10 Practices of Strong Agile Product Owners

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I've worked with some excellent agile product owners that have developed new products, delighted customers, grown revenue, and collaborated well with their agile teams. agile planning agile software development customer experience digital transformation innovation product managementI've also worked with other product owners that have some very bad behaviors reflecting in poor under performing products and angry team members.

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How To Write Meaningful Agile User Stories

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Many teams struggle with defining "good" Agile Stories. Newly formed agile teams sometimes struggle with the basics, "What is a story?" agile planning agile software development innovation leadership organizational change software development and can be challenged understanding the difference between a story, group of stories, epics or tasks.

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Legacy Thinking versus Agile Thinking

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We know what this looks like as an end product; legacy software applications, roads that are in disrepair, hospitals with antiquated practices, agile planning cio digital transformation leadership organizational changeToday, I am intrigued and bothered by "legacy thinking". Legacy thinking, is when leaders in an organization, stakeholders on an initiative, or managers of resources or funding believe that they can invest once and largely get it right the first time.

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20 Bad Behaviors of Agile Development Product Owners

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I've worked with some very strong Agile Product Owners, others that needed a lot of help transitioning from BRD centric waterfall product management, and others that have strong backgrounds in other product roles (product strategy, management, or marketing) and are new to agile product development. I've partnered with many successful agile product owners that have launched innovative.

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Agile Plus DevOps Is Slowly But Steadily Reaching Enterprise Scale

Forrester IT

Agile is still alive and well and in demand, according to Forrester’s Agile adoption panel. This year, our biannual survey tracking the health of Agile initiatives focused on the main challenge: Agile at scale.

Three Agile Management Practices for Driving Digital Transformation

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about me agile planning agile software development cio DevOps digital transformation innovation leadership product managementWhen I joined Businessweek ten years ago to lead their digital technology team, I was very surprised that they wanted to develop their own proprietary web applications. Could a magazine owned by a publisher mature a software development practice and deliver new customer experiences?

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The Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

I participated in the #DataCtrChat Twitter chat last week to join in on the conversation about the Agile Data Center. The question was: What differentiates an Agile Data Center from a traditional data center? That’s the power of the agile mindset when it comes to the data center.

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How To Handle Difficult Agile Product Owners

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There are many product owners that understand agile practices, enjoy collaborating with technologists and leverage data to make sound prioritization choices. But if you've practiced agile long enough you've probably experienced a dark product owner who's exhibited some of the bad behaviors of product owners that I posted a couple of months ago. agile software development cio it management organizational change product management

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10 Best Practices in Configuring your Agile Project Management Tools

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If you are serious about agile development then you most likely selected a tool to enable team collaboration and manage the backlog, sprints, and releases. agile planning agile software development DevOps organizational change product management project management software development

What Agile Teams Can Learn From 1st Graders

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When I saw this hanging in my daughter''s classroom I knew it needed to be shared with Scrum Masters and other agile team members. So much what makes agile teams successful is dependent on their collaboration - establishing a shared understanding of priorities, solving problems, developing solutions, resolving blocks, and improving practices. agile planning agile software development it management organizational change project management software development

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New Agile Teams - Common Questions, Simple Answers

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Many readers of Social, Agile, and Transformation know that I''ve recently started a new position as Global CIO of Greenwich Associates. When I came in, I committed to the team that we would rapidly adopt Agile Development and Agile Planning practices in order for us to fulfill our goals. about me agile planning agile software development cio innovation it management leadership offshore development organizational change software development

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Complexity – The Killer of Agility?

Eric D. Brown

In fact, in “The Data Center of Tomorrow” I wrote that the: “data center will be a combination of internal and external systems that combine to create an agile, efficient and effective technology delivery platform.”. Information Technology The New CIO Agility Complexity

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Three Advanced Practices for Agile Development Organizations

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Sometime ago I saw a question posted on a social media site, "Why is Agile hard to adopt?" The basic practices of agile are relatively straightforward, so what''s hard? Driving an agile culture, or getting an organization to "operate with agility", yes, that''s not trivial and it takes time for teams and individuals to "think agile". agile planning agile software development it management organizational change product management software qa

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Release management strategies for agile development teams

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Is release management part of your agile practice? agile planning agile software development cio DevOps it management software development software qaAre you able to tell stakeholders target dates for your next application releases? Are you tracking how often your teams hit these targets and which releases hit the targeted scope and quality? I’ve asked this question of many teams and hear various answers.

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Agile Data Scientist, A Disciplined Hiker or Reckless Hunter?

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In my last post, I provided some guidance on why and how agile data practices can lead to better Business and IT collaboration. Agile aligns priorities, focuses multidisciplinary teams to hit goals, and enables teams to self organize and figure out individual responsibilities. agile software development big data data management data scientist

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Getting the C-Suite on Board with Agile Transformation

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HBR is proving they understand Digital Innovation with two recent posts, one on Embracing Agile co-written by Jeff Sutherland one of the Agile Manifesto's signers and the other, You Don't Have to Be a Software Company to Think Like One. Anyone who has led an agile transformation in their organization knows that getting people, teams, departments, and organizations on board takes time and.

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2016 Top Posts on Digital Transformation, Agile, and Data Science

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I spent most of this year posting on digital transformation, agile, and data science topics. agile planning agile software development big data data management data scientist digital transformation leadershipHere is the top four posts (by traffic) in case you missed any of them. Also, I have similar lists from 2015 and 2014.

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Architect Process Agility With BPM Platforms For Digital Business

Forrester IT

Some CIOs and enterprise architecture (EA) pros believe that business process management (BPM) is on the opposite side of agility -- but they don't realize that BPM technology itself is also evolving. Agility-oriented BPM platforms are the foundation of a digital business.

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5 Key Lessons for New Agile Product Owners

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At some point, organizations that want to scale to more agile development programs or take on wider scoped digital transformation efforts need to consider how best to cultivate Product Owners. Once an organization has a defined agile practice, a defined set of technology platforms, and a documented development standard then scaling. agile planning agile software development digital transformation innovation organizational change product management project management

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How to Get an Agile Product Owner to Pay for Technical Debt

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It's the most common question I get when discussing agile development as a CIO with a team of developers that are enthusiastic about maturing their practice. agile planning agile software development cio DevOps security site performance software development software qaHow do you get the Product Owner to prioritize fixing technical debt above new features, enhancements, special requests for customers, and improvements to internal tools?

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33 Bad Behaviors of Agile Developers and IT Operations

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I recently published 20 Bad Behaviors of Agile Product Owners and decided not to leave this subject one sided. agile software development cio DevOps it management organizational change software developmentIn trying to improve the organizational culture and more specifically, the culture in IT, the CIO and IT leadership must consider, review, and improve on its own behaviors. So this week I'm itemizing some of the bad behaviors in IT. Like my previous most, I haven't seen these.

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Infosec17: Recruit agile people for agile security teams

Computer Weekly

Organisations should enlist agile people to join agile security teams that are able to deal with the continually changing cyber threat landscape, say security team leaders

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How to Implement Agile on Lowcode and aPaaS Development Platforms

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A colleague and friend recently asked me whether agile practices were appropriate when managing development on lowcode or aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) technologies. agile software development citizen development crm customer experience it management mobile software developmentThese higher level languages enable developers to write a class of applications faster and maintain them easier by providing development environments, programming constructs, and other tools.

5 Principles on What Makes a Great Agile Development Team

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I''ve posted many times on how agile practices are key to a CIO''s success because it creates transparency, dives culture change, and is a key element to innovation. about me agile software development cio DevOps innovation product management software qa The CIO must learn and drive the business, set the strategic direction for IT and proves that he or she can get teams executing to the strategy.

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Agile development an 'IT fad' that risks iterative failure

Computer Weekly

Agile promises continuous improvement through an iterative process, but without proper checks, project failure is commonplace

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IT Project Management: The PMO’s Role in Agile Organizations


The demands from all parts of a company to digitize products, services, and processes has meant that IT teams have had to speed-up their development of new technology ideas – and how quickly they let the bad ones fail – and this has led many of them to embrace Agile methods.

Building the Agile Data Center

Eric D. Brown

When I speak with clients about the software defined data center, the one benefit that the majority of people tend to really latch onto is the ability of SDDC to bring agility to the data center. This post is brought to you by Symantec and The Transition To The Agile Data Center.

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Driving an Agile and DevOps Culture that Delivers Business Transformation

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Thanks to the team at All Day DevOps for giving me the opportunity to speak about this critical topic on the intersection of agile, devops, culture and business transformation.

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Why Agile Development Should Not Own DevOps

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Thanks to Ramon Monteiro @ivisualize for developing this cool visual depicting my last post on The Key to aligning Agile Dev and Stable Ops to a Successful DevOps Transformation. While agile development teams continue to iterate and improve applications for the Business, and Ops insures that systems are stable and reliable, the CIO leads the entire IT organization through a DevOps transformation.

An Agile Approach to Finding Value in Dark Data

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To remind everyone, I provided the following definition of Dark Data in my post Dark data is data and content that exists and is stored, agile data big data data management data scientist future of work innovation organizational change

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Five Key Agile Practices to Support Architects

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Social, Agile, and Transformation. I cover topics for Technologists from CIOs to Developers - agile development, agile portfolio management, leadership, business intelligence, big data, startups, social networking, SaaS, content management, media, enterprise 2.0 agile planning.

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What Atlassian's Success Teaches us on Agile Business Fundamentals

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Is anyone surprised that a SaaS company that provides agile project management tools to software developers, marketers, and enterprises is about to IPO at a $3.3 I'm talking about Atlassian of course and if you've been leading agile practices you know them for their tools like Jira and Confluence that help teams manage agile programs and collaborate. agile data agile planning agile software development digital transformation in the news SaaS

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Agile, Citizen Development, Innovation, IoT are Keys to Digital Transformation - MIT CIO

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Let me share with you some of my key learnings Agile is foundational to transformational efforts. Agile was mentioned by most of the CIO on various panels throughout the day.My agile planning agile software development cio citizen development digital transformation enterprise 2.0 A couple of weeks ago I attended MIT's CIO symposium that focused on Digital.

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