3 Features LinkedIn Just Added to Help Your Sales Team

IT Toolbox

Top business social network site LinkedIn took a huge leap earlier this year into the customer relationship management (CRM) market with the announcement of its Sales Navigator service. Sales Navigator has multiple features designed to help salespeople use LinkedIn as a social selling platform to boost leads. This new functionality allows users to send up to 50 messages through InMail, with enhanced


More than 40% of people in UK do not have digital skills required for most jobs

Computer Weekly

The digital skills gap is set to widen as many in the UK are without the basic skills needed for most positions, with jobs increasingly requiring above-average digital skills


Amazon And Flipkart Are Expected to Record $1.2-$1.5 Billion In Sales In India’s Coming Festive Sales

Forrester IT

On October 6, 2014, Flipkart launched Big Billion Day, an event that occurs within India’s festive season — a holiday period that accounts for 40% of the total sales of key brands in India. Now in its fourth year, Big Billion Day has expanded from a one-day event to five days.

Safer but not immune: Cloud lessons from the Equifax breach

David Linthicum

I’ve stopped covering breaches. First, because clouds are nowhere to be found among them. The focus of this blog is advice to enterprises that are moving, or have moved, to cloud computing.) Second, because it just seems like piling on a company that’s already in distress. However, breaches are on the minds of enterprises on the move, due to the latest breach at Equifax. [ The cloud storage security gap—and how to close it.

Last Chance To Register For The Data Event Of The Year: StrataData NYC 25-28 Sep 2017


The yearly Strata Data conference (formerly known as Hadoop World) will be 25-28 Sep 2017. This is the place to be to network with peers, learn lessons from others in the field, and track the status of the greatest technological solutions in the Big Data field. Topics include: AI, Big data & the Cloud, Data […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security News

How marketing and communication industries are putting the major impact on big data?

IT Toolbox

This post looks at big data and the marketing/communication industries

Oracle 2017-18 Q1 results: Cloud revenue jumps by 51%

Computer Weekly

Oracle’s first quarter 2017-18 results show jump in cloud revenue of 51%, boosted by NetSuite acquisition. Executives continue to be bullish on cloud growth, and the AI makeover of core database is flagged

The Data Digest: eCommerce May Be The Only Way To Challenge The Google/Facebook Duopoly

Forrester IT

As will be no surprise to advertising industry watchers, the duopoly of Google and Facebook once again demonstrated its dominance of the ad market following the release of their Q2 2017 earnings results.

Is It Time For CIOs To Start To Apply Logic To Salaries?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Should CIOs get involved in determining how much employees get paid? Image Credit: 401(K) 2012. Psst – would you like to know a secret? It turns out that at most companies, how much any given employee gets paid is determined more by art than science.

Retrieving all Files off of the SpaceMonkey, Now the Vivint Smart Drive

Mick's IT Blog

I purchased the SpaceMonkey back when it first came out. It has been a so-so NAS device that also backed up to the cloud. Vivint bought them out and I ran into real problems when the HDD had failed on the device and the cloud backup was lost during the transition to Vivint. Luckily, I overnighted it to them and they were able to retrieve all contents and back it up to the Vivint drive. Recently, Vivint changed how the drive works and abandoned the tool that you install.

As a database choice, SAP HANA doesn't feature

IT Toolbox

Working with an integration drive provider it was interesting to see taht their analysis with a third party had SAP HANA as a no show in the top ten

Finnish government eyes €1bn savings through digitisation

Computer Weekly

Finland’s public sector aims to save €1bn by 2029 as a result of digitising public services

VR and AR Offer Innovative Solutions For Real B2B Marketing Problems

Forrester IT

If you’ve ever encountered virtual or augmented reality in the business world it was likely at an event or tradeshow where a company had an AR/VR demo at their booth to draw in “traffic.” While this is certainly a valid marketing use case, it’s not all this technology has to offer B2B marketers.