What are Amazon Web Services’ Nordic plans?

Computer Weekly

Amazon Web Services' head in the Nordic tells Computer Weekly about the region's increasing demand and use of the cloud

Universal Credit moves into Amazon Web Services cloud

Computer Weekly

Parts of the digital system underpinning the controversial welfare reform programme are now running on AWS under DWP’s hybrid cloud strategy

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Amazon Web Services celebrates 8 years in the cloud

David Linthicum

Believe it or not, it was eight years ago that Amazon Web Services'' S3 (Simple Storage Service) went into production. Cloud Computing Amazon Web Services Cloud Storage At the time, the promise was revolutionary: read more.

3 lessons for IT from Amazon Web Services

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billion from Amazon Web Services, a full 81.5 Amazon.com recently posted its second-ever quarterly profit: $23.2 billion in the last quarter, an increase of 19.9 percent that exceeded analyst estimates. That included $1.8 percent more than in the second quarter of 2014. The division's operating income was $391 million, an impressive 400 percent annual gain. Both IT organizations and Amazon's cloud competitors alike would be wise to learn three key lessons from AWS's success.

IBM vs. Amazon Web Services: Don't be fooled by their numbers game

David Linthicum

Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Amazon.com IBM Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Technology Business Vendors like to show off data that says they''re winning in terms of market adoption versus their competitors. They also like to show off data that is hard to verify, which makes it easier for them to claim whatever they want and even be technically, if obscurely, right. read more.

Amazon Web Services Buys Wind Power for Data Centers

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Signs 13-year power purchase agreement with developer of Indiana wind farm Read More. Amazon Power

Customer Centricity at Amazon Web Services

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AWS has built a reputation over the years for the breadth and depth of our services and the pace of our innovation with 280 features released in 2013. In 2012,AWS announced 159 new features and services. Our customers tell us that the service is 78% better than it was 3 years ago.

What CIOs Can Learn From An Upgrade Of Inflight Web Services

The Accidental Successful CIO

In-flight wi-fi service is currently available on some planes ; however, because the airlines charge top dollar for this privilege, only about 5% of the passengers on a plane take advantage of this service. Additionally both music and video streaming services can be supported.

3 barriers between Amazon Web Services and businesses

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Amazon Web Services'' Re:Invent 2013 conference is coming up next month in Las Vegas, and I can already tell you it will sell out and be a big hit. Cloud Computing Amazon Web Services IaaS Cloud computing Amazon had a huge lead in the market, everyone knows it, and both customers and partners alike will show up to pay homage. The success is well deserved. AWS didn''t get to where it is through clever marketing.

Amazon Web Services Kicks Off New Year With New Cloud Features

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Provider enhances government cloud, adds two-minute spot instance termination notices, makes other small tweaks Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services: The smart person's guide

Tech Republic Data Center

This comprehensive guide about AWS covers the expansive cloud services offered by Amazon, common use cases and technical limitations, and what to know when adopting this technology

Amazon Web Services Turns Ten Years Old

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It sounds like a work of fiction to say that a bookstore would grow to one day power much of the web's critical infrastructure Read More. Shared

Amazon Web Services cracks open the door to hybrid clouds

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Amazon Web Services has always pushed back on private clouds — it''s a public cloud, after all. AWS’s recently launched services show it''s becoming more aware that some items still, and will always, reside inside the enterprise. Another example is AWS Directory Services , announced last month, which lets you connect your AWS resources with an existing Microsoft Active Directory if desired.

Stackdriver is a pawn in the fight between Google and Amazon Web Services

David Linthicum

Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Google Amazon Web Services At first glance, it may seem odd that Google is buying Stackdriver , a cloud-monitoring startup read more.

Update On The Megatrend of CloudComputing


Agility in service to mission and business needs is far more important than cost savings. Cloud Computing CTO News Trends Amazon Web Services API Chief executive officer Chief information officer Data center Edge computing Internet of Things Platform as a service SDP Software as a service

Defense in Depth: Protecting the Organization’s Data


The shift toward mobile technology and cloud-based services has slowed PKI’s already low rate of adoption. The Smartcrypt Platform consists of an end-user application and a web-based manager console. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News Amazon Web ServicesMarty Meehan.

European Union Data Protection Authorities Approve Amazon Web Services’ Data Processing Agreement

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The media alert below that went out today gives the details: European Union Data Protection Authorities Approve Amazon Web Services’ Data Processing Agreement. Brussels – March 31, 2015 – Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced that the group of European Union (EU) data protection authorities known as the Article 29 Working Party has approved the AWS Data Processing Agreement (DPA), assuring customers that it meets the high standards of EU data protection laws.

Amazon Web Services has no reason to worry about IBM

David Linthicum

In a recent article at CIO.com, Rob Enderle made a very clear and somewhat compelling case that IBM would ultimately dominate public cloud computing. I believe he''s wrong. Yes, IBM will make an impact, but it won''t end up being a dominant public cloud computing player. To me, the reasons are obvious. read more. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Amazon.com IBM Cloud computing

Four free tools for handling Amazon Web Services security incident response

Network World

Responding to security incidents that involve deployments within Amazon Web Services is a lot different from responding to incidents that happen on corporate-owned gear, and two researchers have come up with free tools to make that process easier.

Amazon Web Service AWS September 2017 Software Defined Data Infrastructure Updates

Storage IO Blog

The post Amazon Web Service AWS September 2017 Software Defined Data Infrastructure Updates appeared first on StorageIOblog. September was a busy month pertaining to software defined data infrastructure including cloud and related AWS announcements.

Netflix Closed Their Last Data Center – Should You Do The Same?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Every month Netflix attempts to both sign up additional customers for their DVD delivery and, more recently, their video streaming service. In the case of Netflix they have selected Amazon and their Amazon Web Services offering to host all of the Netflix applications.

6 Things Amazon Can Teach us About How to Do Cloud Computing Correctly


Amazon Web Services, or AWS, has been setting the standard for online e-commerce solutions for some time now. Amazon has 11 different regions with a number of data centers using a service like hadoop cloud within each region. Cloud Computing Amazon Web ServicesBrigg Patten. But in its early adoption of cloud computing as a solution to scalability issues may just revolutionize how other companies approach the cloud as a resource.

HP Builds Load Testing Service on Amazon Web Services Cloud

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StormRunner is delivered via AWS, but HP has plans to extend it to its OpenStack-based Helion cloud service in the future. Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Hewlett-Packard

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA Now Available on AWS


Just announced Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA has expanded their availability to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Terry Wise, vice president, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc. Big Data News Amazon Web Services Red Hat Enterprise Linux SAP SAP HANAWhat this now allows is more deployment options for customer’s big data workloads, adding more choices to an ecosystem of hardware and cloud configurations.

SAP 61

New IaaS Benchmark Report: Internap vs Amazon Web Services

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White Papers Amazon Web Services Cloud Spectator iaas Internap virtual machine The rise of public cloud as a robust infrastructure choice over the past several years has led organizations to aggressively outsource their compute, memory, and storage needs to a growing number of IaaS providers. With increasing cloud adoption, more vendors have decided to enter this fast-growing.

December Tech Trends Report and 2016 Enterprise Tech Projections


In 2016 expect every user of a smart phone to have a growing respect for the utility of AI with capabilities delivering useful services on every smartphone device. Web applications based on AI, like x.ia, will grow slow but steady followings and move more into the mainstream. In 2016 we expect to see serious political discourse on what to do about the coming job displacement expected because of robotic manufacturing and services work.

Expanding the Cloud ? Introducing Amazon CloudSearch - All.

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Today Amazon Web Services is introducing Amazon CloudSearch , a new web service that brings the power of the Amazon.comâ??s Search is a much broader technology than just the indexing of large collections of web pages. All Things Distributed.

Pentaho 5.3 Continues To Deliver On Big Data Analytics With Scale Including AWS Redshift and Impala


From their press release: Pentaho to Deliver On Demand Big Data Analytics at Scale on Amazon Web Services and Cloudera. We are pleased that customers can combine Amazon Redshift and Pentaho to power fresh business insights with the performance and reliability they have come to depend on in the cloud,” said Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc. Big Data CTO Amazon Web Services Hitachi Data Systems Pentaho Quentin Gallivan

AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium 5-7 May 2015 at Baltimore Convention Center


Cyber Command and the command’s military service components. Military Services. By Charles Hall. If you''re interested in cyber security and operations at the federal level, check out the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium.

Amazon can no longer take its cloud leadership for granted

David Linthicum

Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Google Apps Google Compute Engine Microsoft Azure Microsoft Office 365 Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Good news for Microsoft : "Strong sales of cloud products to businesses helped lift Microsoft''s revenue by 18 percent last quarter, though its profits declined," reports Reuters. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a call with financial analysts that commercial cloud revenue grew almost 150 percent year over year to $4.4

Amazon Web Services Launches Business Email Service to Take on Cloud Competitors

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Public cloud giant unveils its response to Office 365 and Google Apps for Work Read More. Shared

The proof is in: Amazon fully controls the cloud

David Linthicum

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently cut prices for its dedicated instances. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Amazon Web Services If you''ve been keeping track, this is its 37th price reduction. read more.

Amazon is right to grow AWS at the expense of profits

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Its AWS (Amazon Web Services) business makes up the majority of a balance sheet item that Amazon.com labels as "other." Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Amazon Web Services Technology Business Last week, Amazon.com said its cloud business grew by 90 percent last year, but the company was significantly less profitable than the year before.