Big Data Project Management: Data Must Flow!


I'm currently researching big data project management in order to better understand what makes big data projects different from other tech related projects. Enterprise portfolio management. Data governance needs to be integrated with enterprise portfolio management.

IT Project Management: The PMO’s Role in Agile Organizations


But while the Agile approach has certainly been helpful, the conversations about introducing Agile between business partners and the broader IT team rarely include IT project management teams. Blog Information Technology Information Technology Governance IT Project Management

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IT Project Management: What Makes Digital Projects Different


Unsurprisingly, this has meant the management of digital projects and programs has become a critical focus for IT project management offices (PMOs).

Big Data Project Management: What’s In & What’s Out?


Here’s something to think about when you're planning a big data project: are you planning a project or a program ? Here's a simple distinction: A project typically has a beginning, middle, and end. Projects. Managing Data-Intensive Programs and Projects: Selected Articles.

IT Project Management: How PMOs Can Survive in a Digitized Company


Many managers – inside and outside of IT – have strong points of views, and often visceral emotions, about IT project management offices (PMOs). PMOs, of course, have typically structured their mandates and staffing approaches to provide support for a project-centric model.

Why Big Data Project Management Can Be So Difficult


When it comes to the management of big data, therein lies the challenge. Along with the challenges of project management and handling big data solutions, new software is being designed all the time which helps companies with project tracking and data management. The project management software available today is superior to anything used in the past when it comes to amassing and analyzing data. How to Manage the Big Data. Rick Delgado.

10 Best Practices in Configuring your Agile Project Management Tools

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If you are serious about agile development then you most likely selected a tool to enable team collaboration and manage the backlog, sprints, and releases. While I have heard of some teams and even organizations staying low tech and using stickies, cards, or spreadsheets, it's really hard to scale to multiple teams, manage distributed teams, or develop metrics to support process improvements.

Asana: Enterprise grade project management


The post Asana: Enterprise grade project management appeared first on Asana is an efficient way to keep tasks organized when working as a team. They seek to enhance teamwork without email.

Project management is key to driving business success

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Project managers are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of business development, leading to project failures

16 Top Project Management Methodologies


If you’re new to Project Management, the number of different methodologies (and acronyms) can be mind-boggling. We’ve broken 16 common project management methodologies into bite-sized pieces to help you choose the best approach for your next project.

Five Questions Transformational Leaders and PMOs Should Address When Driving Digital

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Let's consider the modern Project Management Office or PMO and what transformational leaders need from this function when driving digital transformation programs. The Role of the PMO Before Transformation In many organizations, the PMO is synonymous with bureaucracy and administration since many focus on tracking projects, managing budgets, defining project management standards, and.

Myths About Project Management Busted By Hard Facts


MYTH 2 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION IS A MUST. Even at corporate giants such as IBM, only 56% of project management specialists hold a certificate. 70% of accidental project managers have no special training or certificate at hand.

Improve Business Outcomes by Aligning Project Management and CRM

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The typical sales funnel for a project-based organization moves prospects from the sales department to the team handling their projects. Organizations may silo the new client information into the project management solution, which makes it difficult to identify opportunities for engaging with current customers. When you integrate CRM and project management data, your company gains several significant

Project Management and ERP

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Project management is an important part of ERP implementation. ERP is a big, complex undertaking and without a good project management system you'll be overwhelmed by even a small ERP system. Fortunately, most ERP systems come with a project management module built in to help you corral your implementation. However there are also many excellent PM programs available independently

Corporate IT: How to Get the Most From an IT Roadmap


Senior managers that get it right can unite their teams around a common set of visual formats that make employees more engaged in their work, help them understand IT and firmwide strategy and how their role contributes to that strategy, and be able to relay that to others.

8 quick ways to increase your project management knowledge

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With 10 interconnected knowledge areas that incorporate the use of 47 processes organized into five process groups, project management can be a multifaceted maze to navigate. Developing a deeper understanding of this discipline can be an all-consuming and intimidating task at times, and just trying to find out where to turn for training can feel overwhelming. Professional books and articles To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here (Insider Story

10 Huge Influencer Blogs in the Project Management World (+1 bonus)

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Here are 10 industry blogs that you should follow to get started: : This website is for project managers, and provides a list of solutions and plenty of articles

How Important Is “Perfect Data” To Data Analytics Programs?


database managers have always had to concern themselves with standards, data cleaning, corrections, and manual versus automated approaches to data quality control. Look first at available data before proposing significant changes to your data management infrastructure. Engage early and often with senior management, not just with your project's sponsor. Also consider upgrading middle and upper management's analytical skills. Dennis D. McDonald.

4 Reasons That IT Projects Fail

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All too often, IT projects end up like this Image Credit: Dr. Jim. However, when it comes time to do a large IT project for some mysterious reason, things seem to fall apart which is odd considering the importance of information technology.

CIOs Need To Make Sure They Don’t Do Outsourcing The Wrong Way

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One of the most common is that an outsourcing project can move too fast. If you outsource things too quickly, then your company won’t have the time needed to hand off the outsourced projects and the outsourcing company won’t have the ability to start up correctly.

4 Reasons Your ERP Project Management Team Must Be Top Notch

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Stories about enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects that fail are not in short supply. In most cases, those failures aren’t related to the ERP implementation process nearly as much as to the people—the project managers—driving the implementation. A quick Google search will turn up all manner of disasters that can happen when implementing ERP software.

20 Bad Behaviors of Agile Development Product Owners

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I've worked with some very strong Agile Product Owners, others that needed a lot of help transitioning from BRD centric waterfall product management, and others that have strong backgrounds in other product roles (product strategy, management, or marketing) and are new to agile product development. agile planning agile software development DevOps innovation it management organizational change product management project management

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From the Other Side of the Table — CIO Interview Questions to Employers

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How does senior management view the role and importance of this department and this position? Filed under: C-Level Executives , Career , CIO , CIO/CTO , Leadership Tagged: CIO , CIO Leader , CIO role , executive , IT , IT executive , job hunt , job search , leader , Project Management.

What Agile Teams Can Learn From 1st Graders

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agile planning agile software development it management organizational change project management software development When I saw this hanging in my daughter''s classroom I knew it needed to be shared with Scrum Masters and other agile team members. So much what makes agile teams successful is dependent on their collaboration - establishing a shared understanding of priorities, solving problems, developing solutions, resolving blocks, and improving practices.


Choosing the right project management methodology

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In " How to pick a project management methodology (PMM) ," I covered the some of the most recognized methodologies, as well as a few high-level factors, that may impact selection decisions. Related story: What's difference between project management and change management? ].

5 Key Lessons for New Agile Product Owners

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agile planning agile software development digital transformation innovation organizational change product management project managementAt some point, organizations that want to scale to more agile development programs or take on wider scoped digital transformation efforts need to consider how best to cultivate Product Owners. Scaling additional development teams is a lot easier.

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How To Question Developers and Learn What is Really Going On

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agile software development innovation it management organizational change project management Anyone who''s ever worked with me knows that I love spending time with developers. I will ask simple questions, "What are you working on?", "Can I see the code?", "Who is also working on this requirement and what are they doing?", and my favorite question, "How will your work help customers?".

Five Tips on How To Manage Disruptive Projects in an Agile Organization without going Crazy!

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agile planning cio it management project management Don''t Panic, Posted by J Linwood. Agile teams are best organized when team responsibilities are clearly defined and separated from other teams, when business deliverables can be accomplished with a minimal number of teams, and when there is clear process to handle the communication and dependency between teams. Anyone who has led or participated in an agile organization knows that the easiest.

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Who Owns Risk?

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Proper risk management is vital to any project manager. Any big project is sure to have a great deal of risk, which needs to be identified and evaluated. It is safe to say that the management of risk is the job of a project manager, but who owns the risk?

Oracle customizes project management for lines of business

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The company has customized its project management software to meet specific requirements of clients in government, financial services and the construction business. Oracle has released three new packages for its cloud-based Primavera set of enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) services. One size no longer fits all for enterprise software, Oracle has found.

8 Ways a Mind Map Can Declutter Your Project Management

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Project managers can organize their team, their thoughts, and visualize every moving part of their project workflow by using mind maps

Enterprise Agile: One Size Does Not Fit All

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The linear waterfall model and its sequential design process run counter to the reality that customers often don’t know exactly what they want up-front; rather, they tend to fine-tune their requirements through ongoing two-way interactions during the life cycle of the project.


10 Ways to be More Agile

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To baseline a project in 2 weeks or less, use a cross-disciplinary team to rapidly move through the planning and estimation process to gain early consensus on scope , schedule and budget. Written with contributions from Michael Mariani, Tim Mattix, Ryan Finnamore and many others.

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