Understand the 4 Common CTO Personas


The role is often tasked with pursuing multiple abstract goals such as “ driving innovation ,” “identifying emerging technologies ” or simply “managing IT operations.” Defining the CTO role and ensuring that it is aligned with business priorities has become increasingly important in today’s era of digital transformation. Searle outlines the four most common CTO personas and how each contributes to business goals. The digital business leader.

3 Strategies to Decrease IT Costs and Increase Business Impact

CIO Dashboard

Business stakeholders are demanding the applications they want, designed the way they like, and at a speed dictated by their priorities.” In the 1980s and part of 1990s, business users were in control. To be valuable, IT needs to shift from ‘keeping the lights on’ to working on discrete projects that have real business value. The DevOps movement is enabling IT to find new ways to accelerate the velocity of production and innovation to match the speed of business.


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The Holistic IT Governance

Future of CIO

Digital IT is permeating into the very fabric or core processes in modern organizations, thus, IT governance is crucial to steering business in the right direction and make effective business decisions. IT governance's purpose is to facilitate all business units in competing for the dollars based on the benefit to the enterprise. Informally the resources can be bucketed under the run, grow, transform category at the broad organization level. GRC IT Transformation

Is Business-IT Alignment a Paradox? From Alignment to Engagement

Future of CIO

High-performing IT will engage business for both questions and answers, businesses also should learn and support their IT. In the industrial era, the "mission of IT" is to provide the information processing capability required by the business at a cost that represents value. Based on this description, an IT organization that is well aligned with the business is managed well enough. Is Business-IT Alignment a Paradox? Is Business-IT Alignment a paradox?