Navigating the European 5G Security Debate

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age of the customer IoT security network security security & risk security architecture zero trust security framework (ZTX

Making The Smart City Safe And Secure

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Composed of the internet of things, “smart cities,” aimed to optimize operations, present new security and privacy […]. government IoT security physical security security & risk digital transformation IoT Security & Risk

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Enterprise Meets Consumer Security: Exploring Approaches To Protect Employees At Home

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age of the customer cloud security content security cybersecurity data security endpoint security information security IoT security mobile security network security physical security privacy security & risk

Is the Cloud Secure?


Cloud security breaches consistently make news headlines. The ambiguity that surrounds cloud computing can make securing the enterprise seem daunting. Concerns about security have led some CIOs to limit their organizational use of public cloud services. However, the challenge exists not in the security of the cloud itself, but in the policies and technologies for security and control of the technology. to “Am I using the cloud securely?”

Product Security And Surveillance Capitalism: Ring and Avast Fumble Privacy, Data Security, and Third-Party Risk

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Multiple security and privacy issues have plagued the physical security device maker, it’s responded poorly by casting blame on users, and following that the EFF identified that the Ring app is littered with third party trackers. It’s been a rough couple of months for Ring.

Translating Security For Small Business

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age of the customer security & risk #cyberinfluence #ciso CEO cybersecurity digital business digital strategy Security & Risk small business Zero TrustThis week is BlackHat. The annual Hacker Summer Camp as many folks call it.

Enterprise Security Vendors Need An Infusion Of Open Source Culture

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This week, I attended IBM’s fifth annual Security Summit in New York City, an exclusive event for a who’s who of IBM’s security customers. age of the customer security & risk collaboration innovation open source Security & Risk

Make No Mistake — Microsoft Is A Security Company Now

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Microsoft has announced support for macOS in its rebranded Microsoft Defender ATP product, taking this product from being an offering that could be considered an add-on for hardening its own operating system to a multiplatform security solution.

Security & Risk 2019: Peering Into The Crystal Ball – Security Edition

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Security and risk pros have the opportunity to shape the future of technology and business in ways we might have only dreamed of two years ago. cybersecurity security & risk zero trust promoted

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), Europe, Q4 2018

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I published my first Forrester Wave™ today, covering the managed security services provider (MSSP) market in Europe.

The Security And Privacy Implications Of Drones

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Yet while drones introduce a range of use cases, the growth of drones also represents a new physical threat that demands the attention of security […]. age of the customer security & risk Drones emerging technology Physical Security Security & Risk

Maintain Your Security Edge: Develop And Retain Cybersecurity Talent

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cybersecurity information security retention management security & risk staff development & succession management Security & RiskAs an industry, we gripe about hiring and struggle with retention.

Our Security Recommendations Will Help You Handle The Worst Of What 2019 Throws At You

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Today we released our 2019 Security & Risk Recommendations report. We collected contributions from our colleagues across the Forrester Security & Risk team to identify the most important actions security leaders should take in 2019.

Recent HIPAA Settlements Highlight The Weaknesses In Healthcare Security

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security & risk cybersecurity healthcare Security & RiskHindsight is 20/20; it’s easy to look back on past mistakes and identify ways to prevent them from reoccurring, especially when it comes to breaches reported on the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) “Wall of Shame”.

The Security Yearbook by Richard Stiennon


I am so excited to now have an autographed copy of The Security Yearbook by Richard Stiennon. Cyber Security News BooksRichard is a prolific writer, a fantastic speaker, and is known the world over as perhaps the most savvy of all analysts in the cybersecurity field.

The Security Snapshot: 10-Year Challenge

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Besides the security concerns of social media sites potentially mining […]. security & riskAt the start of the new year, a meme called the 10-Year Challenge went viral.

New Tech Spotlight: Security Technology Takes Center Stage

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Venture capital and private equity spending on security technology reached an all-time high in 2018. While that total may pale in comparison to other fast-growing markets such as fintech ($124B) or transportation tech ($150B), consider that 65% of that $31B in security has […].

White House Staffers Can't Use Personal Smartphones Anymore, and More Security News This Week

The Investing Edge

Meltdown and Spectre, dossier drama, and more of the week's top security news. Security

PSD2 Security Requirements Are Restricting Fintech Innovation

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I have recently released a new report looking at the second phase of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and its security requirements along with my colleagues Jacob Morgan and Andras Cser. age of the customer banking financial services security & risk

Intune Endpoint Security Policies Microsoft Endpoint Manager Updates


Sneak peak of Microsoft Endpoint Manager security topics discussed in the section hosted by Paul Mayfield, Terrell Cox, and Micro-Scott. More details about the session and Intune Endpoint Security are given below. Subscribe YouTube Channel [link].

Security So Simple A 10-Year-Old Can Do It

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age of the customer security & risk IAM identity and access Security & Risk Zero TrustIt’s the summertime, and my daughters are home from school.

The Future Of The CISO – Six Types Of Security Leaders

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age of the customer chief information officer (CIO) Information Technology security & risk CISO cybersecurity digital transformation future of ciso Security & RiskWhen starting a project like the Future of the CISO – it’s a daunting exercise. While we don’t always share the background inspiration for our research, this time it’s quite important and will shed some light on how we arrived here.

Elevate Security: An OODAcon 2020 Future Proof Sponsor


Elevate Security is a sponsor of Future Proof, our 2020 OODAcon. Their co-founder Masha Sedova has been a past speaker at our previous FedCyber event series, and is a widely known practitioner who led successful security training activities at Salesforce.

Gartner Top 10 Security Projects for 2019


When George took over as the CISO of a retail company, IT security was relatively simple. But as the organization has grown — adding online ordering, more employees and a host of cloud-based platforms and technology to support digital business across the organization — so have the security vulnerabilities. Plus, increased attacks and phishing attempts make it difficult to know what security projects to focus on and where to get the most ROI. Project 9: Container security.

3 cloud security 'hacks' to consider today

David Linthicum

Are you the cloud security person, or cloudsec/cloudops, as it’s often called? The person who controls the cloud deployment, including all security such as IAM (identity and access management), encryption services, and application and user authentication? I have some observations about cloud security to share. First, enterprises typically don’t have a good-fitting security solution.

Gartner Keynote: Leverage Automation for Modern Security


When Amy, the CISO of a healthcare provider, looked at cloud security across the enterprise, she realized the default access control models were creating a variety of access issues. BeWell’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers defaulted to a secure state, allowing only the owner access. We’re now being asked how we’re helping the enterprise realize more value while assessing and managing risk, security and even safety. Security

Cloud security: The essential checklist

David Linthicum

Cloud security is one of those things that everyone knows they need, but few people understand how to deal with. I The good news is that it’s actually pretty simple, and somewhat similar to security for your enterprise systems. Note that you need to deal with security at the directory level as well, so the directory itself does not become a vulnerability. Security ops. Often overlooked, this is the operational aspect of all of security.

Predictions 2020: Cloud Computing Sees New Alliances And New Security Concerns

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In 2020, the cloud computing market will sees interesting new alliances and face new security concerns. age of the customer cloud computing cloud security prediction private cloud public cloud promoted

Cloud 194

Getting started with a career in Cyber Security and Information Security

Doctor Chaos

The Information Security Profession – Where do I Start? I am often asked by individuals to provide advice or guidance on how to get started in the field of information security. Cyber InfoSec education infosec security awareness tools training

Decade Retrospective: Cybersecurity From 2010 To 2019

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age of the customer application security cloud security cybersecurity data security endpoint security IoT security network security security & risk security architecture zero trust security framework (ZTX) Security & Risk

Analysts Answer: How Security Leaders Can Secure Against an Evolved Threat Landscape


The incident stirred new conversations around cybersecurity and how chief information security officers (CISOs) can combat cyberattacks. . Ahead of Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in Dubai , Smarter With Gartner reached out to analysts presenting at the event to ask how security and its position in the business has evolved in light of the vehemence of malicious attacks. . Read more: 5 Security Questions Your Board Will Inevitably Ask. Security

Security Frameworks…Useless?

Doctor Chaos

I was recently in a very high-cost (around $6K), one-week security course in San Francisco. You can infer the institution. The instructor was dynamic, and the topic was focused on technical hacking. A how-to for breaking into computers, detecting the break-in, etc. At the end of the week there was a little ‘capture the flag’ […]. InfoSec compliance framework NIST PCI

Wickr: The Most Trusted and Secure Messenger in the World


With this post we are initiating coverage of Wickr in our Disruptive IT Directory as a Security Company We have tracked Wickr for years and use them extensively to communicate and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders. Company Encryption Security Companies Wickr

Extend your team with security champions

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S&R pros can’t build a security culture by themselves. Security champions act as extra members of the security team; these people have connections across the organization and can translate security-speak into a language that everyone can understand.

Cyber security a business necessity

Computer Weekly

Cyber security is a business necessity, according to the T-Mobile security chief in Poland

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