Your Data Center is Old. Now What?


Yet reinvesting in legacy technologies like data center infrastructure can often pay dividends in the form of increased capacity and reduced operating costs. Here are three ways that I&O leaders can optimize existing data centers to support new and emerging business services.

How AI Is Used in Data Center Physical Security Today


Read Maria Korolov explain how artificial intelligence and machine learning are used by data centers for physical security on Data Center Knowledge: Machine learning and artificial intelligence are touted as […].


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Your Next Move: Data Center Technician

Association of Information Technology Professional

If you enjoy configuring server hardware, implementing security controls and troubleshooting, a data center technician job may be for you

Want to Work in the Data Center? Learn the Basics

Association of Information Technology Professional

Careers in the data center are thriving. Learn what types of IT pros keep the data center running and the skills you need to get there

Right-Sizing Data Center Resources


One of the perennial problems of data centers is monitoring server utilization to ensure right-sizing of resources. They produce a data center infrastructure management and optimization tool, called Data Center Service Management (DCSM), that can give great insight as to key data center metrics, such as power, cooling, and space; physical and virtual server resources; and storage. Charles Hall.

Do Private Data Centers Make Sense Anymore?

Information Week

What becomes of private data centers as hybrid architecture continues to evolve on a digital path

The Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

I participated in the #DataCtrChat Twitter chat last week to join in on the conversation about the Agile Data Center. The #DataCtrChat is a great one to be a part of, especially if you’re interested in the data center. The question was: What differentiates an Agile Data Center from a traditional data center? Every company has a different view about their data center.

Agile 172

Building the Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

T he modern data center is a complex environment with many different systems and many different objectives. The data center exists to provide an organization with the networking, storage, processing and connectivity features needed to operate in the fast paced, data-driven world we live in today. Over the years, many data centers have become the dumping ground for all things technology.

Agile 171

The Data Center Is (Almost) Dead


Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers. Many organizations are rethinking the placement of applications, based on network latency, customer population clusters and geopolitical limitations — for example, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or regulatory restrictions. Enterprises with older data centers don’t want to rebuild them or build new ones due to high capital costs.

The Data Center of Tomorrow

Eric D. Brown

DataThe data center of tomorrow will look much differently than the data center of today. That particular sentence should not be that surprising to anyone who’s been in an organization that has internal data centers. Most organizations have been working on data center transformation projects over the last few years. I’ve worked with a number of organizations who have kicked off data center transformation projects.

Dynamic Data Centers


Big Data and high performance computing (HPC) are on a collision course – from machine learning to business intelligence, the combined power of clustered servers, advanced networking and massive datasets are merging, and a new Big Data reality is on the rise. Are you maximizing your competitive advantage through Big Data and HPC? This white paper examines the emergence of clustering in the enterprise data center. Big Data NewsMarty Meehan.

Top enterprise data center trends you need to know

Network World

Data-center networking was already changing prior to the technology challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic , and few areas of the enterprise will continue to be affected more than data centers by those modifications in the future.

Trends 162

Microsoft Moves Away from Data Center Containers

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Microsoft Modular Data Centers SaaSFinds ITPACS aren’t the best way to scale its cloud globally Read More.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Facebook Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Here's our newly updated Facebook Data Center FAQ Read More. Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Facebook Featured

Data Center Jobs: C7 Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

At the Data Center Jobs Board, C7 Data Centers is seeking a Regional Sales Manager. Data Center Jobs Read More.

Aligned Claims Breakthrough in Data Center Waste Heat Reuse

Data Center Knowledge

Partners with Swedish firm Climeon to combine heat power tech with its data center cooling system Read More. Aligned Data Centers Cooling Data Center Design Green Data Centers Power

Data center admins: Learn how to run a basic vulnerability scan on your Linux servers with Nessus

Tech Republic Security

Make sure the Linux servers in your data center are free from vulnerabilities by scanning them immediately using Nessus

Linux 129

Next-Gen Cooling Is Advancing Data Centers

Doctor Chaos

Keeping data centers within the ideal temperature range is crucial due to the expensive and necessary equipment inside. If the data center gets too hot, servers could malfunction, and their expected lifespans could shorten. The Future of Data Center Cooling Is Here.

Startup Patents Multi-Story Modular Data Center Design

Data Center Knowledge’s design inspired by Quebec’s cylindrical supercomputer data center Read More. Data Center Design Featured Modular Data Centers

Why the cloud will never eat the data center

Network World

It would have to be a data-center change. Sometimes it’s hard to see gradual changes in technology paradigms because they’re gradual. Sometimes it helps to play “Just suppose…” and see where it leads.

WAN 159

ViaWest: How Cloud Computing Alters Data Center Design

Data Center Knowledge

Provider's chief data center officer says colocation has to be more flexible with capacity in the cloud age. AFCOM Colocation Data Center Design Data Center World ViaWest architecture cloud considerations consumption profile Dave LeonardRead More.

Data Center Jobs: RagingWire Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

At the Data Center Jobs Board, we have a new job listing from RagingWire Data Centers, which is seeking a Manager, Critical Facilities in Sacramento, California. Data Center Jobs Read More.

Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

Data Center Knowledge

Second study of its kind in history shows overall growth in data center energy use has flattened Read More. Blades Colocation Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Energy Efficiency Guide Enterprise Featured Government Infrastructure Power Regulation

Energy 207

Private Data Center Trends for 2014 and Beyond


Today’s data centers are being built at the forefront of industry standards. Within the past five years, the way we construct data centers has changed dramatically. David Cappuccio, the Chief of Infrastructure Research at Gartner, told CIO that “Data centers will no longer be constrained by one specific site. This new breed of data centers presents some inherit advantages for organizations that wish to become early adopters.

Trends 232

Myths and Realities of Data Center Certification

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Strategies Data Center WorldUnder what circumstances is it actually worth making the effort to gain Tier III or Tier IV certification? Read More.

SmartCube Gains Modular Data Center Patent

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Design Modular Data Centers Cooling design and IT accessibility address containers’ staff discomfort issues Read More.

Data Center Jobs: ViaWest

Data Center Knowledge

At the Data Center Jobs Board, ViaWest is seeking a Data Center Engineer and a Data Center Manager. Data Center Jobs Read More.

Coping With Data Deluge: Data Center Power, Cooling, Management Trends

Data Center Knowledge

Demand for data center services growing, power and cooling reliability and data center management tools are growing in importance Read More. AFCOM Cooling Data Center World Power cloud data center

LuxConnect Data Center in Luxembourg Nears Launch

Data Center Knowledge

Colocation Data Center Design Europe Green Data CentersFacility to use renewable energy from Norway; provider eyeing Tier IV certification Read More.

How Next-Gen Data Centers Will Differ From Today’s

Data Center Knowledge

Take a look down the road of data center evolution at Data Center World Read More. Data Center Strategies Data Center World

GE Rethinks Data Center Rack Power Distribution

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Design Power Racks and EnclosuresFinds way to reclaim unused rack space Read More.

Latency, Bandwidth, Disaster Recovery: Selecting the Right Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

The process to select a good data center has to involve not only the physical elements of the facility but the workload to be delivered as well. Cloud Computing Colocation Data Center Strategies Featured cloud colocation data centerRead More.

Which Data Center Skills are in Demand Today

Data Center Knowledge

Latest State of the Data Center Industry survey results show hunger for automation and cloud, DCIM, load balancing, and more Read More. Data Center World Staffing cloud data center

Time to Test Your Data Center IQ

Data Center Knowledge

See how much data center knowledge you actually have at Data Center World Fall Read More. Data Center World

Six Facts in High-Availability Data Center Design

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Design Data Center World Downtime Featured Infrastructure PowerA more redundant design doesn’t always mean a more reliable one Read More.

3 ways the cloud and data centers work well together

David Linthicum

Will data centers will go away as the public cloud grows like crazy? You can think of that as a private cloud (really, data center) connected with anything that’s in the public cloud. Today, you need to build fluidity of data sources between systems in the data center and systems in the public cloud. Both are growing to keep up with the booming economy. But getting them to work and play well together will be a challenge.

Video: Manufacturing Data Center Containers

Data Center Knowledge

IO Modular Data Centers Phoenix IO off-shoot BaseLayer’s production line outside of Phoenix Read More.

CenturyLink Expands Data Centers in Six Markets

Data Center Knowledge

Colocation continues to drive the provider’s data center decision making Read More. CenturyLink Colocation Data Center Strategies Featured

LinkedIn Switches to Custom Data Center Design

Data Center Knowledge

Social network’s future Oregon data center to feature next-gen power distribution, cooling system Read More. Colocation Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured LinkedIn Oregon

Enterprises are still spending on data centers. What gives?

David Linthicum

However, “enterprise spending on data center hardware and software has been stagnant through much of the decade.” During the past decade, the average annual spending growth for data centers was 4 percent; growth was 56 percent for cloud services. 2019 was the first time that enterprises spent more on cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS than on hardware and software related to data centers.

Nlyte: For Data Center Infrastructure Management


The modern data center is key to so many enterprise missions. Well run data centers make direct contributions to mission. For an overview of Nlyte see the video of the video at this link and embedded below: Nlyte provides Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Center Service Management Solutions (DCSM). Nlyte’s proven platform is used in the data centers of some of the largest and most valued companies in the world.

The Data Center Industry Has a Problem: Too Many Men

Data Center Knowledge

Of all sectors, the data center sector should be particularly interested in broadening its labor pool. Data Center World StaffingRead More.

How Cloud Has Changed the Data Center Architect

Data Center Knowledge

The data center architect supports some of the most critical business functions of an organization. Cloud Computing Data Center Design cloud data center Here''s how the role has evolved with the advent of cloud. Read More.