The End of Backup

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As many IT professionals have discovered too late, backups are also unreliable, a situation made even worse by the fact that bad backups typically aren’t discovered until there’s a need to restore. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Backup To The Future?

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  It seems there''s never enough performance: no one wants to wait for a backup, let alone an urgent recovery.    The core technologies are changing: witness the emergence of PBBAs (purpose built backup appliances) as well as various forms of snaps and replication. 

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Step-By-Step: Backup your PC data to Azure


Hello Folks, On December 16, 2014 we announced that you can now backup the data from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 machines, using Azure Backup. Step-By-Step Azure Pierre Roman Windows 7 Backup Windows 8

Step-By-Step: Enabling Azure Backup To Protect Your Data


Proper backup planning will ensure seamless access to in the case of a disaster. While many solutions are available (tape, off premise, etc), Azure Backup provides a solution enabling backups to securely be stored in the cloud. Configuring Azure Backup is quite easy.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Automatic DHCP Server Backup


Like any database, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server also at times may require actions such as backup and restore in the event of hardware failure, software failure, migration or in fault configuration change.

Backup and Recovery of Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 - Tip-of-the-Day

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Note that System Image Backup in Windows 8.1 In this article, we''ll introduce you to the new options available for making Backup and Recovery in Windows 8 easier than ever, including Windows 8 File History , launching Windows System Backup and Windows 8 Refresh & Reset PC.(

Backup 101: Incremental vs differential vs synthetic full backup

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Backup methods pros and cons: Full, incremental, differential, synthetic full, incremental forever, and reverse incremental. We set out the advantages and drawbacks of each

Backup is Broken – Enterprises Need Availability Instead

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The problem is that CIOs are trying to leverage traditional backup to provide availability, and that’s an impossible task. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Ransomware: Protect yourself with good backup and cloud policies

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The best way to protect against them is to have up-to-date in-house backups and to ensure cloud backups are adequately protected and availableMore ransomware attacks are likely.

Backup and Recovery Startup Rubrik Raises Funds at $1.3B Valuation

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Newly minted unicorn hopes new-gen cloud-compatible backup/recovery software will replace legacy tech by Dell, Veritas Read More. Investing Storage

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Step-By-Step: Backup your PC data to Azure – Follow Up!


Azure Pierre Roman Windows 7 Backup Hello Folks, Last week I wrote about backing up your Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 machines to your Microsoft Azure subscriptions. I got a lot of questions through email, LinkedIn and twitter. So I thought I would cover those questions and answers.(

Step-by-Step: Protect Azure VMs with Azure Backup


Step-by-Step: Setup the Online Backup Service for Windows Server 2012 Step-By-Step: Backup your PC data to Azure Step-By-Step: Backup your PC data to Azure – Follow Up! Virtual Machines Step-By-Step Azure Pierre Roman Backup

Will your backups protect you against ransomware?

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Doesn't everyone have backups these days? Even consumer has access to a wide variety of free or low-cost backup services. But the headlines are full of reports about institutions such as hospitals and police departments, organizations that should have business continuity plans in place with solid backup strategies. In theory, nobody should be paying any money to the ransomware extortionists.

Why SMBs Should Consider Hybrid Cloud Backup

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Almost any size of business can take advantage of a hybrid backup solution. How it’s implemented may differ between them, but both ends of the scale can achieve an efficient, secure, highly available and scalable solution. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Veeam Quietly Builds ‘$1B Unicorn’ in Backup and Recovery

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Attention continues to flood the software-defined storage space, where backup is a latecomer to data center modernization. Read More. Disaster Recovery Storage Virtualization

Data Protection Diaries: Are your restores ready for World Backup Day 2015?

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In case you forgot or did not know, World Backup Day is March 31 2015 (@worldbackupday) so now is a good time to be ready. The only challenge that I have with the World Backup Day (view their site here) that has gone on for a few years know is that it is a good way to call out the importance of backing up or protecting data. However its time to also put more emphasis and focus on being able to make sure those backups or protection copies actually work.

News UK dumps tape for backup with Zadara cloud storage

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News publishing corporation saves up to 40% on hardware and software costs by switching in-house hardware for a cloud-first policy, using Zadara cloud storage as a backup target

Azure Basics: Utilizing Locally Redundant Storage for Backup


Several weeks ago, I was working with a Microsoft Partner to plan an Azure Backup solution and I discovered a change that could impact your Azure billing. To do this, simply access the Configure tab of your backup vault and change the replication from the default of GRS to LRS.

Cloud backup could have prevented Delta's meltdown

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However, Delta could not recover or switch to backup systems. I hope you weren't flying Delta this week. If you were, you know that Delta's systems experienced an outage, and of course passengers bore the brunt of it in hundreds of canceled and delayed flights. When Delta performs a postmortem on this outage, it will likely find that the outage was caused by a common occurrence: network failure. As my InfoWorld colleague Andrew C.

Rubrik Alta adds Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV to backup appliance

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Rubrik backup appliance now support all major physical and virtual server platforms in flash-equipped boxes that range from a few tens of TB to the hundreds

Plastics maker dumps tape for Arcserve backup appliance and cloud

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PW Hall faced backup windows of 13 hours but reduced this to about 90 minutes a day spread across a number of incrementals with jobs copied to cloud backup

EMC and Iron Mountain Take Data Backup Underground

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Joint solution will include off-site backup in a former Pennsylvania limestone mine Read More. Data Bunkers Disaster Recovery Iron Mountain Storage

Cloud backup saves data after fire destroys school

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Data from The Academy secondary school in the seaside town of Selsey was restored just hours after a fire destroyed most of the premises, thanks to a cloud backup agreement set up a year earlier

Dell EMC Sells SaaS Backup Firm Spanning to Private Equity

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Now stand-alone company offers backup for SaaS applications like G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce Read More. Cloud Computing Deals Dell Shared

Backup testing: What to test, when to test, how often to test

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We run the rule over what’s involved in backup testing in virtual and physical server environments, how often you should test and the key pitfalls to avoid

Revising Data Backup and Business Continuity Handbook

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Channel partners can help data centers move past traditional, non-reliable backup methods to modern solutions that ensure business continuity in the face of disaster Read More. Industry Perspectives

New Tools Are Simplifying Backup and Replication

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Featured backup Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery replication Storage Virtualization Creating a truly distributed environment isn’t always easy. Fortunately, increased hardware performance and more bandwidth availability make creating such an environment a clear possibility.

How automation and artificial intelligence could transform backup software

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HAL-like control of data backups may be science fiction, but some of the basic concepts are not so far removed from reality. The person in charge of strategy for Commvault is intrigued by these ideas

Dubai-based logistics company automates backup through cloud

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Cloud backup and storage automation are key to supporting expansion at Middle East logistics company, CWT-SML

Backup, Big data, Big Data Protection, CMG & More with Tom Becchetti Podcast

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For those of you who may not know Tom, he has been in the IT, data center, data infrastructure, server and storage (as well as […] The post Backup, Big data, Big Data Protection, CMG & More with Tom Becchetti Podcast appeared first on StorageIOblog. In this Server StorageIO podcast episode, I am joined by Tom Becchetti (@tbecchetti) for a Friday afternoon conversation recorded live at Meisters in Scandia Minnesota (thanks to the Meisters crew!).

Make Sure Your Data Center Backup Power is Hurricane-Ready

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The start of hurricane season is around the corner and it’s important that your facility is prepared should one make landfall near your location. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Cisco, NetApp Invest in Business Cloud Backup Startup Datos IO

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Company claims its tech simplifies backup across clouds and on-prem data centers Read More. Business Cisco Cloud Startups

CIOs Start To Deal With The Problem Of Big Data Backup

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Back in the old days, when the size of the data that your CIO job required you to manage was still something that could be dealt with, whenever the IT department received new data it just got added to your existing backup plan. Solutions To Your Big Data Backup Problem.