How Oracle tackles licensing discrepancies

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The recent publication of court filings from a licence dispute case shows a catalogue of underhanded techniques the supplier used following an audit

Can you work around SAP indirect access software licensing?

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The SAP legal case against Diageo highlights the seemingly arbitrary rules governing software licensing

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Why company directors need to focus on software licensing small print

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Heads of businesses risk breaching the Companies Act, fines, or a possible jail sentence if they fail to take software licensing risks into account

Understanding Windows Server 2012 R2 Licensing


Windows Server 2012 R2 Anthony Bartolo Licensing Windows Server Microsoft introduced Windows Server 2012 R2 as the “Gateway to the Cloud.”

Fountainhead: Only in Silicon Valley: License Plate Sightings in the.


Only in Silicon Valley: License Plate Sightings in the Field. Only in Silicon Valley: License Plate Sightings in. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Fountainhead. Insights into Data Center Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

Indirect Usage and the challenge of licensing

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Software companies like SAP must defend their license revenue. The expertise and forces they bring to bear in the overall process of assessing Indirect usage should not be underestimated

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Microsoft sells 1,500 mobile patents to Xiaomi in licensing deal

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Sale of mobile patent portfolio comes alongside software licensing agreement and may herald Xiaomi’s expansion into Europe and the US, say analysts

Oregon School Licenses Dome Data Center Design to Startup

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By using natural convection, the university eliminated lots of cooling equipment and reduced energy use Read More. Design Power and Cooling Startups

Linus Torvalds on Early Linux History, GPL License and Money

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Linux creator answers questions about the history of the Linux kernel, what made the OS different and why he used the GNU GPL license Read More. Shared

Critical software licensing pitfalls to avoid when moving to the cloud

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When starting on your cloud migration journey, pricing competition and license portability should be paid close attention to

Microsoft Invests in Foursquare, Google and Cisco Cross-License Patents

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Microsoft invests $15 million in Foursquare and licenses location data, and Google and Cisco agree to a broad cross-licensing agreement to avoid unnecessary patent lawsuits. Cisco Google Microsoft foursquare

Watch those SAP license counts or you may be over the barrel

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Yet another SAP customer hits the spotlight as a license violation case begins

Confused yet? Clouds crib from enterprise licenses

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Two recent stories at InfoWorld got me thinking about how much enterprise pricing approaches are being infused into the cloud -- approaches that are much like the familiar enterprise software pricing of the 1990s. These pricing models are clearly aimed at the enterprise, not at the small-business market that made cloud what it is today. And they bring the same pros and cons of those traditional software licences.

NSA Releases A New Technology to Open Source Community


Analysis Big Data CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC News Apache Accumulo Apache License Apache Software Foundation National Security Agency NoSQL Open Source By Bob Gourley.

How an Oracle win over Google could set the software industry back to the licensing age

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The future of software is about APIs and the cloud, not licensing Oracle thinks it wants to squeeze Google for Java copyright infringement, but it shouldn't.

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Angry about Oracle licensing? The cloud lets you change the game

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Fears that it will lock in and abuse customers via burdensome licensing arrangements, as it is often accused of doing for its enterprise software, could lock Oracle out of the growing cloud computing market. So says the Campaign for Clear Licensing , a Belgian nonprofit advocacy group that conducted a survey showing that enterprises consider their relationship with Oracle to be " hostile." Can enterprises trust Oracle to avoid vendor lock-in for its cloud offerings?

Cubic Transportation licenses TfL’s contactless payment system

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Cubic Transportation plans to use London's payments system to develop contactless solutions for transport around the world

Cobalt Gets License to Host Online Gambling Apps in Las Vegas Data Center

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Formerly relegated to offshore hosting, online gambling is a huge potential boost for Las Vegas data centers. Read More. colocation Las Vegas Regulation

Microsoft’s Big Bang: Everything CRM and ERP On One Platform

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Software licensing. Application Development CRM Customer Relationship Management ERP Microsoft Microsoft Office 365 SFA Software licensingThis week Microsoft announced a new offering (available in the Fall): Microsoft Dynamics 365. Sound familiar? It should. Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics AX all come to mind, and this was not done by mistake.

Why License Software as a Service For Your Business?

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By 2019, more than 30 percent of the 100 largest vendors' new software investments will have shifted from cloud-first to cloud-only. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Google and Hortonworks Team Up: HDP Now Part of Google Cloud


Big Data Companies Cloud Computing Companies CTO Ambari Apache Apache Ambari Apache Hadoop Apache License bdutil Big Data cloud GitHub Google Google Cloud Google Compute Engine Google Storage Hadoop Hortonworks MapR Open Source By Charles Hall. Hortonworks'' Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) is now a supported feature on Google Cloud.

IBM Licenses ARM For Networking Chips

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ARM secures new processor licensing agreements with IBM and Chinese semiconductor provider Spreadtrum to continue its worldwide growth in network and communications markets. IBM Networking arm spreadtrum

Top tips to avoid a costly Office 365 subscription bill

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We explore the licensing implicationsThe Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite is Microsoft’s next strategic platform.

SAP goes after world’s largest brewing company in $600m licence dispute

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Belgian brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev says it intends to defend “vigorously” against software licensing claims by SAP

Why we love licensing

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Flashback a decade or two, to the days when one big database vendor is constantly changing its licensing -- and customers keep figuring out how to beat it, according to this IT pilot fish. Every time the vendor came up with some way to maximize profits, someone came up with a way to bypass it legally and minimize licensing costs," fish says. "So Our local sales team took us out to lunch at a local fancy hamburger joint to explain how the new licensing scheme would work.

SAP users react with concern to SAP High Court victory over Diageo

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SAP UK and Ireland User Group has reacted to the supplier’s High Court victory over Diageo in indirect licensing dispute

Software asset management maturity in the age of SaaS

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For asset tracking, software as a service is no different from any other type of software licensing – but the process of software asset management needs adapting

Open19: The Vendor-Friendly Open Source Data Center Project

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Its licensing framework is one of the key differences between LinkedIn’s data center tech foundation and OCP. Read More. Design Featured Hardware LinkedIn Open Source

My take on open source licenses :


My take on open source licenses. Open Source licensing can be a confusing and daunting task. Most developers simply adopt licenses of other popular projects. I wanted to shed some light on the most popular licenses and provide some guidance on which one should be used and when.

Russia Weighs Replacing IBM, Microsoft With Open-Source Software

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Duma is drafting a bill to restrict government agencies from buying licensed software, giving preference to open-source software. Read More. Europe Government IBM Microsoft Oracle Technology

GPU Acceleration Makes Kinetica’s Brute Force Database a Brute

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A few weeks ago, the firm unveiled its Kinetica Install Accelerator, with a one-year license for a 1 TB installation plus two weeks of personal consultation; and its Application Accelerator, with a 3 TB license and up to four weeks of consultation.

How Edge Data Center Providers are Changing the Internet’s Geography

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As online video replaces cable TV and cloud services replace software licenses and hardware boxes, the makeup of the internet changes too Read More. CDNs Cloud Computing Colocation Connectivity Data Center Strategies Featured Peering Site Selection

Amazon Rolls Out Dedicated Physical Servers

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Gives customers control of physical hosts so they can carry over enterprise software licenses from on-prem data centers to cloud Read More. Amazon Blades Cloud Computing