Predictions 2018: Cloud Computing Accelerates Enterprise Transformation Everywhere

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Forrester’s Cloud team has been busy gathering, analyzing and prioritizing our predictions for what’s ahead in cloud computing for 2018. As our 2018 cloud predictions published today, here’s a sneak peek into what we see ahead for the most transformative […]. cloud computing cloud storage hybrid cloud private cloud public cloudIt’s already that time of year again: pumpkin spice and predictions for the New Year!

Managing Your Hybrid Cloud

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Photo credit: Shutterstock Runaway cloud computing cost may be causing an information technology industry crisis. There is also an acute need for a holistic and heterogeneous system that can track the costs of cloud services from the point of consumption (e.g.,

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Understanding Cloud Computing for Your Business


Over the last decade, cloud computing has gone from being a buzzword to an essential component of web technology. In fact, the market for cloud computing solutions grew a staggering 21% in 2015 and promises to continue growing at a similar pace over the next five years. Carol M.

Deloitte Acquires Cloud Consulting Firm Day1 Solutions

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Professional services heavyweight expands its cloud expertise. Cloud Computing Deals SharedRead More.

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IEEE Cloud Computing: Legal Clouds

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The new issue of IEEE Cloud Computing is now available! This issue also features articles on cloud forensics and the strategic value of cloud. Cloud computing has the potential to play a major part in addressing these inefficiencies and improving government service delivery.

How Open Hybrid Clouds Will Change Cloud Computing


The cloud has evolved quickly. Businesses have weighed the perks of private, public, and even hybrid clouds. If those options weren’t enough, here comes the open hybrid cloud. An open hybrid cloud leverages the benefits of accessing data and processes across private and public implementations, while facilitating open source development. A New Force in the Cloud Market. What the Open Hybrid Cloud Means for Businesses. Cloud ComputingRick Delgado.

Don't be scared; it's just the cloud

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There is no question that the use of cloud-based resources affects IT organizations. But how much should your IT organization change to best leverage cloud computing? Cloud Computing IT Jobs IT Management Cloud Computing

The Cloud Is Disrupting Hadoop

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And the major force exerting pressure on Hadoop is the cloud. In a recent report, The Cloudy Future Of Hadoop , Mike Gualtieri and I examine the impact the cloud is having on Hadoop. Hadoop wasn't designed for the cloud, so vendors are scurrying to make it relevant. cloud.

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Move Big Data To The Public Cloud With An Insight PaaS

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In five years you’ll be using Insight PaaS for big data in the public cloud. Cloud Is The Hottest Market For Big Data Technology The shift to the cloud for big data is on. In fact, global spending on big data solutions via cloud subscriptions will grow […].

Shazam: Cloud GPUs Finally Make Sense

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Music-recognition app moves one-third of its GPU capacity to Google’s cloud Read More. Cloud Design Google Hardware

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Cloud Security Spending Will Grow To $3.5 Billion By 2021

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Cloud is big business today. Forrester estimates that global cloud services revenues totaled $114 billion in 2016, up from $68 billion just two years ago -- that's annual growth of 30%. And we see the public cloud services market reaching $236 billion by 2020. What does this mean for cloud security? · This rapid shift to the cloud raises new issues and challenges for security and risk professionals. Cloud Security. cloud.

How to Manage Cloud Resources Wisely

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Do you know the limitations of your cloud? Cloud Computing Featured cloudRead More.

Cognitive on Cloud

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This shift to cognitive computing will occur within the next 12 to 14 months for many organizations and cognitive era success requires data centric management culture, a common requisite for secure cloud computing.

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The Mission Critical Cloud: Designing an Enterprise Cloud

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As more organizations adopt enterprise cloud, it's become even more important to support the critical apps sitting on top. Now, find out the key considerations when designing your mission-critical enterprise cloud. Cloud Computing Featured cloud enterprise cloudRead More.

The Game of Clouds 2017

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So whether you are a Stark, a Targaryen, or even a Lannister, the Game of Clouds map will help you attain the crown of AWS cloud computing perfection." ( This content is being syndicated through multiple channels.

Hybrid cloud? Private cloud? Public cloud? Multicloud? How to choose

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My article “ Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud ” has gotten many people seeing red, and I can understand why. Many enterprise IT shops, and most enterprise technology companies, have pledged allegiance to the hybrid cloud model. The intellectual dishonesty of cloud-architecture purists. Thus, it’s bad for them to admit that public clouds will have a role, even if most existing workloads will reside in private clouds or remain on traditional datacenter platforms.

How Microsoft's cloud push will affect your job

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Microsoft is going cloud -- or already has gone cloud , depending on whom you talk to. Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure IT Jobs Cloud Computing read more.

Cloud Market Forecast to Hit $200B by 2020

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Public clouds will see the strongest growth, according to Synergy Research Read More. Business Cloud Featured Investing

Crisis Response Using Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is more than servers and storage. If you’re not familiar with FedRAMP, it is a US government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

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Understanding the Security Risks of New Cloud Software


Cloud computing provides businesses with quality solutions for their IT needs, as well as substantial cost savings over purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software. Cloud services are generally pay-as-you-go solutions that offer flexibility and are scalable to business growth.

Five Reasons to Consider Hybrid Cloud Computing

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Many still have questions around one of the most popular cloud models – the hybrid cloud environment. Cloud columnist Bill Kleyman looks at five very real use-cases. Cloud Computing hybrid cloud

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Is Cloud Interoperability a Myth?

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Photo credit: Shutterstock As the industry matures, cloud computing will increasingly rely on interoperability in order to grow and deliver more value to industry.

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Coming in 2014: Cloud Sprawl, Personal Clouds and More

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What does the road ahead hold for cloud computing in 2014? More cloud sprawl, personal clouds, evolution of hybrid clouds and much more. Cloud columnist Bill Kleyman offers his thoughts on the year ahead. Featured Cloud Computing predictions

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GoDaddy Drops Curtain on Its Cloud Business… Again

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GoDaddy is in the public cloud business?" Business CloudI know what you're thinking. Read More.

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Smart Manufacturing Is Cloud Computing

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As cloud computing simultaneously transforms multiple industries many have wondered about how this trend will affect manufacturing. This view, however, fails to address the revolutionary nexus of cloud computing and the manufacturing industry.

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The Cloud in 2014 and Beyond

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APIs, mobility, data security, hybrid cloud, and software defined everything have dominated the cloud conversation this year Read More. Cloud Computing Featured cloud

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Oracle Supercharges Cloud Database With Bare-Metal Servers

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Exadata Cloud is now running on the company's next-generation cloud platform. Cloud OracleRead More.

Oracle Wants Its Cloud to Grow Inside Your Data Centers

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All key players’ approaches to hybrid cloud have started to take shape Read More. Cloud Featured Oracle

How Cloud Security Helps Create Cloud Agility

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With everything moving towards a cloud model, organizations must deploy security. Bill Kleyman looks at some of the ways cloud security be an enabler of greater cloud agility, rather than a barrier. Featured cloud security Virtualization

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Creating Your Enterprise Cloud Connectivity Strategy

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As you add public cloud services into your corporate IT toolbox, cloud providers offer direct private links from your data center to their clouds Read More. Cloud Computing Connectivity Enterprise Featured cloud data center

Good cloud ops needs good cloud metrics

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People who operate clouds -- you can call yourselves "cloud ops" -- understand that the work is harder than you were originally told. Furthermore, today's reality is not the single-cloud deployments originally envisioned. Complex hybrid clouds and multiclouds are more prevalent these days than single clouds. Indeed, you could have as many as a dozen clouds under management. Stay up on the cloud with InfoWorld's Cloud Computing newsletter. ].

Legacy Cloud?

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VMware has been very successful in helping to define what "private cloud" means inside a data center. It too has been wildly successful, and has helped to define what "public cloud" means outside of data centers. Public cloud IaaS services have their strong and weak points.

Andreessen Horowitz Partner: Cloud Will Go Away

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While a good chunk of the world’s enterprises have yet to start leveraging cloud services in a meaningful way, some in the Silicon Valley venture capital community are already thinking about a future when cloud will start losing its relevance. “In In the not-too-distant future cloud computing is going. Cloud Computing Featured