AI In Project Management


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes focusing on how AI is being used to transform project management. Ever since humans have had people and projects to manage, we’ve had challenges keeping the projects on time, on budget, and people on task.

The Beauty of Project Management

Association of Information Technology Professional

IT project management methodologies can also be applied in other industries. That’s why I got CompTIA Project+ even though I don’t work in IT


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Wrike: Hybrid work requires collaboration and project management tools

Venture Beast

Enterprises should invest in collaboration and project management tools to support hybrid workers, Wrike said. Cloud Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial/Business Operations/Management collaboration hybrid workforce project management remote work reports

4 Types of Project Management Offices That Deliver Value


During conversations with clients, Gartner analysts discovered organizations designed project management offices (PMOs) in a variety of setups. This makes it hard for program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders to determine the type of PMO best suited to their organization.”. The most effective way to support the management of projects, programs and portfolios will differ depending on the organization’s maturity level.

Big Data Project Management: Data Must Flow!


I'm currently researching big data project management in order to better understand what makes big data projects different from other tech related projects. So far I've interviewed more than a dozen government, private sector, and academic professionals, all of them experienced in managing data intensive projects. It is often difficult to separate the planning and management of big data projects from other ongoing organizational changes.

IoT projects demand new skills from IT project managers

Tech Republic Security

If you think regular IT project managers can run IoT projects, you might be miscalculating. Here's why

Product Manager Vs Project Manager


Information Technology Blog - - Product Manager Vs Project Manager - Information Technology Blog. The roles of the Product Manager and the Project Manager are often confused, however, they are very different on a number of levels. What is Product Management?

Big Data Project Management: What’s In & What’s Out?


Here’s something to think about when you're planning a big data project: are you planning a project or a program ? Here's a simple distinction: A project typically has a beginning, middle, and end. Projects. Relatively self-contained big data projects may be tied to an ongoing process or program that is already developing or delivering a product or service. In the real world the distinctions between these two “big data” project types may not be so cut and dried.

Today's New IT Project Manager

Information Week

Among the IT functions changed forever by the COVID-19 pandemic is project management. The days of "walk around" project management seem to be gone. Some thoughts on what the future looks like

Asana: Enterprise grade project management


The post Asana: Enterprise grade project management appeared first on Asana is an efficient way to keep tasks organized when working as a team. They seek to enhance teamwork without email. For an overview see the video at this link and embedded below: For more see Analysis Analytical Tool Companies Company

Optimise your processes with this stacked project management course

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TL;DR: The 2021 Project and Product Manager Essentials Bundle is on sale for £28.43 Being a project manager is no easy feat. More about Project Management , Mashable Shopping , Online Courses , Uk Deals , and Tech.

IT Project Management: What Makes Digital Projects Different


Unsurprisingly, this has meant the management of digital projects and programs has become a critical focus for IT project management offices (PMOs). ” However, PMO and project management processes are considered potential sources of delays by more than 80% of software development teams using Agile processes. The bottom-up, project-based model for funding work that most IT functions use fails to support this pace of changing priorities.

Project Management and ERP

IT Toolbox

Project management is an important part of ERP implementation. ERP is a big, complex undertaking and without a good project management system you'll be overwhelmed by even a small ERP system. Fortunately, most ERP systems come with a project management module built in to help you corral your implementation. However there are also many excellent PM programs available independently

Cognilytica AI & ML Project Management Boot Camp – Mar. 11-13, 2019 – 10% Discount for OODA Members ($249 Value)


Cognilytica’s AI & ML Project Management Certification Boot Camp is recognized around the world as one of the best AI & ML Project Management and leadership training course available anywhere. Artificial Intelligence Events Governance, Training, Education, Process News ai artificial intelligence bootcamp certification Cognilytica machine learning ML Project Management training

Top 8 project management tools

Tech Republic Cloud

Effectively navigating a project's lifecycle can be virtually impossible without the right tools. These project management tools can help you stay on track

IT Project Management: The PMO’s Role in Agile Organizations


But while the Agile approach has certainly been helpful, the conversations about introducing Agile between business partners and the broader IT team rarely include IT project management teams. In fact, according to the 2015 Global State of the PMO survey by ESI International , 40% of PMOs struggle to define their role in Agile projects. Blog Information Technology Information Technology Governance IT Project Management

IT Project Management: 4 Principles of a High-Impact Dashboard


IT project managers’ job is to steer highly complex and expensive IT projects to completion on time and – if possible – under budget, so a big part of their role is letting everyone know how projects are progressing. Which is not good when the fundamental point of a dashboard is to encourage meaningful discussion and to provide decision makers with a clear view into the performance of a project or a program.

A simple-to-deploy, easy-to-use Kanban board for project management: Kanboard

Tech Republic Data Center

Learn how to install and customize this project management tool Kanboard is an in-house Kanban solution that is as easy to deploy as it is to use.

Learn the essentials of project management with this online bundle

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TL;DR: The Complete 2021 Superstar Project Manager Bundle is on sale for £43.21 This training, which features over 30 hours of content, dives into essential project management methodologies that can improve your team’s workflow, productivity, and results.

3 solid project management apps for iOS and Mac

Computerworld Vertical IT

Have you ever wondered why wedding planners can charge so much? To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story

Save 98% off this massive project management training bundle

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TL;DR: The Premium 2021 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle is on sale for £33.10 Being a project manager admittedly doesn't sound super "cool." More about Project Management , Mashable Shopping , Shopping Uk , Uk Deals , and Tech.

Learn the essentials of project management with this course bundle

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TL;DR: Streamline your team's work with the Complete 2021 Superstar Project Management Bundle. This training, which features over 30 hours of content, dives into essential project management methodologies that can improve your team’s workflow, productivity , and results.

The Tip of the Spear II: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy


Managing data is not the same as analyzing it. Based on the 20+ personal, telephone, and email interviews I’ve conducted so far [2] as part of my big data project management research I would add a fourth item to McKinney's list: We need to spend at least as much time to planning and managing the people and business processes that make data analysis possible as we do the analysis process itself and the technologies that support it. Portfolio Management. Dennis D.

Kickstart your career with this project management training bundle

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If your business is struggling to get it together in the remote world, it could probably use a project manager. More about Project Management , Mashable Shopping , Online Courses , Tech , and Work Life. Project Management Mashable Shopping Online Courses Tech Work Life

IT Project Management: Answers to the Top 5 Questions about Managing Digital Products


Almost 90% of managers now say that digitization is a high priority for their company, and two-thirds say they will lose any competitive advantage they hold if they don’t become significantly more digitized. But digitization requires fundamental change – both to the way managers think about products, markets, and competitive responses , and in how the company is organized. “Products over projects” – what does that mean? What happens to projects?

IT Project Management: How PMOs Can Survive in a Digitized Company


Many managers – inside and outside of IT – have strong points of views, and often visceral emotions, about IT project management offices (PMOs). Reorganization around product lines : Priorities and budgets are increasingly set for business capabilities and products , not projects. PMOs, of course, have typically structured their mandates and staffing approaches to provide support for a project-centric model.

Save big on project management certification prep courses

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TL;DR: Become the leader you always wanted to be with the Project Management Certifications Tests and Courses Bundle for $24.99, an 87% savings as of May 26. Except, of course, for those businesses with an effective project manager.

6 Time Management Tips for Project Managers


Information Technology Blog - - 6 Time Management Tips for Project Managers - Information Technology Blog. This way you will be more able to keep on top of the project outcomes and be able to mitigate any obstacles should they arise. Manage your email inbox effectively.

Citrix acquires project management platform Wrike for $2.25 billion

Venture Beast

Citrix has confirmed reports that it is buying enterprise-focused work management platform Wrike, in an all-cash deal worth $2.25 billion. Read More.

Project management is key to driving business success

Computer Weekly

Project managers are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of business development, leading to project failures

Sharpen your project management skills with this $46 course bundle

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TL;DR: Get some help studying with The Project Management and Scrum Certification Preparation Exams Bundle for $45.99, a 97% savings as of Dec. In the project management field, certifications and mastery of well-known methodologies are badges of honor, and Scrum is one example.


Boost your leadership skills with this project management course

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TL;DR: The Project Manager's Essential Certification bundle is on sale for £39.83 And that's where project management skills can come in handy. Project managers are experts when it comes to leadership , adaptation, and making tough decisions.

Needed: Project management tools for the remote Apple enterprise

Computerworld Vertical IT

If your business has migrated to Macs and/or iPhone/iPad, then you may be searching for a powerful project management solution to replace MS Project , particularly to support remote teams. WFH means project planning is critical.

Start a new career with this online project management training

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Project managers have been working remotely for a few years already, and that's only going to be on the rise now in a post-pandemic world. More about Project Management , Mashable Shopping , Online Courses , Shopping Uk , and Uk Deals.

ZenHub doubles down on automation for GitHub project management

Venture Beast

ZenHub, a 7-year-old startup that offers developers a project management and collaboration tool for GitHub, is doubling down on automation. Read More.

Why Big Data Project Management Can Be So Difficult


When it comes to the management of big data, therein lies the challenge. Along with the challenges of project management and handling big data solutions, new software is being designed all the time which helps companies with project tracking and data management. The project management software available today is superior to anything used in the past when it comes to amassing and analyzing data. How to Manage the Big Data. Rick Delgado.

Learn new leadership skills with a project management training on sale

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TL;DR: Get 38 hours of project management training with the 2021 Complete PMP Career Training Certification bundle , on sale for 98% off. If your business is struggling to get it together in the remote world, it could probably use a project manager.

NOAA Fisheries Talks Going No-Code for Project Management

Information Week

Federal agency finds a way to increase its efficiency tackling a growing number of projects by leveraging a solution from Smartsheet

AI-Powered Project Management: The Pros and Cons

Information Week

Artificial intelligence holds promise as a way to improve IT project management, but there are some hurdles to overcome

Welcome the New Project Manager!

Cloud Musings

According to , the six traits of highly effective project managers are: Be a strategic business partner who can offer higher-level strategic leadership skills, not just technical management skills, provide significant advantages for organizations of all sizes. Encourage and recognize valuable contributions because a project leader’s effectiveness is strongly impacted by the contributions of others on his or her team.

How project management software can help you with productivity woes

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If your work life is a string of Slack messages, emails, and errant Google Docs, your team may need project management software. These websites and apps help you ensure no part of a project goes astray, in one tidy interface. IMAGE: Zoho Projects. Zoho Projects.

Wrike vs. LiquidPlanner: Project Management Pugilism

IT Toolbox

Wrike and LiquidPlanner are top-notch project management tools. Find out which one is best for your needs

How to install the ZenTao project management tool

Tech Republic Data Center

The ZenTao project management tool might be the perfect fit for your organization. Jack Wallen walks you through the installation process