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FireMon is surveying security pros across the country about their biggest challenges with firewall policy management. Join FireMon in a city near you as their experts reveal the top answers and share firewall management best practices for tackling them head on! Why Running Multiple WordPress Firewalls is a Bad Idea ( Technology › Apple hack exposes flaws in building apps behind 'Great Firewall' (

How to Setup Co-Management – Firewall Ports Proxy Requirements


Firewall ports and proxy exception requirements are not something you can remove from your checklist while you are implementing any new infra component. Hence Firewall ports are proxy exception planning & documentation are essential. […]. The post How to Setup Co-Management – Firewall Ports Proxy Requirements appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair.

What is a firewall?

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Network-based firewalls have become almost ubiquitous across US enterprises for their proven defense against an ever-increasing array of threats. A recent study by network testing firm NSS Labs found that up to 80% of US large businesses run a next-generation firewall. Research firm IDC estimates the firewall and related unified threat management market was a $7.6 What is a firewall?

WEBINAR: The Impact of Firewall Sprawl


Register >> Network firewalls have long been established as the ubiquitous first line of defense for every organization’s network security strategy. Sprawling deployments of firewalls and other security devices that increase complexity, cost and risk. Join representatives from research firm, the Aberdeen Group , as they share their insights on the rise of firewall sprawl and learn how the FireMon platform answers the call for more strategic firewall management.

Kicking the Tires: Verisign DNS Firewall


Cognitio has been evaluating the new Verisign DNS Firewall along with its Recursive DNS service for the last several weeks. Our bottom line conclusion: Integration of the Verisign DNS Firewall into an existing environment couldn’t be more seamless, configuration and management are a breeze, and it delivers immediate benefit to the security posture of any environment. For more information on the DNS Firewall and other Verisign Security Services check out their website: [link].

Qatar’s Milaha Maritime and Logistics upgrades firewall to ensure global network performance

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Middle East marine and logistics company has improved its firewall to support global expansion

Which firewall security management solution is best for your needs?

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Which firewall security management solution is best for your needs? IT Central Station is a crowdsourced enterprise tech reviews

5 open source alternatives for routing/firewall

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These open source products deliver simple routing and networking features, plus they are combined with security functionality, starting with a basic firewall and possibly including antivirus, antispam and Web filtering.

Palo Alto Networks: A Next Generation Firewall


The Palo Alto Networks security platform natively brings together all key network security functions, including advanced threat protection, firewall, IDS/IPS and URL filtering. Palo Alto Networks protects thousands of enterprise and governments from cyber threats. They rely on a deep expertise and commitment to innovation to continually enhance their game-changing security platform.

What to consider when deploying a next-generation firewall

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Firewalls have become ubiquitous across enterprises over the past decade, but the combination of new and varied access methods combined with increasingly sophisticated attacks has forced network operators and security professionals to constantly evaluate their defenses. MORE AT NETWORK WORLD : What is a firewall? +

Are next-generation firewalls legacy technology?

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A few years ago, next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) came out of nowhere to become a network security staple. NGFWs followed in the footsteps of earlier firewalls—physical appliances installed inline to protect private networks from the public Internet. Rather than deploy physical network devices, data center firewalling of east-west traffic is rapidly moving toward software-based micro-segmentation tools (i.e.

How to install Config Server Firewall on CentOS 7

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Although the default firewall in CentOS is powerful, there's a more flexible option available. Jack Wallen walks you through the steps for installing Config Server Firewall

Spending On Application Security Tools To Grow Over 16% Annually

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application security web application firewallsHackers go after web applications because they are typically the most vulnerable. In fact, web application was the top data breach type, accounting for almost one in five confirmed data breaches, according to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report. Security and risk decision makers are spending more on application security and increasing deployment of application […].

5 ways to create a secure firewall

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Firewall management can be a complicated and risky process if not performed carefully. Here are five tips to help you build a successful strategy

Cisco touts next-gen firewall gear for midsize installations

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Cisco is coming out with four next-generation firewall boxes aimed at giving smaller organizations protection that is better sized to their needs and engineered to minimize performance hits as additional security services are turned on. The devices make up a family called the Cisco Firepower 2100 series and are built around dual, multi-core processors.

Why firewalls are not recommended for securing SCADA systems

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SCADA systems need to be secure, yet according to one expert, firewalls are not up to the task, and should be replaced with Unidirectional Security Gateways. Learn what to look for in a USG

4 tools for managing firewall rules

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Firewall devices are only as good as the hundreds, or even thousands, rules that govern them. Misconfigurations, unused rules and conflicting rules can cause firewalls to fail in their crucial missions. Firewall security management products can help security managers monitor compliance, orchestrate device policies, optimize rules and manage firewall changes.

Flaws expose Cisco small-business routers, firewalls to hacking

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Three models of Cisco wireless VPN firewalls and routers from the small business RV series contain a critical unpatched vulnerability that attackers can exploit remotely to take control of devices. The vulnerability is located in the Web-based management interface of the Cisco RV110W Wireless-N VPN Firewall, RV130W Wireless-N Multifunction VPN Router and RV215W Wireless-N VPN Router.

Fight firewall sprawl with AlgoSec, Tufin, Skybox suites

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New and innovative security tools seem to be emerging all the time, but the frontline defense for just about every network in operation today remains the trusty firewall. They aren’t perfect, but if configured correctly and working as intended, firewalls can do a solid job of blocking threats from entering a network, while restricting unauthorized traffic from leaving. The problem network administrators face is that as their networks grow, so do the number of firewalls.

BlackNurse attack: 1 laptop can DoS some firewalls, bring down big servers

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An attacker doesn’t need an IoT botnet or massive resources for a denial of service attack to knock large servers offline; researchers warned that all it takes is one laptop for a “ BlackNurse ” attack to bring vulnerable Cisco, SonicWall, Palo Alto and Zyxel firewalls to their knees.

Review: 5 open source alternatives for routers/firewalls

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Plus, they are combined with security functionality, starting with a basic firewall and possibly including antivirus, antispam and Web filtering. Open source software offers an economical and flexible option for deploying basic home, SMB or even enterprise networking. These open source products deliver simple routing and networking features, like DHCP and DNS.

Cisco starts patching firewall devices against NSA-linked exploit

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Cisco Systems has started releasing security patches for a critical flaw in Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewalls targeted by an exploit linked to the U.S. National Security Agency. The exploit, dubbed ExtraBacon, is one of the tools used by a group that the security industry calls the Equation, believed to be a cyberespionage team tied to the NSA. ExtraBacon was released earlier this month together with other exploits by one or more individuals who use the name Shadow Brokers.

Next-Gen Enterprise Network Doesn’t Stop at Corporate Firewall

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Study: pressure on IT to create value drives demand for interconnection services Read More. Cloud Computing Colocation Connectivity Data Center Strategies Enterprise Equinix Featured

Cosentry Takes Managed Security Services Beyond Firewall

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Midwest managed services provider beefs up portfolio of offerings following two data center acquisitions this year Read More. Cosentry Security Services

Face-off: Cisco vs. Fortinet for enterprise firewalls

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Firewalls have been on the front lines of network security for 25 years. Today, two of the top enterprise firewalls are Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Fortinet’s Fortigate, according to reviews by users in the IT Central Station community. Over time they’ve evolved beyond simple packet filtering to take on a wider and deeper variety of tasks to block modern threats.

What users love (and hate) about 4 leading firewall solutions

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While always an integral part of a company’s security procedures, firewalls are becoming even more important as more companies move to the cloud and software defined networks. A firewall is a network security system that controls and monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, based on preset security parameters. Firewalls create a barrier between a secure internal network and a potentially less-secure outside network.

Video: How an IoT firewall can protect your smart office from cyber-attacks

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Leon Kuperman, CTO of CUJO IoT Security, why your small business and home office needs a firewall, and why your ISP can't protect you from bad IPs, phishing links, and sites loaded with malware

Vendor management and looking beyond SMB firewalls, anti-virus, and data backups

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I just had lunch with a long-time business colleague who specializes in IT consulting and network systems integration for small and medium-sized businesses. From servers to PBXs and everything in between, his company sells, installs, and manages entire network environments for its customers. Companies like my colleague’s are the backbone of the enormously large group of businesses

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Palo Alto Networks: Proactively Averting Cyber Attacks


Their trifecta of Next Generation Firewall, Threat Intelligence and Advanced Endpoint Protection, can be the key to proactive mitigation of the cyber threat. By Charles Hall. Cyber threats are becoming more advanced, persistent, and focused.

Cisco discloses PIX firewall, IOS software security holes

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Cisco has warned of a high priority security hole in its IOS software that could have let attackers snatch memory contents from a variety of products that could lead to the disclosure of confidential information. More on Network World: Cisco buys into containers with Container X acquisition +. Specifically Cisco said the vulnerability is due to “insufficient condition checks in the part of the code that handles [Internet Key Exchange] IKEv1 security negotiation requests.

Pacnet Opens Data Center Behind Great Firewall of China

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Partners with government to help establish tech park in Tianjin Wuqing District as major technology hub Read More. Asia-Pacific colocation

Java and Python FTP attacks can punch holes through firewalls

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The Java and Python runtimes fail to properly validate FTP URLs, which can potentially allow attackers to punch holes through firewalls to access local networks. On Saturday, security researcher Alexander Klink disclosed an interesting attack where exploiting an XXE (XML External Entity) vulnerability in a Java application can be used to send emails.

China Is Said to Close Major Hole in its Great Internet Firewall

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(Bloomberg) — China’s government has told telecommunications carriers to block individuals’ access to virtual private networks by Feb. 1, people familiar with the matter said, thereby shutting a major window to the global internet. Beijing has ordered state-run telecommunications firms, which. Asia-Pacific Regulation