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Why Load Balancers Should be Part of Your Security Architecture

IT Toolbox

Here’s why load balancers are essential for your security architecture. The post Why Load Balancers Should be Part of Your Security Architecture appeared first on Spiceworks.

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Researchers show techniques for malware persistence on F5 and Citrix load balancers

Network World

Tests show that deploying malware in a persistent manner on load balancer firmware is within reach of less sophisticated attackers.


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Google Strengthens Compute Engine With Load Balancing

Data Center Knowledge

On Wednesday Google announced numerous enhancements to its Cloud Platform, the addition of layer 3 load balancing to Compute Engine, which delivers Google-scale throughput and fault tolerance to manage Internet applications. Cloud Computing Google'

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Barracuda Networks Launches 40G Load Balancer Appliance

Data Center Knowledge

Barracuda's new 40G load balancer appliance designed to offload network and security traffic from virtual machines. Read More.

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Outlook outage: Microsoft blames European Hotmail downtime on load-balancing fault

Computer Weekly

Microsoft claims connectivity issues that blighted Outlook and Hotmail users for much of Monday 18 September have now been largely resolved

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Using Nginx as a Load Balancer


The following configuration demonstrates how to properly use nginx as a load balancer in front of two web servers. Nginx is a relatively new web server that has a light footprint and relatively easy configuration.

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Creating a Talos Linux Cluster on Azure with Pulumi

Scott Lowe

Next, it creates a load balancer, gets a public IP address for the load balancer, and creates the associated backend address pool, health probe, and load balancing rule. This load balancer is used only for Kubernetes API traffic.) The Talos machine configuration is passed to the VMs at startup.

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