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How Should CIOs Handle Data From Employee’s Wearables?

The Accidental Successful CIO

More data is always better, but what if it’s personal data? Image Credit: Timo Newton-Syms Follow. As the person with the CIO job, you are the one who is responsible for managing all of the data that the company collects. We are all pretty used to what this means.

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2018 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 12-15 August 2018 in Omaha Nebraska


The annual DoDIIS Worldwide Conference is scheduled for 12-15 August 2018 in Omaha Nebraska. Every year this event is a great opportunity to learn about the most critical mission needs of the defense intelligence community, as well as see some of the most interesting technologies relevant to analysis, data and enterprise IT. It is also a [.]. Big Data and Analytics CTO Cyber Security Events News

Cloud backup is not the same as standard datacenter backup

David Linthicum

Backup is just good policy. You need the ability to back up data and applications someplace, so they can be restored somehow, to keep the business running in case of some natural or manmade disaster that takes the primary business-critical systems down. We have whole industries that provide backup sites and backup technology. They can be passive, meaning that you can restore the site in a short period of time and get back to operations.

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There Are No Clear CX Leaders Among US Brands – For The Third Year In A Row

Forrester IT

Forrester’s 2018 Customer Experience Index (CX Index) for US brands reveals a worsening CX leadership gap: Not a single brand has risen to the top of our rankings and continued to move upwards, and the overall quality of the US customer experience is stagnating.

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Forrester’s US Banking Customer Experience Index 2018 Shows CX Is Stagnating

Forrester IT

Customer experience leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products.

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Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Deep Dive: Part 2

Perficient - Digital Transformation

In part 1 of the Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Deep Dive , we discussed the foundational call flows from the Teams client. In this article we will continue the discussion by talking about Direct Routing call flow with and without media bypass.

Why Cybersecurity is Looking to AI to Mitigate Business Risks


Malicious cyber attacks against government and private businesses have increased in frequency and severity over past years. Microsoft estimates the potential cost of cyber-crime to the global community at $500 billion and that breaches of data will cost the average company around $3.8 million. The unfortunate truth is that the cybersecurity industry is largely unprepared [.]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security News

Are banks ready for Payments Services Directive, Part 2 (PSD2)?


The arrival of the first pillar of the Payments Services Directive, Part 2 (PSD2) in January this year laid the groundwork for a more open banking system. It is set to transform the financial services industry in the European Union (EU) by putting the customers in control of both their.

Tesla Sabotage: A Perfect Storm For Insider Threat

Forrester IT

Last Sunday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an all-employee email to Tesla employees revealing that the company was the victim of insider sabotage. Musk indicated that the saboteur made changes to Tesla’s manufacturing operating system using fake user names and exported a large volume of sensitive internal data to third parties. In his email, Musk […]. age of the customer

The Art and Science of IT Management

Future of CIO

With overwhelming growth of information, dynamic business environment, and fierce competitions, IT management has become an art out of necessity to address both the business surviving and thriving issues.

Apple sued for creating iOS monopoly, Microsoft acquires Flipgrid, 5G standalone standard approved, Foxconn coming to the US


The following are some of the enterprise tech stories we want to bring to your attention: U.S. top court mulls Apple's App Store commissions in antitrust case Every one using iPhone knows that iOS App market is a virtual Apple monopoly unless you jailbreak your iPhone and void the Apple's warranty. Now the US Supreme [.]. CTO News The Boardroom

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The Salesforce Field Service Lighting Surprise

Perficient - Digital Transformation

We are All Discoverers. In 1492, Christopher Columbus didn’t board his ship, raise his iPhone and smoothly say, “Siri, get directions to the Bahamas,” then sit back and enjoy a peaceful voyage across the Atlantic. Being a discoverer or an explorer was a dangerous job.

65% of orgs suffer sales delays from lax security

IT Manager Daily

Keeping customer data secure is essential to maintaining your customers. That importance is never clearer than when concerns about privacy arise. Recent research from Cisco shows that data privacy issues caused sales delays in 65% of businesses. And those delays weren’t short-term.

To Celebrate the 4800th Blog Posting: The Thoughts and Quotes of the “Future of CIO” Blog

Future of CIO

Blogging is to pursue the digital communication way of envisioning, brainstorming, sharing, and debating. It’s the journey to make the continuous leadership influence and connect the dots for spurring creativity and advocating digital innovation.

An Apology From Me To Google (and to you)


Dear readers, With this post I want to give an apology to Google, and to you, for some recent reporting here at CTOvision. I let my emotion influence things I wrote, and, in something that in hindsight I realize was horribly arrogant on my part, I wrote as if I knew what Google’s motivations were [.]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News

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Microsoft adds resiliency, redundancy, security to Windows Server 2019

Network World

With Windows Server 2019, Microsoft is adding resiliency and redundancy enhancements to the Shielded Virtual Machines security controls it introduced with Windows Server 2016. Shielded VMs originally provided a way to protect virtual machine assets by isolating them from the hypervisor infrastructure and could also help prove to auditors that systems were adequately isolated and controlled.

Why CU Anschutz Medical Campus Migrated to Google Cloud

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Our healthcare team has been working with the University of Colorado over the past couple of years to overcome critical data challenges in healthcare… and the results are exciting.

Three Pitfalls in Boardroom

Future of CIO

The modern digital board has many responsibilities, also gets a lot of frustration and hits many pitfalls on the digital transformation. Driving the business forward is extremely difficult.

Can AI be used for evil? IBM’s AI Debater debates with human champion, Google’s AI can predict death, Nividia uses AI to make super slo-mo movie.


Is Artificial Intelligence A Detriment Or A Benefit To Society? The AI good vs evil debate has been going on since artificial intelligence was first discussed. Everybody has a say about AI's good and bad qualities. Elon Musk has warned of a doomsday-like scenario in near future as shown in the Terminator movie series while [.]. Artificial Intelligence News

Getting hands-on with industrial control system setups at RSA | Salted Hash Ep 31

Network World

Host Steve Ragan is joined on the RSA 2018 show floor by Bryson Bort, CEO and founder of SCYTHE, to talk about the ICS Village, where attendees can learn how to better defend industrial equipment through hands-on access to the equipment

How Smart Technologies Up the Ante for Digital Transformation

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Digital innovation continues to disrupt industries at lightning speed. Today’s organizations are transforming their entire business – from strategy to operations, technology to culture – to better deliver value to their customers.

CIOs’s Big “HOW” Inquiries to Run Innovative IT

Future of CIO

With the exponential growth of information and disruptive nature of technology, IT can no longer just “keep the lights on,” IT becomes the business in the business to do more with innovation and lead changes in many forward-thinking organizations.

Using Open Source Software in a SecDevOps Environment


On 21 June 2018 the Open Source Software3 Institute is hosting a discussion that should be of high interest to enterprise technologists in the DC/Northern Virginia, Maryland area. From their invite: Come hear from our panelists about how the worlds of Open Source Software and the Secure Development / Operations (SecDevOps) intersect and strengthen one [.]. CTO Events News Tech Advice

Beginners Guide for SCCM Driver Management


SCCM Driver Management strategy is critical for each organization. This post will help you to download an eBook which gives an end to end SCCM driver management guide for beginners in IT Pros world. I don’t have much expertise in OS Deployment (OSD) as I mentioned in my AutoPilot post. Content What are Drivers and […]. The post Beginners Guide for SCCM Driver Management appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair.

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Malicious Chrome extensions hit 100,000 computers

IT Manager Daily

Seven malicious Google Chrome extensions that steal login credentials, mine cryptocurrencies and engage in click fraud have been discovered. More than 100,000 computers were infected by the browser extensions, and the scam has been running since at least March. The extensions were hosted in the official Chrome Web Store. As of now, all the discovered extensions have been removed from the store.

The Monthly “Problem-Solving Master” Book Tuning: The Obstacles to Problem-Solving June 2018

Future of CIO

All humans are born with raw creativity ability. Creativity has many dimensions, with multi-faceted truth and myth, manifold knowledge and multidimensional insight. Creativity is wings of our mind and tempo of our heartbeat.

The Wolf is Here


For decades we’ve heard that iCalamity is right around the corner. For decades we’ve largely ignored pleas to try and address computer security issues when they are relatively cheap and easy, before they got too large and complicated to do at all. We have been living a fairy tale life, and absent bold action and [.]. CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things News

Starting out with your IT business? Here’s how you take it to the market


The past couple of years have shown a lot of promising prospects in the field of information technology (IT). Many businesses have shifted to modern technologies to adapt to the market and to make their businesses more appropriate and relevant to the changing times.