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Thoughts on IT Cost Cutting

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During a recent business re-org, one of our long-time insurance clients took the opportunity to strengthen their enterprise IT function by centralizing it. A financial services company implemented an SDLC framework to move to a more mature level of process discipline using CMMI , and standardize the competency requirements of solution delivery staff and expect a 10-20% improvement in project delivery efficiency. The Agile CIO as a Business – IT Marriage Counselor.


5 Steps to Brighten Shadow IT

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” Our 2012 Digital IQ study of 489 executives found that 30% of technology procurement is outside the CIO’s budget. For example, it may make sense to outsource enterprise apps to the cloud to capitalize on the scale and to reduce costs. Revamp Your SDLC. Many CIOs need to be more aggressive in adopting agile processes, leverage more demos, prototypes and smaller teams and more effectively cultivate staff, so they have the resources department heads need.


Good, Fast, Cheap: Can CIOs Have them All

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Holiday season actually stimulates creativity, and spurs optimism; from one of IT performance debates: “good cheap, fast for enterprise application development, which two should CIO pick?”,--many commentators set positive tunes and think it possible to have them all. Agile methodology and Cloud envelop makes it possible It's a myth that you have to sacrifice any of the three. The problem, therefore, isn't just in the SDLC, but rather in business oversight and process governance.