Cloud Empowers Innovations

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Several enterprises talked through how cloud services like Google Cloud Platform are not just sources of application agility and on-demand infrastructure, but are platforms providing high value access to technology chains they can leverage confidently for innovation efforts.

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Hybrid cloud? Private cloud? Public cloud? Multicloud? How to choose

David Linthicum

My article “ Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud ” has gotten many people seeing red, and I can understand why. Many enterprise IT shops, and most enterprise technology companies, have pledged allegiance to the hybrid cloud model. The intellectual dishonesty of cloud-architecture purists. Thus, it’s bad for them to admit that public clouds will have a role, even if most existing workloads will reside in private clouds or remain on traditional datacenter platforms.

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4 hidden cloud computing costs that will get you fired

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John just finished the first wave on cloud workload migrations for his company. With a solid 500 applications and related data sets migrated to a public cloud, he now has a good understanding of what the costs are after these applications have moved into production. IDG Research: The state of the cloud: How enterprise adoption is taking shape. Keep up with the latest developments in cloud computing with InfoWorld’s Cloud Computing newsletter. ].

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Cloud Security Spending Will Grow To $3.5 Billion By 2021

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Cloud is big business today. Forrester estimates that global cloud services revenues totaled $114 billion in 2016, up from $68 billion just two years ago -- that's annual growth of 30%. And we see the public cloud services market reaching $236 billion by 2020. What does this mean for cloud security? · This rapid shift to the cloud raises new issues and challenges for security and risk professionals. Cloud Security. cloud.

How to Setup SCCM Cloud Management Gateway as cloud DP


SCCM 1806 onwards you can eliminate Cloud DP from your SCCM infra. In this post, I will explain the process to configure SCCM CMG into Cloud DP. Learn how to Setup Cloud Management Gateway as cloud DP. You can learn how to download content using Cloud Management Gateway.

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Docker could threaten cloud providers' portability plans

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Applications Cloud Computing Virtualization Docker Application Virtualization PaaS Cloud Computing Credit: iStockphoto read more.

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IEEE Cloud Computing: Legal Clouds

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The new issue of IEEE Cloud Computing is now available! This issue also features articles on cloud forensics and the strategic value of cloud. Cloud computing has the potential to play a major part in addressing these inefficiencies and improving government service delivery.

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The Cloud Is Disrupting Hadoop

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And the major force exerting pressure on Hadoop is the cloud. In a recent report, The Cloudy Future Of Hadoop , Mike Gualtieri and I examine the impact the cloud is having on Hadoop. Hadoop wasn't designed for the cloud, so vendors are scurrying to make it relevant. cloud.

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How your workout fuels the cloud

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Cloud Computing Computer Hardware Mobile Technology Consumer Electronics Mobile Apps Cloud Computing Credit: TommL read more.

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Cloud Migration Best Practice Part 3: Application Portfolio Analysis

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In part three of this series on cloud migration best practice , I will focus on migrating the application itself. This widely observed error typically leads to migration delays, failures to attain expected business goals and general disillusionment with cloud computing.

Cloud migration best practice Part 4: Executing the migration

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This series has stepped through cloud migration best practices. Application screening and cloud workload selection. With all of that completed, it’s now time to select the right cloud service provider (CSP) and finally execute the migration.

Cloud-to-cloud backup: What it is and why you need it

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Applications that run in the cloud are protected, but only so much. For full protection of data generated by cloud-based apps you need cloud-to-cloud backup

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A Path to Hybrid Cloud

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Cloud computing is now an operational reality across every industry. Cloud service providers meet this need through the innovative creation and deployment of API accessible, immediately consumable, data manipulation services.

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The Mission Critical Cloud: Designing an Enterprise Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

As more organizations adopt enterprise cloud, it's become even more important to support the critical apps sitting on top. Now, find out the key considerations when designing your mission-critical enterprise cloud. Cloud Computing Featured cloud enterprise cloudRead More.

Learn How to Remove SCCM Cloud DP


SCCM 1806 onwards you don’t have to have Cloud DP. You can save the cost of Azure PaaS server by removing SCCM Cloud DP. In this post, you will learn the steps to remove SCCM cloud DP. Related Post – How to Setup SCCM Cloud Management […].

How Microsoft's cloud push will affect your job

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Microsoft is going cloud -- or already has gone cloud , depending on whom you talk to. Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure IT Jobs Cloud Computing read more.

Understanding Cloud Computing for Your Business


Over the last decade, cloud computing has gone from being a buzzword to an essential component of web technology. In fact, the market for cloud computing solutions grew a staggering 21% in 2015 and promises to continue growing at a similar pace over the next five years. Carol M.

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Legacy Cloud?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

VMware has been very successful in helping to define what "private cloud" means inside a data center. It too has been wildly successful, and has helped to define what "public cloud" means outside of data centers. Public cloud IaaS services have their strong and weak points.

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Cloud complexity management is the next big thing

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Where have you heard that enterprises using cloud are moving to more complexity as well? The growing cloud computing complexity was recently documented by the Wall Street Journal that cites a survey of 46 CIOs by KeyBanc Capital Markets. It found that 32 percent said they plan to use multiple vendors to create internal private cloud systems, while 27 percent planned hybrid cloud arrangements.

Smart Dust – Personal Clouds

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Sensor clouds that identify airborne chemicals on the battlefield. Maybe we will each have our own private “ Smart Dust Cloud ” like Pig-Pen ? Peanuts Wiki. The author could not resist the analogy here.

Cloud security: The skills gap is delaying cloud migration

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A new report from McAfee highlights the skills gap when it comes to security in the cloud. Moreover, one in five were infiltrated by advanced attackers targeting their public cloud infrastructures. Because the lack of cloud security talent at companies puts them at more risk for data breaches. Also, that talent gap is delaying enterprise migration to cloud computing.

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CTOvision Assessment on the Megatrend of Cloud Computing


You can remember them all with the mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things, CyberSecurity. In this post we dive deeper into the first of these trends, Cloud Computing. We succinctly describe Cloud Computing as the scalable delivery of computational resources. [.]. Cloud Computing CTO NewsThere are seven key MegaTrends driving the future of enterprise IT.

Oracle keeps missing the point of cloud computing

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I can''t make this stuff up: Oracle is going to provide you some cloud options. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Oracle Cloud Computing read more.

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The private cloud is giving way to the public cloud

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Private clouds were the right solution for many enterprises that wanted to realize the value of cloud services without actually moving to a public cloud. However, from what I can see, the trend now appears to moving to deployments on public or hybrid cloud models. Michael Warrilow, a research director at Gartner, says more enterprises will look to use public and hybrid cloud models in 2014 as they realize "it''s impossible to private-cloud everything."

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How much cloud is too much cloud?

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I'm often asked: Should all application workloads exist in the public cloud? Some enterprises will reach the point where 80 to 90 percent of their workloads exist in the cloud: some will only get to 50 percent. There is a point at which it does not make sense to migrate any more applications to the cloud. The right answer is one that most people don't want to hear: It depends. It depends on what industry you're in. It depends on performance expectations.

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Who Should Provide Your Public Cloud?

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To fuel digital transformations, enterprises are increasingly turning to public cloud services to improve their customer experience, operational excellence, and the broader ecosystem. My recent report, Now Tech: Public Cloud Development Platforms In […].

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Cloud Migration Part One: An Overview

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Cloud Migration Part One: An Overview Business is all about efficiency and effectiveness. In today’s world, however, those twin goals almost always lead to cloud migration. Experience has also shown that businesses are in different stages of their “Journey to the Cloud.”

The 3 reasons CIOs have become cloud-first

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CIOs are increasingly assured that a cloud-first strategy is the way to go. Analyst firm Gartner says global spending on public cloud services will grow 21.4 So, why are CIOs choosing to push as workloads in the cloud? There are three reasons that make the cloud attractive—and not one of them is cost. [ IDG Research: The state of the cloud: How enterprise adoption is taking shape. How can there be better security in the public cloud than in your own data center?

It’s not easy to move from a private cloud to a hybrid cloud

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A hybrid cloud provides you with the largest number of options, according to those that sell them. You get a private cloud coupled with one or more public clouds, with workloads distributed across them. IT is often told that starting with a private cloud and then going hybrid is a straightforward, sensible strategy. What is cloud computing? Google Cloud Platform services guide. ].

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How to get the most cloud security

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Infact, you can reduce your risk more this way than with just the use of modern cloud security software and best security practices. What is cloud computing? Also: InfoWorld helps you identify the right tools for the job: AWS cloud services guide • Microsoft Azure services guide. Google Cloud Platform services guide. ]. One of the leading causes of data breaches is internal negligence due to poor training, according to the Ponemon Institute.

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Private Cloud Adoption Is Alive And Well

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While public cloud's hypergrowth garners a lot of press, we expect opportunities to continue for private cloud solutions. In our recently published Private Cloud Solutions Forecast, 2016 To 2021 ( Global ) we expect the market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.0% Private cloud can provide the speed-to-market and scalability of public cloud, yet with enhanced security. Read more Categories: cloud. hosted private cloud.

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How Cloud Security Helps Create Cloud Agility

Data Center Knowledge

With everything moving towards a cloud model, organizations must deploy security. Bill Kleyman looks at some of the ways cloud security be an enabler of greater cloud agility, rather than a barrier. Featured cloud security Virtualization

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Serverless cloud computing is the next big thing

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Serverless computing in the cloud is a good idea— serverless computing is not just for the datacenter. Serverless cloud computing means the ability to get out of the business of provisioning cloud-based servers, such as storage and compute, to support your workloads, and instead use autiation at the cloud provider to allocate and deallocate resources automatically. Although there are cost advantages of serverless cloud computing, the real advantage is simplicity.

Clouds on clouds on clouds: The new IT

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Several file-sharing cloud providers build clouds within clouds, using Amazon Web Service's Simple Storage Service (S3). It’s a solid concept: Why place your own equipment in a data center when another cloud service can do it for you? There are even clouds built on clouds that in turn build on clouds. Let’s call them cloud to the third power.

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Suffering from cloud contention? It's not the cloud's fault

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If you''re in the cloud space, you''ve heard the term "noisy neighbor" before. It''s about your cloud provider''s support of tenancy. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing If not, here''s a tip: It''s not about the house next door with the weird kids who play German death metal at full blast. read more.

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