3 Types Of AI Hardware


As AI chips become more pervasive, three primary approaches are moving to the forefront. Bradley Geden, director of product marketing at Synopsys, looks at how to take advantage of repeatability, […].

Intellivision shows off Amico’s hardware design, with a Qualcomm processor

Venture Beast

Intellivision showed off the hardware design of its Amico retro game console, complete with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Read More.

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Intel proposes hardware solutions to AI challenges

Venture Beast

Intel researchers propose new hardware approaches to AI challenges in a series of papers presented at the Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits. AI Big Data Cloud Dev Mobile ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science/Engineering & Technology chips hardware Intel machine learning research VLSIRead More.

Microsoft Hires Ex-Apple Exec in Charge of Wireless for Hardware


s former executive in charge of wireless technologies to work on mixed reality hardware and artificial intelligence technology. Caballero is working on hardware such as the HoloLens mixed-reality headset, according to […]. Microsoft Corp. hired Apple Inc.’s The Redmond, Washington-based technology giant appointed Ruben Caballero to a role as a corporate vice president, according to his LinkedIn profile.

10 Big Misconceptions About Computer Hardware


In this article, we'll take a step back and go over some of the most common things people get wrong when talking about computer hardware With technology advancing so rapidly around us, sometimes misconceptions can work their way into our common understanding.

Microsoft details new Surface Hub 2S hardware and software upgrades

Venture Beast

At Ignite 2020, Microsoft detailed new Surface Hub 2S hardware, as well as software upgrades headed to existing Surface Hub devices. Read More.

Nvidia will supply hardware for Leonardo, a 10-exaflop supercomputer

Venture Beast

Nvidia announced it will supply the hardware for Leonardo, a supercomputer capable of achieving 10 exaflops of compute performance. Read More. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics Leonardo machine learning NVidia supercomputer

DeepCube’s software-based solution accelerates AI on existing hardware

Venture Beast

DeepCube, a startup developing a platform that accelerates AI models on existing hardware, raised $7 million for research and expansion. Read More.

Google Meet hardware promises AI features starting at $2,700

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Google today unveiled Google Meet Series One, meeting room hardware that brings its AI-powered video calling features to businesses. Read More. AI Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Media Security category-/Computers & Electronics Chrome OS G Suite Google Google Meet

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom


telecommunications company discovered manipulated hardware from Super Micro Computer Inc. A major U.S. in its network and removed it in August, fresh evidence of tampering in China of critical technology components bound for the U.S., according to a security expert working for the telecom company. The security expert, Yossi Appleboum, provided documents, analysis and other evidence […]. CTO Cyber Security News

VoIP hardware provider pursues certification

IT Toolbox

As demands for VoIP phones increases, platforms that offer customers device-neutral adoption and integration are working to support as wide a choice of hardware as possible. Yealink, a leading global unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, and Phonism a cloud solution for VoIP device provisioning and management, this week certified all Yealink desktop IP phones

We love ideas like this: Open-source hardware could defend against the next generation of hacking


Pearce argue that open-source hardware could be the ultimate key against cyber attacks that companies are trying hard to find on The Conversation : You must have heard about open-source software helping in fighting cyber attacks but imagine open-source hardware doing the same job for you in much better way. Read Prof. Joshua M.

Nanox raises $110 million for medical imaging hardware

Venture Beast

Medical imaging startup Nanox, which hopes to reinvent the X-ray with hardware inspired by Star Trek's biobed, has raised $110 million. Read More.

Unprecedented hardware problem brings down Australian Stock Exchange

Computer Weekly

Financial regulator launches probe after hardware failure in main database led to problems for stock exchange market system

You have always known there is a threat of hardware attacks: Get ugly details here


It is important to remember the threat of hardware based attacks. Bloomberg Businessweek has just run a well researched story into a hardware attack that is incredible in scope. They have always been a threat vector, but hardly ever in the news. Now that part has changed. The overall theme of the attack will not […]. CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News

Yes, the cloud is replacing enterprise hardware and software

David Linthicum

The trend is clear: The more public cloud services that are sold, the more traditional enterprise hardware and software vendors shrink. I''ve been making this accretion prediction for years. However, until recently, it''s not been readily apparent. Now it is. read more. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Cloud computing

Traditional datacentre hardware revenues hit by digital transformation efforts

Computer Weekly

Technology Business Research report sheds light on the impact that cloud, virtualisation and hyper-convergence are having on traditional datacentre hardware revenues

Conductive VC raises $150 million for (mostly) enterprise software and hardware startups

Venture Beast

Conductive Ventures has raised $150 million for its second venture capital fund, with a focus on enterprise software and hardware companies. Read More. Business Enterprise Carey Lai Conductive Ventures funding daily Jackpocket Kevin Chou Paul Yeh

Microsoft Flight Simulator could push PC-hardware spending to $2.6 billion

Venture Beast

Microsoft Flight Simulator could encourage a huge increase in spending on PC due to its appeal to affluent gamers who love to buy next hardware. Read More.

Anatomy of a Monitor: Know Your Hardware


You're looking at one right now. It might be sitting on a desk, stuck on a wall, or cradled in your hand. Monitors have millions of components, but usually don't get talked about with the same kind of fervent passion as CPUs and graphics cards, but they're just as important

Wall Street Rethinking Data Center Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

US financial services giants shifting to open hardware approach pioneered by internet giants Read More. Blades Enterprise Featured Open Compute

Six Tips for Funding Your Hardware Startup

GizModo VR

In this excerpt, my co-writer and I, Eric Villines, talk about how to build a hardware startup through crowdfunding. What follows is an excerpt from my new book, Get Funded!:

63% of organizations face security breaches due to hardware vulnerabilities

Tech Republic Security

While hardware-level attacks are high, only 59% of companies have implemented a hardware security strategy, Dell and Forrester found

Dell 93

Ten tips for planning a data center hardware refresh

Tech Republic Data Center

Knowing how and when to replace data center hardware keeps business operations optimized. Read tips on how to establish an appropriate refresh cycle

Vergecast: Amazon announces a new fleet of hardware

The Verge

Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Dan Seifert discuss all the important announcements from Amazon’s fall hardware event this week — a security drone for your home, a spherical Echo , a cloud gaming service , a location-tracking mesh network , new Eero routers , and a whole lot more. Image: Amazon.

21 Programs to Analyze and Benchmark Your Hardware


You've just bought a new gaming desktop, or a laptop for the office. Maybe you've upgraded your PC with a new CPU and motherboard. You might be into overclocking. But do you know exactly what you've got? How well is that PC actually working? We've compiled a list of 21

Amazon's Fall Hardware Debut Is Set for Sept. 24

GizModo VR

September has been chock-full of tech launches and announcements so far (mostly virtual, naturally, since these are still covid times, after all). But the month’s not over yet: Amazon has revealed that it’s debuting its fall product line on Thursday, Sept. Read more.

VoIP hardware maker creates single communications umbrella

IT Toolbox

One Georgia-based VoIP devices manufacturer has devised a smart way of integrating many of its hardware options into a full communications system. Dubbed Diet PBX by Wahsega Laboratories, it is an advanced paging IP PBX hardware appliance that enables customers to easily create a full VoIP communicationThe new system has also been configured to work with third party SIP-compliant devices.

Major VoIP provider unveils entry into hardware

IT Toolbox

VirtualPBX is expected to launch what is being called “a massive product release” at the beginning of next month, marking its first foray into the VoIP hardware options space. “Because we’ve been in the position of being an impartial provider of hardware for almost 20 years alongside

The big three in 2019: Apple, Google and Microsoft’s upcoming hardware year


While 2018 was a year of iterative updates, Apple, Google and Microsoft all released some of their best products yet, even if they weren’t as innovative as some would like. While many flagships went without any upgrades – we didn’t even see a new MacBook or Surface Book – devices like the MacBook Air and […]. CTO News

Intel’s hardware chief is leaving the company

The Verge

The executive in charge of almost all of Intel’s hardware, chief engineering officer Dr. Venkata (Murthy) Renduchintala, is leaving the company on August 3rd, Intel announced on Monday. Image: Intel.

The Commoditization of Server Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

Hardware infrastructure developers will have to cope with commoditization, either by recalibrating their efforts toward commoditization, or by forging partnerships with other data center ecosystem contributors, writes Jake Iskhakov of ServerLIFT. Industry Perspectives

You'll need some serious hardware to play Serious Sam 4


The Serious Sam series has never been known for its graphics, and while the next installment does look nice, it's certainly not on par visually with some other recent titles. So why the meaty requirements? It's likely a result of the Legion System, which, according to graphics engineer Dean Sekuli

Storage roundtable: flash, hardware, and supporting the channel

Computer Weekly

MicroScope gathered together a group of storage industry representatives to discuss hardware, the growth of flash, and their channel strategies

SCCM Hardware Inventory with Verification

Mick's IT Blog

This script will initiate a hardware inventory. It scans the InventoryAgent.log file for the initiation of the hardware inventory and then for the completion. The purpose of this is to verify a hardware inventory was actually initiated. I have had instances where I would execute a hardware inventory multiple times not knowing if it actually occurred. The script will return an error code 1 if the initiation was ignored or it exceeded five minutes.

Microsoft debuts Project Olympus to boost open source datacentre hardware development

Computer Weekly

Microsoft wants to give open source datacentre hardware developers earlier access to its designs to speed up the time it takes to bring new products to market with Project Olympus

Report: Third of Q3 Hardware Spending Was on Cloud Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud infrastructure spending grew 16 percent year over year Read More. Blades Cloud Computing Networking Storage

Portland-based hardware security startup Eclypsium raises $13M


based startup Eclypsium raised $13 million to help expand its enterprise hardware security technology. Yuriy Bulygin, co-founder and CEO, Eclypsium (Eclypsium Photo). Portland, Ore.-based Founded in 2017, the company helps detect, analyze, and prevent security threats at the firmware level. Eclypsium is led by co-founder and CEO Yuriy Bulygin , a former top engineer at Intel and founder of the CHIPSEC project.

IGMP: Translating Between IP and Hardware Multicast Addresses

IT Toolbox

When a host leaves a host group, it calls procedure hgarpdel to remove the ARP cache entry and inform the hardware

Historical IBM Microcomputer Hardware/Software LAN Products

IT Toolbox

The concept of an overarching connectivity architecture such as SAA was one approach to managing these compromises. One clearly evident (if not explicitly stated) IBM strategy in managing outside competition was to coopt popular technology

LAN 122

Twisted Pair Ethernet Hardware Troubleshooting Part 2

IT Toolbox

Starting at the Data Link layer, ARCNET, IEEE 802, or Ethernet LANs have been frequently implemented for network access

Intel to set up new group to focus on hardware security

Computer Weekly

Chip maker is reportedly planning to form a new group to focus on hardware security as it scrambles to limit the impact of recently discovered security flaws in chip designs

First Mode wins $1.8M contract to build hardware for Psyche mission to asteroid


million subcontract from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to build flight hardware for NASA’s Psyche spacecraft , which is due to conduct the first-ever up-close study of a metal-rich asteroid. The contract calls for the hardware to be delivered in early 2021.