Palo Alto Networks latest security giant accused of patent infringement


A company is suing Palo Alto Networks for patent infringement, alleging that proprietary technologies were demonstrated to the cybersecurity giant, then used in a number of its major security products and systems. News Centripetal Networks Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks Inc

Centripetal Networks: Proactively Blocks Potential Exploit Attempts


Read Byron Rashed explain how Centripetal CleanINTERNET recently applied cyber threat intelligence to defend a SonicWall VPN host from over 400,000 attack attempts on their blog: Centripetal Networks observed 472,584 […]. News Centripetal Networks


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Palo Alto Networks opens Australia cloud location


Read Aaron Tan report on Palo Alto Networks’ new Australian cloud server on Computer Weekly: Palo Alto Networks has expanded its footprint in Australia with a new cloud location that […]. News Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks Inc

Quantea and Attivo Networks launch joint network security solution


Quantea and Attivo Networks have launched a joint cybersecurity solution designed for the age of the internet of things (IoT) and COVID-19. It is designed to reduce network breach and […]. News Attivo Networks Attivo Networks Inc

How Deepgram Works

As more businesses embrace online channel communications, the opportunity to unlock audio data increases. Regardless of whether you are evaluating ASR solutions to get more value out of your call center data, or are just looking to save money on speech transcription, Deepgram is the platform to get you there.

Attivo Networks & SentinelOne combine endpoint security offerings


Attivo Networks and SentinelOne have teamed up to combine cybersecurity defences and stop attackers in their tracks. News Attivo Networks Attivo Networks Inc The two companies will combine their solutions, bringing endpoint protection and attack disruption together […].

Palo Alto Networks Takes On 5G Security With New Offerings


Palo Alto Networks has rolled out a series of as-a-service offerings to help service providers and enterprises secure 5G networks, services, applications and devices. News Palo Alto Networks

SolarWinds Should Have Been More ‘Vigilant’: Palo Alto Networks CEO


SolarWinds, whose Orion network monitoring software was used by Russian hackers in a widespread breach of the US government, should have been more “vigilant” in securing its software from cyber-terrorists, […]. News Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks Inc.

Palo Alto Networks revenue rises but loss widens


Palo Alto Networks Inc. News Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks Inc said its revenue grew for the recent quarter as billings rose, though its loss widened as operating expenses increased. The cybersecurity company on Monday posted a loss […].

Bastille Networks Receives DHS OTA to Continue Wireless Security Tech Dev’t


Atlanta, Georgia-based internet of things company Bastille Networks has received an other transaction agreement from the Department of Homeland Security to continue the development of a technology designed to protect […]. News Bastille Networks

Palo Alto Networks: As Cloud Security Threats Skyrocket, Automation Can Help


Palo Alto Networks’ biannual Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report found that the COVID-19 pandemic, and related shift to remote work, sent cloud security risks through the roof. News Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks Inc

LinkedIn + ZoomInfo Recruiter: Better Data for Better Candidates

Check out our latest ebook for a guide to the in-depth, wide-ranging candidate and company data offered by ZoomInfo Recruiter — and make your next round of candidate searches faster, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

Jobs You Can Get with CompTIA Network+

Association of Information Technology Professional

The new version of CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) focuses on foundational networking tools and technologies that will help you get an in-demand networking job

Managing Network Drive Mappings with Intune


Read More Managing Network Drive Mappings with Intune. The post Managing Network Drive Mappings with Intune appeared first on How to Manage Devices by Mark Thomas. Intune featured Intune Network Drive Mappings Guide Network Drive MappingsSubscribe YouTube Channel [link].

Why experience-first networking is the future of IT

Venture Beast

The old network-centric way of operating networks simply can’t keep pace with the soaring number of applications, users and devices. Read More.

Attivo Networks ThreatPath now addresses proliferation of endpoints and credential protection challenges


Attivo Networks announced innovative enhancements to its ThreatPath solution, part of the modular ThreatDefend Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) family of products. News Attivo Networks

How CIOs Can Build Human Networks

The Accidental Successful CIO

In this new era of social distancing, how can CIOs build the human networks that they need? All too often we can believe that in order to be successful networkers we have to get in contact with a lot of people. Make Sure You Network In A Way That Works For You.

How to Study for CompTIA Network+

Association of Information Technology Professional

The brand-new version of CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) has just been released. Read on to learn the best plan of attack to earn this certification

Study 246

Network observability startup Kentik lands $40M

Venture Beast

Kentik, a company developing network observability tools, has raised $40 million in a series C funding round. Read More.

Growing IoT Networks Pose New Challenges For Cybersecurity Teams


There are many, from home Wi-Fi networks in a work-from-home […]. By some estimates, there are around 10 billion IoT devices operating in the world today. By 2025, there will be more than 25 billion — a huge increase in so-called “attack surfaces” potentially vulnerable to infiltration.

The NEW CompTIA Network+: Your Questions Answered

Association of Information Technology Professional

CompTIA Network+ is a globally recognized certification that validates the skills required to implement enterprise-level wired and wireless network solutions.

Versa Networks raises $84M to protect cloud networks

Venture Beast

Versa Networks, a company offering security solutions for cloud networks, has raised $84 million in venture capital. Read More.

Network Segmentation: The First Line of Defense


Read Chuck Davis explain how small and medium businesses can use network segmentation to thwart cyberattacks on Security Info Watch : Network segmentation is the security integrator’s first and most important line of defense against a data breach.

Centripetal Networks: An OODAcon 2020 Future Proof Sponsor


Centripetal Networks is a sponsor of Future Proof, our 2020 OODAcon. We have tracked Centripetal Networks from their roots to their market leading position today (Bob was on the board and remains and advisor to the firm). Events News Centripetal Networks Future Proof OODA

More Integrations for The Graph: Now Supports Fantom Network


This time around, popular indexing and querying blockchain platform The Graph has disclosed the inclusion of Fantom Network to its list […]. Another huge partnership in the DeFi space has happened.

Manage your Palo Alto Network NGFW Policies with App-ID, Content-ID, User-ID, and more with Tufin


News Palo Alto NetworksToday, enterprises are increasingly turning to Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) features with the goal of moving toward a more proactive user and application-aware approach to enterprise security. A long-term Palo Alto […].

How to Pinpoint Rogue IoT Devices on Your Network


Read Kelly Sheridan take a look at the rogue Internet of Things devices on networks that can cause great misery on Dark Reading: A Raspberry Pi floating on your network […].

Cognilytica joins OECD Network of Experts as Invited Expert


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 8, 2020 Ellicott City, MD – AI focused research firm Cognilytica joins the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Network of Experts as invited experts. […].

CompTIA Network+ vs. CCNA: Why IT Pros Should Earn CompTIA Network+ First

Association of Information Technology Professional

Looking to land a job in computer networking? Your best move is to first get a vendor-neutral certification like CompTIA Network+ and then move onto vendor-specific certifications

Palo Alto Networks to Acquire Crypsis Group


Palo Alto Networks has announced its intention to acquire consultancy Crypsis Group. The two companies have entered into a definitive agreement which will see Palo Alto Networks acquire the incident response, […].

Groups 223

5 steps for modernizing enterprise networks

Network World

The business value of the network has never been higher, and this is driven by digital transformation as borne out businesses accelerating their digital initiatives by as much as seven years due to the pandemic.

The Changing Role of Network Administration

Association of Information Technology Professional

As more organizations support a remote workforce and adopt cloud solutions, network administration continues to evolve

The GPU power going into the ethereum network has dropped by 19% in just one month


The Ethereum cryptocurrency’s total network hash rate has dropped by 19% in just a single month. This hefty drop in the network hash rate just highlights the huge impact that China’s recent crypto crackdown has […].

Palo Alto Networks unveils ML-powered cloud security platform

Venture Beast

Palo Alto Networks announced its Next-Generation CASB will include new SaaS security features powered by AI and ML. Read More.

What are graph neural networks (GNN)?

Venture Beast

With artificial neural networks becoming more popular and capable, GNNs have become a powerful tool for many important applications. AI technology ai category-/Science/Computer Science GNNs graphs machine learning neural networks

Juniper Networks acquires datacenter network automation startup Apstra

Venture Beast

Juniper Networks acquired Apstra, a startup specializing in datacenter network automation, for an undisclosed sum. Read More.

Google releases TF-GNN for creating graph neural networks in TensorFlow

Venture Beast

Google has released a new open source library designed to enable developers to more easily create graph neural networks with TensorFlow. Read More.

Comcast successfully tests 10G cable modem network

Venture Beast

Comcast has successfully tested 10G data transfer on its cable modem network. Cloud VB Home Page 10G networking category-/Internet & Telecom/Service Providers/Cable & Satellite Providers Comcast vCMTSThat's a step toward providing 10-gigabits-per-second speed. Read More.

Nokia “Connects” Network Services To Customer Experience

Forrester IT

Nokia's services division recently hosted an analyst event where it elaborated on the interlinkage between network services and network infrastructure. Of course, network services matter to businesses and telcos because they help technology managers to better manage infrastructure complexity and to modernize network infrastructure with the goal of making networks faster and more reliable. network infrastructure.

Sumo Logic Integration With New AWS Network Firewall Service


Sumo Logic, the pioneer in continuous intelligence, announced its Cloud SIEM solution now integrates with AWS Network Firewall, a new managed service that makes it easy to deploy essential network […].

The business value of neural networks

Venture Beast

Neural networks are at the heart of AI systems that make critical decisions affecting businesses. AI Big Data Enterprise VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence business value category-/Science/Computer Science enterprise evergreen explainer machine learning neural networks

Elizabeth Warren takes aim at high ethereum network fees that she says could wipe out small investors


Elizabeth Warren has criticized the high fees on ethereum’s network during heightened trading volatility, arguing they could substantially harm small investors. Ethereum network fees can change rapidly, largely because the blockchain uses a blind auction system to set them.

F5 Networks’ acquisition of Volterra foreshadows a fight for the network edge

Venture Beast

F5 Networks will position itself as an alternative for delivering application code to edge computing platforms Read More.