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AIOps and our Robot Kubernetes Kops

Linux Academy

On the heals of the still wet DevOps movement we are introduced to the new era of DevOps that reaches beyond pipeline automation and into the realm of pipeline evolution. Fail fast has become learn fast where monitoring and scanning now provides the feedback we need to keep systems safe. Many organizations utilize on-premises systems until they literally burst into the public cloud to gain added capacity. Linux Academy

Getting Started with Kubernetes Using Minikube

Linux Academy

Working in technology, whether that be software development, DevOps, or system administration, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Kubernetes. To install Minikube, we need to make sure that we already have a hypervisor installed on our system so that we can run VMs. You can look at the official documentation to see what you will modify if you’re using Linux or Windows: $ curl -LO [link] -s [link] && chmod +x kubectl && mv kubectl /usr/local/bin/.