SCRUM vs. KanBan

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I had an interesting conversation today with the Director of SW Engineering I work with. He was relating some meetings he was in where various corporate IT leaders were discussing agile methodologies and how to standardize them across the company. It seems that we have two flavors of what can loosely be called "agile" development going on. The first type was being


What it means to be a truly cross-functional scrum team


Learn what it takes to build a truly cross-functional scrum team working across disciplines to deliver a complete user story in terms of functionality. The post What it means to be a truly cross-functional scrum team appeared first on Speaking our Mind.


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The scrum master role explained

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Watch this snappy instructional video to understand how a scrum master can help a team learn agile development and follow a scrum process to develop new applications

Scrum Transition Journal: This pace is brutal!

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So we’re moving to an Agile scrum process. This is a dream-come-true for the development team. But it’s a decent sized change that is going to take some getting used to. I’m not complaining. But I am painfully aware of some of the impacts on me as a product manager. One of the first things that I have noticed is that the cadence is

Scrum Transition Journal: Grooming Woes Part 1

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I've been writing about the process of shifting from a "semi'-agile" development model into a more formal scrum process. So for most people who deal with scrum based methodologies, I think my perspective is a little bit unique. I'm a product manager/product owner. I attend the daily stand up just like everyone else. Of course, anyone who has questions about

Scrum Transition Journal: Grooming Woes Part 2

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As my organization transitions farther into the process of adopting agile scrum for our software development, I'm learning more and more about what keeps a Product Owner busy! Yesterday I wrote about grooming the backlog and prioritizing all the stories. But there's a big piece that I missed. Stories tend to multiply. So at any given

Scrum Transition Journal: Grooming Woes Part 3

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Behind the scenes, out of view from the rest of the scrum team, the product owner is busily slaving away to get stories ready for a sprint. It's a lot of work that not a lot of people get to see. We call it "grooming the backlog". I've already written about ranking and prioritizing as well as how stories tend to multiply and generally complicate the whole

Adopting Agile Scrum - is change & hard work

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In my work week, this has meant a change to Agile Scrum as a development methodology. With a change of leadership comes many other changes. And along with that comes a number of learnings that are worth repeating here on my blog. Agile isn't entirely new. Our approach before this had been semi-agile. We used some principles of Agile software development

Scaling Agile for the Enterprise

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Agile is applicable to many scenarios; for example, Extreme Programming (XP) zeroes in on software engineering while wrapping in novel approaches to boost quality, and Scrum is the most widely adopted agile method. Agile extreme programming scaled agile framwork scaling agile scrum

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Scrum Transition Journal: Part time is out of luck

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Agile scrum teams are really designed to be full time commitments for all the parties involved. As we round in to the end of our first sprint, I'm learning a really hard lesson. Part time is out of luck. I wish it was otherwise. But I'm finding myself in the vice of multiple number 1 priorities. It works best when everyone

What Agile Teams Can Learn From 1st Graders

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When I saw this hanging in my daughter''s classroom I knew it needed to be shared with Scrum Masters and other agile team members. So much what makes agile teams successful is dependent on their collaboration - establishing a shared understanding of priorities, solving problems, developing solutions, resolving blocks, and improving practices. A big part of this collaboration occurs in both.

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Should You Say Yes to #NoEstimates?

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Allows scrum team to focus on researching a viable solution by taking away timeline-driven approach. Agile #NoEstimates agile development methodology agile planning agile software development estimation scaled agile framework scaling agile scrum Guest Post by Ray Hearrell.

When to Say “No” to #NoEstimates – A Case Study

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Agile #NoEstimates agile software development no estimates scrum software development Guest post by Raymond Hearrell. Recent traction around the #NoEstimates d ebate suggests the development community is looking to break free from traditional agile techniques like relative and t-shirt sizing.

New Agile Teams - Common Questions, Simple Answers

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Today, less than one hundred days into this position, we have Scrum running in three programs and Kanban. Many readers of Social, Agile, and Transformation know that I''ve recently started a new position as Global CIO of Greenwich Associates. When I came in, I committed to the team that we would rapidly adopt Agile Development and Agile Planning practices in order for us to fulfill our goals.

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No Scrum Master? No Problem - Social, Agile, and Transformation

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No Scrum Master? How should Enterprises fill the Scrum Master Role? I field this question very often and especially from members of technology organizations where agile and scrum in particular is being introduced top down from Management. Ive blogged a bit on Product Owners in the Enterprise and Why Project Managers are still needed , but what about Scrum Masters? Note: Scrum of scrums really works for this scenario!). No Scrum Master?

Top Ten Thoughts for SCRUM Newbies - Social, Agile, and.

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Top Ten Thoughts for SCRUM Newbies. My colleagues and I from BusinessWeek gave a presentation last week covering our agile planning and development process and ended with an intro to SCRUM by @silviogalea. Roughly the same time, @jurgenappelo posted an excellent, easy to follow slideshare on The Zen of SCRUM 1.0. Ideally the product owner or the Scrum Master. Scrum Process Reply Delete Add comment Load more. Top Ten Thoughts for SCRUM Newbies.

IT Project Management: What Makes Digital Projects Different


They can flex to take on Scrum Master or even Product Owner roles, or step up into a program manager role to coordinate the work of multiple Agile teams. More than two-thirds of executives believe their company must become significantly more digitized to maintain competitiveness.

Balancing Speed in Agile

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Recently I discussed the difference between SCRUM and Kanban based agile software development. I’m guessing that some out there think that one of these methods might be better than the other. I can imagine that someone might think that whichever produces the fastest release rate or hits some target cycle. Hang on just a minute. That’s a false value. Faster is not


Enterprise Agile: One Size Does Not Fit All

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While agile teams typically plan in isolation without formal communication mechanisms beyond the scrum of scrums, Architecture Driven Agile promotes a progressive planning process that is required to move requirements from vision to story success. Guest post by Tim Mattix.


Be pragmatic, not dogmatic

Eric D. Brown

How many times have you heard (or said!) “well…we need to build a gantt chart before the project can start” or “that’s not how the PMBOK” says to do it or ‘Scrum requires us to do X, Y and Z in that order.”

The top 12 overused IT terms

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IT is no different, offering us clouds, ecosystems, waterfalls, sprints and scrums, and even cookies and breadcrumbs. Every part of the corporate world has its share of unusual and even strange jargon.


Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 2 Stressing the Cloud

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Dwight is a Certified Scrum Master and teaches courses in Architecture, Requirements, and IVV&T. Dwight Bu e s & Kevin Jackson This is Part 2 of a three part series that addresses the need for a systems engineering approach to IoT and cloud network design.


Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 1: IoT and the Government

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Dwight is a Certified Scrum Master and teaches courses in Architecture, Requirements, and IVV&T.

Are You Agile Enough for Polyglot Programming?


Being agile doesn’t mean you have to all go learn a complete Agile framework like Scrum or SAFe , complete with all the new jargon of sprints, and scrum masters. Nathaniel Crocker. In Europe many people are polyglots—people who speak multiple languages. In America? Not so much.

IT Applications: Four Roles for Business Analysts to Play on Agile Projects


Scrum master : A less common option is for BAs to take on what is essentially the team leader role; typically called a “ scrum master ” in Agile terms.


Networking the Cloud for IoT – Pt 3 Cloud Network Systems Engineering

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Dwight is a Certified Scrum Master and teaches courses in Architecture, Requirements, and IVV&T. Dwight Bues & Kevin Jackson (This is Part 3 of a three part series that addresses the need for a systems engineering approach to IoT and cloud network design.

Why Is Enterprise IT Continually Reorganizing?

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Big shifts in company strategy aren't all that unusual these days -- it's a healthy, competitive scrum out there in the business world. It's become an obligatory part of most enterprise IT conversations I have -- what's the latest org structure?

A Tale of 3 Cloud Strategies - Part III


In Part II (later in 2013) I added a 3 rd player to the scrum, when Microsoft introduced the concept of the Azure Pack to their Server stack, a strategy to reach down from the Cloud into the enterprise and bridging the two with a common set of APIs.

Agile Process Improvement Using. Agile! - Social, Agile, and.

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When I talk to leaders and teams about agile and scrum, they get the basics right away - sprint length, stand ups, commitments, getting to done, and basic backlog management. Who should be the scrum master? If you are using a coach, Id recommend using them as a Scrum Master on this team. Reply Delete sorna 7:25 AM Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again Scrum Process Reply Delete Add comment Load more. Social, Agile, and Transformation.

We're an Agile Family! - Social, Agile, and Transformation

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But to be a agile family with a scrum board, and family retrospectives? Social, Agile, and Transformation.

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Enterprise Agile Development - Why you still need Project Managers.

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Ive been asked lately about the role of project managers on agile or SCRUM teams. Some specifics: Scrum and agile are very team and inward facing. Social, Agile, and Transformation. I cover topics for Technologists from CIOs to Developers - agile development, agile portfolio management, leadership, business intelligence, big data, startups, social networking, SaaS, content management, media, enterprise 2.0 and business transformation. Thursday, March 26, 2009.

Top 7 Ingredients to Establishing an Agile Development Practice.

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More and more teams and companies are considering agile processes, SCRUM, Extreme, or hybrids to either pilot new initiatives or to establish the practice. Bring in agile coaches, but manage them well - The agile manifesto is one page in length and while there are many books on agile and SCRUM, tailoring the process to your organizational needs requires time and experience. Social, Agile, and Transformation.

Federal Government Signals Interest In Several Key Leading Edge Technologies


Cloud infrastructure and mobile applications are still major aspects within the field using project management and technical approaches like SCRUM which employs real-time decision-making processes based on actual events and information. By Bob Gourley.