Identity, authentication and authorisation becoming risk-led

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Identity management, and authentication and authorisation governance are shifting away from being purely IT initiatives, according to RSA

Singapore banks adopt voice biometrics for user authentication

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Banks in Singapore are rolling out biometric technology to improve customer services by speeding up the authentication process

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Step-By-Step: Securing a Xamarin app with Azure AD’s Multi-factor Authentication


The solution proposed was to pause the application on a prompt and use Azure AD’s Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to allow a valid administrator account to unlock the application and return to the available jobs screen. Select Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Deloitte breach underlines need for better authentication

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A breach of Deloitte’s email system, which may have exposed client details, emphasises the need for two-factor authentication and the monitoring of systems administrators

Step-By-Step: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on XBOX ONE


Step-By-Step XBOX 360 authentication Xbox One multi-factor Anthony Bartolo XBOXE3 two-factor XBOX Security E32015 E3 Windows 10 how-toMuch of this week’s online news has been centered on the E3 event taking place in LA.

Step-by-Step: Get Started with Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) and Multi-Factor Authentication

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Luckily, Windows Azure gives us the ability to easily gain visibility and centralized control over "cloud era" identity management via two offerings: Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) and Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Security Think Tank: Proceed with caution on biometric authentication

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How can organisations move to biometric authentication of users without running the risk of exposing sensitive biometric information

Authenticity and the November 2013 Security Updates

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Specifically, astrophysicist and geek icon Neil deGrasse Tyson has been critical about the movie''s authenticity. To deGrasse Tyson, a lack of authenticity disrupts the movie-going experience. Two advisories this month deal with authenticity by focusing on certificates and cryptography.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure Active Directory Users


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an additional layer of security to confirm the identity of a user. Identity Step-By-Step Dirsync Windows Server 2012 R2 Azure Windows Server 2012 Multifactor Authentication Azure AD Connect MFA Active Directory Azure Active Directory MVP Identity Management Windows Server Windows Server 2016 how-toMethodologies utilized can include PIN, phone call, smart cards, biometrics etc.There are many MFA service providers currently in market that.(

8 Steps for Using Azure AD Service Principal Certificate Authentication with Azure Automation PowerShell Workflow Runbooks

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As part of this process, runbooks need to securely authenticate to Azure with a minimum of administration overhead. Step 6: Test authenticating as Service Principal. If you’re unable to successfully authenticate, go back to Step 1 and confirm each of the previous steps again. #

How to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

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Instagram recently made two-factor authentication available to all of its users. Here's how you can use it to add an extra layer of security to your account

5 trends shaking up multi-factor authentication

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Perhaps the biggest surprise in our review of nine multi-factor authentication products is that physical tokens are making a comeback. In our review three years ago of two-factor authentication products , the hot new approach was using smartphones as an authentication method via soft tokens, which could be a smartphone app, SMS message or telephony.

Why you need a strong authentication platform

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According to Symantec ’s annual Internet Security Threat Report , up to 80 percent of breaches could be eliminated with strong authentication. Common challenges Image by Pexels As the security landscape is changing, so are the business challenges that organizations are facing.

As authentication options blossom, startup tries to simplify deployment, maintain flexibility

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A startup with a strong pedigree is trying to address the problem that businesses have keeping up with the ever-increasing options for authentication.

9-vendor authentication roundup: The good, the bad and the ugly

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Due to numerous exploits that have defeated two-factor authentication, either by social engineering, remote access Trojans or various HTML injection techniques, many IT departments now want more than a second factor to protect their most sensitive logins and assets. In the three years since we last reviewed two-factor authentication products , the market has responded, evolving toward what is now being called multi-factor authentication or MFA, featuring new types of tokens.

Two Factor Failure: With complexity comes new vulnerabilities


One of the most significant capabilities in the enterprise defensive arsenal is multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor defense helps solve many weaknesses of password authentication. Many two factor authentication systems have very glaring vulnerabilities.

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity in 2017: Why You Need Two-Factor Authentication


In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two-factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keeping your digital information away from prying eyes. Two-factor authentication is gaining popularity quickly for good reasons. What is Two-Factor Authentication?

How to get users on board with two-factor authentication

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Having trouble convincing employees in your organization to use two-factor authentication? Here's a guide on how to break it down in a way that makes sense to the average user

PowerShell Basics: Connecting to Exchange Online Using Multi-Factor Authentication


Using PowerShell to manage your Microsoft cloud services like Exchange Online and using multi-factor authentication (MFA) separately is awesome. Using the two together however, not so much.

Facebook ups security with Fido U2F two-factor authentication

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Social media giant is enabling users to increase the security of their logins with Fido U2F USB security keys

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Examples of Two-Factor Authentication & Why They Matter


Two-factor authentication is increasing in popularity throughout all industries, from banking to online gaming. What Is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication is a two-step process used to verify a user’s identity. Two-factor authentication offers many benefits to businesses and individual users alike. In addition, implementing two-factor authentication is a cost-effective security measure. Examples of Two-Factor Authentication.

Advances in multifactor authentication (MFA) technologies

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Enterprises authenticate users based on their knowledge, possession, or inherence of some evidence that they are the party with the given right of access. Some experts see the context of the user’s authentication such as the time, their network IP and device, and their location as the fourth factor of authentication. Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher at ESET says you can assure greater security with each additional factor of authentication that you add.

Step-By-Step: enable Multi-Factor Authentication in Azure


Step-By-Step Cloud Azure Pierre Roman MFA Active Directory multi-factor authentication Hello Folks, lately I’ve been covering Azure and active directory pretty often.

Should You Use SMS Two Factor Authentication For Your Website

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As it stands, the future of SMS 2FA seems uncertain, at least in regulated industries like banks and insurance

Continuous Authentication: The future of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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Insert another authentication step on top of these credentials and this gateway becomes harder to infiltrate. But once access is gained, how can the device or Web application be certain that the authenticated user is, in fact, the same person throughout the entire session? Or more commonly, you may hand the device to a colleague – a non-authenticated user – trusting they won’t do anything nonsensical or malicious.

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Step-By-Step: Enabling Windows 10 Authentication Via Azure AD Join


Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory offering ushers in a new enablement of authentication. Lets now try to log in with Azure AD Join now that authentication is enabled. The ask to setup Multi-Factor Authentication will appear at this point if it is enabled.

IDG Contributor Network: Smarter authentication makes mobile experiences more secure, user friendly

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Today’s mobile and digital experiences need authentication strategies that keep up with the constantly changing digital ecosystem, and simple passwords are not enough. Authentication must be fast, easy to use. Multifactor authentication strategies are growing in popularity, but the tradeoff of usability and security is a constant balancing act. If authentication solutions are not simple, quick and easy, users will find ways around them.

Encryption, Authentication, and Yeah, Alligators: Here’s How Google Secures Its Cloud

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Company details its data center security practices in new whitepaper Read More. Google Security

UK to invest $2.3B in cybersecurity, calls for stronger authentication

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Over the next five years, the UK government will invest heavily in cybersecurity, including new authentication methods such as Fast IDentity Online (FIDO

IDG Contributor Network: SecureAuth introduces another take on multi-factor authentication

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An example of adaptive access control might be requiring a simple username and password for regular access, but requiring a higher level of authentication when the user (for example) logs in from another geography. Also on Network World: 5 trends shaking up multi-factor authentication +. SecureAuth is in the business of adaptive access control.

Step-By-Step: Enabling App Passwords in Azure AD with Two-Factor Authentication


In the Microsoft Virtual Academy video entitled Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Active Directory , I demonstrated how to turn on two-factor authentication.( For some, passwords alone are not enough to ensure secure access to specific applications.

Buyer’s Guide to 9 multi-factor authentication products

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Multi factors Since we last reviewed two-factor authentication products , the market has moved beyond two-factor authentication toward what is now being called multi-factor authentication.

HSBC voice authentication tricked by twins

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Twin brothers managed to trick HSBC’s voice recognition security system into giving account access to the wrong person