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One of the perennial problems of data centers is monitoring server utilization to ensure right-sizing of resources. To download a free ebook on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), click here , or visit Nlyte's web site. Charles Hall.

Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

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Second study of its kind in history shows overall growth in data center energy use has flattened Read More. Blades Colocation Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Energy Efficiency Guide Enterprise Featured Government Infrastructure Power Regulation

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Microsoft Moves Away from Data Center Containers

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Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Microsoft Modular Data Centers SaaSFinds ITPACS aren’t the best way to scale its cloud globally Read More.

LinkedIn Pushes Own Data Center Hardware Standard

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Blades Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Infrastructure LinkedIn Open Compute Racks and EnclosuresCan Open19 take hold given OCP’s wide support, including by Microsoft? Read More.

Uptime: Colocation Firms are Building Fewer Data Centers

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Colocation Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Enterprise FeaturedThe trend toward building fewer but larger facilities continues Read More.

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Go on a Virtual 360-Degree Google Data Center Tour

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A rare look inside one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data center Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Videos Google

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Deep Learning Driving Up Data Center Power Density

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Data Center Design FeaturedHosting AI hardware is an engineering puzzle all its own. Read More.

The Agile Data Center

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I participated in the #DataCtrChat Twitter chat last week to join in on the conversation about the Agile Data Center. The #DataCtrChat is a great one to be a part of, especially if you’re interested in the data center.

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Take a Look inside a LinkedIn Data Center (Video)

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Social network shows off its Northern Virginia data center to IDCA Read More. Data Center Videos LinkedIn

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SmartCube Gains Modular Data Center Patent

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Data Center Design Modular Data Centers Cooling design and IT accessibility address containers’ staff discomfort issues Read More.

LinkedIn Adopting the Hyperscale Data Center Way

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Blades Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured LinkedIn Networking OregonSocial network’s infrastructure team rethinks its strategy so it can scale better Read More.

Should Data Centers Think?

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As cloud computing becomes the information technology mainstream, data center technology is accelerating at a breakneck speed. SNAP is a powerful open data center telemetry framework. It can be used to easily collect, process, and publish telemetry data at scale.

Telco Central Offices Get Second Life as Cloud Data Centers

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As telcos virtualize their networks, their switching facilities will look more and more like web-scale data centers Read More. Blades Cloud Computing Connectivity Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Mobility Networking Open Compute Technology Virtualization

How to Reuse Waste Heat from Data Centers Intelligently

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Cooling Data Center Design Featured Green Data CentersThere are two big problems with reusing server exhaust heat, but there are also good solutions to both of them Read More.

Cloud Underwater? Microsoft Tests Submarine Data Center

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Project Natick may lay groundwork for seawater-cooled, tidal energy-powered cloud data centers Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Infrastructure Microsoft Site Selection

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The Data Center of Tomorrow

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DataThe data center of tomorrow will look much differently than the data center of today. That particular sentence should not be that surprising to anyone who’s been in an organization that has internal data centers. Data Center The New CIO Agile Data cente

How Cloud Has Changed the Data Center Architect

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The data center architect supports some of the most critical business functions of an organization. Cloud Computing Data Center Design cloud data center Here''s how the role has evolved with the advent of cloud. Read More.

DataBank Continues Buying Spree, Acquires Stream’s Dallas Data Center

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Facility becomes its largest data center in the red-hot Dallas data center market Read More. Databank Deals North America Vantage Data Centers

IoT Could Drive Micro Data Centers for Telcos

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AFCOM Data Center World Internet of Things Schneider Electric Carsten Baumann internet of things micro data centers telcoWireless connections between sensors and hubs, one Schneider Electric ops manager believes, could attract Verizon and AT&T. Read More.

Google Data Center FAQ

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Everything you ever wanted to know (and didn't) about Google data centers but were afraid to ask Read More. faq Google

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Microsoft Wants to Patent an Underwater Data Center Reef

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Data Center Design MicrosoftPatent application describes ways to make the cloud an attractive home for marine life Read More.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Facebook Data Centers

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Here's our newly updated Facebook Data Center FAQ Read More. Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Facebook Featured

Most Data Center Outages aren’t Caused by Tech Failure

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Many critical industries invest a lot of time and resources in developing processes; the data center industry. Data Center World Uptimenot so much. Read More.

The Right Questions to Ask About Data Center Strategy

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Data center customers often don’t ask some of the most important questions. Data Center World Featured How to Here's what they are. Read More.

Ten Most Connected Data Centers

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Australian internet entrepreneur's new directory aims to rank the world's data centers Read More. Colocation Connectivity

Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Data Center

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Data Center Strategies Data Center World Modular Data CentersWhich scenario is right for your company? Whatever makes the most sense for the business, Read More.

Edge Data Centers in the Self-Driving-Car Future

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The Data Center Podcast featuring Florian Liebert, co-founder and CEO of Mesosphere Read More. Design Edge Computing Featured Internet of Things The Data Center Podcast

CenturyLink Data Center VP Joins RagingWire as COO

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Joel Stone to oversee data center engineering, construction, operations Read More. Colocation RagingWire Data Centers Staffing

This Hacker Can Talk His Way inside a Data Center

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Data Center World Featured SecurityThe human factor in cybersecurity is every hacker’s favorite exploit Read More.

Follow These Data Center Trends in 2016

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Here are our predictions of what next year’s biggest data center industry trends will be Read More. Cloud Computing Colocation Connectivity Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured Green Data Centers Peering

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Defining the New Data Center Operating System

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The abstraction of the hardware layer within the data center means we are able to utilize new types of controls around our data center. New technologies are being deployed within the data center at a very fast pace.

Yahoo Wants to Sell Its ‘Chicken Coop’ Data Center Designs

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Trove of 3,000 patents and applications being sold includes data center design innovations Read More. Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Infrastructure Yahoo

Can EdgeConneX Disrupt Incumbent Data Center Providers?

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The edge data center provider is more than just another niche player and is already a much larger enterprise than probably most investors realize. Colocation Data Center Strategies EdgeConneX Featured Investing