Right-Sizing Data Center Resources


One of the perennial problems of data centers is monitoring server utilization to ensure right-sizing of resources. To download a free ebook on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), click here , or visit Nlyte's web site. Charles Hall.

Cheap Ways To Connect Data Centers

The Accidental Successful CIO

Data centers are only valuable if they can share data Image Credit: Sean Ellis. As the person with the CIO job at your company, you have the added responsibility of maintaining your company’s data centers. Facebook’s Data Center Problem.

The Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

I participated in the #DataCtrChat Twitter chat last week to join in on the conversation about the Agile Data Center. The #DataCtrChat is a great one to be a part of, especially if you’re interested in the data center.

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Latest Microsoft Data Center Design Gets Close to Unity PUE

Data Center Knowledge

Innovation in data center design by cloud giants has widespread implications for their users as well as for the data center industry in general. Cooling Data Center Design Featured Microsoft Quincy, Wash

Aligned Claims Breakthrough in Data Center Waste Heat Reuse

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Partners with Swedish firm Climeon to combine heat power tech with its data center cooling system Read More. Aligned Data Centers Cooling Data Center Design Green Data Centers Power

The Data Center of Tomorrow

Eric D. Brown

DataThe data center of tomorrow will look much differently than the data center of today. That particular sentence should not be that surprising to anyone who’s been in an organization that has internal data centers. Data Center The New CIO Agile Data cente

Microsoft Moves Away from Data Center Containers

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Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Microsoft Modular Data Centers SaaSFinds ITPACS aren’t the best way to scale its cloud globally Read More.

Microsoft: Bigger Underwater Data Center in the Works

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Cloud Computing Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Green Data Centers Microsoft PowerEncouraged by initial Project Natick results, team prepares to go bigger and deeper Read More.

How to Get a Data Center Job at Facebook

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Here’s what one of the world’s most cutting-edge data center teams is looking for. Data Center Jobs Facebook Featured StaffingRead More.

Cloud Underwater? Microsoft Tests Submarine Data Center

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Project Natick may lay groundwork for seawater-cooled, tidal energy-powered cloud data centers Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Infrastructure Microsoft Site Selection

Amazon, Google Detail Next Round of Cloud Data Center Launches

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Amazon plans Paris data centers, while Google unveils eight new cloud locations planned for 2017 Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Google

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LinkedIn Adopting the Hyperscale Data Center Way

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Blades Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured LinkedIn Networking OregonSocial network’s infrastructure team rethinks its strategy so it can scale better Read More.

ViaWest: How Cloud Computing Alters Data Center Design

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Provider's chief data center officer says colocation has to be more flexible with capacity in the cloud age. AFCOM Colocation Data Center Design Data Center World ViaWest architecture cloud considerations consumption profile Dave LeonardRead More.

Dynamic Data Centers


Big Data and high performance computing (HPC) are on a collision course – from machine learning to business intelligence, the combined power of clustered servers, advanced networking and massive datasets are merging, and a new Big Data reality is on the rise. Big Data News

Cloud by the Megawatt: Inside IBM’s Cloud Data Center Strategy

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Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured IBM Site SelectionAll major US hardware vendors have tried and failed to become formidable rivals to Amazon in the cutthroat cloud infrastructure market; all except IBM. Read More.

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Go on a Virtual 360-Degree Google Data Center Tour

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A rare look inside one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data center Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Videos Google

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Should Data Centers Think?

Cloud Musings

As cloud computing becomes the information technology mainstream, data center technology is accelerating at a breakneck speed. SNAP is a powerful open data center telemetry framework. It can be used to easily collect, process, and publish telemetry data at scale.

Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

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Second study of its kind in history shows overall growth in data center energy use has flattened Read More. Blades Colocation Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Energy Efficiency Guide Enterprise Featured Government Infrastructure Power Regulation

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Startup Envisions Data Centers for Cities of the Future

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Project Rhizome brings architect sensibility to edge data center design Read More. Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Internet of Things

Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Data Center

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Data Center Strategies Data Center World Modular Data CentersWhich scenario is right for your company? Whatever makes the most sense for the business, Read More.

How Reno Became a Data Center Hub: a Timeline

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Nevada’s second gambling capital is growing as a cloud nerve center Read More. Data Center Strategies Featured Site Selection

Switch Launches Its Pyramid-Shaped Data Center in Michigan

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Colocation Data Center Design Switch SuperNAPsSticks to its signature bold design approach, using dramatic lighting, Focault pendulum in the lobby. Read More.

Deep Learning Driving Up Data Center Power Density

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Data Center Design FeaturedHosting AI hardware is an engineering puzzle all its own. Read More.

Ex-eBay Infrastructure Chief Takes Over Uber Data Center Strategy

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Data Center Strategies Executive Staffing UberDean Nelson is the new Head of Uber Compute, where Read More.

Vapor IO and BaseLayer Integrating Modular Data Center Tech

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Companies integrate data center software and hardware, putting Vapor Chambers inside BaseLayer modules Read More. Colocation Data Center Design Modular Data Centers Open Compute Racks and Enclosures

Most Data Center Outages aren’t Caused by Tech Failure

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Many critical industries invest a lot of time and resources in developing processes; the data center industry. Data Center World Uptimenot so much. Read More.

Take a Look inside a LinkedIn Data Center (Video)

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Social network shows off its Northern Virginia data center to IDCA Read More. Data Center Videos LinkedIn

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The Data Center Industry Has a Problem: Too Many Men

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Of all sectors, the data center sector should be particularly interested in broadening its labor pool. Data Center World StaffingRead More.

US Data Center Construction Update: Week of October 12

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Data center building boom continues across the country Read More. Colocation CoreSite CyrusOne Facebook OVH Phoenix Silicon Valley Vantage Data Centers Washington DC Area

MIT, UMass Scientists to Study Solar-Powered Data Centers

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Researchers launch test bed data center to investigate cutting-edge green computing tech Read More. Cooling Data Center Design Green Data Centers HPC Power

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A Cloud for the Artificial Mind: This Data Center is Designed for Deep Learning

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Data Center Design Featured HPCAs deep learning proliferates, companies search for the best infrastructure strategy Read More.

Microsoft Wants to Patent an Underwater Data Center Reef

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Data Center Design MicrosoftPatent application describes ways to make the cloud an attractive home for marine life Read More.

Are You Getting Everything Your Data Center Design is Meant to Deliver?

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Former Amazon data center design chief proposes data center performance metric Read More. Data Center Design