IT Enterprise Architecture: How EA Teams Can Support Business Transformation


As chart 1 shows, there are four main types of opportunity for aspiring enterprise architecture (EA) teams. Chart 1: Four types of opportunity for Enterprise Architecture Source: CEB analysis.

Tools for Building Professional Cloud Architecture Diagrams

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I’m frequently asked about templates, stencils and shapes that are available for documenting the architecture of cloud-based solutions on Microsoft Azure , Azure Pack and Office 365.

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Enterprise Architecture Awards 2016 — Enterprise Architecture As A Verb, Not A Noun

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In theory, enterprise architecture is a key capability to moving faster. This year's Enterprise Architecture Award winners show how. The exact quote from their submission is: "Humana believes enterprise architecture is primarily a verb, not a noun.". The 2016 Enterprise Architecture Award Winners. Enterprise ArchitectureForrester and InfoWorld set the theme for this year's awards as 'Speed and Responsiveness - And EA".

Forrester's Top Emerging Technologies To Watch: 2017-2021

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Enterprise ArchitectureRead more.

IT Enterprise Architecture: How to Become a Digital Strategy Consultant to the Business


This is certainly true of IT enterprise architecture (EA) teams, who have traditionally looked to describe the design of organizations – including processes, systems, reporting structures, and technology – and then use this understanding to help the IT function do its job more efficiently.

Ushering in the Next Generation Information Architecture

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Most of the time, we can attribute this challenge directly to the old fashioned and rigid information architecture foundation that companies have built over the years to enable their data and analytics capabilities. A Next Generation Information Architecture has four key characteristics.

Moving Toward a Framework for Resilient Cybersecurity: Expanding to a Hybrid Security Architecture


Hybrid architectures are a reality in today’s complex enterprise environments. Dan Cybulski. This post was written by Cognitio and sponsored by Verisign.

Using Object-based Storage to Replace File-Based NAS Architectures

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Object-Based Storage is an architecture that manages data as objects as opposed to traditional block- or file-based approaches, and is a viable option for storing unstructured data at petabyte scale. Read More. Industry Perspectives

21 May Webinar: SAS and Apache Hadoop Architecture Review


Register now for our 21 May webinar with SAS focusing on architecture and design patterns for optimizing SAS and Hadoop. Bob will be joined by one of SAS's leading big data architects for a dive into the architecture of this mission-focused approach. The post 21 May Webinar: SAS and Apache Hadoop Architecture Review appeared first on SAS Business Analytics software is focused on delivering actionable value from enterprise data holdings.

Review Lessons Learned in Big Data 21 May: SAS and Apache Hadoop Architecture Review


Analysts are able to leverage comprehensive enterprise data stores by use of familiar interfaces and methods and with the well engineered SAS and Hadoop architecture can dramatically improve their results for mission. SAS and Hadoop work together in ways supportive to enterprise missions.

The Value of Architecture, Reference Architecture and Architecture Framework

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for the use of models, templates, standards, paterns, frameworks, reference or/and generic architectures. But why do we use frameworks, why do we use reference or generic architectures

CMA Hosts Federal Cybersecurity Solutions Reference Architecture Meeting


Creating the GWACsolutions COE Cybersecurity Reference Architecture. The GWACsolutions Cybersecurity Reference Architecture is intended to be a continuous work-in-progress. For more information on the GWACsolutions Cybersecurity Reference Architecture, or want to learn how to participate in this program – contact John Frey: Katie Kennedy.

21 May Webinar Examines Architectural Best Practices For SAS and Apache Hadoop


on 21 May at 1pm, CTOvision publisher Bob Gourley will host a webinar SAS engineers in an overview of architectural best practices for SAS and Hadoop. Analysis Architecture Big Data Apache Hadoop Government Events MapReduce SAS By Bob Gourley. This webinar will examine lessons learned, best practices and concepts of operation designed to help you make the most of your data.

Architecture principles, are they any good? (i)

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Architecture principles, are they any good? Architecture principles enable us manage the enterprise complexity by separating concerns, usually by structuring the enterprise in groups of entities which could be developed and changed independently continuing from.

Here it comes again, a new definition for Business Architecture (ii)

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Yet another definition for Business Architecture (i). Yet another definition for Business Architecture. continuing. F rom

Facebook Launches Iowa Data Center With Entirely New Network Architecture

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Breaks massive server clusters into smaller pods, creates building-wide network fabric Read More. Facebook Featured Iowa Networking

Why We Need Cloud Integration Architecture

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This reminds me of the “best of breed” systems architecture problem in which an organization chooses to select the best application software for each of its business functions but is also saddled with integrating each of them together (often a tedious, custom project in itself).

Couchbase Rethinks NoSQL Database Architecture

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New multi-dimensional scaling approach puts each core database task on separate infrastructure Read More. Big Data Featured

Software Architecture Conference, March 16-19, 2015 Boston, MA (20% Discount Code)


The O''Reilly Software Architecture Conference is a new event designed to provide the in-depth professional training that software architects and people working on software architecture need to support the success of their businesses. By Bob Gourley.

Frame Relay Architectures

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The frame relay standards clearly define the bearer service provided by the network, so the design requirements for each side of the UNI are unambiguous. The bearer-service definition includes

VMware and Rackspace Release OpenStack Cloud Architecture

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This article originally appeared at The WHIR VMware and Rackspace announced a new interoperable OpenStack cloud architecture this week at VMworld 2015 to help customers spin up OpenStack clouds without the complexity, particularly those associated with hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

IT Enterprise Architecture: Some EA Teams Reinventing Themselves as Innovation Coaches


And a handful of the world’s IT enterprise architecture (EA) teams – whose main task is to describe and document the design of organizations, including processes, systems, reporting structures, and technology – are already developing.

Why use a Reference Architecture?

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A reference architecture describes the different kinds of technologies that are involved in a piece of software and how they relate to one another. It is an important technical template to establish if you want to have control over the selection of technology that goes into your software product. If this sounds like a bunch of management mumbo-jumbo, let me give you 3 reasons

The App Architecture Revolution: Microservices, Containers and Automation

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While we’ve seen cloud native pioneers such as Uber, Netflix, Ebay, and Twitter publicly embrace this method of building and delivering their services, many organizations aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to achieving effective and efficient operations through this app architecture.

Open Source or Open Architecture? Big Data Needs Both

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Big Data platforms are growing more popular by the day. However, it is important to keep in mind that we're early in the lifecycle of this technology, and tomorrow's platforms could look dramatically different from what we have today. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Why You Are Getting Disrupted

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enterprise architecture. CIO Emerging technologies Enterprise Architecture business technology customer obsessed operating model enterprise architectureThe overriding theme of every disruption story I've ever heard is that firms thought they had more time than they did.

Architecture principles reduce the architecture debt (i)

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Architecture principles, are they any good? continuing from. Principles should be brief, clear, consistent. Should employ the same or a similar syntax. For manageability, there should be only a limited number of principles, perhaps between seven

SRC Claims Unprecedented Server Performance With New Architecture

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Company founded by late Seymour Cray pitches unusual server architecture that relies on FPGAs for reconfigurability Read More. Blades cray hyperscale Intel src computers

Five Ways to Advance your Career with Modern Data Architecture

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They are using a modern data architecture to select the highest-quality service providers from among thousands, and predict driver assistance needs based on a complex blend of traffic patterns, weather forecasts, and incident history.

NVIDIA Launches GRID 2.0 Architecture for Virtual Server Platforms

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NVIDIA's new architecture lends support for Linux and doubles the number of users per GPU server that can be supported. Read More. Enterprise Virtualization

Linux 25

Cloud Security – Tips for a Better Cloud Architecture

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Cloud security is always going to be an important topic. But how do keep up with all of the moving parts that make up the cloud? How do you secure all of those critical cloud elements? Find out some mistakes when it comes to cloud security and where you can overcome these challenges. Read More. Cloud Computing Security cloud security

Learning NVP, Part 1: High-Level Architecture

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In this first post, I’ll start with a high-level description of the NVP architecture. The architecture I’m describing here will also be applicable to NSX, which VMware announced in early March. Learning NVP, Part 1: High-Level Architecture.

The 2017 Enterprise Architecture Awards: Driving The Customer-obsessed Digital Business

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Enterprise ArchitectureJust about every company Forrester works with tells us they are driving to become Digital Businesses. But not just 'digital' as a technology imperative - they are investing in digital to dramatically change how they serve their customers - with target benefits rippling over to customer retention and acquisition. We call this focus Customer-obsessed Digital Business. There are four critical success factors for customer-obsessed digital business: They are customer-led.