Your organization needs regional disaster recovery: Here’s how to build it on Kubernetes

Tech Republic Security

Here’s why regional disaster recovery based on Kubernetes container orchestration is crucial to effective business continuity. The post Your organization needs regional disaster recovery: Here’s how to build it on Kubernetes appeared first on TechRepublic.

Hurricane Ian Cyber Disaster Recovery Pros Describe IT Amid 'Chaos'

Information Week

IT disaster recovery experts describe scenes 'like a nuclear explosion' and detail on-the-ground recovery and resilience operations in the wake of September’s record-breaking Hurricane Ian


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5 IT Disaster Recovery Measurements to Know

Association of Information Technology Professional

These five incident and disaster recovery measures can be used to mitigate failures and more accurately predict budget requirements

Top DRaaS providers and disaster recovery services 2022

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Disaster recovery as a service offerings are plentiful for a reason. Here's how the cloud-based disaster recovery services work and how the best providers stack up. The post Top DRaaS providers and disaster recovery services 2022 appeared first on TechRepublic.

An 8-Step Plan to Updating Your Network Disaster Recovery Plan

Information Week

Disaster recovery for the modern global enterprise: How to minimize the impact of cable cuts, criminal activity, and acts of God

Free 200 Pages eBook on Backup & Disaster Recovery | BCP


Read More Free 200 Pages eBook on Backup & Disaster Recovery | BCP. The post Free 200 Pages eBook on Backup & Disaster Recovery | BCP appeared first on How to Manage Devices by Admin. Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates.

10 Hard Lessons Learned From My Personal Disaster Recovery

Social, Agile and Transformation

And yet, while I call this my personal disaster recovery, it really isn't that personal or that significant of a disaster. Labor Day has new meaning in our house. I have tremendous new respect for all people who earn their living from hard, sweaty, dirty work.

Disaster recovery testing: A vital part of the DR plan

Computer Weekly

Disaster recovery provision is worthless unless you test out your plans. In this two-part series, Computer Weekly looks at disaster recovery testing in virtualised datacentres

Does your Disaster Recovery Plan Include the Cloud?

Eric D. Brown

In years past, companies have relied on multiple data center locations to act as their main disaster recovery (DR) systems and data in case of disaster. In recent years organizations have been looking for more robust solutions for disaster recovery than storing their data in separate data centers. While secondary sites still dominate the disaster recovery planning for organizations , cloud deployment of disaster recovery solutions continues to grow.

Weekend Earthquake A Disaster Recovery Reminder

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colocation Disaster Recovery The 6.1 magnitude earthquake southwest of Napa over the weekend worst the area has seen since 1989. Read More.

Combining Cloud With Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Data Center Knowledge

The cloud can play a powerful role in your disaster recovery strategy Read More. Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and the Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

If there was one time that a data center and an IT group absolutely need to be agile, it would be the time immediately after a disaster strikes. Disaster recovery planning is a challenge for every organization. The challenge doesn’t come from understanding the ‘what’ of disaster recovery; everyone knows what should be done to appropriately protect for disasters. How will staff access systems and data in order to recover from any disaster?

Many don’t test disaster recovery plans properly, survey finds

Computer Weekly

Nearly 40% of UK organisations do not test disaster recovery plans properly, mainly because of concerns about disruption to production operations

Revisiting Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Information Week

Unfortunately, in many companies, the emphasis for recovery is on the IT, and not on business operations Best-of-class DR/BC plans cover both IT and the business.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Are We Ready?

Data Center Knowledge

Disaster recovery is something that involves planning for the worst, and hoping for the best. AFCOM Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery Events As new technologies such as virtualization and cloud have matured, is it time to include cloud in your DR plans? See if your planning might benefit from the addition of cloud services at this session at.

Data centers: Why disaster recovery preparation is even more important during a pandemic

Tech Republic Data Center

A successful disaster recovery strategy is never easy, and a pandemic adds challenges. Read some advice from industry experts on how to protect your organization from all disasters

Disaster recovery testing: technology systems to test DR

Computer Weekly

In this concluding part of a two-part series, Computer Weekly looks at ways of testing disaster recovery plans, with methods including array-based replication and hypervisor-based approaches

QTS Adds Disaster Recovery Services

Data Center Knowledge

Data center provider QTS (Quality Technology Services) has launched two disaster recovery services designed to provide network availability in the event of virtual or physical server disruptions. Disaster Recovery QTS (Quality Technology Services

Hyper-converged infrastructure and disaster recovery

Computer Weekly

Hyper-converged infrastructure products merge server, storage and hypervisor in scale-out nodes, so how can functionality in HCI products help deliver disaster recovery

Report: SMEs Are Prime Targets and Must Plan for Disaster Recovery

SecureWorld News

This is the gist of a new report titled " A New Age of Disaster Recovery Planning for SMEs " (download required) produced by MIT Technology Review Insights and sponsored by OVHcloud. A disaster-recovery plan is no longer an option for SMEs; it's a must-have.

The Biggest Myths Surrounding Disaster Recovery :


The Biggest Myths Surrounding Disaster Recovery. There are a variety of reasons businesses either do not have a disaster recovery plan or their current plan is substandard. This is problematic when the decision-makers have bought into one or more of the common myths surrounding disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery is Expensive and Resource Intensive. In fact, a streamlined disaster recovery strategy can require only one person.Â

QTS Realty Expands Disaster Recovery Portfolio with DRaaS

Data Center Knowledge

Software-based disaster recovery product is application- and hardware-independent and can be used in hybrid physical-virtual setups Read More. Disaster Recovery QTS (Quality Technology Services) Services

COVID-19 demonstrates the need for disaster recovery and business continuity plans

Tech Republic Security

The coronavirus may put organizations at risk through short staffing or unavailable workers and services, but disaster recovery and business continuity plans can help sustain business operations

How to Design a Cloud-Ready Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Data Center Knowledge

Learn how to architect a cloud-ready disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) infrastructure. Featured cloud Disaster Recovery drbc DRBC Are you in the cloud? Are your ready for a possible outage? Read More.

The Data Center of the Future and Cloud Disaster Recovery

Data Center Knowledge

Disaster recovery and business continuity -- no longer a cumbersome duo. Read More. Cloud How to

What Is YOUR Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Forrester Digital Transformation

Join other disaster recovery and technology resilience leaders in sharing your strategy for addressing local and systemic risks affecting your business. Click on the link below to fill out the Forrester and Disaster Recovery Journal’s biannual survey.

Disaster Recovery for Mobile Users

IT Toolbox

Disaster recovery used to be the domain of desktops. Now, more brands are investing in mobile disaster recovery -- a contingency plan for mobile continuity after an emergency. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating mobile into a disaster recoveryCompanies had a security strategy in case their computers were infected by malware or a flood swamped the office, damaging monitors and processors.

RackWare Adds Disaster Recovery to Cloud Migration Software Suite

Data Center Knowledge

Vendor now offers simple disaster recovery set-up for any cloud infrastructure. Read More. Cloud Computing

Sungard Goes Mobile With Its Disaster Recovery Services

Data Center Knowledge

SunGard has developed a fleet of mobile disaster recovery centers that can provide on-site business continuity services. Disaster Recovery Washington DC area The 982-square foot facility can provide office space or raised-floor spaxe for servers, depending upon a customer''s needs.

The Biggest Myths Surrounding Disaster Recovery


There are a variety of reasons businesses either do not have a disaster recovery plan or their current plan is substandard. This is problematic when the decision-makers have bought into one or more of the common myths surrounding disaster recovery. Myth – Disaster Recovery is Expensive and Resource Intensive. The truth is as technology continues to evolve; the costs associated with disaster recovery continue to fall.

Security and disaster recovery are priorities when choosing data center provider

Tech Republic Security

Security and compliance are key factors to consider when outsourcing your data center, according to a report from data center provider US Signal

Big Data - Disaster Recovery!

IT Toolbox

Big data applications tend to have massive data storage capacity coupled with a hybrid hardware appliance and analytical software package used for data analytics. These applications are not typically used to process operational data; rather, users query the data to analyze past product sales, forecast trends, and determine future customer buying patterns. Big data applications are not usually considered

Mother Nature Attacks! Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Ready?

Data Center Knowledge

There’s no point in investing in a backup and disaster recovery solution that only offers slow and partial recovery – in today’s competitive world, users and customers will hold delays and lost functionality against you. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Disaster Recovery Site Selection: Factors and Approach

Data Center Knowledge

For a Disaster Recovery strategy to work as per design, one of the important contributors is DR site as it will define service availability to customers during disasters, writes Prashant Baweja of Infosys. Industry Perspectives

Replication, Durability, and Disaster Recovery


We’ll also look at various deployment scenarios and disaster recovery configurations. Replication, Durability, and Disaster Recovery View more presentations from Steve Francia This session introduces the basic components of high availability before going into a deep dive on MongoDB replication. We’ll explore some of the advanced capabilities with MongoDB replication and best practices to ensure data durability and redundancy.

Exchange 2010 Disaster Recovery Step by Step Free Guide

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read the guide to explore helpful tips for Exchange 2010 Disaster Recovery

Ease Disaster Recovery Drama with Communication Plan

Information Week

You can do a lot to take the edge off people's concerns, maintain the company's reputation, and minimize any long-term damage when you put a plan in place

5 Tips for Better Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Toolbox

Unfortunately, very few businesses actually have a disaster recovery plan in place. All it takes is one catastrophe and all of the hard work you’ve poured into your business can be turned into nothing. This is a grave mistake that you don’t want to make in your own business. “Businesses

Avoid These 3 Disaster Recovery Mistakes

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That's why a good disaster recovery plan is so important. It safeguards a company's IT infrastructure and minimizes financial loss as a result of a disaster. One in five organizations experiences an unplanned incident such as power outage, fire, flood or malicious attack in any given year, something that could impact business continuity. However, not all companies implement security planning solutions

The smart alternative for mainframe disaster recovery

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Colin Fettes from Azamour Solutions takes a look at alternative ways to handle Disaster Recovery (DR) in this year?s His article focuses on recovery services, and hope that these thoughts help to clarify your own ideas and create some useful assistance around DR s Arcati Mainframe Yearbook.

Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery :


Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery. Replica sets are similar to master slave, but they are set aware with automatic failover and recovery. For permanent disaster recovery and for compliance with a variety of industry regulations itâ??s A solid backup plan is the only way to ensure that the bulk of your data is never lost in the event of a disaster. disaster recovery. disaster recovery plan. recovery.

Disaster Recovery: Strong People Bring Stronger Results

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Seventy percent of data center outages are directly attributed to human error, writes Charles Browning of vXchnge. Focusing on the people behind the maintenance, power and communication in your data center can help lessen the risk of downtime. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Latency, Bandwidth, Disaster Recovery: Selecting the Right Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

The process to select a good data center has to involve not only the physical elements of the facility but the workload to be delivered as well. Read More. Cloud Computing Colocation Data Center Strategies Featured cloud colocation data center