IT Pros Prefer PCmover Enterprise Over Microsoft's USMT

IT Pros Prefer PCmover Enterprise Over Microsoft's USMT

Laplink’s survey reveals IT managers and teams prefer PCmover Enterprise over Microsoft’s User State Migration Tool (USMT). USMT is a toolkit and specifically won’t transfer applications, a mismatch between IT needs and USMT functionality. Subsequently, Microsoft & Intel recommend PCmover as an alternative for PC migrations and OS refreshes.

Laplink surveyed IT managers and staff using USMT to upgrade PCs to the latest version of Windows. The survey asked participants about implementation difficulty, application transfers, vendor assistance, IT labor costs, and technical support.

For enterprises and large organizations in need of a better solution to deploy new PCs, upgrade existing PCs, or replace them during routine maintenance, PCmover Enterprise is the preferred option. As the only PC migration tool recommended by Microsoft and Intel, PCmover is known to save organizations both time and money — more than $300 per PC, according to industry research.

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