The Future of Operations: A Developer

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Additionally, as the velocity of change increases - and will continue to increase - the premise that we can continue to manage these systems with our traditional methods is no longer true. The hand-holding of systems, like babysitting mainframes, has long since fallen out of favor.

Monitoring as a Discipline and the Systems Administrator

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Monitoring as a discipline is a practice designed to help IT professionals escape the short-term, reactive nature of administration often caused by insufficient monitoring, and become more proactive and strategic. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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The Case of the Mysterious Reboots

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This case opens when a Sysinternals power user, who also works as a system administrator at a large corporation, had a friend report that their laptop had become unusable. Whenever the friend connected it to a network, their laptop would reboot. The power.( read more

Olisipo Can Make You A CloudMASTER®

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This course is designed for system administrators or cloud technologists who wish to further develop their skills for evaluating, deploying, and administering cloud services. Olisipo Learning in Portugal has a culture that is based on the constant search for new challenges.

CANITPRO at Microsoft Ignite Australia


I attended a session that I believe all system administrators.( Hello Folk, I’ve been on the road this week presenting in Australia. The Gold Coast to be more precise. I know it’s a rough assignment but what can I say. Someone has to do it. In any case.

This is why companies are still afraid of the cloud

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On April 25, a systems administrator was sentenced to 33 months in prison for intentionally causing damage to a protected computer. Jonathan Hartwell Wolberg of Tucson, Ariz., will end his prison term with 36 months of supervised release for sabotaging his former employer''s cloud computing server. read more. Cloud Computing Security Cyber Crime Hacking Insider Threats Cloud Computing

AWS and DevOps Skills in High Demand, says Dice

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The role of Systems Administrator is evolving into one of development and operations with the rise of cloud computing. Dice performed an analysis around cloud searches and found that there''s a huge need for Amazon Web Services skills as well as DevOps talent. Cloud Computing Staffing

5 must-have security tools

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This system captures activity from Active Directory and Windows system logs, tracking everything from user sign-on to file manipulation. It then presents this information in an easy-to-use dashboard with advanced reporting options,” says Gregory Oliver, senior network systems administrator for Montgomery County. New York’s Montgomery County, located at the foot of the Adirondacks, consists of 10 towns, one city and 50,000 residents.

3 Questions That Every CIO Should Be Asking About Clouds (a chief information officer needs an IT strategy to create IT alignment)

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Buying more servers would require more IT staff to act as systems administrators – no servers means no hiring of additional administrators. Post tags: backup , capital expenditure , cost savings , data , performance , security , servers , systems administrators , Virtualization.

Top 7 New Improvements Now Found in Microsoft Intune


System administrators.( Microsoft Intune has see quite a few updates over recent months aside from its recent renaming. The changes address concerns brought forth by IT professionals looking to get a better handle on their client end deployment and management. read more ).

Firebrand Announces 2017 Accelerated CloudMASTER® Dates

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You’ll learn how the technologies work in each cloud system, from multiple perspectives. You’ll then move on to learning the specifics of how the cloud systems operate in your business. Instructor-led self-test systems ensure you will be fully prepared for the exam.

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For Top Cyber Threats, Look in the Mirror

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When this is done, the credentials of a user accessing network resources can be instead transmitted to the attacker’s system. The next big no-no is when system administrators all use the same Local Admin password.

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Bright Computing Integrated with Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre


With this integration, system administrators can easily deploy, use and maintain Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre using Bright. The enhancements reduce the ongoing administrative burden through proactive diagnostics based on Lustre-specific metrics and tests. Announcing a unique solution that works for HPC, Big Data Analytics, or a hybrid environment.

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Step-By-Step: Monitoring On-Premise Active Directory via Azure AD Connect Health


Many system administrator monitor their Active Directory infrastructure via tools such as SCOM, Event viewer, Performance monitor or even third party application monitors. When the requirement of the Active Directory infrastructure is to grow to meet.( read more ). Step-By-Step Monitoring Azure AD Sync Azure Azure AD health Azure AD Azure AD Connect Active Directory MVP how-to

‘Found a nasty bug in my (Cisco) ASA this morning’

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The above headline on a post to Reddit piqued my interest this afternoon because it was in that site’s section devoted to system administration and those people know a bug when they encounter one. The Redditor elaborates: “I found a bug in my ASA today. Eth 0/2 was totally unusable and seemed ‘blocked.’ These Cisco bugs are really getting out of hand. I'm just glad I didn't open this port up to the web.” Scare quotes around blocked? Gratuitous mention of the web.

How to use Zarp for penetration testing

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Network or systems administrators must conduct pen testing to discover any possible security weaknesses. Find out why Zarp is a very powerful pen-testing tool to have at your disposal

Should Data Centers Think?

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TAP makes these resources accessible in one place for data scientists, application developers and system operators. It operates on most data stores and file systems, including cluster federations that can enable data sharing (with security).

Digital Reasoning: Maker of the Synthesis mission-focused analytics software platform


Analyst Queue: Provides ability for compliance analysts to review system-generated alerts in support of eComms surveillance. Reference Data: Enables importing reference data from HR systems, CRM, and other systems to enhance the context of eComms analysis.

Step-By-Step: Identifying Large Exchange Mailbox Folders Via PowerShell


Identifying users with large Exchange mailboxes is a task undertaken by most system administrators who are in need of freeing up space on their mail servers. While most search for mailboxes approaching a certain size, I wanted to take this a step further.( read more ). Automation Storage Powershell Exchange MVP PowerShell ISE

Recorded Future Provides Awareness Into Issue of Government Credentials On The Open Web


They are regularly used to hold and share small working documents by programmers/developers/systems administrators as well as academics and students.

What CIOs Can Learn From Bank of America’s Trip Into The Cloud

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They currently use one system administrator to manage roughly 300 servers. They want to become more like Facebook which uses one system administrator to manage 20,000 servers. They hope to use new, cheaper hardware that will allow them to replace their legacy systems.

Sysadmins: You're All Developers Now

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In a past life I was a system administrator, or "sysadmin" I enjoyed it, but even in those halcyon days of remoting into servers and driving to the office at 2 AM (hoping the server room wasn't on fire), I knew I had a limited shelf life. It wasn't until years later that I fully understood why: Administrators are babysitters.

Chances to Speak at O’Reilly Media’s Upcoming Conferences


As we shift to focusing on distributed systems, we’re moving away from web performance talks as part of the Velocity program. We invite proposals from system engineers, architects, developers, system administrators, operations managers, site reliability engineers, and more—people on the front lines with stories of great success and worthy failures, especially if they provide clear ideas for what to do next. Bob Gourley.

CTOvision Named One Of The Top 50 Must-Read IT Blogs In The US


Some of the blogs on our list are perfect for system administrators while others will appeal to IT managers, such as CIOs and chief technology officers. We are very proud to announce that CTOvision has just been named to BizTech Magazine 's list of the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs. In their words: For the past four years, BizTech has recognized the best and brightest IT blogs in business and we're proud to present this year's list of 50 Must-Read IT Blogs.

Security for Big Data Designs: Examining best practices with security architect Eddie Garcia


Data security segregates data from privileged user accounts including system administrators and protects storage from theft or improper disposal. Working in conjunction with Navigator Encrypt is Cloudera Navigator Key Trustee, a centralized key management and policy enforcement system.

Four Cloud Computing Myths That Need To Die


Your data center might be more secure — it’s theoretically possible, but in reality, unless your company has the best engineers and system administrators in the world working for it, it’s likely to be less secure than most cloud platforms. There’s a little truth in this: if your company has extensive infrastructure supporting legacy systems that run complex business logic on which your company depends, then moving to the cloud won’t be a walk in the park. Justin Blanchard.

Cyberspies tap free tools to make powerful malware framework

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In fact, the use of publicly available tools designed for system administration can increase an attack's efficiency and makes it harder for security vendors to detect it and link it to a particular threat actor. Over the past year, a group of attackers has managed to infect hundreds of computers belonging to government agencies with a malware framework stitched together from JavaScript code and publicly available tools.

Step-By-Step: Creating a Windows 10 To Go Key Inside a Hyper-V VM


Windows 10 will include many cool features to enable system administrators in securing client computing. Testing is key and this blog has detailed many ways IT Professionals can test Windows 10 Technical Preview without the requirement of loading it on.( read more ).

Step-By-Step: Restoring A Deleted Object via Active Directory Recycle Bin


System administrators are now empowered with the ability to restore deleted objects from within Windows Server 2012 R2's offering of Active Directory once the feature is enabled. In the management console, go to Tools > Active Directory Administrative Center.

Make a Difference - Work For Us

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Senior Desktop Support Specialist - Work with customers and administrators to support the physical, virtual and mobile enterprise desktop. Server Administrator - Create, destroy, maintain, create cool names for, and manage windows servers in the virtual, physical and blade center arenas. Application Systems Administrator - Work in a growing group of professionals focused on maintaining the enterprise applications such as ERP, Imaging, Mobility and others.

Microsoft fixes 55 vulnerabilities, 3 exploited by Russian cyberspies

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System administrators should prioritize the Microsoft Office patches because they address two vulnerabilities that attackers have exploited in targeted attacks over the past two months. Both of these flaws, CVE-2017-0261 and CVE-2017-0262, stem from how Microsoft Office handles Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) image files and can lead to remote code execution on the underlying system.

Best of TechEd 2013: 13 FREE Hands-on Labs for Enabling YOUR.

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Be an Early Expert on Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V Server, System Center 2012, Azure and Windows 8. - Powered by System Center. System Center 2012. that enable you to more easily control system administration and accelerate automation. Sign in.

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Insider Threat: A perspective on how to address the increasing risk


However, in June of 2013, a systems administrator at the National Security Agency (NSA) reminded us of the threat that already exists within an organization, behind the protection of its sophisticated, complex perimeter security. Specialized tools also aid in forensic examination to determine how systems were intruded upon and what the damage was. Cyber security is one of the highest priority topics for organizations today.