Don’t Succumb To Social Media Stockholm Syndrome

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We are excited to launch the new vision report for our social marketing playbook. It might be controversial, but we are here to give companies permission to break up with social media. Social media is a quagmire, and marketers contributed to the mess.

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A Social Take On Social Selling

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Social selling is one of my B2B Marketing and Sales team’s top inquiry topics. We’ve also helped numerous clients plan and execute effective social selling programs. sales social commerce social intelligence social marketing social media Caroline Robertson Mary Shea social selling

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Current Malpractice Handicaps Social Selling’s Potential

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We first published research on social selling in 2016, and B2B sellers continue to flock to various networks to interact with their customers and prospects. Social provides the opportunity for authentic connections, mutually beneficial professional relationships, and positive business outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

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AI Is Not Your Savior In Social Listening

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You’re hearing with increasing frequency that social listening platforms (SLPs) are incorporating artificial intelligence and that AI may eventually unburden humans from heavy social data management and analysis.

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Future Of Retail: How Social Communities Will Impact Brands And Retailers In 2019

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Here’s what retailers and brands can expect and should focus on regarding social communities and social media for the rest of 2019. B2C marketing predictions 2019 retail social marketing social media promoted

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Social Will Be The Fastest-Growing Digital Advertising Channel Globally

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While 2018 was a challenging year for global social media advertising amid the implementation of GDPR, privacy scandals, and brand safety concerns, Forrester forecasts that social will remain the fastest-growing digital advertising channel globally over the next five years.

The State Of Social Advertising: Pretty On The Outside, Ugly On The Inside

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On the outside: Social media’s total global advertising spend is expected to balloon to $110 billion by 2022 (with Facebook taking 75% of the global spend market). Social networks are happy. On the inside: Social media’s underbelly conveys a picture of turmoil.

Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brand Growth Will Boost Social Ad Spending

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digital marketing direct to consumer media buying online retail social marketing social mediaIn recent years, a wave of so-called digitally native direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups have burst onto the scene and have grown in popularity.

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Asia Pacific To Drive Global Social Ad Spend In The Next Five Years

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Forrester expects global social advertising spend to reach $165.6 Asia Pacific and the rest of world will grow fastest, capturing the US and Europe’s share of global social advertising spend. advertising age of the customer Asia Pacific social marketing social mediabillion in 2023, up from $75 billion in 2018 — a CAGR of 17.1%. Asia Pacific’s share of global spend will increase from 30% in […].

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‘Tis The Season For Consumers To Still Not Buy On Social Media

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Despite news of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Allbirds, and SeatGeek successfully selling on social networks, social media is still not a place that consumers buy products and services. Holiday 2018 social marketing digital retail retail social media

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Low-tech social engineering attacks


Frank Abagnale is probably the most famous low-tech hacker since Son’ka the Golden Hand and the man who stole the Mona Lisa, Vincenzo Peruggia. Abagnale famously impersonated various professions, including a doctor and a pilot, to help facilitate his financial scams where he used false identities to forge checks and cash them in. Abagnale ended […].

Build Social Compliance Bridges, Not Blockades — For Your Own Sake

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Compliance pros, try to recall your last interaction with your marketing peers about social media: How did it go? Social Compliance. Social Marketing. Social media. Digital Compliance Security and Risk Social Compliance Social Marketing Social media digital marketing

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Social media must add a do-not-track option for images of our faces

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AI Social category-/News facial recognitionHere's how we can begin to combat the rampant misuse of facial data. Read More.

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Changing Commercial And Social Conditions Spark Consumer Energy

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To measure precisely what kind of emotional toll COVID-19 is taking on consumers — and how current consumer sentiment will influence imminent behavior — we are applying Forrester’s Consumer Energy Index, our data-driven framework that captures how ready and willing consumers are to reach out to brands.

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Moving from Social Media to Social CRM

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It could be that the first time your prospects find out about you is through social media. According to a survey conducted by PwC, 39 percent say that social networks provide the main inspiration for their purchases. If you haven’t made social media part of your marketing

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Best social media management apps for Android


The industry is not what it used to be as more people migrate to the social media arena. Herein enters the social media management apps for Android. Some of the best social media management apps for Android are discussed below. Best social media management apps for Android.

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Listen Up: Here Is Forrester’s Overview Of 31 Social Listening Platforms 

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53% of business and technology decision-makers and influencers tell us they want to better leverage social listening technologies to understand customer requirements and achieve their firm’s goal of addressing rising customer expectations. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; social listening platforms offer a unique window into customers’ lives, opinions, and preferences.

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Tune In To The 10 Social Listening Platforms That Matter

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Today, social listening platforms have become a staple in most brands’ marketing tech stacks because of their ability to give brands near real-time feedback and insight into conversations about their […]. B2C marketing social intelligence social listening & listening platformsOnce upon a time, most brands relied on 6+ week cycles of feedback through consumer surveys and expensive focus groups to listen to their consumers.

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IoT takes aim at social distancing

Network World

How IoT technology can help enforce social-distancing rules by monitoring occupancy in workspaces

Riot Games details its social impact giving for 2019

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Riot Games' Social Impact Fund has given $8 million in grants to nonprofits that its League of Legends players care about. Business Games category-/News DeanBeat News Dylan Jadeja Jeffrey Burrell Riot Games social responsibility

Can You Stop Your Social Media Addiction?


What was your life like without social media? Social media is more convenient and cheaper. We use social media for several purposes such as playing games and sharing important events. Most popular social networks. The first social media platform was probably MSN messenger.

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Social Engineering and Phishing


Social engineering is one of the most problematic attack techniques to combat. User education is most effective at stopping a social engineer. Phishing is a type of social engineering that’s executed through unsolicited email messages. Stu Sjouwerman.

American Airlines Throws Out Social Distancing Measures During Pandemic


is still in the middle of a raging coronavirus pandemic that is breaking records in states like Texas and Florida and getting us banned from visiting Europe , American Airlines has decided to throw out social distancing measures on its planes. Although the U.S.

What Marketers Need To Know: Social Media Q1 2018 Roundup

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B2C marketing digital business social marketing social media earnings facebook Snapchat twitterQ1 2018 earnings for Twitter, Facebook, and Snap largely showed minimal impact from the recent data privacy crisis. There were no surprises: Twitter is building off its Q4 2017 momentum, Facebook continues to grow its user base, and Snap is still going through an identity crisis. For the most part, the financial markets seem to […].

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#BlackLivesMatter saw tremendous growth on social media. Now what?

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Across the country and across the globe, a phrase boomeranged from the streets to social media and back again, over and over: Black Lives Matter. Mentions far eclipsed brands that typically dominate social media conversations, such as Nike and Starbucks.

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Social VoIP

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Group Calls Come to Social VoIP. Facebook Messenger recently debuted a new feature that enables users to launch group VoIP audio calls from any group chat. Facebook initially rolled out VoIP calling back in 2013, and within a year they were able to boast that Messenger calls comprised 10 percent of all mobile VoIP calls being made around the globe. In addition

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Researchers propose framework to measure AI’s social and environmental impact

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Researchers propose a framework -- SECure -- designed to measure the social and environmental impact of AI systems in the real world. Read More.

CIOs And The Problem Of Social Engineering

The Accidental Successful CIO

Social engineering is how the bad guys get employees to say too much Image Credit: Alexandre Formagio. These days they use a more sophisticated attack: social engineering. What Is Social Engineering? How Can A CIO Counter Social Engineering?

HTC cofounder Peter Chou launches XRspace to bring social VR to the masses

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In a global announcement streamed on YouTube today, XRspace finally revealed how it is bringing social VR to the public during a time of social separation.

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Tracking Down a Hackivist Through Social Media

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Many of the messages left on the defaced websites implied that the attacks were motivated by anti-government sentiment, and were carried out to combat social injustices that the hacker believed were a direct result of government corruption. Hacking Original Content Social MediaThe name?

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Here is how to use social media the right way


Social media became a big part of our daily lives. Most people don’t use one, but several social networks to communicate with others, find jobs, post pictures, find inspiration, and more. And when used properly, social networks are great, no doubt about it.

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Pew Report: Speaking Up or Staying Silent on Social Media


Hope has been placed on the Internet (particularly on social media) to expose users to more sources of information and diverse points of view. Put another way, most people are unwilling to “stick their neck out” in social situations. By Shannon Perry.

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Koji raises $10 million so you can remix games and interactive content for social media

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Koji raised $10 million for its platform for creating interactive social media posts. Business Games category-/Games DeanBeat News Dmitry Shapiro Interactive Media Koji remix Social Media TikTokIt's a remix tool that you can use to make games and videos sharable. Read More.

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Spiketrap raises $3 million for AI-based social media intelligence platform

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Spiketrap has raised $3 million for its AI platform that helps brands understand how they are engaging with consumers on social media. Read More.

Microsoft researchers say NLP bias studies must consider role of social hierarchies like racism

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Microsoft AI researchers say NLP bias researchers should consider language's role in maintaining unjust social systems and explain who bias harms and how.

Helping Friends and Family Reduce Risks In The Age of Remote Work and Social Distancing


Our readers are a technically oriented group with a good awareness of the dynamic nature of the cyber threat. You do not need lists of best practices, you live them by continuously assessing your environment and taking action to reduce risk as appropriate.

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Social engineering: A cheat sheet for business professionals

Tech Republic Security

People, like computers, can be hacked using a process called social engineering, and there's a good chance a cybersecurity attack on your organization could start with this technique

Apple Wins Patent for Socially Distant Group Selfies


It can be difficult to return to business as usual during America’s first phase of reopening with federal social distancing recommendations still in effect. apple social distancing iphone selfies

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Facebook’s Latest Earnings Report Should Not Alter Marketers’ View Of Social Ad Spending

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But if you’re a marketer looking to forecast your spending on social advertising over the next several years, Facebook’s latest […]. advertising B2C marketing budgeting media buying social marketing social media spend analysisFacebook’s Q2 2018 earnings call was not well received by investors as evidenced by the stock’s 19 percent price drop equating to the largest-ever loss in market value in one day for a US traded company.

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Embrace privacy as your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Your organization faces two powerful trends: The growing pressure of regulatory requirements on data protection that are emerging worldwide. The increasing awareness of privacy rights, which causes customers to take action in their relationship with businesses.

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Social Suites Technologies Are Coming Together

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“The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q4 2019“ is live! We’re particularly excited about this report because it represents a culmination of years of Forrester research on social technologies. Social adtech buys, manages, and optimizes social ads.

The best weird social distancing tech of 2020 (so far)

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Humans are social animals, which is why we can use all the non-human help we can get in our attempts to stop the spread of coronavirus by staying six feet away from each other. More about Amazon , Coronavirus , Social Distancing , Best Of 2020 , and Tech.

Should We Limit The Time We Spend On Social Network


Spending too much on social media then it is time to cut down? Think about how many hours you spend on social media? ” You can never regain those ten hours so you should really spend your time wisely by limiting the amount of time you spend on social media.